My Favorite Musical Characters (Part 2)

This is a continuation of when I first listed some of my favorite musical characters. This time I want to talk about them more in detail about how different they are all. I love the fact that each of the characters have different personalities and different lives. They all are loved for different reasons and there things that make each of those characters quite special. These characters are a mixture of dramatic, comic, tragicomic, and tragic characters. On top of that, some of the characters are romantic as well because romance is very common in musicals.

(Be careful of spoilers)

Obviously, Elphaba is my favorite musical theatre character. That is mainly due to the fact that I can relate to her so much. A character is special when you are able to connect to a character a such a deep level. Just like her, I am talkative, big-hearted, “different”, smart, determined girl who wants to feel accepted, but sometimes feel misunderstand and believes in equality and staying true to myself. There are parts of Elphaba that I cannot relate to such as the unrequited love she has for Fiyero or the amount of discrimination she faces. She has a tough life, but she is very strong. The unrequited love situation with Elphaba is in some ways ironic. The last time I saw “Wicked”, it appeared that Fiyero fell in love with Elphaba right before she started singing “I’m Not That Girl”, a song about unrequited love, which makes the song even sadder than it appears.


Glinda is my favorite comic musical character. She is a very funny, outgoing girl who is best friends with Elphaba. She does not just stay comic through the show. She also goes through some pain in the second act. The unrequited love situation switches to her and she realizes that Fiyero has never loved her, but instead loves her best friend, which makes her feel like Fiyero and Elphaba betrayed her. She also dislikes hearing about all the hate that she hears about her best friend.


I love Fiyero even though it is very hard to understand who he is .He is the romantic love interest of Elphaba and Glinda. When Fiyero first arrived at Shiz University, he did not care about school and thought you could easily get through life. He did not care much about anything. At the school dance, he and Glinda went together and became boyfriend and girlfriend. But after the scene with the lion cub, he started to fall in love with Elphaba. It happened right before “I’m Not That Girl”. The two of them started flirting before Elphaba reflected on her unrequited love situation. In the second act, you can actually tell that Fiyero is in love with Elphaba especially when he hears of the rumors spread about Elphaba.


I have a special love for Eponine. It seems as if I almost love her just as much as I love Elphaba, but there is a still a large difference of the love between them. Eponine is a tragic heroine, who is the daughter of the Thenardiers. The Thenardiers are terrible parents because they are greedy, mean, and abusive. They grow up to be criminals and even though Eponine gets involved her parent’s schemes, she still has a good heart and does not want to get involved, but she does it anyways if it is what she has to do to survive. The special thing about Eponine is her love for Marius because even though the love is unrequited, she still shows true love for him and he is the main reason why she does not develop her parent’s wicked ways. Eponine has a tragic ending, but it still is very touching. After she delivered the letter from Marius to Cosette, she decided to go back to the barricades to say she delivered the note. However on the way back, she got shot and the wound was fatal. Despite dying from a painful wound, she was comforted knowing that Marius is there with her. It was in fact the happiest moment of her life because she finally got to be with Marius


This sounds quite odd, but I find something in common between Enjolras and Fiyero. I do not know what that is. Enjorlas is the leader of the student uprising of 1832 and is the most passionate about the cause. Enjolras is my favorite barricade boy, but I still love the other students as well. I love how all of them are close and are like brothers to each other. The students all bring something different to the rebellion. They stay passionate no matter what toward their cause..

Another favorite character is Jean Valjean. He is the protagonist of Les Mis and he has this incredible arc. He starts out as a man filled with so much harsheness, hate, and anger, and turns into a saintly and compassionate man. He may always be labeled as an ex-convict, but he does not let his past define him. He is always does what it is right even if he has reveal his identity. I love how he promised to Fantine that he would adopt Cosette and raise her like she is her own and later would save Marius’ life even if it puts his life at risk.


Another character I love is Fantine, another tragic heroine who shows unconditional love towards her daughter. She does not like the life she lives, but she does it anyways. Fantine was abandoned by her lover and was left with an illegitimate child named Cosette. She gets hired to work at Valjean’s factory. However she gets fired by the foreman after he found out about her eight year old daughter. In order to provide for her child, she had to turn to prostitution and she sold her hair and her locket. An abusive customer eventually harassed and attacked her. Javert witnessed all of this and wanted to lock her up in jail, but Valjean did intervene and stop her from being arrested. On her deathbed, she was at peace because Valjean promised that he would raise her daughter.


Now there are all the favorite child characters that I love. My favorite child character is Annie and she will always be the favorite one. That is because “Annie” was my favorite musical when I was a kid. I love the optimism that she has and how she hopes for a better life. In a lot of ways, young Cosette is very similar to Annie.

Both hope for a better life because they both were raised in abusive situations. Before Annie got to stay with Daddy Warbucks, she lived in an abusive orphanage. Miss Hannigin would neglect the orphans and make them clean the orphanage all day and sometimes wake them in the middle of the night. Sometimes Annie would sneak out and explore New York. I love the special love she has for Molly and her relationship with Sandy.  Once Annie gets taken away by Daddy Warbucks, her life gets better.

Young Cosette starts out living with the Thenardiers who horribly abuse her by making her work as a servant in their inn while spoiling their daughter. Than Cosette gets adopted by Jean Valjean and her life gets better. Another favorite child character is Gavroche, the street urchin who is like the mascot of the rebellion. He is very heroic, streetwise, and is important to note that he is Eponine’s brother.  I also love the Von Trapp children especially Gretl. There is just something special about seeing children perform on stage especially because they are so young and are still able to perform so well and are able to handle the discipline of theatre.


The characters I have described in more detail are not the only characters that I love. I also happen to love Pippin, Maria (Sound of Music), Beast, Belle and others. I made sure it was important to note that Maria was from Sound of Music because there are two Marias’  in musicals. I think it is important to love all sorts of musical characters because it allows you to develop more empathy and gives you a bigger appreciation of characters. Also it allows you to explore different emotions. Some of these are quite simple such as Annie and the Von Trapp Children and some are more three-dimensional such as Eponine and Elphaba.

The thing I love about the more layered characters is that they are much more fun to discover and are more vulnerable. The multi-layered characters are more prone to the negative emotions. However the simple characters can go through negative emotions as well, but not as likely. They may have different lives, but they still are connected especially  because all musicals are connected. I do not relate to all of these characters, but at least I am still able to connect to them. I think connecting to a character is feeling empathy and relating means you can see a piece of yourself in the character.

Emotional World of Musicals

Understanding the emotional world of musicals is like climbing Mount Everest. Musicals have an unique way of connecting you to the story through song. The key to a successful musical are the songs and if they are incredible songs, the show will never fall flat. Because a musical is telling a story through song, it adds a new dimension to the experience. It makes the experience much more meaningful and memorable. It is easier to remember the songs than spoken word. It allows you to remember what your experience was like. It increases how much joy you get when watching a show.

Joy is the strongest musical emotion because it allows you to appreciate feeling all the different emotions and drives the show in the right direction. The reactions an audience gets is not only part of the characters, but also comes from yourself. If you have joy and excitement watching the show, than you feel like you are part of the show and you want to go on the emotional journeys of the characters. On top of that, I think how emotional you get in a musical also depends on how connected you are to the material. But then again, some shows are just more emotional by nature.

The emotional world varies from show to show to show. Some shows are light-hearted by nature, and some have dark and light elements mixed into one. Shows like “Music Man” and “Singin’ in the Rain” are very light-hearted. They are just pure fun musicals and focus mainly on positive emotions. However things get even more emotional when darkness starts to exist. That is usually where tragic elements are more likely to become a part of musicals. Darkness starts to appear in shows like “Sound of Music” where it does a good job of hiding itself and later be discovered. But musicals do not stop there because “Sound of Music” only has a mild amount of sadness.

But once a show reaches a show such as “Wicked” and “Lion King”, shows become even more emotional because sad is much more real in those and tragic elements become a part of musicals. One of the ones at that level has a tragic love story involved, which is “South Pacific”. Comedies at that level have death, discrimination, unrequited love, and racism. Comedies get dark and get covered in tragic elements. When a musical becomes really dark, it can be hard to tell if a musical is a tragedy or comedy. This is especially difficult because once a comedy becomes really dark, it confuses you and makes you ask if the show is tragic or not. However understanding how the emotions are affected in comedies allows you to understand everything that musical is capable of. That idea is most effective when you apply it to the dark comedies because they are where tragic elements first appear.

However the real confusion starts with the tragic musicals. “West Side Story” is a tragedy, but yet some comic musicals are more emotional than that tragic musical. I feel as if “Wicked” is more emotional than “West Side Story” because I connect more to “Wicked”. I know sad musicals that are sadder than “West Side Story” and are very emotional.


Those two are “Rent” and “Les Mis”. It was through “Les Mis” where tragic musicals became reality. The emotional world of “Les Mis” is very difficult to describe because it is covered with a very wide range of emotions. That is mainly due to the sung-through format and the power of the story. The musical manages to make me feel so deeply and strongly. Because I am emotionally connected to the storyline, I can truthfully feel all the different emotions. When I fell in love with “Les Mis”, I was in a state of shock because it surprised me that I just watched a tragedy especially because I thought I would hate tragic shows to begin with and tragic musicals are so not common for a musical.

“Rent” is very emotional as well and is filled with power too. Those two musicals showed me a world of musicals I never thought would exist. I know somehow that the score of “Les Mis” is so not common, but it still has the high energy that I am used to.I grow up with the comedies and through them, I learned there is an emotional connection in musicals. I was aware of emotions such as joy, love, and sad. By high school, they all stopped developing for some reason especially sad. I think sad was waiting for the right moment to truly become real. I was shocked when I learned that there are some musicals that are tragic.


I am still not used to that world because part of me wants musicals to be back where they used to be. My younger self is not happy with the fact that some musicals are not happy, but my older self is happy with the change. That one change truly allowed the emotions to get stronger. Growing up, sad was never an emotion that I really felt and I knew it was quite a limited and weak emotion, but I did accept the emotion. I had sort of had an connection to sad because I was connected to “I’m Not That Girl” from “Wicked” and that was the show where I first realized musicals are meant to be emotional. Once I experienced “Les Mis” , sad was shaped in ways I never would have imagined. “Les Mis” allowed sad to become a real emotion and it was the first musical where I teared up. “Les Mis” is just so sad as the title suggests, but is so inspirational and takes you on a huge emotional roller coaster. It deals with the emotion, uncomfortable, and I had to learn to tolerate it because I could not accept it. But think of it this way, the musical would not be the same show if certain things did not happen to the characters.

Overall, it is hard to describe the emotional world of musicals. The emotions of musicals range from each show. That means each show has a different set of emotions because the plot and songs are different, which means the songs are about different things. One top of that, you can see the same show more than once and all of a sudden a character gains a new emotion or an emotion you felt before disappears or feels stronger. Because musicals are driven through the songs, it allows the audience and actors to be feel connected to the plot and the various emotions. Through the songs, there is always a sense of joy even when a song makes you feel sad because musicals are art. A true musical fan will not decide to love a song just because of emotion. I can hardly relate to the sad songs, but I love them and feel connected to them.

Musicals combine all the different kinds of art into one show. They are filled with dance, spectacle, and song, which creates something quite unique. Some shows test what you think you know about musicals and they can surprise you at them. But than you realize the change made musicals even better and more worth the time. There is a wide range of comic and tragic elements in musicals and despite most musicals being comic, the comic and tragic elements are very even due to the fact that comedies from a dark side. On top of that, tragedies have a lighter side as well, which is just as difficult to find as finding the dark side of comedies. It will never be easy to understand the emotional world of musicals because the emotions will continue to get stronger. But some of the emotions are not that common, but they do add a wonderful contribution. I prefer a musical with a positive and negative emotion score because the characters are much more real and are more interesting.  However, I can still love a show that has only lightness in it because it gives a nice balance with those that have light and dark elements.

Joy is the only emotion that can bring all musicals together and keep them connected with each other. Joy being in charge leads you to loving all sorts of musicals and joy is also the strongest emotion in sad musicals, which sounds a bit surprising, but through experience, I understand why. If you have a love for a show, than joy will always be there for you no matter. When you are feeling heartbroken for instance, joy allows you to love feeling that emotion.

Review of “Wicked”

Today, I ended up watching the musical, “Wicked” a fourth time. I am a massive fan of the musical and first feel in love with it ten years ago. This time around, I went with a group of Gardner Webb students. I was so excited that I was able to go a fourth time.

I knew this show would be spectacular the moment I was about to find my seat. We are climbing up the steps to the balcony and when I started seeing green in the opening, I felt transported to OZ. If the show transports me to OZ before the show begins, than I knew that the show will be spectacular. My seat was almost at the very back row, but still a good view. What I loved about this is appreciating the grand size of the set even more. I saw all of the famous dragon set piece and I couldn’t wait until it started moving. At todays performance we had an understudy as Elphaba, Mary Kate Morrissey and had Ashley Parker Angel as Fiyero.

The moment the show began, I knew the show would have the heart that it always has had. The dragon is what starts the show and seeing all the monkeys on the stage made you know you were in OZ. This was an incredible cast particularly by those who played Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero.

Mary Kate Morrissey was an wonderful Elphaba. I could see how much she wants to be included and accepted. I saw all the hate Glinda and Elphaba had for each other. During “I’m Not That Girl”, I almost cried, and I planned ahead of time to play extra close attention to what I was feeling during that song. That was because I knew the song was heartbreaking this time around.  She pulled out everything special of this character. I was able to find her strength especially during scenes such as “Defying Gravity” and “No Good Deed”. I loved her transition from younger Elphaba to older Elphaba because in act 2, Elphaba had a more mature voice. Elphaba still is my favorite musical theatre character. This time around, I saw something else in Elphaba that is also a part of me. I learned how talkative she is and is me all right. She is also very smart, determined, “different”, big-hearted and believes in equality and staying true to herself

Amanda Jane Cooper played a very funny Glinda. Loved her right when she started singing in the opening. I always look forward to the comedy of Glinda. I laughed during a lot of her scenes. “Popular” was extra special to me because it was my favorite song from the musical when I was twelve. I also could feel some hurt from Glinda in act two and I always thought of her as a funny character. I never thought about some of her pain, but there is some. Her heart gets broken when Fiyero breaks up with her and hearing everything the citizens are saying about her best friend.

The big highlight between Elphaba and Glinda was “For Good”. It was so good that I cried and that scene is bittersweet. “For Good” is the only musical duet I can relate to and it is a bittersweet moment.. Even though they are saying what they mean to each other, it still is a goodbye song. Their friendship will always remain even though they will never see each other again. I feel like this was the first time I cried during this song.

I also really loved Ashley Parker Angel as Fiyero. He serves as part of a love triangle because Elphaba and Glinda both love him. In the second act, the character is quite different. In fact act, I could see how he doesn’t care much about life. His slogan is “Dancing Through Life”. He does not take life seriously. But during the second act, there is a change in him. The moment I love watching Fiyero the most is during the love duet, “As Long as Your Mine”.  This is an essential moment because I love the Elphaba and Fiyero relationship. Fiyero has always loved Elphaba even at first, Elphaba did not realize it. He decided to play the Lion Cub scene in a way that showed he had a crush on Elphaba, but deep down didn’t know realize he it. He already in act I decided to have stronger chemistry with Elphaba then Glinda. He fell in love with her around the same time Elphaba sang the unrequited love song, “I’m Not That Girl”. This time around, I wanted to understand why the plot twist happened instead of being confused once again.

Even though they were the standouts, I still loved the rest of the cast. I do not like the Wizard or Madame Morrible as characters. In fact, I prefer the character of Morrible because of her arc. The Wizard does not seem to change that much, he is just a character being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The way Wendy Worthington played Morrible made me see her arc. Than there was the complicated Boq and Nessa relationship. Megan Massako Haley played Nessa amazing. I liked her portrayal the most during “The Wicked Witch of the East”, a song that is not in the CD, but in the show. I saw how tortured the character is and how hurt she was of Elphaba’s betrayal of her. Sam Seferian played Boq, who is a character in love with Glinda. He always tried to show his affections for her, but she never noticed.

As always, the different spectacle, dance, and sound effects were OZian. My favorite dance scene in this musical is “Dancing Through Life”. It is the moment when Elphaba and Glinda first become friends. It is also when the audience first meets Fiyero. At first Elphaba cannot stand him, but she soon learned that she fell in love with him. The way the different spells happened were magical. Whenever the dragon operated, it gave a feeling of suspense and showed that something dramatic was about to happen. One of my favorite spectacle moments is during “Defying Gravity”. I love seeing Elphaba fly and I loved being in the balcony where you could actually could be looking straight at her when she is in the air. However, I saw her but the dragon’s claw soon blocked everything when she was the most high up. I especially loved the use of the fog during “As Long As Your’e Mine” because it makes the love song an amazing scene. There is something mystical and breathtaking about the scene when Fiyero and Elphaba are kneeling in the fog. The costumes during Emerald City were brilliant. My favorite costume in the show is Elphaba’s second act costume.

At the end of the show, I was speechless. The show ended up being more powerful and emotional than ever. The show does have a bit of an emotional ride in it. For the first time, I loved “No Good Deed”. I finally understood the emotion behind it and the song was filled with so much energy and power. During “Defying Gravity”, I loved being in the balcony because it that scene when she is up in the air flying. Because you are able to see her flying from your view makes that scene even more remarkable. For now, “Wicked” is my favorite musical. It still has the heart that is always has had. It is the most magical musical in existence. I am so glad I cried during “For Good” because it shows where the core of the story lies. This musical has been part of my life of ten years and still has the same impact. For now, “Wicked” is my favorite musical and was the show which would spark my love for musical and was the moment when I finally started understanding the emotional impact of the musical.

“Wicked” and “Les Mis”

While at College, people have been asking me “which is better, “Wicked” or “Les Mis”, which I do not think that is fair. These two are sharing the spot for best musical for different reasons. They each are better than each other in their own unique way. There is a reason why “Wicked” is up there and “Les Mis” is there as well. I cannot put into words how much both mean to me.

For starters, “Wicked” was the first show I saw on Broadway. It was a date with my mom and I was twelve at the time. I have seen live musicals before this, but this was my first time in New York. At the end of the show, “Popular” was my favorite song from the musical. I do not remember many details about seeing it on Broadway, but at least I remember going and that “Popular” ended up being my favorite song from the musical. At one point in my “Wicked” journey, the musical became spectacular and ended up being my favorite musical. It is the musical of everything because of what it is capable of. It has a ton of spectacle, dance, and has a positive and negative score. Because it takes place in OZ, it has to do things quite differently than a lot of other shows. Each time I have seen “Wicked”, the moment I enter the theatre I feel like I am in OZ because the curtain is a map of OZ and seeing the incredible, brilliant dragon at the top of the set. “Wicked” is a show I can fully relate to mainly because of Elphaba and the main theme of friendship.

Elphaba has always been my favorite musical character because of how much I relate to her. I can understand how she feels. Just like her, I am this big-hearted, talkative, smart, determined, “different” girl who strongly believes in equality and staying true to myself. In addition, I want to feel accepted and sometimes feel misunderstood by others. When you find a character like that, that character means something to you. I cannot relate to everything about Elphaba such as her unrequited love for Fiyero or how much she has been discriminated against. She is able to get past her unrequited love for Fiyero, but the sad truth is she has no idea that Fiyero has loved her all long. Eventually the two of them have an affair and become a couple. They have a passionate affair even though they both are labeled as outcasts.

The spectacle, dance, and costumes of “Wicked” reflect OZ. The costume are very crazy and fun and look like something we would not see everyday. The spectacle adds to the magic and fantasy of the show. At the beginning of the show, you see the dragon operate who breathes fire, and you feel even closer than OZ than the initial transportation. The way they show Elphaba’s powers also reflect OZ. They way the dances work are OZian. The songs have a special kind of magic in them. Everything about this show feels Ozian. Overall, “Wicked” is my favorite musical comedy because it is so magical  and full of fantasy.

On the other hand, there is “Les Mis”. This show has played such a big impact on me. I learned so much from this. I do not relate to it as much as “Wicked”, but there is something about the story, characters, and score that drive you in. “Les Mis” is a very powerful, tragic, inspirational, emotional roller coaster. Before “Les Mis”, I thought I would hate tragic shows, but this show proved me wrong. The emotional impact was something I thought would not be possible in a musical or a tragedy.There are several emotions in this show, which are hard to keep track of, but at the end, you leave feeling uplifted.The hardest emotion to handle is uncomfortable, but I learned to tolerate it. This musical is still fresh in my life and I am so glad it changed my perspective on musical theatre.

“Les Mis” is not really a spectacle, dance-filled musical, but it is the longest running musical in the world and London. The main thing I relate to in this musical is the spirituality and I also have a deep connection to those less fortunate than me. Some of the scenes are harder to watch than others, but I still have joy watching them. I love watching the death scenes including favorite characters. This show truly is about humanity because of Valjean’s wonderful transformation from a hardened man to a man full of goodness, love, and compassion towards others. Besides Valjean, I have a love for other characters as well including Enjorlas, Eponine, and Gavroche.

“Les Mis” taught me that the plot is way more important than genre. Just because it is a tragedy, it does not mean it is just sad. The musical is way more than that. It is a story of hope, compassion, sacrifice, forgiveness, humanity, and redemption. The songs are very powerful and have a epic quality to them. The emotions are very real in this musical and they make you  end up feeling them deeply in your soul. The emotional impact is why it is the best musical and the emotional impact is bigger than the emotional impact in “Wicked”.Overall “Les Mis” is the best musical that is a tragedy

But “Wicked” has the whole spectacle, dance world which is stronger compared to “Les Mis”. “Les Mis” has scenes that are spectacle-like, but the spectacle-world is still better in “Wicked” because it takes place in OZ. The set in Wicked is more colorful and funner, which makes you believe you are in another world in a place you want to visit.

For now, “Wicked” is the better musical because I am about to see it a fourth time next week with my school. I am looking forward to it because there are things that surprised me last year when I learned more about the characters. I ended up doing a monologue on Elphaba and she turned out to be stronger than I thought and I learned of how much she wants to be accepted. Than I memorized “I’m Not That Girl” and the song become deeper and sadder all of a sudden.

So overall, why should I pick between two musicals that are largely different than each other. One is a comic, magical, fantasy, dance and spectacle filled musical because it takes place in OZ. Than the other one is a tragic, epic, powerful, inspirational, emotional rollercoaster .Despite the large differences, they still both have a positive and negative score. One has been part of my life for ten years and the other has been part of my life for three years.

My love for Elphaba

Elphaba has played a very important part of my life. She has been my favorite musical theatre character for ten years. I connect and relate to her more than other musical character. She is the character I can relate to the most and I look up to her. She is a beautiful women with great strength. There are characteristics of her that are part of me and that is why I love this character so much.

She is this very strong, big-hearted, “different”, smart, determined woman who believes in equality and stays true to herself. She is different for many ways and that is what makes her unique. She has this amazing power that she cannot control, but it helps her become who she is. She is green, which makes her different as well.The color of her skin makes people scared of her, but some people saw who she really is. The only people who saw past her green skin was Glinda and Fiyero. At first Elphaba and Glinda loathed each other, but eventually they turned it into a beautiful friendship.

The friendship started at the school dance when Glinda helped make Elphaba’s silly dance into something magical. They soon become best friends and changed each others lives for the better. Elphaba wants to give equal rights to the animals especially after she learned something bad was happening to them. That changed her purpose in visiting the Wizard. However plans quickly changed after she learned that the Wizard was responsible for the bad things happening to the animals. As a result she ran out with the grimmere and saw a complete new purpose in life. She decided to learn how to use her powers and be who she really was. The Wizard ended up warning the citizens of OZ that she is “Wicked”, but that is not true.

Despite being discriminated her whole life, she is still a very strong woman. She is involved in a love triangle with Glinda and Fiyero. At first, Elphaba was broken-hearted that Fiyero was in love with Glinda, but she did not realize that Fiyero always loved her. Eventually Fiyero and Elphaba got together after Fiyero snuck into the Wizard’s palace dressed  as a guard. Soon enough, Fieryo was considered an outcast after he tried to protect Elphaba when the guards were about to arrest her.

Frustrated, Elphaba does everything she can to save him, but she thought she failed. She said she will no longer do good deeds because each time she does one, the people label it as bad. She saved Boq’s life by turning him into the tin man after Nessa accidentally cast a spell on him, which was making his heart shrink, but the spell could not be reversed, and Elphaba knew the only way to save him was by turning him into tin. But the sad truth was Boq did not realize he would have died if Elphaba did not turn him into tin. The citizens that it was her fault that the lion was cowardly. But the truth was, Elphaba never truly became wicked. It really was Madame Morrible and the Wizard that were the wicked ones.

The most beautiful part of Elphaba and Glinda’s relationship was towards the end. It was when the two had one last moment to say how they changed each other for the better. The two also knew it was the last time they would see each other. It was such a bittersweet moment, but “for good” goes to the core of the show, which is friendship. The song warms my heart, even though I know this is their last moment together. But I do not think their friendship really died because they will not forget how special the friendship was. Also, Elphaba relied on Glinda to continue what she started. At the end of the show, Elphaba realized that Fiyero was alive because Elpaba turned him into the scarecrow. They both realized they could never return to OZ, but at least they will always be a couple.

Overall, Elphaba is a character I can strongly relate to. I am a big-hearted, smart, determined, “different” girl who believes in equality and staying true to myself. I also can relate to the friendship as well. I know what it is like to be different because my personality is quite different than I lot of my peers. I usually do not have friendships that share anything in common with me. My music tastes are very different because of my love for musicals. I always stay true to myself no matter what. Sometimes, I feel misunderstood by the friends, but for the most part, they accept me for who I am. Elphaba is still my favorite musical theatre character. It is special to find a character where multiple aspects of him or her are part of you. Elphaba is one of the main reasons why “Wicked” means so much to me. There are parts of her that I cannot relate to her, but I still fully connect to her. I do not think I am as strong as Elphaba and cannot relate to her unrequited love that she had for part of her life. “Wicked’ to this day is still my favorite musical comedy.