Dream Musical Roles

What if I had the talent in musical theatre. What if I developed the passion in elementary school? What if I thought about training earlier to have the talent? What would my dream musical roles be? What would the ultimate musical role be? Those are interesting questions. I know I don’t have the talent to be on stage. I decided to have a post, and play and say what they would have been. SPOILERS


  • Of all musical theatre characters, Elphaba would have been the ultimate dream role. She is my all-time favorite character in musical theatre. The two of us have things in common while at the same time, the two of us are extremely different. Playing Elphaba would have meant singing a song I am not the biggest fan of- “No Good Deed”. That is the only solo that Elphaba sings that I don’t like that much. I love “I’m Not That Girl”, “Wizard and I”, and “Defying Gravity”. It would have been fun to get her better by being her. She would have been the ultimate dream role.


  • I think of any lead character in Les Mis, it would have been Eponine. The thought of wanting to be Eponine sounds scary. It sounds scarier than Elphaba. I would have been feeling heartbreak night after night after night. I don’t know if I would have liked to die- that thought sounds daunting. I know you are acting. She is a strong, courageous, and young girl- she goes through so much- she doesn’t deserve the life she had. She had to deal with a family who wouldn’t love her, extreme poverty, and unrequited love, but at least in the end, she was with Marius. Still, if it was any lead character in Les Mis, it still would be Eponine. My parents believe that Eponine is my favorite character in Les Mis, but just afraid to admit it.

Ensemble of Les Mis

  • I don’t mind being a lead or an ensemble member of Les Mis. If it was a dream role, it wouldn’t matter how I end up in Les Mis.


  • I know Frozen only came out a year ago, but being Anna would be awesome. I relate to Anna a lot. I relate to her outgoing personality. In addition, I am also the youngest sibling. Frozen is one of my favorite contemporary Disney musicals. I believe part of why I connected to Frozen so much is due to the parallels it has to Wicked. It is coming to my hometown October 2020.

It is hard to think of dream roles when you are not going to be on stage. Thought it would be a fun thing to do.


Favorite Musicals and Favorite Songs

All musical theatre fans have their favorite musicals. In each musical, there is usually a song that becomes their favorite. I decided to write a list of some of my favorite musicals and what my favorite song is.

  1. Wicked- Popular
  2. Les Mis- (Do I have to say more); this is an exception where I can’t pick
  3. Sound of Music- Edelweiss
  4. Phantom of the Opera- either Music of the Night or All I Ask of You
  5. Annie- Tomorrow
  6. Newsies- Seize the Day
  7. Beauty and the Beast- Beauty and the Beast
  8. Lion King- Can You Feel the Love Tonight
  9. Rent- Seasons of Love
  10. Music Man- Seventy Six Trombones
  11. South Pacific- Some Enchanted Evening
  12. Pippin- Corner of the Sky
  13. Mamma Mia- Dancing Queen
  14. Man of La Mancha- Impossible Dream
  15. Godspell- We Beseech Thee

Survivors I Love in Musicals

Yesterday, my question was who was my favorite survivor in Les Mis. I realized that I actually loved more survivors than non-survivors. I also knew about more characters who lived than died in musicals.

  1. Elphaba
  2. Glinda
  3. Fiyero
  4. Jack Kelly
  5. Crutchie
  6. Davey
  7. Newsies
  8. Katherine Plumber
  9. Marius
  10. Cosette
  11. Maria (Sound of Music)
  12. Von Trapp Children
  13. Simba
  14. Nala
  15. Zazu
  16. Rafiki
  17. Raoul
  18. Christine
  19. Annie
  20. Orphans
  21. Belle
  22. Beast
  23. Lumiere
  24. Cogsworth
  25. Mrs. Potts
  26. Chip
  27. Pippin
  28. Harold Hill
  29. Winthrop
  30. Elsa
  31. Anna
  32. Sancho Panza
  33. Chris

This is a list of more than 33 characters. After all, the Newsies take up the majority of the cast, the Von Trapp children are 7 characters, and the same applies to the Annie orphans in Annie (at least five characters).

Love in Musicals

Love is found in musicals. Is love only in romance? Does it exist in different ways? There is a common misconception in love that non-musical fanatics believe-it is believed that only love is romance. I will try to sort out that in this post. THERE WILL BE MAJOR SPOILERS IN THIS POST.

Love for God

In Les Mis, you see love for God. This is first see through the bishop, and later through Valjean. The bishop welcomes Valjean into his house, gives him a place to stay, food to eat, and see as a brother (as in the bible). The bishop wants to help Valjean. He forgives Valjean when he steals his silver. He tells me to use the silver to became a better man. What the bishop does is an act of grace, mercy, and compassion. All of this is a love of God .

The love of God is later strengthened through Valjean. He looks up to the bishop. He starts to show compassion to others, which is especially shown through how he treats Fantine. He prevents her from being arrested and later promises to raise Cosette, Fantine’s daughter, as his own. That takes his love for God on a whole new level. I think his love for God is shown the strongest when he sings “Bring Him Home”. “Bring Him Home” happens at the barricade- Valjean is there to protect Marius because his adopted daughter loves him. The song is a prayer sent to God to prevent Marius from being killed. Even as Valjean is dying, it does show his love for God.

Love for Friends

This is easier to notice than love for God.

Elphaba and Glinda

  • When I think of friendship love, it is Elphaba and Glinda that comes to mind automatically. After all, in Wicked, the story revolves around their friendship. These two young girls originally started out hating each other and eventually became best friends and soon realized how much they changed each others lives for the better. They did form a very close and beautiful bond to each other- that is exactly what “For Good” shows.

Friends of the ABC

  • The Friends of the ABC is another love for friends that I love. I love their brotherly love for each other. It is strong that they are like family, and I do love how they take in Gavroche. They have a cause they truly believe in, and are so passionate about in that they will fight to the end no matter the cost. One of the things I love “Drink With Me” is how intimate and vulnerable it is- it really shows their brotherly love for other.

Eponine and Marius

  • There is a friendship in Les Mis that I like that is an unpopular opinion. It is the one found between Marius and Eponine- yes, I know it is only in the musical, and not the book. I don’t believe Marius never was a jerk to Eponine. He was the only person in her life who treated her kindly- that was why she fell in love with him, and why she held on in him. Marius was aware she had a difficult life. Just because Marius was unaware of Eponine’s love her him doesn’t make him a jerk. I believe in act II Marius sent her away with that letter to protect her from getting hurt or worse killed during the uprising. When she came back to the barricade, Marius was worried. When she collapsed in his arms, the moment he saw her wound, he realized she was dying. He was devastated, but he still stayed with her to the end- how does Marius being with her while she was dying make him a jerk? I believe that Marius was showing her compassion while she was dying- that scene was difficult on Marius, but at least he made her happy. The reason why I know he knew how difficult her life was had to do with what he said after she died- “her name was Eponine, her life was cold and dark, yet she was unafraid”


  • The Newsies are a huge parallel to the Friends of the ABC. Just like them, share a brotherly love that makes them a family, have a cause they truly believe in and don’t give up till the end. I also love Jack’s intimate and special bond to Crutchie.

Lumiere and Cogworth

  • I don’t what it is, but there is something about Lumiere and Cogsworth that make them an interesting friendship. Is it because during most of the musical they are a talking candle and clock?

So, you see, love for friendships show up for a number of shows.

Love for Family

Fantine and Cosette

  • Fantine is the single mother of Cosette. Fantine’s storyline is the hardest to watch in Les Mis. She originally is working in Valjean’s factory. It soon is discovered that she has an illegitimate daughter- Cosette’s father abandoned both of them. Cosette is now living with an innkeeper and his wife (The Thenardiers). Her daughter was discovered through a letter, which was said that Cosette was deathly ill (little did she know the letter was a hoax). The other factory women pushed the foreman to fire her, and he did. She did not many options left to get money for Cosette. She had a strong love for Cosette- she had no choice, but to sell her hair, teeth, and to eventually become a prostitute. By living on the streets, she became deathly ill. She was doing everything out of love for Cosette and her only hope was that Cosette would have a better life. She eventually almost got arrested after defending herself- Valjean came to the rescue and sent to her the hospital. Even on her deathbed, she still was concerned about Cosette, and Valjean agreed to raise Cosette. This gave Fantine peace and comfort while she was dying.

Valjean and Cosette

  • Like I just said, Valjean became Cosette’s adopted father. Valjean did realize that Cosette was treated poorly by the people who were raising her. Cosette was the first person he loved since he was released from prison. He had to become a father in the most unexpected of ways. It was challenging to raise her due to being an ex-convict. I don’t blame him for how much he sheltered and protected Cosette. You can fully see his love for Cosette in act II. When he learned Marius, the one his adopted daughter loves, is one of the revolutionaries, he went to the barricades to make sure he survives.

Kim and Tam

  • Kim would protect Tam from any harm. She is a fighter for him. She wants him to a better life than the one in Vietnam. Tam’s father is Chris, and Chris is who Kim loves, and for a couple years Chris had no idea he fathered he has a sun. Chris did love Kim at one point. Miss Saigon is a tragic love story, and Kim is the main character. At the end, Kim sacrifices herself in order for Chris to take Tam back to America. That ending- Chris comes to a realization- he has always loved Kim, and more than Ellen; that was how I interpreted it in Feb.


Romance is believed to be the only type of love in musical theatre. But based on the other ones I mentioned, it is not. There is love for God, love for friends, and love for family- I can tell you there are others- just the three I mentioned tells you there are is there than romance. Romance is wide-ranged. The Disney couples to the complex couple to the love triangles (even those vary). All of the couples are different. Why is romance so common? For starters, it is an universal emotion. It also translates well to well, forms beautiful songs no matter what (whether a couple is singing it, if it is a breakup or unrequited love song, or if a couple is starting to develop feelings for each other). The main song is key to a couple- if the main song doesn’t impress me, the couple goes dull.

My top four musicals of Charlotte’s 2019-2020 Season

Something rare is coming up in Charlotte’s upcoming season. In March when the upcoming season is released, I always choose what the main shows I want to see are. The typical number I want to see is usually only 1-2. To show how strong their 2019-2020 season is by looking at how many main shows I want to see. Like I just said, I usually mainly want to see only 1-2 musicals, but this year, that number has increased to 4 musicals, something that has never happened. When I saw the list, I automatically knew what 4 musicals I wanted to see: I decided to talk more about them in this post.

Les Mis:

  • It is the first musical of the upcoming season. Does it really need to be explained? For those who have been reading my blog for a long time knows my love for Les Mis. Even I can’t put into words why I love Les Mis. Tragic, heartbreaking, inspiring, uplifting, epic, passionate, powerful, emotional roller coaster, hopeful, humanity, redemption, forgiveness, compassionate, love all fit into Les Mis. I have seen the stage show in 2013, 2015, and 2017- so it seems fitting to see it this year. I can’t fully put into words why I love Les Mis. If I see it, it will be the 6th time seeing the musical.
Nick Cartell as Valjean in the Current US Tour


  • Last year, I have no idea why, I started listening to some songs from the Broadway musical. I was hooked to songs like “Journey to the Past” and “Crowd of Thousands”. I knew I wanted to see Anastasia. When a tour was announced, I thought the show would be hitting Charlotte in its first year, but no, it didn’t. Good thing, it is coming to Charlotte in its upcoming season. Can’t wait to join Anya as she discovers her past.


  • Out of all the musicals coming to Charlotte in its upcoming season, this musical is the highest up. It is the one I want to see the most. I am dying to see since I heard it was going to be a stage show. I have loved Frozen since I saw the movie. Ever since hearing some of the new songs, I knew the stage show would be just incredible- it would actually develop Anna and Elsa further making them more complex than who they are on screen.


  • Never imagined that BOTH of my top two favorite musicals would exist in the SAME season. But that is what is happening- Les Mis and Wicked are existing in the same season. Wicked hasn’t been in Charlotte since 2016- I think it is time to go back. I know there is more to explored to in Wicked- I know I can find out more about the complex love triangle. It is also fascinating that Frozen and Wicked exist in the same season as well- I find some parallels between them- Elsa/Elphaba, Anna/Glinda, Let It Go/Defying Gravity, and Sisterhood/Friendship all seem to parallel each other. I wonder if that was why I got so hooked to Frozen in the first place?

Charlotte’s 2019-2020 Season

March 17th, 2019 was an exciting day. Blumenthal Performing Arts released Charlotte’s upcoming season. Today I thought I would say what they are. I will highlight the ones I am looking forward to the most and say something about the ones I know something about. There are two categories when it comes to Blumenthal- broadway lights and the extras.

Broadway Lights:

Once on This Island

  • From what I read, it sounds like it is Caribbean and dealing with Gods and Goddesses. It is about one girl’s journey and a quest to discover what is stronger love or death. It won last year’s Tony for best Musical Revival.

The Play That Goes Wrong

  • This sounds hilarious. They literally have to cast actors who play terrible actors. A lot of things go wrong during this play as the title says, but will give you a laugh.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • I actually have loved this story since I was a child. I watched the movie, Willy Wonka and a Chocolate Factory, as a child, and fell in love with that movie musical. So I always loved it and later watched the newer Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The original, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, has better songs- I agree about that. Basically is about Charlie and his day spent in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory after finding a Golden ticket.

Come From Away

  • Happening after the events of 9/11 after a couple of planes had to stop in Newfoundland. I heard a lot of good things about this musical.

My Fair Lady

  • I love this musical. While I love it, still have my eyes on Frozen and Anastasia for 2020.


  • I had a huge feeling this musical will be coming to Charlotte next season. Ever since hearing some of the songs last year, I wanted to see it. While Frozen is the one I want to see the most, this is still high on the list. Take a journey to the past during this musical with Anya as she discovers her past.

Jesus Christ Superstar

  • Basically Jesus’ last couple of days from Judas’ point of view. A Rock opera as they call it. I am not that sold on this musical. I heard these songs a number of times on Pandora, and after a while got kind of sick and tired of them- not the best sign at all.


  • Out of all musicals and shows that are coming, Frozen is the one that is highest one the list. Ever since first falling in love with it in 2013, I wanted there to be a stage show. I have been dying to see it since it turned into a stage show last year on Broadway. “For the First Time in Forever”, it is on tour. Love the characters- Elsa and Anna in particular. I love this take on “true love”- what exactly is true love- does it always have be romantic? Let yourself go during this musical.

The New One

Broadway Extras:

Les Misérables

  • Do you know what’s funny? Originally I thought Les Mis was part of 2018-2019’s season. Turns out it is part of 2019-2020’s season. This is so on the list. When I see Les Mis, I am sold automatically. Epic, passionate, powerful, and highly emotional- in a way that I can’t describe. Hope, forgiveness, compassion, love, sacrifice, humanity, and redemption are found in this tragic and heartbreaking musical- those themes are why it is inspiring and uplifting. Characters to fall in love with- there is going to be a character to emotionally connect to. Brilliant crafted songs that are so powerful that hit in such a way that you can’t describe. I strongly hope to catch Les Mis this year when it comes.

Jersey Boys

  • Just like Les Mis, thought it was part of the current season. Turns out to be part of the upcoming season.

The New Colossus


Blue Man Group


  • I still find this to be one of the oddest ones to even be a musical


  • Would love to see this again. A true story on what friendship is- as in how friends change you for the better and what we learn from them. A story of two strong and powerful female protagonists. A story on how people are not what they seem to be. Do you want to find a complex love triangle? Visit Wicked. In Wicked, the friendship is more important that the romance, but the romance helps strengthen it.


That is our season coming up. So the ones I want to see the most are Frozen, Anastasia, Les Mis, and Wicked. Still, Frozen and Anastasia are the ones that are the highest- after all never experienced them. I have experienced Frozen, but don’t know the stage show- don’t know all those new songs, but I do know a few.

Beginning of Wicked’s Love Triangle

One scene in particular in Wicked is fun to look at. The interesting part about this scene is that it isn’t a song. I love exploring the Lion Cub Scene- it actually is the beginning of the love triangle. It helps you understand the plot twist in act II. What I am going to say it based off the most recent Lion Cub scene- It is the one between Mary Kate Morrissey’s Elphaba and Ashley Parker Angel’s Fiyero.

Major or Minor Spoilers:

To put into context- previously in class, Elphaba saw a scared Lion Cub in a cage. As a result she got angry and accidentally put a spell on the class, which didn’t affect Fiyero. The two of them run them into the woods (I believe) to let the Lion Cub go. You have to closely examine the scene to understand Fiyero- it is one of his biggest moments in the show. Based upon the scene, he begins to soften up- prior he was a bit of a jerk. These two appear to playfully talk with each other- it seems as if Fiyero has a crush on Elphaba, but doesn’t seem aware of it- foreshadowing act II. Fiyero eventually asks Elphaba why the spell didn’t affect him.

Fiyero and Elphaba during the Lion Cub scene

In that moment when he asks her, Elphaba realizes something- she is starting to fall in him- that actually helps you understand how heartbreaking “I’m Not That Girl” is. This scene is very helpful when it comes to Fiyero- he is very hard to understand as a character- he really starts to develop in his scene. I came to the conclusion based upon Ashley Parker Angel’s Fiyero that Fiyero did have a crush on Elphaba in his days at Shiz, but did not seems aware of it and based upon Mary Kate Morrissey’s Elphaba, she did not seem to realize that Fiyero had feelings for her. This scene helps explain a lot. Yes, it is the beginning of the love triangle, but it does help foreshadow the plot twist- the moment when the unrequited love shifts to Glinda.