Why I Love Eponine

It is quite fitting that for the series, I would go straight to a character from Les Mis. That is because Wicked and Les Mis are my top two favorite musicals. For today, I decided to talk about why I love Eponine. It actually took me almost an entire year to know why I love Eponine.


Major Spoilers:

Eponine is the eldest child of the Thenardiers. She started out as being a spoiled child, but also appeared to be loved by her parents. But soon after Cosette was taken away, Eponine’s life becomes even worse. She becomes horribly abused and unloved by her parents and falls into extreme poverty. She eventually falls in love with Marius so deeply because of the kindness he shows her, but that love falls unrequited. So where does my love of Eponine fall into all of this?


She has to take part in her parent’s schemes because she was forced into them at times. But the interesting thing about Eponine is that she is not as despicable or as selfish as her parents. Her loyalty towards Marius shows just how different she is when it comes to her parents. She would rather be loyal towards Marius than towards her parents. That is an interesting part about Eponine. She shows how you can raise above her upbringing.

She is strong and brave and complex. A lot of my love for her comes from how she responds to her unrequited love for Marius. She will do anything for him even if it means losing him forever. She is the girl who helps him find Cosette. She risks everything for Marius. That shows her bravery and strength. Her love for Marius is quite strong. She continues to hold on because he is the light of her life. You might think her love for Marius is a weakness, but it actually is her greatest strength even though it leads to “A Little Fall of Rain”.

Her love for Marius does lead her to the barricade. At the barricade, in order to try to protect Eponine, he sends her to deliver a letter to Cosette. As she sings “On My Own”, she accepts that Marius will never love her and you can feel the level of depth her love for Marius goes and the song is very powerful. She will continue to love him no matter what. Without Marius, her life would be much darker.

She eventually gets killed at the barricade after sacrificing her life for him. She gets to die happy due to being in the arms of Marius. Marius shows compassion to her by holding and comforting her while she dies. If you understand how dark her life was and how strong she loves Marius, it makes you understand why dying in the arms of Marius makes her happy for once.


So a lot of my love for Eponine comes from she responds to her love for Marius. You see her level of strength and bravery through her love for him. At least she gets to die in the arms of Marius due to how dark her life was. Her death does make Marius feel devastated, but despite that he still stays with her till the end.


Mystery Musical Plot #4

This is my fourth mystery plot poem. I write a musical’s plot in poem form and the readers have to guess what musical I am talking about. Some are harder to others and some are much easier.

Mystery Plot #4:

A story of love

A love so angelic and beautiful

That it moves you

That you want the couple to be together

A love so dangerous

That it can haunt and sadden you

What happens when these loves clash?

It creates an interesting love triangle

Hunchback of Notre Dame Review

Hunchback of Notre Dame is the main classic I have attempted to read over break and actually finish it. Believe it or not it took me only 11 days to read this classic book. Hunchback of Notre is written by Victor Hugo, who also wrote Les Misérables, and it is his first masterpiece book.

Possible Spoilers:

Here’s the thing about Hunchback of Notre Dame, for the longest time I struggled with knowing what exactly the plot is. But as expected he spends a lot of time setting up characters, but he spent about the first fifth or so of the book talking about a minor character, but it helped introduce Esmeralda into the story. Setting up gave the background of Quasimodo, the hunchback in the story. Not only is he a hunchback, but he is also deaf and can only see out of one eye.

I feel as if this book is a love story. It appears as if three people love Esmeralda: Phoebus, Frollo, and Quasimodo, but Esmeralda loves Phoebus so we have a bit of a love square. It shows how love is beautiful, but also how it can be destructive. Two people in this story are coping with unrequited love: Frollo and Quasimodo and their responses to it are complete opposites.

About the plot, it is mainly about Esmeralda, Frollo and Quasimodo. Frollo raised Quaismodo. He does not respond to love he has for Esmeralda very well and it is an unrequited love and he responds in a Phantomesque way. He seems to get more evil and darker as the story continue. Because of how evil and dark he is, I do not like Frollo at all.   He eventually comes up with some evil plans and at one point he said something like “no one else can have her”, so he tries to force Esmeralda to love love, but Esmeralda keeps on saying no because she loves Phoebus and is terrified of him. At one point when Frollo hears that Esmeralda and Phoebus love each other, Frollo responds by stabbing Phoebus hoping to kill him so you see he does respond in Phantomesque way.

I love Esmeralda and Quasimodo. Esmeralda has this pet goat and I love the pair of the two of them together and she is a gypsy and just like Quasimodo is treated unfairly. When she shows kindness to Quasimodo, he falls in love with her in a selfless way. He ends up protecting her whenever he can. I love how Quasimodo treats her and love how despite his disabilities, he is so sweet and wonderful. I love how Esmeralda is capable of showing compassion towards others and she is sweet too. Because of how differently Frollo and Quasimodo

I actually enjoyed the tangents in this novel because they were short and did not take away from the actual story. They were fascinating to read about because they talked about the architecture of Notre Dame and gives an overview of Paris. I would rate this novel about a 7/10.

What do you think about Hunchback of Notre Dame and if you didn’t read it, would you want to read it?

Eponine and her Unrequited Love

This is my last unrequited love poem I am writing. I wasn’t going to not do a poem about Eponine due to her unrequited love. Whenever I think of unrequited love, I tend to think of Eponine.


A girl unloved and abused

A girl whose world is dark

A girl living in poverty

Will there ever be hope?

A glimmering light eventually comes

It comes in the from of a boy

The only boy and person who treats her kindly

Who is so sweet with her

So she fall in love with him so deeply

But that love falls unrequited

The girl who will do anything for him

Even if it breaks her

Just to see him happy

Will risk her life for him

Even if it means losing him forever

Even though she loves him

Protects him no matter what

Even when she has to face her father’s gang

Love full of such depth and strength

That leads her to the barricade

She will sacrifice her life for him

When he is in danger there

She will take her life for him

Dying in his arms is the happiest moment of her life

A scene full of such compassion and comfort

Who is this boy?

He is Marius

Unrequited Love of Elphaba and Glinda

This is my second poem with characters who deal with unrequited love. This time we are venturing into Wicked

Elphaba and Glinda:

A very odd situation

One involving two best friends

Very complex and tricky

A test of friendship

Where there is a loyalty of friendship

Both respond in a similar way

One who doesn’t think she’s good enough

Due to being green

Who starts out not with him

But quickly accepts

Who doesn’t pursue the boy

To keep friendship alive

But she doesn’t know the truth about Fiyero

She doesn’t know he already has a crush on her

Through a twist of fate

The green girl gets the boy

After he hears rumors spread about her

And the popular girl responded in a similar way

By not stealing him back

So this tests and strengthens their friendship

Due to the loyalty these two best friends show to each other

Which shows that they care more about their friendship than the romance

Phantom and His Unrequited Love

Due to writing a poem yesterday about unrequited love, I decided to write poems about those who went through.

The Phantom:

A mysterious guy

Who lurks beneath the opera house

Who has been treated unfairly

He doesn’t know what compassion or love is

Falls in love with Christine

But doesn’t take unrequited love that well

His response is very twisted

With Raoul in the picture

Wants to take revenge

With possible murder

Trying to make Christine love him

Just not the best way to operate

Unrequited Love in Musicals

I decided to do another poem, but this time about unrequited love in musicals. This one shall be a bit interesting due to how some operate and respond to this situation. Mixing the unrequited love situations is crazy in just one poem.

What is unrequited love?

The pain and heartbreak of loving someone who doesn’t love you

Taking a long time to develop and mature

To understand the term

Full of revenge, possible murder, and sacrifice

With heartbreak, sadness, loneliness and anger

Operating in so many ways

So twisted, mysterious, and dark

Trying to make the one you love to yourself

So not the best way to operate

With loyalty found between two best friends

Which strengthens their friendship

Not thinking your’e good enough for the one you love

With fascinating plot twist

Full of loyalty and being faithful to the one you love

Even when it breaks you

You still care for the one you love

For the sake of their happiness

Full of such depth and strength

That glimmering light of hope

Even if it leads to death

But worth it in the end

Even if it so complicated and complex