Musical Songs I Love Singing To

Even though I can’t sing well, I do love singing to musical theatre songs. They are fun to sing. I even try to sing to songs I don’t any words to, and I feel like a dying moose or something to those songs. It doesn’t matter what emotion the song is: the song can exciting, sad, heartbreaking or romantic: it doesn’t matter. What are some of the musical songs I love singing to.

1. “Popular”- I sang this song for an acting class in school. For a general ed requirement either take public speaking or acting I. No way did I want to be stuck in public speaking so acting it was. The assignment was to do something that showed a different side to ourselves. I choose “Popular” because it was my favorite song from Wicked when I was 12, which is why it is still my favorite song from Wicked.

2. “I’m Not That Girl” – I remember it being Fall 2015, and I was like I now know all of the words to one of Glinda’s songs. I want to memorize one of Elphaba’s songs- “I’m Not That Girl” had the simplest melody and the fewest lyrics. I was thinking “does the first song I have to memorize that belongs to Elphaba have to be a sad song?”. Memorizing the song proved to be a big moment for the song- I did not know how much insight the song had- lyrics like “I wasn’t born for the and pearl” go beyond the unrequited love so there is more to the song. I had already connected “On My Own” to “I’m Not That Girl”. So memorizing the lyrics and “On My Own” made me realize “I’m Not That Girl” was heartbreaking. I love singing this song and feeling the emotion that goes with it- it is tricky when I know Elphaba is going to end up with him in the end.

3. “Do You Hear the People Sing”- this is the first Les Mis song I memorized. I choose to memorize this song. This song was stuck in my head leaving the movie theatre- after my 1st time- when I didn’t know if I liked Les Mis or not. It is such a passionate and hopeful song that you can’t help but love singing it

4. “On My Own”- I did not memorize the lyrics by choosing to. I memorized them by listening to it so many times. I love singing this song in my room. I formed a beautiful bond to Eponine- a huge reason why I love singing this song. If it wasn’t for this song, “I’m Not That Girl” would still be just be a sad song.

5. “Finale/Do You Hear the People Sing (Reprise)”- Once again another Les Mis song I did not memorize choosing to.

6. “One Day More”- A lot of Les Mis songs I have memorized the lyrics just by listening to them so many times. When it gets to the huge overlapping part- I tend to sing Eponine’s part- I know when she comes in and what lyrics she sings at that section.

7. Other Les Mis songs- yes, I love singing other Les Mis songs. Some I want to be able to sing to, but when I try, I can’t- get too emotional trying to.

8. “Do Re Mi”- This is the first musical theatre song I ever memorized. Once you know do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do, you literally know the entire song. It is so easy to learn. It is a very very fun song to sing along to.

9. “My Favorite Things”- I love singing along to this song as well. Sound of Music’s score is one of the easiest scores to memorize some of its songs. I love singing along to its song.

10. “Edelweiss”- The nostalgia behind this song- it not only is my favorite song in Sound of Music, but my first piano recital song. It is a sweet-sounding song. It has a bittersweet feel to it- I didn’t know that when I was young. I discovered the sadness behind the song when I saw the show live 2015.

11. “Tomorrow”- Such an incredible song to sing to. It has the same nostalgia all the Sound of Music songs have. Annie has been in my life since elementary school- to love a musical that song.

12. etc- others can fit here

What are musical songs you love singing to?


The Power of a Pause in Theatre

There can a lot of power in a pause in theatre. They can help bring out emotion. They can set up an upcoming emotion. Below I will give two examples of two actors I have seen who did give a pause. Each example helped with the emotion the song portrayed.

Major and Minor Spoilers:

Ben Davis was my Captain when I saw Sound of Music in 2015. Sound of Music ended my year of musicals in 2015. His pause happened during Edelweiss. There is a moment in Edelweiss when he stopped singing. He took a pause, and Ben did a nonverbal, and that nonverbal allowed sadness to enter the song. The nonverbal only lasted a few seconds. It was in between the moment he stopped singing and the children joined in. Taking that pause was just enough for the song to have a bittersweet nature about that.

Joshua Grosso was my Marius in the US Tour in 2017. I already mentioned multiple times on this blog where this pause took place. It was right at the end of “A Little Fall of Rain”. At the end of the song, Joshua ended up pausing at the end for about 5 seconds- to me that showed he was stunned at Eponine’s death. After that pause, he ended the song with the “grow”- he didn’t sing it- he said it in a heartbreaking way- the pause allowed the emotion to build up. That one word showed just how heartbroken he was- crazy how one word can show all that emotion.

Those are two examples of how there is a lot of power in a pause in theatre.

Favorite Songs From Sound of Music

Sound of Music is a musical that has been a favorite musical of mine since childhood. So it is a very special musical. Like Phantom, I don’t know if my favorites take up ten or not.

1. Edelweiss- a huge reason why this is my favorite song from Sound of Music because one of my memories associated with it is that is was my first piano recital song. The first time I saw Sound of Music live (2015), the 2nd half of the song I actually cried, which has never happened to me before

2. Do Re Mi- I mean who doesn’t love singing along to this song. It is a very easy song to learn the lyrics to. It is a wonderful moment Maria has with the children. She and the children finally find a bond with each other.


3. My Favorite Things- once again, who doesn’t just love singing along to this song. It is another fun loving song. The melody is very energetic and the lyrics are very wonderful that it is just fun to sing along to.

4. Sound of Music- of course the title song is one of my favorite songs. It gets you to start to know Maria. It shows you just much she is connected to nature and music.

5. Something Good- I just love this romantic song found between Maria and the Captain. I love how the Captain’s heart has finally softened. He used be very stern, but through Maria, he was able to learn how to soften up. It is a very beautiful love song found between the two of them.

6. Climb Every Mountain- I don’t know what it is, but something about it makes it one of my favorite Sound of Music songs. It is just of my favorite act I closers

7. Sixteen Going On Seventeen- this is another romantic duet, but filled with more innocence since it is for a more younger couple

8. Lonely Goatherd- just a fun song no matter on stage or screen. One stage, it happens during the thunderstorm, but on screen it is during a puppet show so either way just a fun song.

9. So Long Farewell- once again a very fun song

So you see, Sound of Music’s score is very fun score. But it does have an emotional song towards the end and it is Edelweiss. That particular song does have a tinge of sadness in it and I didn’t know it had that tinge of sadness for several several years; I had to see the stage show first.

Favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein Songs

One thing I am surprised I never mentioned on this blog is a list of my favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein songs. They are one of my favorite composer/lyricst teams. They wrote some of my favorite musicals.

  1. Edelweiss
  2. Do Re Mi
  3. Sound of Music
  4. My Favorite Things
  5. Something Good
  6. Some Enchanted Evening
  7. There is Nothing Like a Dame
  8. This Nearly Was Mine
  9. Younger Than Springtime
  10. Oklahoma
  11. Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’
  12. Shall We Dance

Sound of Music is my favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musical followed closely by South Pacific.

Who is Maria (Sound of Music)?

This is Maria from Sound of Music. She is one of the earliest musical theatre characters I was introduced to. When you first meet Maria, you realize that she is strongly connected to nature and that she loves to sing. You also learn that she is training to be a nun. But things do not come as planned. Maria is not a very good trainee and mother abbess think it is a good idea for Maria to become governess to this Captain’s seven children. Well Maria does not like this idea one bit.


However, Maria decides to become the governess even though she would rather not. She comes to the house and realizes that in fact the Captain is in fact strict. She does not follow his rules, and decides to go by how she thinks a governess should be. The children do not warm up to her right away. The children always have played tricks on their governesses and do those tricks on Maria. As time goes by, the children warm up to her as they get to know her. They love her more once she teaches them to sing bringing more happiness into their life. Maria is very gentle and loving around the house. The Captain gets angry at her a couple of time and at one point almost sends her back to the abbey, but ultimately doesn’t after hearing his children sing and finds happiness and music back in his house.

So Maria a kind-hearted, gentle and loving woman.

Musicals I Have Seen That I Remember

As many people know, I have seen a lot of shows live. Below I will write a list of each one I remember and will only consist of those by professional companies. do not necessarily have to be all shows that I love. There are actually some musicals I have seen that I didn’t like. I will sort it out based on city.

St. Louis : 

  1. Annie- loved it, have loved it since seeing the 1982 movie. In 2014, I finally got to see it and I saw it with my grandma and we got to sit in the front row.



Phantom of the Opera- this was the first musical I saw at the Peace Center and the year was 2014. We were sitting about 19 rows back from the stage. I wanted to see it ever since hearing the songs in 2013. I was spellbound from start to finish and I was choked up.


Les Mis- I saw it in 2017 with my school. We were sitting up in the balcony and I had an understudy (Talia Simone Robinson) as Eponine and it was the 25th anniversary production. As expected, I loved it and loved the production. The cast was quite powerful and passionate and I was an emotional wreck watching it. This was my 5th time seeing it live and 1st time seeing it on tour.



Wicked- saw it three times in Charlotte: once with my sister and mom, once with my dad and once with my school. Seeing it 3x does show how much I love Wicked. Below picture on the left is from my time with school and picture on the right is time with my dad. I saw it with my dad in 2013 and with my school in 2016.

Sound of Music- 2015, I have loved it since elementary school. In 2015, I was surprised I got to see it live. Seeing the stage show made me love Sound of Music even more. Edelweiss made me cry and I wasn’t expecting that.


Pippin- I saw it in 2015 as a date with my mom. It was a musical has that the nature of a circus. Its songs were amazing and at one point we were asked to sing along.


Rent- I waited since 2012 to see Rent and I finally got to see it September. I love its overall message of living in the moment and in love. Waiting five years was worth it.


Newsies- I saw this musical about the Newsboy Strike of 1899 in August 2016. It was filled with mind-blowing dance, wonderful songs, and incredible characters with an inspiring story. My favorite Newsies were Jack and Crutchie. Its songs are fun and at times emotional.


Mamma Mia- I saw it with my family in 2009.

New York: 

Wicked- yes I already mentioned Wicked but this was another time I saw it live. My first time I ever saw the musical was in 2012. I was in NYC with my mom and the two of us went and saw Wicked on Broadway. Little did I know the huge impact it would have on my life. It was the show that sparked my love for musicals and I began to understand the emotional and complex side of musicals. I do remember that at the age of 12 “Popular” was my favorite song. I may not have vivid memories, but the impact cellar shows.


Les Mis- in 2015, I finally fulfilled my dream of seeing Les Mis in London. Yes I already said Les Mis but this is another time I saw it professionally. It was so much more than expected. I may have had an understudy as Jean Valjean, but I am glad that Adam Bayjou was my Valjean because he was that good- as in so good that I forgot I was even watching an understudy.

Now on to the ones I did not like or fully enjoy: all were seen in Charlotte

Porgy and Bess- I do remember seeing it, but honestly did not enjoy it to even own the songs. So this one is not really important.

La Cage- this was one I remembered but was one of those I did not like

Addams Family- I saw this one with my family about October 2011 and did not like it

So you can be a musical fan with not loving every single musical

The Austrian Couple

These posts are getting harder as the series continues. Maria and the Captain from Sound of Music seem to be the hardest one so far. But just like with some couples I mentioned before, their romance develops over time. Maria falls in love with his children before falling in love with him. The Captain is a very stern and strict man before meeting Maria. But when Maria enters happiness back into his life by bringing music back into his house, he eventually will come to conclusion that he loves Maria. Maria taught the children to sing and the Captain hearing them sing brings back the happiness that was once lost back.

The Captain has lost his wife a couple years prior to the events in Sound of Music and has a hard time dealing with that loss.

Maria understands the children better than the Captain does and eventually the Captain realizes that Maria was right all along. The song, “Something Good”, highlights their relationship perfectly. I think their love blossoms as the show continues and eventually these two get married.