Animals of the Musical Theatre World

I don’t think I touched on this. When you think of musical theatre, you think of “humans”. There are characters in the musicals theatre world who are not “human”. They are animals themselves or are humans disguised as an animal. I decided to touch on those animals today.


  • He is the main character of The Lion King. After Mufasa, he is meant to be King, but this makes his Uncle Scar jealous. The story kicks off when Scar murders Mufasa. Simba was led to believe that he killed his father by Scar. After all, Simba was only a cub. Another thing to say about Simba is that his best friend is Nala. Before this tragic event happened, Simba was excited to be king. However the death of Mufasa and being led to be believe that he killed his dad is traumatizing. He had to run away and does not want to return. He ends up living with Timon and Pumba. He did feel like his dad wasn’t watching over him, and did forget who he was. He did fall in love with Nala. Simba did eventually return to the Pride Lands to fight Scar to be King, and learned who really killed Mufasa.
Simba during the stage show when he becomes King


  • Like I just said, Nala and Simba are best friends. She has this incredible strength. When Scar asks her to be his Queen, she flees the Pride Lands to get help. This is when she encounters Simba, and that was when the two of them fall in love.
Simba and Nala during Can You Feel the Love Tonight during the stage show of Lion King
Nala and Simba


  • Mufasa is an excellent King and father. While the time was short-lived, he taught Simba incredible life lessons. Even in death, Mufasa still looked over Simba- in one scene- he told Simba- “Remember”. So, Mufasa never forget about his son.


  • Beast is one of those animals who is a human who was turned into an animal. That is because of a selfish mistake he made. At the time, he didn’t have love in his heart. He didn’t let an old woman into his castle- but he was warned not be deceived by appearances because beauty comes from within. He didn’t realize that the old woman was really an enchantress- she ended up turning the prince into a beast. It was a strong curse- as other humans in the castle were turned into enchanted objects. He had to fall in love with someone else and had to be love in return for the spell to be broken- or else he would stay a beast forever. Years passed, and there was no sign of the spell breaking. Then Belle came, and became a prisoner in his castle, and taught him love- she was the one to break the curse. Those two fell in love.
Beast and Belle during the song, Beauty and the Beast, in the live action movie, Beauty and the Beast


  • This time, the character is played by an actual dog. It is Annie’s dog. She found him as a stray on the streets. She decided to own the dog. That is one of the things I love about the character of Annie- that she would own the dog- she has compassion for Sandy. It in so ways impresses me much more to see an actual animal acting in a musical than an actor/actress.

What are other animal characters you love in musicals?

Review of Grease

On the way home ¬†from Florida, I watched the movie musical, Grease. It was a movie musical that I first watched in elementary school and I do remember that the song “We Go Together” was my favorite song. Today I will review Grease.

Grease is a light-hearted musical comedy. It is about Sandy and Danny who first met on the beach over summer vacation and out of the blue they ended up going to the same high school, which is Rydell High School. Sandy was played by Oliver Newton-John and Danny was John Travolta and they were wonderful for their role and I think was part of why Grease as as popular as it was. Even those who played the other T-Birds and those who played the Pink Ladies were wonderful especially Rizzo.

I loved “We Go Together” as a child because of the funny lyrics. Now that I am older, I only own “We Go Together” and “Summer Nights”, but I feel like now that I have watched the movie twice in college, I feel like I might want to own some of the other songs like “Hopelessly Devoted to You”, “Sandy”, “Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee”, “Your’e The One That I Want”, “There are Worse Things I Could Do” and “Greased Lightening”. It has a wonderful score and I do love Sandy and Danny. Grease was one of the earliest musicals I ever saw and in some ways it did help shape the foundation of musicals.

Actually watching Grease on the way back from Florida was wonderful. Florida is over six hours away so it is nice being able to watch one movie. On the way up, I watched Les Misèrables and the way back, I watched Grease-see the difference, one is a light-hearted musical comedy and the other is a powerful musical tragedy. Seeing what I mean so it really shows both sides of musicals.

What are your feelings about Grease? Have you ever seen this musical?

Importance of Annie In My Life.

Just last night, I watched the 1982 movie of Annie, which is one of my favorite movie musicals. Annie was one of those musicals that has lived with me since elementary school. It was one of the first musicals I ever fell in love with. Before Wicked became my favorite musical, Annie was my favorite musical.

 Now that I think of it, I believe I loved Annie due to Annie’s optimism and of how she takes in Sandy. Annie is very special to me and reminds me of my childhood. Annie is about an orphan who gets to spend a week with Daddy Warbucks. As the story continues, Daddy Warbucks begins to fall in love with her. At the end of the story, he adopts Annie.


In 2014, I finally got to see Annie live. While watching, I felt like a kid again. Due to being much older, I found a bigger appreciation for the musical. Annie will always be special to me. It was one of the musicals that I grew up with and helped create the foundation of musicals helped create my vision of what I want from a musical.


Above is a picture of me from when I saw Annie live for the first time.

What are some favorite musicals from your childhood?