Phantom of the Opera Milestone


It’s hard to believe I have loved Phantom of the Opera for five years. It is one of those musicals I have fallen in love with through the songs. My mom recommended the musical to me. I decided to request the musical on Pandora. The moment I heard the songs, I fell in love. I may not have known the plot yet, but I just loved the music. In that moment, I badly wanted to see the stage show. I heard it was coming to the Peace Center in May 2014, and I requested that my mom take me to see it.

When I went to see it with my mom, I was spellbound. I was choked up watching it. I could not take my eyes off of that stage. During the overture, I could not takes off the chandelier. The only time I moved was during the crashing of the chandelier. I fell in love with Christine during this production.


So now five years later, I still love Phantom of the Opera. It is a hauntingly beautiful musical. I always loved Christine and Raoul together. I always knew that Phantom was too dangerous and destructive for her. Eventually I realized that Raoul would never hurt Christine. Some favorite Phantom of the Opera songs are “All I Ask of You”, “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”, “Music Of the Night”, “Angel of Music”, “Think of Me”, and “Phantom of the Opera”. Just wanted to say that I have loved Phantom for five years now.

Are you a fan of Phantom of the Opera? If so, why?


Favorite Songs From Phantom of the Opera

Now, I will talk about my favorite songs. I do not think I have a top ten favorite list of Phantom songs. Now here are my favorite Phantom of the Opera songs.

1. Overture- this is the first time I included an overture in the series. Well, it is just the most perfect overture. When I saw the musical at the Peace Center in 2014, the moment the overture started, I just couldn’t take eyes off of that chandelier. It gives you an overall taste of the mood that Phantom of the Opera is: the overture is both haunting and beautiful.

2. Think of Me- such a gorgeous song. That is really why I love this song.

3. Angel of Music – same reason why I love Think of Me.

4. Phantom of the Opera- the reason why I love this song is that you finally get to meet the Phantom. It is just gives you this overall haunting feeling.

5. Music of the Night- this is just a very very beautiful song. This is my favorite song that the Phantom gets to sing.

6. All I Ask of You- just a gorgeous duet between Christine and Raoul. It shows just how much the two of them love each other. It shows that Raoul will protect Christine. It shows just how perfect of a couple the two of them are.


7. Masquerade- I love looking at all of the beautiful costumes in this number. It is also a very beautiful number. It seems that a lot of my reasons for loving various numbers is for their beauty.

8. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again- what I love about this song is both its beauty and the heartbreaking nature behind it. It shows just how much Christine loved her father and that she is still grieving his death.


Most of my favorite songs in Phantom of the Opera are beautiful songs. Of course I love the title songs, which isn’t beautiful, but actually haunting. I love how the musical isn’t fully haunting, but instead hauntingly beautiful.




Who is Raoul?

Just like a group of other characters on this blog, Raoul is part of other love triangles on this blog. I feel like he is under-appreciated by fans on this blog.

The best way I know to analyze Raoul is to analyze bits of the Phantom on this post. Many Phantom of the Opera fans felt like Christine and Phantom should have ended up together, but I disagree. I feel like Phantom is way too dangerous for Christine. Raoul is a character who will never hurt Christine and loves her in a less destructive way than the Phantom. I love Christine and Raoul as a couple and they are perfect as a couple. Just like Marius, people dislike Raoul for the most absurd of reasons. Raoul wants to protect Christine from the Phantom. Crazy how in order to analyze Raoul, I had to analyze Phantom on this post.




Analysis of the Phantom

One of the reasons why Phantom of the Opera’s love triangle is so amazing is due to the Phantom. He makes it so mysterious and dark. He deals with unrequited love, but does not it take it very well. He is in love with Christine, but Christine is in love with Raoul. He seeks revenge on both of them. So he deals with it in destructive ways. He plans to kill Raoul since Christine love. He just cannot seem to accept it either. He grew up not knowing what love or compassion is. He is taken fun of and humiliated for his deformed face. For whatever reason, he does not take unrequited love. He will do anything to make sure Christine is the lead in the shows at the Opera even if it means threatening the opera, which includes making a backdrop fall. In the final scene, he makes Christine choose between staying with him or if she doesn’t killing Raoul. What a very high stakes decision. She ends up kissing the Phantom. At the very end, he lets both of them go. But still that does not forgive his actions. He makes this love triangle very unique and full of mystery.



The Opera House Couple

Raoul and Christine are my third couple, who are part of a love triangle, I am doing on this blog series. I find them to be such an adorable and the just gorgeous “All I Ask Of You” really proves that point. The two are perfect and just right for each other. Raoul and Christine at one point used to be childhood sweethearts and eventually met up again when Raoul visited the Opera house and recognized her from when she was singing “Think of Me”. Raoul is the perfect gentlemen and he plans to protect Christine and does the best he can to protect her from the Phantom. Many people honestly want Christine to end up with Phantom, but I think he is too dangerous and violent for Christine so if she fell in love with him, it would lead to a very unhealthy relationship. So when it comes to Raoul and Christine, Raoul would never hurt Christine and is a better match for Christine.


Loving Raoul and Marius

I decided to combine these two characters together. They tend to get underappreciated by fans for the most absurd of reasons. A lot of it comes from the fact that they are part of a love triangle. Raoul gets hated because people think that Christine should have ended up with the Phantom. Marius gets hated because they think he is a jerk and that he should of ended up with Eponine. I decided to explain in this post why they are not what people think they are.

Possible Spoilers:


First up is Raoul. He falls in love with Christine. He is such a wonderful person. He is the better pick for Christine because he treats her better than the Phantom. He spends the show trying to protect her. He knows the Phantom is dangerous because the Phantom is quite violent and destructive. Christine and Raoul truly love each other. Here’s the thing if Raoul and Christine didn’t end up together, the love triangle would not have been as effective. All Raoul wants to do is protect Christine from any harm.


In the case of Marius, he isn’t a jerk. Eponine fell in love with him because of the kindness he shows her. Just because he is oblivious to Eponine’s love for him doesn’t make him a jerk. He has a lot going in his life at the moment so I don’t blame him for not knowing. Marius is one of the revolutionaries, has a political conflict going on with his grandfather and being in love for the first time so he has a lot going on. Plus Eponine never told him she loves him.

Marius is caring, sweet, a bit awkward and capable of loads of compassion and bravery. He doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets. He and Cosette make such an adorable couple. I understand that they have to be together. Cosette represents hope and light so the two had to be together.


If Marius was actually a jerk, both Eponine and Cosette wouldn’t have fallen in love with him. He never is a jerk to Eponine even though he asks her to find Cosette for him. He truly cares about Eponine. He knows how dark her life is. Even at the barricade when he asks her to deliver the letter for him, he isn’t doing it out of selfish intentions. He only did in order to protect her because he didn’t want her to get hurt.


Even though Eponine came back, he shows her an incredible act of compassion. She gets shot and after Marius finds out she got shot after she collapsed in his arms, he realized she was dying. This totally devastates Marius and that shows that he always worried about Eponine and that he did value their friendship. But he decides to comfort and hold her while she dies. That to me is showing her compassion and he tried to stay brave throughout the entire scene. Even though he couldn’t protect her, at least he decided to be with her until she dies. The line he says after she dies is “her name was Eponine. Her life was cold and dark, yet she was unafraid”. Those lines really say that he did know her life was quite dark.

Marius almost didn’t survive the revolution but was saved by Jean Valjean because his adopted daughter loves him and that helps bring hope to this tragic tale. He was the only survivor on the barricade and that that is what makes him go through a lot of trauma. I just don’t understand the hate that Marius gets. I am learning to love Marius more and more as time goes on. Of all the characters who don’t die, Marius is my favorite character.

Phantom and His Unrequited Love

Due to writing a poem yesterday about unrequited love, I decided to write poems about those who went through.

The Phantom:

A mysterious guy

Who lurks beneath the opera house

Who has been treated unfairly

He doesn’t know what compassion or love is

Falls in love with Christine

But doesn’t take unrequited love that well

His response is very twisted

With Raoul in the picture

Wants to take revenge

With possible murder

Trying to make Christine love him

Just not the best way to operate