Making a Musical Powerful

In existence, there are powerful musicals. But what exactly makes a musical powerful? It is very hard to describe because sometimes you just know a musical is powerful. I will do the best I can to describe what makes musicals powerful.

The Music- that is one of the first steps. Usually powerful musicals have a complex and emotional score, which means it involves the positive and negative emotions. The songs have the capability to reduce you to tears or give you goosebumps. So the music is one key element of making a musical powerful.

The Plot- Just like the music, a powerful musical tends to have a complex plot. It tends to involve characters making a stand. They tend to have characters that have some sort of strong conflict in their lives. Not all of those characters are tragic characters, but still have to face a lot. Inner conflict tends to be a huge factor. A beautiful transformation of characters is an aspect of well.

The Themes- the messages of a musical make them powerful as well. Examples include “living in the moment and in love”, “there is hope in the face of darkness”, and “the power of how friends strongly change you for good due to having such a special bond” and so on.

Powerful musicals include, but not limited to, are Wicked, Les Mis, Newsies, and Rent.

What exactly do you think makes a musical powerful and what are examples of powerful musicals?

Why Do the Best Musicals Tend to Have Negative Emotions in Their Songs?

Why is that almost always the best musicals tend to have negative emotions within their songs? When I was younger, I discovered that I preferred the musicals that have the negative emotions within the songs. It was at a time where all musicals were happy. I understood the negative emotions differently than I do now. Heartbreak was an emotion that I wasn’t even aware of. I don’t have much recollection of the negative emotions so long ago. The best way to trace how far the negative emotions have come is to use the musical, Wicked.

I started to understand the emotional nature of musicals through Wicked. I actually knew that “I’m Not That Girl” was a sad song since middle school. By high school I was definitely knew that the song was a song dealing with a love triangle. That was how I viewed it for most of my Wicked journey. When I first discovered heartbreak through “Les Mis”, the emotions of other musicals changed drastically. Just like “On My Own” from Les Mis, “I’m Not That Girl” is also an unrequited love song. Through that shocking realization, “I’m Not That Girl” started to become a heartbreaking song and I saw the insight of it through memorizing the lyrics.


Another drastic change of the negative emotions in Wicked happened with the song “No Good Deed”. For the longest time ever, I always hated that song and never got anything out of it. I never could pick up on any of its emotions. But when I actually saw Wicked the fourth time, I finally got something out of the song and was finally able to pick up on its emotions of anger and frustration. Through the changes of “I’m Not That Girl” and “No Good Deed”, I felt the most vulnerable the fourth time around.


For me, I feel like the negative emotions are in the musicals I prefer are due to the fact that those emotions help make a musical more well-rounded and even more complex. When a show has a good deal of conflict, the negative emotions are usually in the songs themselves. Having the negative emotions makes it easier to emotionally connect to the characters. Those shows feel a lot more real and help make the experience even more worth it. The negative emotions have strengthened a lot since I first encountered them through the happy musicals.


Having sad musicals in my life actually gave me a bigger appreciation of the negative musical emotions. By seeing musicals through the perspectives of Rent and Les Mis, I was able to understand the negative emotions so much better.


It is very important to keep an eye on the negative emotions in the happy musicals. I am aware that the negative emotions have a few limitations when it comes to them. Some musicals are not home to them like “Music Man” and you need musicals like those to exist for balance.

The newest musical of my life that happened to have negative emotions in the songs is “Newsies”, which happened during “Santa Fe”.  Sometimes you are conflicted as to whether or not you actually felt the negative emotions the first time you see a new musical. The negative emotions in musicals tend to develop steady over time. The happy musicals are the shows where the mildest layers of sad do exist. The happy musicals can even consist of negative emotions being powerful.


There is an amazing strength when it comes to the negative emotions. There is an incredible fragility when it comes to them as well. Sometimes it has either an innocence or an incredible vulnerability or an epic quality or a powerful nature. The heartbreaking songs tend to be filled with such beauty. A song can be sad without being heartbreaking. True the negative emotions do hurt when it comes to musicals, but are so worth it especially if you have the emotional connection to the characters, songs, and plot lines.

My Special Love of Wicked and Les Mis

My top two favorite musicals are Wicked and Les Mis. Each of them are two very special musicals in my life. I even cannot pick which one is better considering how severely different they are from each other. Wicked is the powerful and emotional story of friendship between Glinda and Elphaba and is filled with spectacle/dance and also a musical comedy. On the other hand, Les Mis is the powerful, heartbreaking, epic, inspirational musical tragedy.


Favorite songs: Popular (was my favorite song from the show when I was 12), For Good, Dancing Through Life, What is This Feeling, Wizard and I, As Long as Your’e Mine, I’m Not That Girl 

Favorite character: Elphaba (due to how much I relate to her)

Favorite costume: Elphaba’s act 2 black dress

Favorite cast: January 2016 Touring US Production with Mary Kate Morrissey as Elphaba

Why it’s my favorite: The magic, the fantasy, the dance/spectacle, the vulnerable and special and emotional connection to Elphaba-relate to this character so much, the powerful story of friendship and acceptance



Les Mis

Favorite songs: On My Own, I Dreamed a Dream, A Little Fall of Rain, Bring Him Home, Look Down (Prologue), Look Down (Paris), Drink With Me, Stars, One Day More, What Have I Done

Favorite characters: Eponine, Jean Valjean, Enjolras, Young Cosette, Gavroche, Barricade Boys, Fantine

Favorite costume: No idea

Favorite cast: Summer 2015 West End Cast with Adam Bayjou as Valjean

Why it’s my favorite: the sheer power and brilliance of the songs, the incredible depth of the storyline and characters, the emotional and strong emotional roller coaster, the way the heartbreaking and inspirational natures interlock together 


My Passion for Les Mis

“To love another person is to see the face of God”

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will raise”

-Les Mis: Finale

As many may know by now, when it comes to musicals, I am the most passionate about Les Mis. I still don’t know why that is, but do know why I love it is much. Les Mis is quite an unique musical that is so powerful, epic, and inspirational. You see people thriving in some of the most unfortunate situations ever and there is an uprising that students are passionate about and will fight to the end no matter what. That is what makes it such a passionate musical. Les Mis does not make me feel miserable ever even when I am feeling heartbroken or lonely or sad. You are feeling the character’s emotions at those moments and you also have joy experiencing those emotions due to a love you have for the show. Sometimes in heartbreaking situations, you do find happiness in one of the characters.

There is just something about Les Mis that is so captivating,  insightful, honest, soulful, and transforming. It is such a complex musical filled with so many wonderful layers and they make you truly get to know the different characters. This show is covered with several layers of emotions at such a deep level. The songs are brilliant and wonderfully reveal the depths of these characters. The plot, characters, and songs brilliantly work together.

This show represents the survival of the human spirit and despite the heartbreak, it is filled with hope, love, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, humanity and redemption. That shows the storyline is more then tragedy. I see it more inspirational then heartbreaking in my opinion. Yes, I know it is heartbreaking, but in fact understanding the inspirational world of the musical actually makes the heartbreaking nature stronger. Compassion is shown at heartbreaking moments such as death. Forgiveness and compassion is given to Valjean through the bishop who helps lead Valjean on a better path.

It seems like I am way too obsessed about this musical. But in reality, this musical truly has changed what I know about musical theatre. It made me look at the emotions differently. I can’t even describe how much the emotional nature of musicals changed after falling in love with this musical. If I have to pick a favorite character or song from this musical, I wouldn’t be able to.

What is it about the characters that makes so memorable? The reason why I love them so much is because they are so complex and strong. You see characters like Jean Valjean and Eponine raising above from their backgrounds. You get to see characters like Enjolras and the students who stand up for what they believe and stay passionate no matter what. There even is Fantine who lives for the sake of her daughter no matter what obstacles she faces. There is misery in all of the characters. The miserable are the wretched, the outcasts, and the fugitives. Some of them are tragic due to society and not their flaws. Fantine falls victim to how society treats women, Valjean falls victim to injustice due to his status of an ex-convict, and Eponine falls victim to how her parents raised her. But that doesn’t stop the characters from thriving or trying to become a better person.


Becoming Open-Minded

What does it mean to be open-minded? In my opinion, it is giving something a chance. It means exploring something from a different perspective. Being open-minded always is worth it. I am aware it can be hard to be open-minded at times and end up with the wrong perspective. Sometimes I have been extremely close-minded to certain subjects and genres.

One of the biggest things I was so close-minded to was the genre of tragedy. In ninth grade, I discovered the genre for the very first time through Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. Not only was I close-minded to tragedy, but also close-minded to Shakespeare. I automatically associated tragedies with sad and thought they were nothing more. All through high school, each time I had to read a tragedy, I ignored it and pushed it far back like it didn’t belong in theatre. I didn’t realize I was soon to learn that tragedies were way more then I thought they would be. Well, that happened in the most unexpected of ways, but glad I finally learned to love some of them.

When I went to see the movie of the musical, Les Mis, I came in not knowing what that title meant and already knew “I Dreamed a Dream”. I wasn’t even told that Les Mis was a tragedy, but glad I didn’t know or I wouldn’t have gone at all. I mainly decided to see the movie to listen to “I Dreamed a Dream”. I was quite unsure coming into the movie whether or not I would like it or not. The moment I realized Les Mis was a tragedy was after the first character died and I was so in shock. The rest of the movie I watched in shock not knowing how to respond. I was quite surprised that musicals are home to tragedies because I grew up believing that all musicals were comedies. It is true that most musicals are happy, but I learned how to call all musicals joyful.

But well if you think about it, it was so worth it not realizing Les Mis was a tragedy until I saw the movie. I decided to give the movie a second chance a couple of months after the first viewing, and this time I got way more out of it. The tragic moments were easier to handle because I already knew they were coming. That time around I started to realize there was something special about the emotional impact in Les Mis. I did want to know why this heartbreaking musical always ended in an uplifting way and decided to learn more. I realized that at its core is a story of love, hope, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, humanity, and redemption. From Les Mis, I learned the real value of tragedy and why the genre matters. So through Les Mis, I learned not to judge a book by its cover in terms of genre. The genre is not quite as important as the actual plot and characters.

So, try to be more open-minded. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Try to find value in things you just don’t want to give a chance. All because of Les Mis, I realized that I never should of been close-minded to tragedy in the first place. I try to see beyond the genre and figure out what it is at the very core of novels or anything else in literature. Besides Les Mis, there are other sad shows I learned to love. The others are Rent and La Bohème, but I do like West Side Story, but don’t love it.