Act I Closers

The ending of the first act in a musical is important. By that point, you usually know whether or not you love a musical. The emotion of the first act I closer does vary- some are heartbreaking, some are sad (but not heartbreaking), some are exciting, and some are empowering- it varies. Here are examples of act I closers:

Defying Gravity

One Day More

Hankua Matata

Climb Every Mountain

Santa Fe

If I Can’t Love Her

Wells Fargo Wagon

La Vie Bohéme

Let it Go

Morning Glow

I’d Give My Life For You

Crashing of the Chandelier

  • As you can tell, these act I closers do vary. You have songs that are either sad or heartbreaking like “Santa Fe”, “If I Can’t Love Her”, and “I’d Give My Life For You”. The empowering act I closers are songs such as “Let it Go”, “One Day More”, and “Defying Gravity”- those can also fit another exciting songs- which is where “Wells Fargo Wagon” and “La Vie Bohéme” fit under. So act I closers vary from musical to musical. Some musicals don’t have a song at all- such as Phantom of the Opera, which ends at the crashing of the chandelier. By the end of act I, you already know which characters and storylines you are are emotionally connected to. The act I ending is important- it is just as important as the finale of the musical.

“Corner of the Sky” Analysis

Everything has its season

Everything has its time

Show me a reason and I’ll show you a rhyme

Cats fit on the windmill

Children fit in the snow

Why do I don’t fit in anywhere I go?

Rivers belong where they can ramble

Eagles belong where they can fly

I’ve got to be where my spirit can run free

Got to find my corner of the sky

Every man has his daydreams

Every man has his goal

People like the way dreams have

Of sticking to the soul

Thunderclouds have their lightning

Nightingales have their songs

And don’t you see I want my life to be

Something more than long…

Rivers belong where they can ramble

Eagles belong where they can fly

I’ve got to be where my spirit can run free

Got to find my corner of the sky

So many men seem destined

To settle for something small

But I don’t rest until I have it all

So don’t ask where I’m going

Just listen when I’m gone

And far away you’ll hear me singing

Softly to the dawn:

Rivers belong where they can ramble

Eagles belong where they can fly

I’ve got to be where my spirit can run free

Got to find my corner of the sky

Stephen Schwartz, Corner of the Sky

It was the song, Corner of the Sky, that made me want to see Pippin. The moment I heard it I knew I wanted to see Pippin. We all have our “Corner of the Sky”. The first time I heard the song, I knew what it was about. It is about where you belong- that is what the lyrics “corner of the sky” is referring to. We all want to find that place of belonging. We all want our “corner of the sky”. That is what Pippin is looking for in the musical- he struggles to find his “corner of the sky” in the musical, but in the end he does. He trusted the Leading Player- he thought he was heading in the right direction, but in reality The Leading Player was heading him in the wrong direction- he trusted someone he never should have trusted. The Leading Player is easily manipulative- she is playful around Pippin making it seem like she is heading him in the right direction to find his “corner of the sky”. In the end, I love how he realizes that he never should have trusted her in the first place.

Everyone has their “corner of the sky”. I think that is why Pippin is a musical people can relate to. Don’t we all have a corner of the sky. That place of belonging. I bet a lot of us trusted someone like the Leading Player- someone that that we shouldn’t have. If we head in the right direction- we will find our corner of the sky. Just don’t trust someone like The Leading Player- if we do our entire lives, we will never find that corner of the sky. Pippin did defy the Leading Player at the end, and found his corner of the sky. He took the Leading Player out of his life. Take people like the Leading Player out of our lives- we don’t need them or else we will get further and further away from that corner of the sky.

Revivals- The Beauty of Them

I had talked about the beauty of tours. I never once talked about the beauty of revivals. The beauty of revivals is kind of similar to the beauty of tours, but in a different way.

Think about the musicals that you love that came out before you were came out and the ones where you were to young to see when they first toured: for me, that included Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music, Pippin, Annie, Lion King, Miss Saigon, and Fiddler on the Roof, etc. How would you get to see those musicals?

There is this lovely thing called revival. They are the ones that leave Broadway, and then eventually come back. I know Wicked, Lion King, and Phantom of the Opera have never left Broadway- all of them changed a little bit when they left especially Phantom of the Opera. Phantom of the Opera did use the 25th anniversary production- that is all I know.

As far as Annie, Miss Saigon, Pippin, and the other ones goes (the ones that came out originally before I was born) I had to see the revival production on tour. The revival productions allows you to see musicals that came out before you were born. That is the beauty of them- you will see a different staging. In my opinion, I believe staging does have an impact on how an actor/actress portrays a character. If the shows never revive- how will you see a number of shows? I never would have been able to see Sound of Music, Miss Saigon, Pippin, Annie for example if the musical wasn’t revived on Broadway and brought on tour. Les Mis is a musical I never would have seen on tour if it wasn’t revived on Broadway and brought on tour- I only said this separately because I saw it on stage previously.

The ones I was old enough to see- Newsies and Wicked for instance would have changed a little bit. So in a way, they were like a revival, but mostly the same as the stage show.

Favorite Musicals and Favorite Songs

All musical theatre fans have their favorite musicals. In each musical, there is usually a song that becomes their favorite. I decided to write a list of some of my favorite musicals and what my favorite song is.

  1. Wicked- Popular
  2. Les Mis- (Do I have to say more); this is an exception where I can’t pick
  3. Sound of Music- Edelweiss
  4. Phantom of the Opera- either Music of the Night or All I Ask of You
  5. Annie- Tomorrow
  6. Newsies- Seize the Day
  7. Beauty and the Beast- Beauty and the Beast
  8. Lion King- Can You Feel the Love Tonight
  9. Rent- Seasons of Love
  10. Music Man- Seventy Six Trombones
  11. South Pacific- Some Enchanted Evening
  12. Pippin- Corner of the Sky
  13. Mamma Mia- Dancing Queen
  14. Man of La Mancha- Impossible Dream
  15. Godspell- We Beseech Thee

Survivors I Love in Musicals

Yesterday, my question was who was my favorite survivor in Les Mis. I realized that I actually loved more survivors than non-survivors. I also knew about more characters who lived than died in musicals.

  1. Elphaba
  2. Glinda
  3. Fiyero
  4. Jack Kelly
  5. Crutchie
  6. Davey
  7. Newsies
  8. Katherine Plumber
  9. Marius
  10. Cosette
  11. Maria (Sound of Music)
  12. Von Trapp Children
  13. Simba
  14. Nala
  15. Zazu
  16. Rafiki
  17. Raoul
  18. Christine
  19. Annie
  20. Orphans
  21. Belle
  22. Beast
  23. Lumiere
  24. Cogsworth
  25. Mrs. Potts
  26. Chip
  27. Pippin
  28. Harold Hill
  29. Winthrop
  30. Elsa
  31. Anna
  32. Sancho Panza
  33. Chris

This is a list of more than 33 characters. After all, the Newsies take up the majority of the cast, the Von Trapp children are 7 characters, and the same applies to the Annie orphans in Annie (at least five characters).

February 2019 in Review

St. Louis

The first highlight of February was St. Louis. My mom and I went to see my grandma. St. Louis means a lot to me. Part of St. Louis included seeing Fiddler on the Roof at the gorgeous Fox Theatre. I only saw the movie of Fiddler on the Roof, but NEVER the stage show. St. Louis only was long weekend- a lot of the trip was spent inside. Never thought Fiddler on the Roof would start my musical year.

Lord of the Rings Films

Yes, this sounds like a crazy highlight. I fell in love with the series a while back. I wanted to watch the films, but the thing that held me back was the length of the films. This month I finally saw the trilogy- I am so glad I watched all three films. I am glad I did- I now want to own the trilogy films.

Miss Saigon

I did think Miss Saigon would start my musical year- instead it was Fiddler on the Roof. I discovered Miss Saigon through Les Mis- after all the music was written by the same people who brought you Les Mis. The musical made me feel love, joy, uncomfortable, fear, and heartbroken. I ended up forming a strong emotional connection to Kim and Chris- they are now a new musical theatre couple that I fell in love with. Now, there are songs that I keep on listening to. It is a good musical- if it wasn’t for Les Mis, I never would have seen Miss Saigon. I have come a long way since Les Mis.

Hobbits of Lord of the Rings

One of the geniuses of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series are the characters. Character are highly important in any story. You want to care about them in order to get into the story. The first characters you spend time with are the Hobbits. The Hobbits are the characters I got attached to the most during the films.


As the main character of the series, we want to be able to like him. If we don’t why would the quest matter? I understand that if the ring isn’t destroyed Middle Earth would be in trouble. Still, you need to care about Frodo since he is the central character of the trilogy. In the film, I loved him from the start- before he had the ring. There was just something about him that drew me in.

He was brave enough to leave The Shire and to become the Ringbearer. He had a big burden to deal with- The Ring. The Ring easily corrupts and get heavier as the journey continues. The closer you are to Mordor, the weaker you become, but Frodo never gave up. He was determined throughout this journey. There was just something about him that makes him likable. He does have his flaws- you need a character to be flawed or else they wouldn’t be believable. Some of his flaws does come from the power of the Ring.


Sam is easily likable. I love his loyalty to Frodo. He is always with him no matter what. When Frodo tries to continue on his quest alone, Sam would not allow it. When Frodo is too weak to go up the mountain, Sam carries Frodo up. Sam stays loyal to Frodo in any situation they find themselves in. He rescues Frodo from Orcs when Frodo is captured. So I love his loyalty to Frodo the most. Frodo wouldn’t have made it that far without Sam.


Merry and Pippin are troublemakers and mischievous. You do wonder at first: why are they part of the fellowship: why are part of the quest and why are part of the story? They are the youngest Hobbits on this quest. Soon enough, you see courage in them. Their mischievous nature can get the fellowship in trouble at times. Later on, they have encouraged the talking trees to help protect Middle Earth, and these two Hobbits do some fighting. So they do care about Middle Earth. So they have a purpose- without them, parts of Middle Earth could be destroyed.