Pops Symphony: Round Two

Last Sunday, I went to a Jazz Themed Symphony in the Park. This time, the theme was Star Wars. I actually am a newer Star Wars fan. I may be only 23, but I didn’t start watching the movies until 2015. I am not a big fan of action movies, but I love Star Wars. I love the Galaxy it takes place in with the crazy creatures, the droids, and love the Jedis. The action sequences are fun to watch with the lightsabers and when things blow up, it is funner to watch then than things blow up in a superhero movie. They actually played songs from The Phantom Menace all the way to The Force Awakens.

This Pops Symphony was fun. In my family’s group, it consisted of so many people. Friends of our friends came and there were about fifteen or eighteen people. One of the songs that was played was the Theme Song and the night ended with the ending credits of all the movies.

Next week’s theme will be Broadway and as a musical fanatic, I am quite looking forward to that week.

Are you are a Star Wars Fan? If So, why do you like the movies?

Below is a link to my post from last week’s Pops Symphony



Pops Symphony

Just last night, I attended an outdoor symphony performed by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. The theme that was played tonight was Jazz. This outdoor symphony has been a family tradition for several years.

About at 5, I helped my dad lay out the tarp to reserve our space later. For the symphony, we basically are having dinner picnic style. Everyone we invited brought something and we tend to share food. On top of the tarp, we always lay down a blanket to sit on and we also bring chairs as well.

Part of the night was spent dancing whenever the composer asked us to. I do not remember all the times of the different pieces. But one was chattanooga choo choo. Another, which relates to this blog, was a series of pieces from the musical, Chicago. The Chicago pieces mainly focused on the song “All That Jazz”.

This symphony always bring a big group of people. In total, my family and friends ended up being eight people. Other nights that are to come in this symphony are Star Wars, Broadway, and Fourth of July.