Importance of Sharing the Gospel

Yesterday, I attended my school’s student-led worship service. I learned the importance of sharing the Gospel through the sermon. Think about it: when was the last time you taught the Gospel? This is strongly important. There are several broken-hearted people out there who have not heard the story of the Gospel. People spend too much time focusing on themselves so they forget to spread the Gospel. We have an endless cycle of screwing up and repenting and never once do we spread the Gospel. The broken-hearted people who are good, but never heard the Gospel, will die, but never go to heaven. We need to stop making excuses for why we failed to do this. Some people live with a half-faith and live it just by going to church.

But the question is, how do we spread the Gospel? That is very challenging. We were called to spread the Gospel. We need to use our calling to help make a difference in other people’s lives. I know that my calling will help make a difference of those living in poverty and homelessness. I am hoping that the power of live theatre will transform them and help them find meaning in their life. I also am hoping it will help them get off the street. This calling will work out because I have faith that it will. I know this calling will not happen for several years from now.


God’s Divine Plan

You are where God wants you to be at this very moment. Every experience is part of his divine plan


There is so much truth in this quote. Some people may not realize it, but where you are is indeed part of God’s plan for you. Right now, I know I am the right place. I know that I was meant to be at Gardner Webb. I am remained me of this everyday. There are these beautiful sunsets here and that is one of the main places where I know this is where God wants me to be at this moment. When you are young, you have no idea what the rest of God’s plan holds for you. I know where God wants me to head towards, but even I don’t know how to get there. I have my nonprofit idea, but don’t how to get it started. As I continue my college experience, I hope I will gain skills to allow me to work in nonprofit. I feel like once I start working in a nonprofit, I will start building towards starting mine.

God already has had such an influence on my life. I learned to believe in Him at an Episcopalian Conference Center, Kanuga. That is where a lot of my spirituality was developed as a kid. I did volunteer from time to time with my church and attend Diocese events. At one of those Diocese events, I developed a deep connection to those living in poverty and homelessness. The moment I realized the vast majority of the population was living in poverty, I realized that part of God’s plan was for me to give back to that population.

It took until 2015 to realize that I was meant to work in Nonprofit and this year, I realized that I wanted to open one. At first, I thought God was quite crazy that He wanted me to do that. But I know that God will equip me with what I need to open a Nonprofit. I have never seen volunteering as a sacrifice because it is a passion and calling. I want to turn that passion and make a difference with it. I cannot wait to see what else God has in store for me. Being at Gardner Webb has strengthened my spirituality and it is stronger then it was in high school. Even the Bristol Pilgrimage from summer of 2015 has had such an influence on my spiritual journey. At Gardner Webb, I attend the weekly Gathering, a student-led worship service, and volunteer through my service club.

What does it mean to be a Servant?

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life for a ransom for many”

-Mark 10:45

What does it mean to be a servant? Servanthood is an important part of being a Christian. Servanthood starts with sacrifice. Servanthood means living the life that Jesus lived. It means helping people in times of need and reading out to others through ministry. In fact, you must become a servant way before you become leader. I have never felt like a leader because I always felt like a follower. In fact, I feel way more like a servant then a leader. That is due to my passion for helping the less fortunate and that passion will continue for the rest of my life.

Many of the biggest challenges that Ministry faces can all be solved through the use of servanthood. You can simply be a servant by helping the “least of these”, which consist of the homeless, orphans, strangers, prisoners, refugees, and the sick. They are the ones that need the most help.

But what holds us back? Some things are fear, obligations, laziness, perceptions, lack of time, lack of energy, no desire/motivation, pride, lack of comfort, and unawareness. What can be used to overcome these? Don’t forget that God has used many messed up people to do something amazing. Remember Abraham, Joseph, Saul, Rahab, David and many others who were considered to be the “least of these”, but they did incredible acts. Remember God wants to use darkness for good. There is always a source of light in the midst of darkness.

Yes all of these types of blockades will keep on coming in your life. Think back, what part of your life can you use to reach out to others? Sometimes I don’t know what holds me back at times, but I do know I am heading in the right direction. I know what was the pivotal moment in my life that made me start having a deep connection to those living in poverty and homelessness. It was at an experimental dinner where the vast majority of the participants represented those living in poverty and homelessness and it was that moment that made me realize that giving back to the less fortunate was my calling. But at the time, I did not know God was going to develop that into one of the most amazing ideas. I later learned that I was not supposed to volunteer on the side, but instead was actually meant to work in Nonprofit and head towards starting one.

The Path of God

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you need to breathe, trust, let go  and see what happens


This is an incredible amount of wisdom. Sometimes you don’t know where your path is going to lead you. Maybe you know where your path is leading you, but you just don’t have a plan. Sometimes you just need to trust God and let him guide you to where you are meant to be. It can be very hard to let go sometimes especially if you don’t know what you need to let go of.

I am still quite young and I know where my path is leading me towards. However, I do not have a plan on how I am going to end up working in a Nonprofit. But don’t forget it takes little steps at a time. I sometimes wonder if this blog could be the key towards opening a Nonprofit. Some people feel like my Nonprofit idea is impossible, but I have faith that it will happen. I really want to expose those living in homelessness and poverty to experience the power of live theatre. I want them to be the actors.

I have no idea on how to get this idea started. People keep on asking me if I have a plan. I have no clue how I am going to get it started. In fact, every step I do is guiding me in the right direction. I am hoping my Sociology degree is going to help me find a job in Nonprofit. I have a few ideas on how to get my Nonprofit started, but still don’t have a plan. I want to get enough experience in Nonprofit before I start planning to start my own. Why have a plan if it is still to early to start planning especially if it involves Nonprofit? Nonprofit is very risky, but if that is where God wants me to end up and if that is a passion then I will head in that direction. One idea is to maybe get actors to perform scenes from both musicals and plays at a shelter. The other is to raise enough money and actually take that community to the theatre and we will discuss it afterwards.I thought of this Nonprofit when I realized how much benefit theatre has given me and so I began to wonder how much more benefit theatre would give to the homeless.

Just don’t worry. You will eventually be where you want to end up. Yes,  sometimes life can be scary. But God will get you there and the key is to love and trust Him. It will be helpful to continue developing and nurturing your spirituality.  My Nonprofit will happen some time in the future. I just don’t know how to get there. But if there isn’t a plan quite yet, then don’t worry because everything always happens at the right time. There is no way I am going to open a Nonprofit alone. Sometimes you don’t understand why God wants you to do something that could be out of your comfort zone. But doing things outside of you comfort zone is one of the best things ever and allows you to grow.

God’s Purpose

“But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth”

-Exodus 9: 16

Why are we in this Earth? What are we called to do?

Those questions can be hard to figure out, but God works in mysterious ways.

I never thought that using your purpose could actually help you see God’s power. God’s power works every single day. If we trust in him, life is so worth it and easier to survive. I love my spiritual journey with Christ. I love being this spiritually strong person and I will nurture that and just allow it to grow.

I know that my purpose is to make a difference in those living in poverty and homelessness. I realized that was my purpose in high school. I did this incredible exercise at an Outreach weekend event. It was at dinner and it showed the different classes and how much of it is represented in the world. Our name tags had symbols or nothing at all, which represented three different classes. Only four people had stars on their name tags, which represented the wealthy and they were served and got to appreciate the best meal. At the middle class table, they had triangles on their name tags and there were only ten people and they served by family style. Unfortunately I was stuck in the poverty section and we had to sit on the floor and only had rice, beans, and water and used paper bowls, cups, and napkins. This exercise helped me realized that the vast majority of the world lives in poverty and it was at that moment that I found my calling. At first, I thought I only had to volunteer on the side, but in college I was to find out God did not want me to do that with my life.

He showed me where I was meant to be and how I was supposed to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate then me. I discovered in my 2nd semester of Gardner Webb that I wanted to work in Nonprofit and that was when I realized that God wants me to work with them instead of volunteering on the side. I was surprised once again last semester when God had told me that I somehow had to eventually open up my own Nonprofit. I never thought He was leading me in that direction and He somehow did. In that semester, I was already a musical fanatic and absolutely loved them and was aware of how much benefit theatre has been doing in my life. I begin to think how much more benefit theatre would give to those living in poverty and homelessness. That is when I thought about starting my own Nonprofit that would support that. I am thinking that being involved in theatre will help them get off the street and will give them meaning for once in their lives. The Nonprofit will focus on them performing in musicals and plays. It is crazy that God wants me to start a Nonprofit someday. He somehow wanted me to incorporate both of my main passions into one idea.

I feel like I am more passionate about musicals then volunteering, but God has called me to give back, which will help fix this broken society. God has called me to do this, but I still don’t see myself as a leader, but that is what I need to see myself as if I want to start a Nonprofit. I have no idea how to move forward with an idea and turn it into something. I have two ideas on how to get this idea started. One is to brings actors to shelters and have them perform scenes from musicals and plays there. The second idea would be having enough fundraisers and take them to the theatre and we would discuss the show afterwards. This idea almost seems impossible, but I will never give up on this dream job. If I want to make a difference and follow my purpose, then I have faith that it will eventually work out. I never thought that these two passions could ever come together because they are so unrelated to each other. This idea sounds crazy and risky, but I would rather follow my heart in a job compared to a job that makes a lot of money. Getting my Nonprofit is going to taking many steps and yes there will be times when I will fall, but God will pick me back up and allow me to continue. God is so powerful and mighty that He truly understands your passions and allows you to fulfill your purpose on this earth.

How Two Passions Come Together

What does it mean to be passionate?

That is an interesting question. I know I have two different passions, which don’t seem to be directly related. My two passions are volunteering and musicals. I feel like I am the most passionate about musicals. I love all sorts of musicals, which gives them an extradorinaiy capability. It doesn’t matter if the musical is tragic or comic. It doesn’t matter  how much light or dark a musical has. It doesn’t matter if it has dance and spectacle or none at all. It doesn’t matter what the emotional quality is like either, but that is the most complicated part of musicals.

As for the other passion, it is much more a calling. In high school, the moment I heard that the vast majority of the people in the world was living in poverty, I realized that this is my calling. I always had this deep connection to this community. At first, I thought I only would volunteer on the side. I don’t treat this like a passion, but I am drawn to it. This is one of the biggest reasons why I picked Gardner Webb because they are big on community service.

So how do you decide which one is more worth having a job in? To me it is more important helping those in need then getting involved in a musical. I would rather do a job that supports my calling. But I feel as if the two were meant to eventually find each other and become something. I realized that last year when I realized that musicals might eventually benefit those living in poverty and homelessness. I know how much benefit theatre has given me and I began thinking of how much more benefit it would give those living in that community. That is when I realized I want to start a nonprofit that gives the improvised the opportunity to perform in musicals and plays.

These two passions are a strong piece of who I am. I keep on being asked how in the world this nonprofit be successful. As of right now, it is only an idea, but that is the direction I want to be headed towards. I know nothing about working in nonprofit and I only understand theatre from the point of view of an audience member. I want to work in nonprofit before I take this idea a step further. It is not like I am going to start it alone.  Yes, working in nonprofit is risky, but it is my calling to help those less fortunate then I.

Who Am I?

I have been a blogger since December of 2015. For more then one year, everyone has been telling me I should start a blog. I did not feel the need to start one because I thought there would be no meaning at all. Everyone said I should start a blog due to how big of a deep thinker I am. This blog talks about both spirituality and musicals. Yes, it is two themes, but I am deeply connected to both.

I am a strongly spiritual person. I have a loving, caring, compassionate heart. Anything I write on this blog is going to have something spiritual on it. I am drawn towards helping those living in poverty and homelessness. That is what God called me to do. That is why want to make my way into Nonprofit and that is why I want to start my own someday. I hope to open up a theatre program for those living in poverty and homelessness. But the only posts that may not be spiritual are some of the musical ones.

It seems odd to have two topics on one blog. The other topic is musicals. I have this strong passionate love for musicals. The thing I love about musicals is how they combine different types of art. Seeing a story come to life is just wonderful. But through musicals, the songs help the storyline the most. The songs are the key to the character’s emotions. Musicals live in the same universe. They live in a primarily comic world filled with song, spectacle, and dance. In that universe, there are also tragic elements to deal with along with tragic musicals. Musicals take a lot of innocent, vulnerability, maturity, and patience. If I am to describe all musicals, I would say unique, emotional, joyful, and full of life.