What do I love about Mythology

Another type of genre I love is mythology. I never thought much about I love mythology. I know I have loved mythology for a long time. The genre of mythology goes back to Ancient Greece- they believed in Gods and Goddesses.

There Gods and Goddesses consist of Zeus, Ares, Poseidon, Athena, and Aphrodite, etc. There are a lot of them. As a matter of fact, a character in my Fairy Frogs book is named after a Greek God- Aries- he may be spelled like the horoscope, but is named after the Greek God. Each of the Gods and Goddesses are a God or Goddesses of ( …….). For instance Aphrodite is the Goddesses of Love. There are these monsters and creatures in mythology like Medusa among many others. There is something about the Gods, Goddesses, the creatures, and monsters that make me love mythology. I love the Illiad and Odyssey. In middle school (I believe), I fell in love with the Percy Jackson series. I love the adventures and quests the characters go on. In some ways, mythology is similar to fantasy (just different)- mythology is way different than fantasy- but like fantasy, is home to quests and journeys and has these type of creatures that don’t exist anywhere else but in the books of mythology.

I barely own mythology books. It still is something I love. I have always loved Ancient Greece, and their culture- that can be part of why I love mythology so much.


Favorite Books of Mine

As everyone knows by now that I love musicals. Musicals is a type of storytelling so I thought it would fun to write a list of some of my favorite books. I even love to read and here is my list of favorite books. I will put series together.

  1. Les Misérables- my favorite book, but wow what a brick
  2. Don Quixote- story of the tragicomic knight errant
  3. Tale of Two Cities
  4. Great Expectations
  5. Lord of the Rings Series
  6. The Hobbit
  7. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  8. Harry Potter Series
  9. Chronicles of Narnia Series
  10. Land of Stories Series
  11. Uprooted
  12. Hound of the Baskervilles
  13. The Last Unicorn
  14. Percy Jackson Series
  15. Wizard of OZ
  16. And Then There Was None
  17. Other Agatha Christie Mysteries
  18. Sister’s Grimm Series

My taste in book are classics, mythology, fantasy, magic, and adventure. What exactly makes a good book? A good book is always home to a incredible plot along with incredible characters as well. As for the classics, I love reading them due to the challenge that they bring and as for now, reading them in between semester and reading them in a limited amount of time gives me the motivation to actually finish them

Books to read in the future: thought it will be a nice addition to this post

  1. Oliver Twist
  2. Hunchback of Notre Dame
  3. Nicholas Nickelby