The Unexpected Musical Couple

Spoilers will be ahead:

Of all musical couples, I like to refer to Elphaba and Fiyero as the unexpected couple. Why do I call them that? Well, in Wicked, you honestly don’t expect them to get together. In act I, both of them do have feelings for each other, but Fiyero is in a relationship with Glinda at the moment and Elphaba is coping with unrequited love so Wicked is home to a love triangle, but a very complicated and non-straightforward one.

Throughout act I, Fiyero seems to be a bit unsure of his feelings for Elphaba. From the point of view of an audience member, I interpreted that Fiyero does have a developing crush for Elphaba, but he doesn’t seem fully aware of it and continues to stay in a relationship with Glinda. It was during the Lion Cub scene where you start to notice the feelings that Elphaba and Fiyero have for each other, but Elphaba is defiantly more aware that she is falling in love with him. So she is coping with unrequited love for Fiyero at the moment not realizing that Fiyero defiantly has a crush on her.

So eventually, the two become a couple you wouldn’t expect especially because Elphaba is green and does not quite fit in and would expect her to continue to have unrequited love for him. It would take rumors being spread about Elphaba for Fiyero to realize that he truly loves Elphaba and that Glinda is not the girl for him and so he breaks up with her so it can be questioning especially if you weren’t paying close attention to Fiyero in the first act. This happens in act II and he has truly matured at this point.

It is clear during “As Long As Your’e Mine” that Elphaba and Fiyero are a mature couple and that shows how much they have matured throughout the course of the story. The song is very mystical and they are a perfect couple for each other. Fiyero does accept Elphaba for who she truly is.

Part of my love for Fiyero comes from how much I love this couple and that he accepts Elphaba for who she truly is even though she is green. The fact that Elphaba ends up with Fiyero in the end shows just how complex Wicked’s love triangle is.

Even after “As Long As Your’e Mine”, their love for each other shines. Fiyero protects Elphaba whenever she is danger and she tries to save him when he is in danger. The moment when the guards try to arrest Elphaba, Fiyero defends Elphaba because he loves her and he is sent to the fields to be tortured and because of Elphaba’s love, she tries spell after spell to try to save him. So their love for each other defiantly is full of courage and maturity. “As Long As You’re Mine” is a wonderful example of how much I love this couple.

On a side note: Elphaba and Fiyero started to became a favorite couple of mine starting in 2006 at the age of 12 when I saw Wicked on Broadway.

Is there a musical couple in musicals you did not except to love? What do you think of Elphaba and Fiyero as a couple? Do you find Wicked’s love triangle complex?


Young Musical Love

Romance is quite a beautiful part of musicals. No theme has been greater than that. But what is so special about the young love that is presented? As a matter of fact, most romances in musicals are young lovers. That makes sense because most musical characters are young.

I feel like with young musical characters, there is this kind of innocence built into them. There even is a wonderful sense of youth built into the romances as well. There even is a sense of maturity. At times, love has fragility and vulnerability built into the mix especially during unrequited love songs.

I feel like the love triangles fare very well with young musical characters. Whether that is the love triangle either in Wicked or Les Mis, it still works really well. The love triangles are incredibly complicated especially the Wicked one. No matter what, you can’t make all of the characters involved happy at all. I still don’t fully understand a love triangle, but it makes more sense than ever.

There is always the unrequited lover and that can be confusing. In the Wicked one, that is really challenging because the unrequited love shifts gears on you because it starts with Elphaba having unrequited love for Fiyero, but in act II it shifts to Glinda feeling unrequited love for Fiyero. Elphaba and Fiyero are my favorite musical couple because you wouldn’t expect them to get together at all. They may be young, but their song is so mature and quite mystical.

In the case of Les Mis, the unrequited love never shifts gears on you because it is always Eponine. This love triangle fares very well. There are two times where you see all three together and you end up feeling for all of them.

Eponine’s unrequited love for Marius is quite a special one because she constantly is showing true love towards him even if he won’t do the same for her. Eponine’s unrequited love is very heartbreaking and painful for her especially because Marius is the only good in her life and is the only person to show her kindness. That is why she loves Marius so much and why she keeps on loving him. She continues to love him until the very end of her story.

When it comes to Disney, young musical characters give the show a kind of magic, which is perfect for Disney. One such couple is Katherine and Jack, the newest Disney couple of my life. Below are pictures of young romances including my favorite couple. I feel like young musical romances are incredible because of their songs.


Elphaba and Fiyero


Cosette, Marius, Eponine


Raoul, Christine


Jack, Katherine


Tony, Maria

What is special about young musical couples?