Favorite Cosette Actress

My favorite Cosette happens to be Jillian Butler, Joshua Grosso’s Cosette. She just has this really beautiful soprano voice. The way she was able to connect to Joshua’s charming but awkward Marius was wonderful to watch. These two were just perfect for each other and you can’t help but notice how adorable these two are. It really feels like they have just have fallen in love. A lot of my love for Jillian comes from the way that Joshua portrayed Marius. It was interesting seeing how these two were able to have really strong chemistry with each other.



Favorite Marius Actor

I was debating if I should do the Les Mis characters or not due to my last series about my top three Les Mis actors and actresses playing the principal characters. I even made it clear who my favorite actor was for each principal character.

As some may know by now, Joshua Grosso is my favorite Marius. He was my most recent Marius and I saw him in Greenville with my school. There is something about him that draws you in. Of everyone in the love triangle that I saw, he was the strongest actor. I am someone who always expects Eponine to be the strongest actor, but in this love triangle it was Marius. The fact that Marius was the strongest actor in this love triangle made me look at it in a different way.

He just has this wonderful charm that draws you in. He shows the awkwardness of Marius. Before Joshua, I always knew him to be a kind, compassionate, and brave young man, but never thought of Marius as awkward. It just never occurred to me so I loved the unique awkwardness that Joshua was able to show. Joshua was perfect with Jillian Butler’s Cosette and those two actually felt like a young couple who just fell in love. It was so adorable seeing the two of them together.

Joshua was able to bring out the heartbreak that Marius experiences in act II. In “A Little of Rain”, I know it seems as if he doesn’t show enough emotion, but the way he portrayed it actually works. He was just trying to stay calm and brave for Eponine throughout the scene. He actually shows the heartbreak at the end of the song. At the very end, Joshua did not say or sing the last word for about five to ten seconds almost as if he was stunned that Eponine died, but the way he said “grow” at the end was heartbreaking to listen to. The fact that he could express his heartbreak in one word helps add something wonderful to his Marius.


Then during “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”, the emotion he brings was heartbreaking. Having the candles helped the emotion shine through. His Marius is just charming and awkward and it really works. I don’t what it really is about his Marius that makes him my favorite. There is just something special about his portrayal. The fact that he brought awkwardness to Marius makes me love the character even more and the awkwardness made him make Marius his own. Marius is my favorite character who doesn’t die in Les Mis and his Marius makes you love Marius.

Wrap-Up of Top Three Actor/Actresses in Les Mis

The past couple of days I have talked about my top three actors and actresses that I have seen in Les Mis.

It was an interesting series. It really showed just how differently these actors and actresses portray these characters. I was able to explore much more of some of these actors and see what they brought to the role. The fact that these actors and actresses come from more than one cast does show how talented they are. I loved how I was able to mention understudies because it shows that they have a lot of talent and those understudies were Adam Bayjou (Jean Valjean) and Talia Simone Robinson (Eponine). It was interesting who I decided to pick and I ended up with. It was interesting that every single character used my  principal cast on my West End and Greeville. I did not realize that when I first started the series, I would love it as much as I did.

My favorite of each character: not will have one since I can’t decide

Jean Valjean: Can’t pick at the moment

Javert: Jeremy Secomb- only Javert I could feel any kind of sympathy for the character so that is a plus to his Javert.


Fantine: Can’t decide

Cosette: Jillian Butler- she has a beautiful soprano voice and works perfectly with Joshua Grosso to form a quite adorable couple.


Marius: Joshua Grosso- he brought out this unique awkwardness that I never saw in Marius. I never knew Marius to be awkward until I saw Joshua. He just really shines as Marius in so many ways.


Eponine: Samantha Barks- She was able to bring out the heartbreak found in unrequited love and  was able to show just how lonely and alone Eponine is and because she was my first one, she is my favorite Eponine.


Thenardiers: Phil Daniels and Kathy Secombe- they were able to be very funny while at the same time show their darker side.

Enjolras: Can’t decide


Top Three Eponine Actresses

Once again, they are coming from the movie, 25th anniversary concert, community college, West End, and Greenville. The unique thing about Eponine is that instead of narrowing down from five actresses, I am choosing from four actresses. I was debating if I should do my top two or top three since I only have four actresses to pick from, but went with three because that is how many I did for the entire series.

Criteria is as follows:

  1. These are only opinions. I am not necessarily going to talk about actors that people are familiar with. You do not have to agree with all my choices since they are just opinions
  2. Not going to leave out understudies. I am not going to leave off an understudy just because they are an understudy. Going to include them if they are good enough to be in the top three.
  3. Based off of different things such as their voice, how they might say a certain word, how well the emotions are portrayed, dynamics, among other things

Samantha Barks:

Samantha was my first Eponine since the movie was my first full experience of Les Mis. Then I saw her again in the 25th anniversary concert. Since she played the role in both, I only have four Eponines to pick from.

Her portrayal of Eponine in the movie is one of the biggest reasons why I fell in love with Eponine. She played a lonely version of the character and showed how alone Eponine is. All of her scenes were heartbreaking and was able to show the hurt found in the unrequited love even in those little bits of singing throughout as in the parts that she was singing to herself. Her version of “On My Own” was so powerful and it showed a lot of heartbreak and a lot of loneliness and then at the end she was actually crying. In her little bits of dialogue, she was able to show the heartbreak of unrequited love.

In this version of Eponine, the movie, she sacrificed herself to save Marius from being shot. Her “Little Fall of Rain” in the movie was so believable. She started the song quiet and as the song progressed she just got weaker and weaker and that was shown through voice and body language and that made me believe that Eponine was dying. Without Samantha’s Eponine, I don’t know if I would have loved Eponine as much as I do today. She is still my favorite Eponine and I think a lot of that comes from the fact that she was my first Eponine. Without her Eponine, I don’t think I would have become as attached to Eponine as I am today.

Not only was she incredible as Eponine in the movie, I also loved her as Eponine in the 25th anniversary concert. While her movie performance was much more intimate, I loved her Eponine in the concert as well even though her Eponine is much more intimate in the movie. She still was able to bring out the heartbreak that Eponine was feeling and I still was able to believe in “A Little Fall of Rain”. She just portrayed Eponine in a different way, but both times she was still true to the character. In the 25th concert, I still loved her version of “On My Own”. She was a standout in the movie and the 25th concert and in my opinion was the best actress found in the love triangle in both scenarios.


Carrie Hope Fletcher:

Here’s the thing, Carrie was literally almost as good as Samantha and that was only by an inch, which does show just how incredible she was as Eponine. She was literally right up there. I ended up seeing her in the West End. Like I already said previously, the West End love triangle dynamic was the strongest and I remember in that moment when Marius first bumped into Cosette with Eponine watching, I remember just feeling so much at once and that first moment is a huge reason why I love this particular love triangle dynamic so much and I felt the heartbreak in all those little bits. She did give new insight into the character and that new insight I wasn’t that prepared for.

Before the West End, I honestly thought I knew Eponine really well, but I wasn’t prepared for that new level of insight I was going to gain from Carrie. Instead of portraying her as a lonely girl, her Eponine was more angry and it took me offguard when she showed that during “On My Own”. I never expected Eponine to have anger, but I eventually realized it does fit the character. Due to that new emotion found in “On My Own”, Carrie was able to make the role her own. Of everyone in the love triangle, she stood out the most.

She is one of the biggest reasons why my West End love triangle was as strong as she was. In all of her scenes leading up to “A Little Fall of Rain”, she gave the heartbreak that she needed to show due to the unrequited love. When it was either the moment that Marius and Cosette first bumped into each or during “A Heart Full of Love”, I was feeling several emotions at once due to the dynamic due to her, Zoe, and Rob.

I remember right before “A Little Fall of Rain” hearing a gun shot and I looked up and saw a nonverbal made by Carrie’s Eponine and I was able to pick up on the fact that Eponine just got shot. So that helped me start to believe in “A Little of Rain” before the song even began because that nonverbal showed not only was she shot but also in pain. It really helped build up to “A Little of Rain”.


Talia Simone Robinson:

Talia is my Eponine in Greenville and she went on as an understudy. While she wasn’t as good as Samantha or Carrie, she is still in my top three. Talia definitely wasn’t a weak Eponine and she wasn’t solid either. She was actually better than being a solid Eponine and that is one of the reasons why she is one of my top three actors who have played Eponine. She was very playful around Marius and that does help show that she is in love with him. The love triangle found with Talia, Joshua and Jillian wasn’t that effective in the moment that Marius and Cosette first bumped into each other, but the love triangle got stronger as the story continued.

It was during “A Heart Full of Love” that I was able to feel for all three of them. That was when I was able to feel for all three of them so at least in this love triangle, I was able to feel for all three of time at some point. About “On My Own”, I think her version gave me goosebumps and even though I was in the balcony, I think I heard some tears at the end.”A Little Fall of Rain”, I noticed that she was struggling to move and that did show that Talia’s Eponine was weak and that made me believe in the fact that Eponine was dying. Also she was able to be quiet enough for what the scene required.

Eponine was quite easy to narrow down. After all, I only had to choose from four actresses. Of all four, one of the actresses was what I could call solid and that was my community college Eponine. All three actors on this post were much better than solid. They were anything from amazing to excellent.

So expect a post on the Thenardiers tomorrow.

Top Three Marius Actors

Now we are on to Marius. To remind everyone, these are actors from the movie, 25th anniversary concert, community college, West End, and Greenville.

Criteria is as follows:

  1. These are only opinions. I am not necessarily going to talk about actors that people are familiar with. You do not have to agree with all my choices since they are just opinions
  2. Not going to leave out understudies. I am not going to leave off an understudy just because they are an understudy. Going to include them if they are good enough to be in the top three.
  3. Based off of different things such as their voice, how they might say a certain word, how well the emotions are portrayed, dynamics, among other things

Joshua Grosso:

Joshua was my most recent Marius and wow, he is something special. His Marius is quite charming, but at the same time he brings out this unique awkwardness to Marius. I never really thought Marius as awkward, but Joshua brought that to life. That awkwardness he brought to Marius made me learn to love Marius even more. Joshua shines as Marius because there is just something about his Marius that makes you love him. His love for Cosette is so believable and like I said with Jillian, these two are my favorite Marius and Cosette couple. It really felt like they just fell in love. A lot of my love for Jillian as Cosette comes from the way that Joshua played Marius. For whatever reason, Jillian’s Cosette seems to have amazing chemistry with Joshua’s charming and very awkward Marius. “A Heart Full of Love” is one of those places where you notice the awkwardness he brings to Marius: he literally is “I am in love but don’t what to do with it” kind of thing and it works. Actually all throughout act I, he kept that unique awkwardness and I think that awkwardness not only made me love Marius more, but made me love Cosette and Marius as a couple even more because it made the two even more adorable.

Then at the barricade during “A Little Fall of Rain”, I know it seems as if he doesn’t show enough emotion at Eponine’s death, but I think he was trying to stay calm and brave so he can focus more on comforting Eponine. But he does show the heartbreak at the very end of the song and he expresses it in one word. At the end he was stunned that Eponine died because he did not say anything until about five to ten seconds after she died, but the way he said “grow” after that pause was heartbreaking to listen to. It is crazy how just one word can impact a performance. The fact that he said “grow” in that heartbreaking way really shows just how hurt he is at Eponine’s death.

His “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” is heartbreaking and I think it helps having the candles. Now whenever I think of Marius, Joshua comes straight to mind. Joshua has become my favorite Marius ever since I saw him. He is the best actor in the love triangle and that is a huge reason why I love his Marius. I always expect Eponine to be the strongest actor in the love triangle, but in this case it was Marius.

Plus: he is one of standouts in this production.


Rob Houchen:

Like I said with Zoe, my West End love triangle dynamic was the strongest. So dynamic is one of the things I looked at when choosing my top three favorite actors for each of the characters. The thing I remember the most about him was his reaction after “A Little Fall of Rain”. I remember that he was crying. So both Joshua and Rob was able to feel heartbroken.

55rob-houchen-marius-95873 (3)

Eddie Redmayne:

Eddie was my first Marius. I think it was his Marius where I began to get some appreciation of the character. His “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” is very heartbreaking. There are other things I loved about his Marius, but can’t explain exactly what they were.


So narrowing down Marius to these three was quite easy. I remember nothing about my community college Marius so he easily wasn’t going on this post. Then I would be left with Eddie, Rob, Nick and Joshua. I knew that Joshua just had to be on this post due to how much he shined as Marius. Then I knew that both Rob and Eddie were better than Nick.

The next post is for Eponine.

Top Three Cosette Actresses

This is a bit odd as well, but quite as odd as my top three Javerts. For all three of these, it is a bit hard to describe why they are in the top three, but I will do my best.

Criteria is as follows:

  1. These are only opinions. I am not necessarily going to talk about actors that people are familiar with. You do not have to agree with all my choices since they are just opinions
  2. Not going to leave out understudies. I am not going to leave off an understudy just because they are an understudy. Going to include them if they are good enough to be in the top three.
  3. Based off of different things such as their voice, how they might say a certain word, how well the emotions are portrayed, dynamics, among other things

Jillian Butler:

She was the most recent Cosette I have seen. I have seen here in November in Greenville when the show toured there. She has a beautiful soprano voice. Her Cosette somehow was able to have incredible chemistry with Joshua Grosso’s charming but quite awkward Marius. Those two together make such an adorable couple. A lot of why I remember Jillian’s performance so well is because of Joshua’s Marius. It really felt like those two are a couple and have just fallen in love. There is just something about Jillian that makes you love how she played the role. Still a lot of that comes from how Joshua Grosso played Marius.


Zoe Doano:

I saw Zoe in the West End three years ago. The main thing I can remember about her is the dynamic that was shown in the love triangle. The West End’s love triangle is the strongest one I have seen in Les Mis. Her Cosette matched with Rob’s Marius and Carrie’s Eponine was extremely strong. That’s all I can seem to remember about her Cosette. Those three combined made me feel a whole bunch of emotions starting from the time Marius first bumped into Cosette to “A Heart Full of Love”. She is mainly in the top three due to the really strong love triangle dynamic I found between her and the other two.


Katie Hall:

I honestly have no idea why I put her on my top three, but she is one of them. She does have a beautiful soprano voice.


It is crazy how you have my top three actresses who played Cosette but don’t have much of an explanation of why you love them except for one. Jillian was easy to say why because for starter’s she is the freshest in my mind and second it was because of Joshua’s Marius. The only way I could describe why Zoe is in my top three is to bring up the dynamic found in the West End and that is the main thing I can remember about her. Then once again, Katie is only in the top three for now due to her voice.

Tomorrow is for Marius.

Les Mis Milestone

Even though I first saw the movie of Les Mis six years ago in December, my journey of it really began about March of 2013. I said that because after that movie I really did not know if I liked that musical or not due to being shocked and confused that it was a tragedy, but despite the confusion, I still started researching. However, my love for the show really kicked off five years ago when I gave the movie a second chance.

Ever since the movie, the musical has come a long way. I still continue to watch the movie till this day and still not sick and tired of it. My first portrayals of all these characters come from the movie. The 2nd time I was able to calm down and not be shocked by it being a tragedy. My understanding of the emotions in Les Mis and my understanding of the characters has deepened over these five years. One of the things I remembered about the second time was that it was when I fell in love with Eponine due to Samantha Barks portrayal. She would become my favorite Eponine. When I found out, she played Eponine in the 25th anniversary concert, I decided to watch that concert.

Not only did this movie make me fall in love with Eponine, but it also made me fall in love with some of the other characters. After all, this was my first full experience with Les Mis. It was where I believe I fell in love with Jean Valjean, Enjolras, Gavroche and the students and Fantine. I started to fall in love with Fantine due to Anne Hathaway’s devastating portrayal of Fantine. It was where I began to appreciate Marius, I think. I have watched this movie over 50 or so times I think: it feels like so much more. I still get emotional watching this movie and that is part of why the songs are so brilliant and why I am not yet sick and tired of Les Mis.

Ever since the movie, I have researched the musical a lot. My love for Les Mis eventually turned my love for musicals into a passion. I am currently obsessed with the musical. I first saw the stage show in 2013, which was a community college production. I ushered twice for that production and saw it once with my family. It may have been a community college production, but it felt professional. My dream of seeing Les Mis in the West End was created all because of seeing the stage show for the first time.


It was December of 2013 when I finally decided to watch the 25th anniversary concert. Like I said earlier, I watched this concert because Samantha Barks, my favorite Eponine, played Eponine in this concert. Alfie Boe ended up blowing me away as Jean Valjean and he became one of my favorite Jean Valjeans’ and at this point he was my favorite Jean Valjean. Like expected, Samantha Barks was wonderful in this concert. Ramin Karimloo would be such a passionate Enjolras. So I also own this concert so my Les Mis collection keeps on growing. This concert is worth watching due to an incredible cast. Plus, it has the Valjean quartet at the end, “One Day More” sung by the original cast, and students singing the reprise of “Do You Hear the People Sing”.

My dream of seeing Les Mis in the West End came true soon after developing my dream for wanting to see it in London. My family was going up to England in 2015 to go on a pilgrimage with our church. The choir was going to be in residence at Bristol Cathedral and that pilgrimage started in London. So in 2015, my family went up two days early, which I found out in 2014. That was when I started convincing my parents to take me to see Les Mis in London. I remember in June sitting in my room and my mom texted me emojis of the French flag and musical notes and I do not know what she was talking about. She told me to check my email. When I found out I was going to be seeing Les Mis in London, I ran up to my mom and started crying. My dream was going to come true and that day was July 30th, 2015.

I remember on July 30th, it took a while to find the theatre. When I saw the theatre, it didn’t seem real that I was going to see Les Mis. Even when I bought souvenirs and the most surprising thing about the UK is that I had to buy my playbill. Back in the US, the playbills were handed at the door, but this time I had to buy my playbill. On the way to the auditorium, I found a sign that said I had an understudy for Valjean and that was going to be Adam Bayjou. It was crazy because I was in London fulfilling my dream, but yet was going to be an understudy for Jean Valjean.

I remember hearing the first notes of the orchestra, which were so powerful, and realizing this dream was becoming reality just by hearing those notes, I know the production was going to much more than expected. Not only did the cast including the ensemble were brilliant, but the staging was as well. The revolve helped with time change. I loved seeing the building of the barricade along with several other barricade scenes such as it turning when Gavroche climbed over or it turning after the final battle and you could see all the dead bodies on it and singing a light on Enjolras.

But Adam Bayjou was going to turn out to be one of the best Valjean’s I ever saw. I remember sitting in my seat and looking at the set and realizing how close I was to the stage. My mom wanted to make sure I got the best possible seats. So we were nine rows back from the stage. My other actors were Jeremy Secomb as Javert, Rachelle Ann Go as Fantine, Zoe Doano as Cosette, Rob Houchen as Marius, Carrie Hope Fletcher as Eponine, Phil Daniels as Monsieur Thenardier, Kathy Secombe as Madame Thenadier and Bradley Jaden as Enjolras.

Back to Adam Bayjou. His version of Jean Valjean made me forget I was watching an understudy. Jeremy Secomb would make me actually connect to Javert and that during his suicide scenes and that really was strong talent because I don’t like Javert. This was the strongest Javert and Jean Valjean  dynamic I have ever seen. Even the love triangle had such a strong dynamic. When Marius first bumped into Cosette with Eponine watching them, that was played so well that I was feeling so many emotions and the same happened during “A Heart Full of Love”. I was shocked to feel anger during “On My Own”, but eventually realized it does fit and due to that new emotion, I got new insight into Eponine.

This cast was quite brilliant, epic and passionate. I can’t describe the talent I found in this cast that well. That same summer I read the unabridged book, which did have an effect on the West End production. The book may have been a brick, but it made me appreciate the musical even more. After the production ended, I stood up right away and usually that doesn’t happen whenever I see a musical. Usually I wait until I see my favorite actor, but this time I stood up right away, but this time I stood up right away which really goes to show just how talented this cast is. This cast will always be special because of my dream to see Les Mis in the West End. After the show, I actually went to stage and met Adam Bayjou and he signed my playbill.

Below is a review from seeing Les Mis in the West End. I wrote this view a couple months after seeing it in London so it may not be fully accurate, but still is quite close.



The picture above is from my 2nd Les Mis party. One of my mom’s friends is a big Les Mis fan and she decided to have a Les Mis party due to my love for it. The first year, the party was a surprise and my mom tricked me by telling me to wear my Les Mis shirt which says “Keep Calm and Talk and Talk” about Les Mis. After all, this shirt was a shirt my friends made me for one of my birthdays. My mom told me that her friend wanted to watch the movie of Les Mis. But it would turn out to be party so I was dressed as just a fan. With Karaoke, I sang “On My Own” and I was called Eponine for the rest of the night.

The next year 2017, since I knew about the Les Mis party, I was able to dress up as one of the characters and I decided to dress up as Eponine. I found all of these pieces in just one trip to Goodwill. The makeup, which I used as dirt, came from the makeup kit I bought for Stage Makeup, a class I took in Fall 2016. It was the shadow from the kit and it was brown and was perfect to finish the Eponine look. In order to look like her, I had to get myself “dirty” since she was a girl living in poverty. I was still young enough to dress like her and she become one of my favorite characters from the musical.

Below is my link



The picture above is from my 5th time I saw Les Mis. I had a choice last year to see it in Greenville with my school or in Charlotte with my mom. It would be my fifth time seeing the stage show, but my 1st time seeing it on tour. I wanted to know how different the 25th anniversary production was from the version I saw in London. Once again, I would have an understudy, but this time it was for Eponine and that was Talia Simone Robinson. I was much further back from the stage since I was seeing from the balcony, but I got to see everything. The Peace Center is such a wonderful place to watch musicals in the United States. The standouts of this production were Nick Cartell as Jean Valjean, Joshua Grosso as Marius and Matt Shingledecker as Enjolras. The other principal characters were Josh Davis as Javert, Mellissa Mitchell as Fantine, Jillian Butler as Cosette, Anthony Crane as Monsieur Thenardier and Allison Guinn as Madame Thenardier. By seeing Les Mis in the balcony, I was able to pick up on how well these actors could project and I could hear everything even when they were quiet.

Even though I missed the revolve, this staging was wonderful. They used Victor Hugo’s paintings in the background but the problem was they never put up the years for the different time changes. Using the paintings put a bit more color in the set. At times the paintings would be moving. You could tell the vast size of Paris. You would be watching a part of a scene and than the set opens up, and that effect makes you get a feeling of how big Paris is.

About my standouts, Joshua Grosso stood out due to the awkwardness he brought to Marius, which made me love Marius more and he matched perfectly to Jillian Butler’s Cosette. He even portrayed “Empty Chairs At Empty Tables” in a heartbreaking way. At the end of “A Little Fall of Rain”, Joshua said the last word in a heartbreaking way and waited about five or ten seconds until he said it as if he was stunned that Eponine died. With Nick Cartell, his “Bring Him Home” was so soulful and was quiet enough and strong enough for what the scene required. Considering the fact I was an emotional wreck watching Les Mis a 5th time, it shows that I still have a wonderful emotional connection to Les Mis and that I am not yet done with seeing the stage show of Les Mis.

If you want more about my experience with this production, below is a link to that post.



Above is a picture from Halloween. I may have dressed up as Eponine for 2017’s Les Mis party, but because I had all the pieces, I decided to be Eponine for Halloween. This time I made myself “dirtier” than I did for for the party. I started getting into costume around three and stayed dressed as Eponine until after 9:00. I literally went to dinner dressed as her and went to the Gathering, my school’s student-led worship service, dressed as Eponine. Several people had no idea who I was so I had to explain. After the Gathering, there was a bonfire and I went to that. It was a bit cold, but I went around school dressed as Eponine without a coat to truly look like the character. Eponine is a girl living in extreme poverty so I had to show that, which was shown through the “dirt” and not wearing a coat.


Above is a bear from this year’s Candy and Critter’s event. I never named a stuffed animal after a musical character. When I looked at the different stuffed animals to make, I came across this bear and it reminded me of Eponine. It had the right color scheme and it had heart-shaped patches with stitches around the outside. Eponine tends to wear costumes with a brown color-scheme. Those heart patches with the stitches around the outside reminded me of a broken heart.

Below is a link about the day I made Eponine. It is quite special having a stuffed animal named after a favorite musical character.


Below is a link explaining my entire Les Mis collection.


As this post shows, I have gone on quite a journey with Les Mis. Les Mis is a show that changed the way I view musicals forever. It taught me that tragic musicals exist and that tragedies go beyond their tragic side. Les Mis for example has a beautiful underlying spirituality with themes such as compassion, forgiveness, love, hope, humanity, sacrifice and redemption. It was my first introduction to heartbreak in musicals. It would impact many other musicals. I noticed that because of Les Mis, emotions are much easier to pick up on. It may have been five years, but I already know so much about the characters and the storyline. I know about interesting parts about the story such as the mirror images of Eponine and Cosette. I understand why certain things had to happen to make the story work such as why the love triangle is set up the way it is and why so many characters had to die and son on. So this post may be long, but gives a good view of my entire journey with Les Mis. I still cannot believe that I saw the stage show in 2013, 2015, and 2017 because there is a bit of a pattern there. Those years make up 5x seeing the stage show.