Unrequited Love in Musicals

I decided to do another poem, but this time about unrequited love in musicals. This one shall be a bit interesting due to how some operate and respond to this situation. Mixing the unrequited love situations is crazy in just one poem.

What is unrequited love?

The pain and heartbreak of loving someone who doesn’t love you

Taking a long time to develop and mature

To understand the term

Full of revenge, possible murder, and sacrifice

With heartbreak, sadness, loneliness and anger

Operating in so many ways

So twisted, mysterious, and dark

Trying to make the one you love to yourself

So not the best way to operate

With loyalty found between two best friends

Which strengthens their friendship

Not thinking your’e good enough for the one you love

With fascinating plot twist

Full of loyalty and being faithful to the one you love

Even when it breaks you

You still care for the one you love

For the sake of their happiness

Full of such depth and strength

That glimmering light of hope

Even if it leads to death

But worth it in the end

Even if it so complicated and complex