My Journey With Rent

One of the meaningful musicals of my life is Rent. Rent is based off of the opera, La Bohème, and written by Johnston Larson who tragically died the night before previews. It takes places during the HIV/AIDS epidemic and is dealing with characters from the LGBT community and features a drug addict so Rent is a very adult and mature musical, but its message is so universal.

I first fell in love with it in Fall of 2012. I was listening to the songs through Pandora and I fell in love with them without knowing the plot. At that point, I had not clue I was falling in love with a sad musical. Ever since 2012, I honestly hoped to see the stage show someday despite not knowing the plot. It is crazy falling in love with a musical through songs alone and I already found it becoming meaningful without knowing anything about the plot.


The following year I finally got around to seeing some version of Rent. In 2008, Rent did a special version of the Broadway production. They put together a film of the final Broadway cast. The musical consists of filmmaker Mark, HIV positive and musician Roger, HIV positive and dancer Mimi, drag queen, gay and HIV positive Angel, gay and HIV positive Collins, bisexual and performance artist Maureen, lesbian and lawyer Joanne and landlord Benny. Mimi and Roger are a couple, Angel and Collins are a couple and Maureen and Joanne are a couple. Mark is the narrater of the musical.

It actually was a really well done cast. They captured the family of the friends really well. The emotion of Rent was brought out nicely and so was the overall message.


Possible Spoilers:

I have two emotional connections to the musicals. One emotional connection I have is found among the relationship between the family found among between all the friends and despite relationship struggles between Mimi and Roger and Maureen and Joanne, the friends still remain a strong family. My other emotional connection is very personal, but I feel like in some way I can relate to some of the struggles some of the characters have. When Angel died, it seemed as if the family would fall apart, but it never did.

The message of this overall message is what to do with the life that you have. It teaches youth preciousness of life. It teaches you to measure your life in love and live in the moment. No Day But Today. Rent it truly inspiring and celebrates life and teaches you the beauty of life. The message is one of the biggest reasons why Rent is meaningful to me.

Les Mis and Rent are the only two meaningful sad musicals of my life. They both go beyond their sadness. They both are quite powerful with wonderful messages. Rent was the first sad musical I feel in love with, but I didn’t know it was sad until after I had already seen the Les Mis movie. Rent is not quite as sad as Les Mis is, but Rent is still sad.

In September, I will be seeing the musical live for the first time.

Do you love Rent? If so, why do you love the musical?


Controversial Nature of Rent

One musical that is meaningful to me is Rent and it is one of those musicals that is dealing with controversial and very adult subject matters. This musical is based off of the tragic opera, La Bohème. This musical takes place during the HIV/AIDS epidemic and features a drug addict and members of the LGBT community. Because this is one of my favorite musicals, it shows just how accepting I am as a person. I feel like the meaningful musicals represent who I am as a person.

Possible Spoilers:

The musical centers around filmmaker, Mark, HIV positive and musician, Roger, HIV positive, drug addict, and dancer, Mimi, bisexual and performance artist Maureen, lesbian and lawyer, Joanne, HIV positive, gay and teacher,Collins, and gay, drag queen and HIV positive Angel. True some of these characters belong to the LGBT  community, true some have HIV, and true one is a drug addict, but the characters are way more than that. They are a close kinit group of friends and they are like a family to each other. In the midst of fear, they live in the moment and live life in love.

This show in all has three different romantic relationships. It has the relationship between Mimi and Roger, which is what the main romance is between. Roger and Mimi do have a struggling relationship especially considering the fact that both have HIV. Roger at first does not want to be involved in any kind of relationship because of what happened to his latest relationship. He learned his former girlfriend, April, discovered that she has HIV and that is how Roger got it and she committed suicide, which left Roger quite depressed. He is also a recovering drug addict and does not want the same struggle to happen between him and Mimi. After learning that Mimi is a heroin addict and that she has HIV, this reminds him of what happened between his last relationship.

It has the always fighting relationship between Maureen and Joanne. They never seem to get along and Joanne has a hard time putting up to Maureen’s craziness. But in a lot of ways, the relationships between Joanne and Maureen and Roger and Mimi do represent what can happen in a relationship sometimes. Sometimes, a couple fights and struggles to stay in a relationship.

It has the relationship between Collins and Angel and their relationship is not as difficult as the other two relationships. They realize that because both have HIV, they decide to make the most of their relationship.


Even though Rent is dealing with a lot of adult subject matter, it is still such a wonderful musical. It’s message is very universal and reminds you of the preciousness of life and that you shouldn’t waste it. It shows how to live life in the face of fear. They live in the moment and live their lives through love. The plot is really about these group of friends and their life in a year. But the plot is way more complicated than what it appears at first glance. Rent is a sad musical, but the message is why Rent is such an inspiring musical. It shows what happens in life sometimes and shows the importance of having a tight-knot group of friends. They are all way more than their labels and people are always puzzled as to way I love the musical. I love the musical due to its incredible songs, its characters, the plot. My favorite character are Mimi and Roger and have no clue why.

This sounds crazy, but Rent is the first sad musical I ever loved. I fell in love with it by listening to the songs through Pandora Fall of 2012 and at the time didn’t even know the plot and it already became meaningful and I found out Rent was sad after I had already seen the Les Mis movie. I saw that movie of Les Mis in December, which was after I had already fallen in love with Rent.

I have never seen Rent live before, but in September, my parents are finally taking me.


Messiness of Life

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful


This is so true. Life is beautiful in so many ways. Everyone goes through these rough and dark times. But those times do help us appreciate the best times in our life even more. Without those rough times, how will we know what the good times are? No one likes feeling the negative emotions or living through darkness, but they are worth it because it is part of life. Life is precious and as result, we need to make the most of every moment even in the darkest times and even when we struggle to see the light. In those dark times, it is good time to learn and try to find something good when those times strike.

A perfect life is nearly impossible. There is no way we can live a life of just light and just positive emotions. It is natural to feel hurt and is beneficial. In those dark times, just look towards the light and don’t think you are moving away from the light. Incredible memories have been part of my life and even bad memories have been part of my life. I do the best I can to live in the moment. What do we do with the short time that we have? The best way is to measure your life in love and live in the moment. The beauty of life comes from experiencing positive and negative emotions because you cannot have one without the others.

Try to learn from your past mistakes instead of running away from them. We all make mistakes. Sometimes you don’t know you made a mistake until later on in life. It is so easy to be close-minded to certain things and is surprising when you learn to love something you thought you would hate. We make mistakes to learn a lesson. I love life because it is so precious and fragile, but so worth it.

Reflection of Life

Some days are better, some days are worse. Look for the blessing instead of the curse. Be positive, stay strong, and get enough rest. You can’t do it all, but you can do your best.


I feel like this quote perfectly describes life. Some days are better than others. But each day has a blessing. Sometimes what really matters in life are the little things. All you can do is do the best you can. When you are a college student, it is hard to balance out your classes, studying, and assignments. I have been learning the importance of doing things outside of my comfort zone. I have been learning how to be a leader throughout my time in college. Life can literally make you fall sometimes, but you need to learn how to pull yourself up. Never let fear guide your life because it is not the way to live life. It is important to live in the moment and try to find the good no matter what even during dark days. Life is quite fragile, but measuring it in love is so true. Love is the greatest force of all because it is what binds us together and makes us stronger. Stay positive and try not to have a negative attitude. Stay strong in life because everyone is stronger and braver than they think they are.

The Beauty of Life

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful


Life is beautiful in so many ways. Life is not perfect, but that is part of what makes life beautiful. Everyone goes through these tough times, but those are times that can help us grow as people. Life is like this gigantic roller coaster with twists and turns and ups and downs and filled with so many emotions. Life is really beautiful now especially because we are in the middle of Christmas season. My life has been filled with many wonderful memories and tonight I will create another. I am seeing Nutcracker and at this production, I cannot wait to see all of the new costumes.

Without the bad times in life, how will we know what the good times in life are. The two are interconnected and rely on each other. It can be hard to understand the messiness and chaos of life at times. I know life is beautiful and I do the best I can to live in the moment. Living in the moment is very difficult. There is so much to life. There are ways you can make life even more beautiful. You can just spend time out in nature to really see the beauty of life. You can make the most of every situation and just spend some time off the computer. You can color if you want or you can just try something new. I may be young, but I understand the beauty of life. Life is what you make of it and is worth it even when the dark times hit.


Business of Life

Life is very difficult, but so beautiful and wonderful. Even though life is fragile, it is so worth it even if our time on earth is so short. It doesn’t seem like life is short, but it really is. Life is so fragile because there are times when we are going to enter a period of darkness and during those times, it can feel like there is no hope. But in reality, there is always hope even in some very painful times in our life. Life is chaotic because you never know where it will lead you.

Life is like a gigantic roller coaster. There are so many twists and turns. Things happen in life that we have no control over. We need to know how to handle periods of darkness. There are many healthy ways to heal and thrive during those moments. One simple way is just to be out in nature. Even music has a wonderful way  of healing. Just coloring or reading can allow you to cope. The same goes for writing and I believe this blog has helped me cope with the stress of college.

The chaotic nature of life also comes from time management. As a college student, I understand how important time management is. It can be hard to balance the academics with all of the social aspects. I love to learn, but at the same time I can dislike studying at times. I spent a good chunk of this semester writing a gigantic paper in Sociological Theory. The social aspect of college is just as important as the academics. I have been able to volunteer with my club, hike, and even nights of arts and crafts. Even hanging out with friends is very important. I try to stay ahead of the game in order to find time to do all of the social aspects. College is one of the best parts of my life and my school has a wonderful community.


Fiery Flame

Sometimes the strength within you is not a fiery flame that all can see, it is just a tiny spark that whispers softly, “you got this”, “keep going”

This is the kind of encouragement I need right now. It is very easy to give up on my paper because it drives me nuts. I know that I am saying to myself ,”you got this”. Understanding a social theory and applying it to modern life is so challenging. There are times when I forget how hard it is to be a college student. This theory paper is the hardest college paper yet. There are times when I wish college was easier even though I love the challenge. I have had a little bit more encouragement over Fall Break. On Saturday, I went to “Seeing the Face of God in Each Other” Seminar where they talked about the problem of  racism and that directly applies to my theory paper. Getting to twenty one pages is a challenge, but at the same time understanding the content of my paper makes it even more challenging. I know I have a positive attitude and am very optimistic and theory is the heart of Sociology. I am glad I am being challenged through this paper, but as I continue to work on it, it gets less and less intimidating.

Not only does this quote apply directly to me, it can apply to anybody. When you feel like you are ready to give up, just think of that tiny spark that encourages you to continue. Life is not meant to be easy. It is meant to challenge you and is meant to allow you to grow and mature over time. Even though I am just a college student, I am well aware that life is going to get harder as I get older. But my outgoing, positive, and optimistic spirit is going to help me thrive through life. Taking this blogging vacation is so challenging because this blog helps me deal with the stress and burdens of college. It even is just something I really love doing. I decided to blog this morning because I realized that I have some time.