Non-Tour Musicals I Saw

True, I have seen mostly musicals on tour. However, there have been a select amount of musicals I have seen either through school, local, or through Broadway/West End. This post will bring up those musicals and will try to be in order.

  1. Wicked- 2006
  2. Oliver- 2007 (don’t remember seeing)
  3. Godspell- 2012
  4. Les Mis-2013
  5. Les Mis-2013 (as an usher)
  6. Les Mis-2013 (as an usher)
  7. Scrooge-2014
  8. Music Man- 2015
  9. Les Mis-2015
  10. Little Shop of Horrors- 2017
  11. Oklahoma- 2018
  12. Grease-2018
  13. Newsies-2018

This is a combo of Barter Theater, Pease Auditorium (which no longer exists), Halton Theater, Dover Theater, Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, Gershwin Theater and Queen’s Theater. Of that list- the only musical I have no memory of seeing is Oliver at Barter Theater. The rest are musicals I remember seeing.

My thoughts on Stephen Schwartz musicals

One of the composers I have seen more one musical belongs to Stephen Schwartz. He is a successful composer, and today I decided to write my thoughts on his musicals- as in the ones I love. They will be in a particular order- as in I will end on my favorite musical that he did. I loved all three of the musicals I am about to mention.


  • I loved Godspell ever since I started college. Godspell was my first musical I saw at Central Piedmont Community College. What I remember most about that production belonged to some of the costumes. As a matter of fact, I did see three of the actors in future productions at CPCC. I did love Godspell- my parents did know I will love Godspell.


  • I have loved Pippin since May 2015. I have wanted to see Pippin since I heard “Corner of the Sky”. I quickly fell in love with the song- that song told me a lot of what the musical was about. When I heard it won a Tony Award for Revival, I watched a preview, and wanted to see it even more. A spectacle- based, and a song I loved a lot. Too strong reasons for wanting to see Pippin. Pippin makes you fall in love with it very quickly- that is what “Magic to Do” allows you to do. The revival feels like you are in a circus. The Leading Player is an intriguing antagonist, and she does trick both the audience and Pippin
"Magic to Do" during the Pippin Revial


  • Of all Stephen Schwartz’ musicals, it is the easiest for me to explain why I love Wicked. It is a story of two strong and complex young women who form a special and beautiful bond. That is rare in a musical to see that kind of friendship. On top of that complex friendship- you also come across an extremely complex love triangle. This is a musical where the friendship is much stronger than romance. As Wicked says- “I have been changed for good”. That is what Wicked did for me.
"For Good" during Wicked- Elphaba and Glinda


  • The songs in his musicals are both energetic and emotional. That is the type of music I want in a musical. At the same time, I want all the songs to sound like they all belong in the same musical- does that make sense?

My Love for Godspell

Yesterday was Easter, the day to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. One musical that I love that barely gets mention on my blog is Godspell. Godspell was one of my first musicals I loved during my days in college. I fell in love with Godspell at Central Piedmont Community College. It was their production that made me love the show. Three of their actors were actors that I would see in future productions.

What I remember the most about CPCC’s production are the costumes. One girl was in a pink dress holding a star, one girl was dressed as a hippie, and one boy was dressed in this red and black costume with a mohawk (who would be the John the Baptist and Judas). Ryan Deal played Jesus, and he would later play Jean Valjean in CPCC’s production of Les Mis- which was my first stage production of Les Mis. One of Godspell’s ensemble actresses would go on to be in the ensemble of Les Mis and later be the Laurey in their 2018 production of Oklahoma. One of Godspell’s ensemble actors would later be Will Parker in that 2018 production of Oklahoma.

Back to Godspell. I do remember that “We Beseech Thee” was my favorite song from the musical. Before seeing Godspell, my parents told me that I would love the musical. Godspell was my first taste of CPCC’s theatre production. Godspell is about Jesus’ last few days on earth. I do remember when Jesus said that his betrayer was with him that Judas walked out and slammed the doors- the doors leading to the lobby. I remember the lady with the pink dress was interacting with audience during one of the numbers. There wasn’t much set involved, but Godspell did not need much of it. I don’t remember individual actors exactly- mainly remember a few costumes. Godspell was in the smaller of CPCC’S theaters. I had no idea I was going to be seeing some of those same actors again- CPCC literally combines students with professionals with the community in their productions. It was the 2nd Stephen Schwartz musical I fell in love with.

Godspell-think a modern take on Jesus’ life story- the last days of his life

One of my favorite Composers- Stephen Schwartz

Today I decided to talk about one of my favorite composers: Stephen Schwartz. It will talk about all three musicals I love of his: in the order in which I love them: ending with my favorite. This post will be able to give focus on a musical I don’t think I ever talked about on this blog.


  • I first heard about Godspell when I started college at CPCC in 2012. They were doing a production of it, and it was either my mom or dad who told me that I will love Godspell. I ended up seeing CPCC’s production of Godspell- I fell in love with the musical when I saw it. The songs were why I love it: from “Prepare Ye” to “We Beseech Thee” to “Light of the World” among others. It was the telling of Christ in his last days in a more modern setting. There were costumes in this productions that ranged from a Hippie to someone wearing a Pink Dress (so even the costumes were not biblical). I started to realize that CPCC’s productions were more than community college productions- as in they felt stronger than community college productions.


  • I love Pippin more than Godspell. I loved Pippin since May 2015- my mom got tickets the week before the show- there was only one day left with seats together. So Pippin almost didn’t become part of my life. When I first heard “Corner of the Sky” either a year or two years before 2015, I knew I had to see Pippin- I loved that song so much- that song told me exactly what Pippin was about. Then after seeing a preview of the revival, I wanted to see the musical even more. It was the “spectacle” musical of 2015. By intermission, I ended buying the soundtrack- I was loving the musical so much. There is a lot of mystery in Pippin especially because of the Leading Player- she was the true standout of that night.


  • Wicked is my favorite Stephen Schwartz musical. It has been in my life the longest out of all three- 12 and 5 months. I was 12 when it first entered my life. I was 12 when I first saw it- I was in NYC with my mom, and all I remember about seeing it on Broadway was that “Popular” was my favorite song. Despite not having vivid memories, the impact clearly shows. Wicked sparked my love for musicals- Wicked was where I realized what it meant to be have an emotional connection and where I began to understand the emotional and complex side of musicals. So it was beneficial to a number of things in musical theatre. It has meant a lot to me over the years- like the song says- “I have been changed for good”.

Godspell Movie Review

As some history with Godspell: back in 2012, I first experienced Godspell at Central Piedmont Community College. Godspell uses fun costumes to tell the story of Jesus. I am not surprised I loved the stage show of Godspell because Stephen Schwartz wrote the music, who also wrote the music of Wicked.

.Last week, I finally watched the movie musical of Godspell. Just like expected, the costumes were fun. I loved being able to experience the story again and seeing the fun costumes. Godspell is a fun musical to experience. The movie has most of the songs except for about two. I wish it had “We Beseech Thee”, my favorite song”. I am glad I could finally experience the movie. This version of Godspell takes places during New York City.


Prepare the Way of the Lord

As John’s disciples were leaving, Jesus began to speak to the crowd about John: “What did you go out in the wilderness to see? A reed swayed by the wind? If not, what did you go out to see? A man dressed in fine clothes? No, those who wear fine clothes are in kings’ palaces. Then what did you go out to see? A prophet? Yes, I tell you, and more than a prophet. This is the one about who it is written:

“I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way before you”

_Matthew 11: 7-10

It is important to expect the unexpected. You need to stay faithful to God no matter what. You need to prepare for him even if you have a hard time believing in him. Obstacles will be put in your way. In order to strengthen faith, remember that God never change. As you prepare more and more for the Lord in your life, things will be challenging, but so worth it. Even when you already believe in the Lord, you still prepare for him. You can have a strong spirit and still develop your relationship with him even more. As long as you put your faith and trust in him, life would not feel as complicated even in reality it is.

God is an important part of life and he gives you God given gifts. I was given this strong spirit and it is something I can strongly feel at my school’s student-led worship service. While singing to all of the contemporary Christian songs at that service, I feel like I am being filled up with the Holy Spirit. We always need to prepare for the Lord because without him, life just wouldn’t be the same. He helps guide us in the right direction and teaches us that love is so much stronger than hate.