Musicals I Want to See and Still Have Not

As musical fans, we run across musicals that we hope to see. Sometimes they end up being the SAME musical, but in a different way. What exactly are mine?

  1. Hadestown
  2. Frozen (I have tickets for October, so hopefully it happens)
  3. Anastasia (it was going to be this year, but got postponed)
  4. Something Rotten
  5. Once
  6. Les Mis- I hope to catch this in a small theater and in Spanish someday

Those are what I can think of for now. What are musicals you hope to see someday?

Let it Go

Some people have been asking me how do I know I will love this musical if I have never seen it live. There are actually some musicals I did fall in love with by the movie: Frozen was one of them. I never saw it as overrated and never grew tired of “Let it Go”. I actually could understand why so many children were falling in love with and why young adults loved it: I am young at heart and love Disney. Children do grow up with Disney: this generation of children are growing up with a different collection of princesses, but there is a good chance they are familiar with the classic princesses. Now, let me say why I love Frozen.


Once again, the songs are important to a musical. They are what make you able to connect to a plot and character. They are exciting songs- that is what the animated songs are. “Let it Go” and “For the First Time in Forever” are my favorites. I still have yet to see the stage show- once they did give Anna a solo, “True Love”, but when the US Tour began, they actually cut it from the entire show- that was a heartbreaking song happening at a pivotal moment for her: good thing: don’t understand the the reasoning behind that. To me, I still consider that a part of Frozen. The new songs develop the characters further: even that cut song that Anna once had developed her further.


Elsa- Who can not fall in love with a older sister who has ice/snow powers? Elsa has conflict here- not knowing how to control them. She does love her sister, but is afraid she will hurt her. There are some people in Arendelle who misunderstand her- they think she is a monster after accidentally showing her powers. Fear is one of the biggest battles she has to face- she can’t let that control her. I actually see her as a parallel to Elphaba.

Anna- She is the younger, outgoing, optimistic, and impulsive sister of Elsa. She is not really thinking when Hans asks her to marry him: not a good idea (one bit). She believes its true love- however is the true love Anna and Hans or is the true love between Anna and another character. She is the one to go after Elsa. SPOILERS: It is really Kristoff that in love with Anna, and Hans was never in love with Anna. Elsa accidentally hit Anna with her powers leaving her with a frozen heart: the only way to save her is through an act of true love: Hans admits he doesn’t love her when she does come back to the castle. Guess where the true love in Frozen came from: the love between the two sisters: Anna and Elsa. It does remind me of the friendship in Wicked.

Of all contemporary Disney princesses, it is Anna I relate to the most: however if someone ever asks me who you like more Elsa or Anna, I probably would not know the answer. In some ways, it is Anna- after all, isn’t she technically the only princess in Frozen because Elsa becomes Queen early on in Frozen?

Kristoff- I don’t quite know how to describe him. He has an amazing relationship with Sven, his reindeer. It is hard to even notice that Anna and Kristoff will fall in love.

Olaf- That adorable and funny snowman who wants to experience summer: seems ironic for a snowman. So many people find him annoying, but I love him.

Hans- As expected, I don’t like him. At first, he appears to be the “good guy”- he is only pretending- it is only near the end when you see who the real Hans is.


One of the things I am loving about Disney storylines these days is that the “true love” is no longer the romance. It is more focused on something other than romance- as in sisterhood. I think that is part of what made Frozen that successful. It is about two sisters who once had a beautiful bond, but later broken to protect the younger, but eventually the once beautiful bond was the answer all along: the way to control Elsa’s powers and to break Arendelle out of the eternal Winter was love. Both of them loved each other: Elsa was staying isolated from Anna due to fear of hurting her, but Anna was trying to get closer to form that really close bond again: if only Elsa know that was the answer all along: she needed Anna’s love for her: “true love” was between the two of them.


For a couple of months, I know why I loved Frozen, but did not know why I loved it in the level I loved it. A couple years later, I realized there were some parallels to Wicked: Elphaba/Elsa, Glinda/Anna, Friendship/Sisterhood, and “Let it Go”/”Defying Gravity”- being both empowering songs about accepting yourself for who you are and actually sounding very similar (not because the same actress originated both roles, but if you actually really listened you would know what I mean). All of a sudden that made sense- after all Wicked in so many ways was the beginning of my musical journey.

This year, in October, I am going to see Frozen-hopefully.

Favorite Protagonists of Musicals

One of the most crucial elements of a musical is the protagonist (the main character). It is their story that we want to follow along with the various subplots. Who are some of my favorite protagonists?

  1. Elphaba/Glinda
  2. Aladdin
  3. Belle
  4. Simba
  5. Elsa/Anna
  6. Jack Kelly
  7. Christine
  8. Jean Valjean
  9. Annie
  10. Oliver
  11. Harold Hill
  12. Maria- the Sound of Music one

Why do two have two protagonists listed. Frozen and Wicked just happen to have two main characters in them, and I wouldn’t choose one over the other to be the primary protagonist.

Heartbreak in Love for Musicals

Romance is a common theme for musicals. It is a beautiful emotion filled with fragility, vulnerability, and innocence. The innocence comes from the young characters. What happens when a character deals with unrequited love, breakup, and betrayal. The nature of heartbreak enters- that deals with even more emotions: sadness and anger and heartbreak. Of course you are hurt, but the way these characters deal with it vary. What are examples of some of these songs? This time- coming from movies and stage shows.

Major Spoilers

  1. I’m Not That Girl
  2. I’m Not That Girl (Reprise)
  3. On My Own
  4. If I Can’t Love Her
  5. If I Can’t Love Her (Reprise)
  6. Evermore- this is Beast’s version of If I Can’t Love Her from the 2017 Beauty Live Action movie
  7. This Nearly Was Mine
  8. All I Ask of You (Reprise)
  9. As Long as He Needs Me
  10. Somewhere
  11. True Love-I listened to this song before a couple of times, but can’t believe they are cutting it from Frozen. It is a pivotal and important moment for Anna- after Hans confesses he doesn’t love her (so after he betrays Anna). Just by listening to the song alone, I knew the song was heartbreaking and where it happened. Cutting it almost makes it seem as if she wasn’t one of our two protagonists. Hopefully it stays in the Original Broadway Soundtrack.

This is the list of heartbreaking love songs. A lot of young characters. Some are ironic (the ones where things improve) and some are non-ironic (the ones where nothing improves). Heartbreak is just as beautiful as the typical love songs. They just have more emotions and are more likely to drive you to tears.

Contemporary Disney Princesses- Who I Relate to the Most

We have the classic Disney princesses and we have the contemporary Disney princesses. The contemporary Disney princesses range from Rapunzel to Anna to Tiana- they all come from the 21st century. Who of the batch do I relate to the most.

It is Anna, and I actually relate to Anna more than Belle. Like Anna, I am optimistic, outgoing, and can be a bit impulsive. I do know what it is like be in a sibling relationship- my sister and I. Like Anna, I am the youngest. I can understand wanting to be in a better relationship with your sibling- having a sister myself. I do have a number of things in common with Anna- there still are differences though.

Frozen- Anna

Fictional Places Musicals take Place in

Today, I decided to talk about something kind of different. In the past, I did make a list of where all of my favorite musicals take place. What about if I just focus on only the fictional locations.


I decided to start with OZ because Wicked takes place here. So many people know my special love for Wicked. Wicked is about the relationship between Elphaba (AKA the Wicked Witch of the West) and Glinda. One of its subplots is the love triangle between Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda. The friendship between Elphaba and Glinda is powerful, strong, and beautiful. “For Good” perfectly illustrates this friendship.

Everything about the musical feels OZian- from costumes to set to characters’ names to location names.

Agrabah- Middle East

Home to Aladdin. Its’ set and costumes brings you straight to Agrabah and its many settings from the Palace to the Market to the Cave of Wonders.

Arendelle- Norway

Not yet seen Frozen on stage, but Arendelle is the setting of Frozen.

Fictional Town in France

While we never KNOW the name of the town Beauty and the Beast takes place in, we do know it takes place in France, and that the town is fictional. Most of the musical takes place at the castle- I only have seen both movies (cartoon and live action).

What are other fictional locations musicals take place in that you can think of?

My love for Frozen

I have had a love for Frozen since I saw the movie in 2013. I could easily see why so many people were loving the film. I never once thought Frozen was overrated and YES, still not tired of the song, “Let it Go”. Why do I love Frozen? THERE MIGHT BE SPOILERS:

Songs- well, obviously to love a musical, you have to love the songs. I love the songs in Frozen. From “For the First Time in Forever” to “Let it Go” to “Love is an Open Door”- it defiantly has a catchy soundtrack. While the movie only has exciting songs; still good enough for me to love Frozen. Here’s what I can add- when they created the stage show- new songs were added, and some of them were able to create a more emotional feel.

Characters- I totally love these characters, in particular Elsa and Anna. They BOTH are relatable. One born with powers that is misunderstood and another who is optimistic and outgoing: the two sisters do love each other even though things are complicated. While many people call Olaf annoying, I think he is such a lovable snowman.

True Love: Well, in many previous Disney films the idea of true love steams from romance. In Frozen, on the other hand, it is about the love between the sisters: another reason why I love Anna and Elsa. You truly saw this when Anna had to find true love to save herself- she actually sacrificed herself to save her sister from being killed by Hans. So the real true love was from the sisters; not the romance.

Part of my bond (I think I know): I really think a good part of my love for Frozen comes from Wicked. That is due to the parallel elements. Think about it: Elsa/Elphaba; Anna/Glinda; Sisterhood/Friendship; and “Let it Go”/”Defying Gravity”- those all have parallel elements. Considering how meaningful Wicked is to me- it actually makes sense.

This year: I am actually seeing the stage show of Frozen for the first time.