July in Review

Today I will talk about my highlights of July 2018.

Symphonies: Celebrate America Pops Symphony

Every year in Charlotte, there is an outdoor symphony series called the summer Pops. One of them is for Fourth of July, which is usually celebrated before Fourth of July. That one uses songs such as God Bless America, National Anthem, America the Beautiful and a section that honors our veterans and this symphony had a overture from the musical, Guys and Dolls.


Trips: Lake Hartwell, Georgia

So I went to a long weekend trip to Lake Hartwell. I went there to be with members of my extended family: this sounds crazy, I was with third cousins during that weekend. I spent time on the lake for only two days. I helped bake a blueberry pie.


Musicals: Newsies (BIG SURPRISE)

Well, I wanted to see CPCC’s production of Newsies to see how they could handle the dancing. The week came and all week, my family never seemed to tell me that I was going to see Newsies or anything. So I naturally assumed that it wasn’t going to happen.

Than this happens: Saturday: one of my best friends from college shows up at my house without her telling me. I did not know why on earth she would suddenly show up. She asked me if she where we were going: I said “no” and she was glad. I really had no idea what surprise she had up her sleeve. She drove the two of us downtown, and then we were near CPCC. We drove in the theatre parking deck: I was telling her only those seeing Newsies can park: she just told me “she just wants to see the theatre”. That made no sense to me one bit. Okay, now the two of us were waiting in the will call line and she was saying “I just want to see the theatre” and I was like “just talk to an usher”. It turns out in the end she bought the two of us tickets to see Newsies in June. So there you have it: when I totally thought I wasn’t going to their production: I ended up seeing it.

Below is a link to the Newsies review



This was basically an overview of my July 2018.

Fourth of July Celebration

Just yesterday, my family attended a symphony in the park. I know it happened on July 1st, but it represented the Fourth of July. It was a collection of patriotic songs and songs that represented America. During some of the songs, we were asked to sing along. Those songs were our “National Anthem”, “America the Beautiful”, and “God Bless America”. There was one song that represented our military and we were able to thank them for their service. Thinking of military, there was one song called “The Fallen Solider”.

Besides these patriotic songs, they played two overtures. The overture that was the most moving to me was the one from the musical, “Guys and Dolls”. I enjoyed that overture because of my strong love for musicals. I barley know “Guys and Dolls”, but I do know that it is a musical comedy. Musical are famous for being comic and family-friendly. ┬áMusicals represent America because America created them in the first place and is home to Broadway.

At the very end of this symphony, there was an amazing firework show. During parts of it, they played music, which added to the fun of seeing fireworks. Some them were bigger then others. The best display of fireworks that evening was during the grand finale.

This symphony also makes me proud to be an American. It feels nice to live in a country of freedom that values diversity and equality. So many things make America a wonderful country. It has some of the most loving and compassionate people. It is home to so many resources that is essential to survival. I will always feel proud to be from America.

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