Pops Symphony: Round Four

Yesterday was the final Pops Symphony of this season and the theme was Celebrate America. Well, my mom, dad, and I arrived at four to get in line to get ready to put the tarp down at five. At five, the tarp dash began to get a spot that our family wants. But, the symphony wasn’t 100% promising that it would happen. The weather map was showing scattered thunderstorms in Charlotte around the same time as the symphony so there was no way of knowing if the symphony would be cancelled or not. After putting the tarp down, my family went down to get restituted and they discussed whether or not we should bale on the symphony or not due to the Thunderstorm. While deciding, it was really raining and thundering and there was lightening so things did not look good for the Pops Symphony.

But my family went anyways because we paid good money for this symphony. It wasn’t just a symphony. It was a symphony and fireworks. They would make the final call at 8:15 when the symphony began and they play rain or shine. My family went for it because the radar at one point showed that there was a window of no rain, which took up the duration of the symphony.


Literally before the symphony began, a rainbow showed and that was a good sign that rain would not get in the way of this symphony.

All the songs they played represented America in some shape or form. The second song they did was America’s National Anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner”. After the National Anthem, one of my favorite parts of the symphony occurred, which was the solider’s solute. The Symphony honors soldiers currently serving and veterans in this numbers. Whenever they hear their division’s hymn or march play, they stand up and it is such a wonderful play to play tribute to them and at the end all of them are asked to stand. After the solider’s solute, they played “America the Beautiful”, and we were asked to sing along.


They played some Disney Magic as part of the concert. They played some songs that helped make New York famous and based on the melodies, I could easily pick up on the fact that those songs were musical songs.  They played some Irving Berlin as well  and I recognized some Annie Get Your Gun songs from that collection of songs. At the end of his songs, they played “God Bless America”. Everything about this symphony reminds me about why I love my country.

At the end of the symphony, we got to enjoy some fireworks. Fireworks are a wonderful way to celebrate especially at the end of a symphony that celebrates America. The fireworks were fun to watch. Good thing the rain did not interrupt the symphony or the fireworks, even though they might have shortened the fireworks since more rain was expected at about 10:30.


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Fourth of July Celebration

Just yesterday, my family attended a symphony in the park. I know it happened on July 1st, but the it represented the Fourth of July. It was a collection of patriotic songs and songs that represented America. During some of the songs, we were asked to sing along. Those songs were our “National Anthem”, “America the Beautiful”, and “God Bless America”. There was one song that represented our military and we were able to thank them for their service. Thinking of military, there was one song called “The Fallen Solider”.

Besides these patriotic songs, they played two overtures. The overture that was the most moving to me was the one from the musical, “Guys and Dolls”. I enjoyed that overture because of my strong love for musicals. I barley know “Guys and Dolls”, but I do know that it is a musical comedy. Musical are famous for being comic and family-friendly.  Musicals represent America because America created them in the first place and is home to Broadway.

At the very end of this symphony, there was an amazing firework show. During parts of it, they played music, which added to the fun of seeing fireworks. Some them were bigger then others. The best display of fireworks that evening was during the grand finale.

This symphony also makes me proud to be an American. It feels nice to live in a country of freedom that values diversity and equality. So many things make America a wonderful country. It has some of the most loving and compassionate people. It is home to so many resources that is essential to survival. I will always feel proud to be from America.

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