Favorite Musical Duets

I have mentioned musical duets before, but I don’t think I ever wrote a list of them together. For the most part, musical duets are love songs, but there are some that are not.

  1. For Good
  2. Something to Believe In
  3. A Little Fall of Rain
  4. As Long As You’re Mine
  5. What You Own
  6. Take Me or Leave Me
  7. No Matter What
  8. Come to Me
  9. Phantom of the Opera
  10. I Should Tell You
  11. I’ll Cover You
  12. One hand, One heart
  13. A Whole New World
  14. Till There Was You
  15. Suddenly Seymour
  16. Something Good
  17. Somewhere
  18. Sixteen Going on Seventeen
  19. Santa Fe (Prologue)
  20. Heart Full of Love
  21. All I Ask of You
  22. Love Song

What are some of your favorite musical duets?


Love in Musicals

Out of all the topics I have come across in musicals, the most common theme I discovered was love. I have come across many different kinds of love, but the one that comes to mind is romantic love, which can include unrequited love or anything around those lines. I feel as if love is the most common theme because it is so universal and beautiful .

The thing about musical duets is that they usually are romantic duets. Out of all musical couples, my favorite is Elphaba and Fiyero because Elphaba is my favorite musical theatre character and it fascinates me how they eventually got to be together. I just love how mystical and magical their love song is, which is “As Long as Your Mine”. Other musical couples include Marius and Cosette, Christine and Raoul, Emelie and Nellie, Simba and Nala, Pippin and Catherine, Tony and Maria, and Mimi and Roger.

Because the theme of love is so common throughout the entire musical world, it does show how important the emotion is. Even though there are so many different musical duets, each brings something different to the table. The fascinating thing about love in musicals is that it usually dealing with young love, which brings this incredible world of innocence. Other musical love songs I love include “A Heart Full of Love”, “All I Ask of You”, “I Should Tell You”,  and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, “One Hand, One Heart”, and “Some Enchanted Evening”.

Love is the most confusing when it comes to love triangles and tragic love stories. Those two circumstances adds some kind of texture especially those love triangles. There are three love triangles that come to mind, which are the ones from Phantom, Wicked, and Les Mis. These love triangles are very different then each other and can be confusing at times. The most complicated one in my opinion is the one between Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. Out of the unrequited love songs in these love triangles, my favorite would either have to be “On My Own” or “I’m Not That Girl”.

Even though romantic love is commonly associated with musicals, there are other kinds of love presented. Other kinds of love that are shown are love for a parent, love for a country, and love for a child. However the most important love in musicals are the love someone has for a musical. I feel as if the love you have for a musical exists in every single scene. That is because when you love a musical, you are willing to feel the different emotions presented because you want to see where the characters end up.

What is your thought about love in musicals?