Beauty and the Beast Review

Yesterday, I watched the live action Beauty and the Beast movie. It was fantastic and made me feel like a kid again. It is a musical that I have loved since I was a kid and it is still quite magical.

Everything about this movie was incredible. Emma Watson was a wonderful choice for Belle. I loved how Belle’s story was expanded and how you got to learn what happened to her mother. I love how heroic Belle is when she took her father’s place at the Beast’s castle. She is quite a caring person as well and eventually saw there was more to the Beast than his temper. She is so book-smart and eventually learned to care for and love the Beast. In this movie, Belle was an inventor while her father was an artist.

Even the actor playing the Beast was incredible and you actually got to learn why the Beast was so arrogant and selfish because you learned more about his background. The actors playing Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip were an incredible part of this movie. They are the main enchanted objects you really got to meet in the castle outside of the Beast.

Boy, Gaston was quite believable. You can really tell just how bad Gaston is.  You can tell when Gaston is spreading lies about Maurice and the Beast.. He was actually funny at times and so was his sidekick, LeFou. Josh Gad as LeFou was an incredible companion to Gaston. You can tell that LeFou is almost as bad as Gaston. He always stuck around with Gaston and  always spent time with him.

The animation found in this movie was incredibly wonderful. They did a good job on the different enchanted objects found in the castle. The animation found in “Be Our Guest” was so fun to watch and gave me a lot of excitement. They created really scary wolves and whenever their was wolf attack, I was quite frightened. But I was more fond of the animation found in the enchanted objects.

This movie even did a wonderful job on the costumes. The Beast’s outfit and Belle’s yellow gown were two of the best costumes found in the film. I even loved Belle’s outfit that she wore throughout “Belle” and her outfit in “Something There” . Gaston’s red jacket in “Gaston” was also incredible.

The songs are always something I look forward to in a musical. While it had the usual “Beauty and the Beast”, “Gaston”, “Be Our Guest”, “Something There” and “Belle”, it still had some new editions. I loved Beast’s new song, “Evermore” and I found nothing wrong with it. I loved the singing involved. “Beauty and the Beast” is actually my favorite song from the movie. But “Be Our Guest” was the most funs scene.

Now that I saw the movie, I hope to see the stage musical again.

Love for the Spectacle and Dance of Musicals

One of the most unique things about musicals is their spectacle and dance. Some people think that spectacle and dance take away from the experience of the musical. But for me, just like songs, spectacle and dance only adds more to the experience. The dance and spectacle of a musical has always been part of my life.

Back in elementary school, I feel like it was the spectacle and dance that mattered to me the most in musical. Growing up, the kind of song I loved the most was the exciting numbers. There are many types of spectacle found in a musical like costumes, sets, circus, and dance. Spectacle and dance can help you believe in the show more. If you want the audience to believe that the show takes place in either an enchanted castle or in the wild of Africa or in OZ, you need the spectacle or else you wouldn’t believe in where it takes place.


So far, the best spectacle-filled musical is Wicked. This musical is a fantasy and its spectacle is one of a kind. All of the dancing, the lavish costumes, and the set all make you believe you are transported to OZ. Even the nature of the songs and the character’s names makes you believe. The show begins when this dragon on the top of the set operate and smoke comes out and automatically you feel like you are in OZ. Before the show begins, the curtain is actually a map of OZ with the Emerald City shimmering the middle. The lavish costumes are so beautiful especially Glinda’s Bubble Dress, Glinda’s Pink Dress, Elphaba’s Act II Dress and many of the ensemble outfits like the Shiz uniforms or the green costumes in the Emerald City.

The newest type of spectacle found is circus. I saw Pippin for the first time two years ago with my mom. The show is literally a circus. There are flips over balls, trapeze work, and even aerobatics. It provides something unique to Pippin. It is a wonderful musical filled with incredible songs.maxresdefault

There is even spectacle in Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. I may not remember seeing them live, but they are known for having spectacle. Due to the castle being enchanted in Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King taking place in the wild of Africa, they need to have  spectacle. It also makes sense for both of them to have spectacle since they both are Disney musicals. The costumes in Pippin are quite lavish and very colorful and the circus tend is incredible.

I just saw Newsies in August and it has mind-blowing dance. These boys were jumping over each, sliding under each other, tap-dancing, ballet, flips, and dancing on newspapers.  The dance is part of why I love Newsies and why it became meaningful.


There is also the spectacle found in Phantom of the Opera. So I do find the spectacle and dance very unique. Just like song, spectacle and dance adds an incredible texture to a musical. The dance and spectacle enhances the experience and provides me with a positive experience.

So the dance and spectacle provides something unique to a musical experience. What are your feelings about the spectacle and dance found in a musical?


Memorable Couples of Musicals

Romance in a musical is the biggest theme ever. Below is a list of memorable musical couples that I have come across yet. Romance in my opinion translates well to song. The love songs are some of the most beautiful musical songs. Some have innonence built into them and some have a more mature melody. I will identify which musical couple is my favorite.

  1. Elphaba and Fiyero- favorite (Wicked)
  2. Jack and Katherine- Newsies
  3. Belle and Beast- Beauty and the Beast
  4. Nala and Simba- Lion King
  5. Jasmine and Aladdin- Aladdin
  6. Nellie and Emelie- South Pacific
  7. Mimi and Roger- Rent
  8. Christine and Raoul- Phantom of the Opera
  9. Cosette and Marius- Les Mis
  10. Marian and Harold Hill- Music Man
  11. Captain Von Trapp and Maria- Sound of Music

The World Will Know

It has now been officially two weeks since I first saw the Disney musical, Newsies. This musical has proven to be one of the meaningful musicals of my life. One of the biggest reasons why I love Newsies so much is because it is based off of a true story. It is still hard to believe that the Newsboy strike of 1899 actually happened. I think it is wonderful how a group of underdogs stand up to Pulitzer and Hearst.

As for any musical, it is always the songs that make me decide whether or not I love a musical. Then as you fall in love with the songs, you find yourself falling in love with the story. In my opinion, if you fall in love with the songs, you also are falling in love with the emotions. These songs are wonderful and very addicting. I am starting to find some real truth and insight into some of these songs. I tend to prefer musical scores that have both joy and sad and Newsies is one of them. My favorite songs are the songs sung by the Newsies, but also love Jack’s solo, Santa Fe, and his love duet with Katherine. Since Jack is one of the Newsies, it counts as one of the Newsie songs.

Even the dancing adds to my love for the musical. All of the flips, sliding under each other, jumping over each other, and dancing on newspapers are just mind-blowing. The dance helps strengthen the plot and the songs. I have always associated musicals with dance and am so glad the dance shows are continuing to increase.

I know why I have an emotional connection to the material. I can relate to the character of Crutchie. Crutchie has a special relationship with Jack Kelly. Ctuchie has a bum leg and has to walk around with a crutch. Despite his disability, he still shines through on every scene he is. Cructhie is not the only reason why I have an emotional connection to the material. I even have an emotional connection to the other newsboys because they are truly the heart of the musical. Jack Kelly is the leader of the strike and treats his friends like family. He is especially compassionate towards Crutchie. Jack wishes to have a better life in Santa Fe because he is tried of the hardships he has to face by selling newspapers and living on the streets.

Because I love Newsies so much, I want to own the soundtrack eventually.

Facing our Fears

Courage cannot erase our fear. Courage is when we face our fear

-“Seize the Day”- Newsies

I was listening to “Seize the Day” yesterday from the musical, Newsies. Newsies is a musical that I learned to love two weeks ago when I saw the musical with my family. Newsies is a musical about the paper boy strike of 1899. In this story, it is about Jack Kelly and his group of Newsies who stand up to Pulitzer and Hearst when Pulitzer raises the price of the Newsies’ papers. To stand up, the boys go on strike. This musical is full of mind-blowing choreography, memorable characters, incredible songs, and an incredible set.

“Seize the Day” is the title song from the show. The quote above comes from that song. There is lot of truth in those lyrics and can easily relate to life. Facing our fears can be quite scary, but the Newsies’ stood up for what they believed in and were trying to protect their rights. It took great courage for these boys to stand up to two of the most powerful publishers of the time. Most of the Newsies are orphans and poor and have to live from the salary they gained from selling the newspapers.

Courage is very important in life. When we face our fears, it takes great courage. Everyone is braver then they think they are. Courage allows us to stay true to ourself and not let others influence who we are. When we face our fears, we are able to show a different side of us. Courage is one of our biggest strengths and that is one of the biggest keys to our development. I have a growing love for Newsies and is already becoming meaningful and am starting to understand why I have a strong emotional connection to it. As of right now, the songs are very addicting especially the ones that the Newsies sing.

What are your thoughts about courage?

My Disney Experience

Over Spring Break, I attended a Disney Leadership Experience to Disney World in Orlando Florida. We attended two leadership classes, which would take us behind the scenes to learn about important leadership skills that will be useful later on. The first class in HollyWood Studios was basically about Leadership Strategies and the second class was in Magic Kingdom and was dealing with the culture of Disney. Each of the classes took up three hours and the rest of the trip, we were free to do what we want at Disney.

The first class, “Leadership Strategies”, was dealing with different kinds of leaders and how communication barriers can get in the way. I learned about four different kinds of leaders and I found that I am more like a visionary and opportunist leader because my dream job is to start a theatre for those living in poverty and below. Theatre is a place where you must be able to see the big picture along with the smaller details and at the same time, you must be willing to take risks. We talked about what can happen if you run into a communication barrier. One time we had to guess what our partner was doing, but the problem was she was not allowed to speak. The same thing happened where we had to design something for a dog company and we all picked one leader. But once again the leader was not told what product was to be made. Seeing that communication barriers can exist in leadership makes me realize that being a leader is harder than it seems and takes a take of experience. One part of this trip was spent walking in a costume section of Disney World, which made me love all the handwork put into the character costumes more and shows me that whenever they make a new costume, it has to be made just right because a kid knows when something is wrong with the costume.

The second class, “Cultural of Excellence”, taught us more about the culture of Disney. The initial question was “are you creating a culture at Gardner Webb?”.  They wanted us to understand how their beliefs/values, standard of excellence, heritage/traditions, and storytelling reflected the culture of Disney. Out of all of these, storytelling is Disney’s strongest. They show storytelling everywhere including on the rides. Walking up to the castle, I had to find elements that represent storytelling with a partner. We both agreed that the castle was the strongest element. The different groups eventually discussed what they found relating to their aspects. Everyone agreed that storytelling is one of Disney’s biggest strengths. As part of the class, everyone was required to ride the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. We had to pay attention to how the ride uses storytelling to get the guests involved in the story. Throughout the ride, you saw the seven dwarves and the different jewels along with Snow White and the Queen. By the end of the class, we had to think about the things we learned in terms of our college. Based on the elements of culture at Disney World, we had to choose the area that Gardner Webb had to improve on the most and the majority said that beliefs and values needed the most work. They use a stop, add, and continue method. It means what will stop, what will replace it, and what will be continued. Everyone agreed about Dimensions and that it needs to be more accessible. We feel as if the topics are sometimes irrelevant.

Most of the trip happened outside of the two three hour Disney Leadership classes. That meant we could truly get a full Disney experience. The classes made me look at Disney differently. It added something to the experience because we got to understand the culture of Disney World. Because I am young at heart and am a fan of Disney, I felt like a five year old kid. We had breakfast with Lilo, Stich, Mickey, and Pluto and dinner with Pooh/ Eyore/Piglet/Tigger, dinner with Mickey/ Pluto/Chip/Dale, dinner with Prince Charming/Cinderella/ Step-Mom/Step-Sisters and dinner with Mulan/Belle/Ariel/ Snow White. Outside of meals, I met Chewy, Tinkerbell, Donald Duck, Anna, and Elsa. Out of all the characters, I loved meeting Anna and Elsa the most because they are my favorite Disney characters and really love Frozen. Thinking of Frozen, I got to attend a Frozen Sing-Along, two parades, and other exciting things. I got to go on the Kilimanjaro Safari, Festival of the Lion King, TeaCups, StarTours and other attractions. Riding on StarTours made up for Soaring being temporarily closed in Epcot. StarTours is basically like riding in one of the StarWars starships. The Festival of the Lion King is like an aerobatic show and the songs from the movie are being sung.I ended up getting a number of souvenirs which are a stuffed Sven, stuffed princess Minnie, stuffed socerer Mickey,  blue “Let it Go” cap, Olaf mug, pink cheetah mouse ears, and a Walt Disney World T-Shirt.

Outside of the classes, I learned other valuable skills such as patience and navigation. Those were the only moments we were not with our chaperones. We are with at least one other student. Miranda and I had to figure out how to navigate the different parks and how to hop from park to park. Sometimes we had to speed race to get somewhere due to the time, but sometimes would get lost on the way. Outside of reading the map, we would also ask for directions. We had to figure out what we wanted to do outside of the fast passes.

Being at Disney shows how much of a Disney fan you are. Disney means a lot to me because I grew up with it. I understand the greatness of the old Disney musical movies and the new Disney musical movies. I still love “Beauty and the Beast”, “Lion King”, and the Pixar films such as “Finding Nemo”, “Lilo and Stich”, and “Monsters INC”, etc. It is hard to believe that the Disney musical movies are part of the origin of my love for musicals. All because of this trip, I realized that I want to see “Lion King” and “Beauty and the Beast” again because I have seen them before, but have no memory of seeing them.

Disney Musicals

It is hard to believe that Disney was part of the beginning of my musical journey. In elementary school, I watched “Lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”, and “Little Mermaid”. I remember watching others, but these stand out from all of them. Disney is famous for being musical and the songs make these memorable.

I am now about to go on a Disney Leadership Program during Spring Break. On Sunday at 5:00, I am leaving to Disney in student vans. We are driving all the way up and part of it will be spent sleeping. Not only do we get to experience the wonder of all the parks, we get to attend two leadership classes. The leadership classes are not classes like you think. They take you behind the scenes of Disney and show you different department. You get involved in team building activities. The classes are at Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom and each class lasts three hours. The rest of the time, everyone is allowed to experience Disney. I have always been young at heart and Disney means so much to me. I get to meet Anna and Elsa, who are two of my favorite Disney princesses. I am attending some of the parades and going to a Frozen sing-along. I am spending time with a new friend of mine who is also a Disney and musical fan.

I knew this trip was something I had to do before I graduate from Gardner Webb. It will be a cool opportunity and will look perfect on a resume. What fun to attend Disney and at the same time, will get the opportunity to gain leadership skills through the eyes of Disney. I cannot wait to create so many memories from this.