Eponine’s Strong Love for Marius

It is quite fitting that for the series, I would go straight to a character from Les Mis. That is because Wicked and Les Mis are my top two favorite musicals. For today, I decided to talk about why I love Eponine. It actually took me almost an entire year to know why I love Eponine.


Major Spoilers:

Eponine is the eldest child of the Thenardiers. She started out as being a spoiled child, but also appeared to be loved by her parents. But soon after Cosette was taken away, Eponine’s life becomes even worse. She becomes horribly abused and unloved by her parents and falls into extreme poverty. She eventually falls in love with Marius so deeply because of the kindness he shows her, but that love falls unrequited. So where does my love of Eponine fall into all of this?


She has to take part in her parent’s schemes because she was forced into them at times. But the interesting thing about Eponine is that she is not as despicable or as selfish as her parents. Her loyalty towards Marius shows just how different she is when it comes to her parents. She would rather be loyal towards Marius than towards her parents. That is an interesting part about Eponine. She shows how you can raise above her upbringing.

She is strong and brave and complex. A lot of my love for her comes from how she responds to her unrequited love for Marius. She will do anything for him even if it means losing him forever. She is the girl who helps him find Cosette. She risks everything for Marius. That shows her bravery and strength. Her love for Marius is quite strong. She continues to hold on because he is the light of her life. You might think her love for Marius is a weakness, but it actually is her greatest strength even though it leads to “A Little Fall of Rain”.

Her love for Marius does lead her to the barricade. At the barricade, in order to try to protect Eponine, he sends her away to deliver a letter to Cosette. As she sings “On My Own”, she accepts that Marius will never love her and you can feel the level of depth her love for Marius goes and the song is very powerful. She will continue to love him no matter what. Without Marius, her life would be much darker.

She eventually gets killed at the barricade after sacrificing her life for him. She gets to die happy due to being in the arms of Marius. Marius shows compassion to her by holding and comforting her while she dies. If you understand how dark her life was and how strong she loves Marius, it makes you understand why dying in the arms of Marius makes her happy for once.


So a lot of my love for Eponine comes from she responds to her love for Marius. You see her level of strength and bravery through her love for him. At least she gets to die in the arms of Marius due to how dark her life was. Her death does make Marius feel devastated, but despite that he still stays with her till the end.


A Little Fall of Rain Analysis in Regards to Marius

Major Spoilers:

“A Little Fall of Rain” is a heartbreaking, but bittersweet song from Les Mis. This is a duet between Marius and Eponine. In this post, I want to talk mainly about Marius, which sounds odd. Marius is judged unfairly by many fans and people assume Marius is a jerk because of his relationship to Eponine, but this scene proves it wrong, but yet many fans think he is a bigger jerk at this scene, but once again I disagree.

“A Little Fall of Rain” is Eponine’s death scene. When Eponine comes back to the barricade she is shot and this worries Marius. When he finds out she is dying, he is quite upset. Marius shows compassion to Eponine by comforting and holding her while she dies. This really shows just how much compassion Marius is capable of.

Marius actually gives Eponine the happiest moment of her life because Eponine deeply loves Marius. He is quite broken throughout this entire scene. He loved her as a friend and knows about how dark her life was because after she dies, he says to the students, “her name was Eponine. Her life was cold and dark. Yet she was unafraid”.

How is Marius being with her throughout the entire scene make him a jerk? He tries to stay brave for her throughout this scene. Marius being with Eponine and the song makes this death memorable for me despite my love for Eponine. He does value their friendship because of how devastated he is during this scene and after. He really is capable of loads of compassion and this scene in particular shows that. If he wasn’t capable of that amount of compassion, then he would have left her to die alone, but he doesn’t. He stays with her even though it is difficult on him. So I don’t see Marius as a jerk at all, which is true even before this scene.


What are your thoughts on Marius and this scene?

Musical Death Poem #3

This is my third poem dealing with musical death. Let’s see if you can figure out the musical.

Musical Death Poem #3:

Full of symbolism

When one dies alone

And the others don’t

Those who are not alone

Know how to love in some way

The one who is alone doesn’t know how

Full of compassion and comfort

Moving and touching

Bittersweet deaths

When full of happiness and heartbreak

But ultimately have deaths memorable


Musical Death Poem #2

This is the second poem dealing with a certain musical. See if you can figure which musical I am talking about. This one might be a bit tougher.

Musical Death #2:

So overshadowed

Even though know it exists

Overshadowed for many reasons

For one, focus on other plots

Plus not a fan of the character

For another, never seen, but said it happens

Musical Death Poem #1

Just two days ago, I wrote a poem about death in musicals. Now I decided to write a poem about one musical at a time. Lets see if you can figure which one I am talking about.

Death Poem #1:

Odd way to see a death

Just so funny and bizarre

How can death be so funny at all

That is what you get when a plant exists

That feeds on humans and blood

Still the oddest and funniest deaths there are

Death in Musicals

This sounds like an odd post, but death is a part of musicals. I will be talking about the topic in the form of a poem. Let’s see if you can figure out what musicals I am talking about

Death in Musicals:

Funny and Bizarre

That seems odd

But happens

Through a plant

Overshadowed as well

When caught up in other plots

But at its best when memorable

Full of symbolism

When one dies alone

While the others die with someone by their side

Can be beautiful watching a death

When touching and moving

Even if a favorite character dies

Full of compassion and comfort

Consisting of beautiful songs

Heartbreak in Musicals

This time I will write a poem about what heartbreak in musicals.

What is Heartbreak?

Once invisible

But now visible

In a beautiful way

So many layers in existence

Ranging from mild to extreme

Mild so boring

But once moderate

Becomes more beautiful and powerful

Being hit with a pile of bricks

But not all the time

A bit tricky and quite complex

Full of such depth and strength

Full of so much vulnerability and fragility

Past moderate so difficult to describe

Reducing to tears

But not all the time

So common

Even when it hurts

Still is beautiful emotion

Especially when emotionally connected

So devastating, but so wonderful

Dealing with so many things

Though once invisible

So glad now visible