Review of Pete’s Dragon

Possible minor or major spoilers:

Last night, I watched Pete’s Dragon, the live adaptation. This was my first time ever experiencing the story. I love how they showed how Pete became an orphan. When Pete met Elliott for the first, I love how the dragon seemed to start to connect with the boy.

This movie is about a orphaned boy named Pete and his relationship with Elliott, a dragon. Elliot raised Pete after Pete lost his parents due to a car accident. So Pete was raised in the woods by a dragon. This two characters have a really close bond. The dragon looked very realistic.

I love how even though the dragon never spoke, I love how you can feel some of the dragon’s emotions. Elliot acted worried when he couldn’t find Pete or looked lonely when he was missing his lost family. I love the relationship that Pete made with the family that discovered him in the woods and eventually let him live with them. But all Pete wanted was just to be with Elliott, but he eventually bonded nicely with that family.

I did not like how the antagonist wanted to capture Elliott at all. He believed the dragon was not very nice. But at the end, he realized that Elliott is actually a good dragon. There were intense scenes where you felt worried for Pete and for Elliott. One place was when Pete was away from Elliott and trying to run back to be with Elliott. Another place was when that antagonist and his hunters attacked Elliott. Even though it was a Disney movie, you still felt worried during certain scenes.

At the end of the movie, I loved how Pete finally had a family and how Elliott found the family he once lost. I absolutely loved the plot of this family. The plot was incredible due to the bond that Elliott and Pete had. I loved the bond that Pete made with the family that eventually became his own. There was loads of conflict involved especially after Elliott got captured.

This movie made an incredible forest. I love how when the dragon was flying, you could feel like you were flying too. Elliott’s flying truly made him feel like a dragon. He was a dragon who obviously had feelings and had some human qualities in him. I loved how Pete truly cared about Elliott and was worried about him when Pete was away from him.


Fall Break Mission Trip to Charleston, SC

This morning, I attended a session of Dimensions, a program where you are required to go for four semesters, and it is usually kind of boring. But today’s program was something different. Students talked about their experiences on one of the Gardner Webb mission trips. That reminded me of my Fall Break Mission Trip to Charleston, SC. I went in Fall of 2015 and it was one of the best parts of my college experience so far. Throughout the trip, the group kept a close bond with each other, which helped add meaning to the volunteering that we were going to do. In all there were two guys, nine girls, and one male chaperone. We volunteered with an organization called Metanoia.

On the very first day, we helped paint a couple of rooms, which is for the youth. At first, I had to clean the stairs with a magic eraser. Even though that was not that enjoyable, I still know I was making a difference. I eventually was able to help paint the rooms and that was more enjoyable. They wanted skilled painters to paint the foundation to paint over the pre-existing wall color and the boys had much better skills when it comes to a painting task like that. To leave our mark, we painted an attic-like door, which was taken down to paint. We painted our hands and placed them on that door. That means our mark will always be at the community center that we helped paint.

The very next project we did was some yard work. It was a lot of clearing away and a lot of vines to cut away. That took a lot of work, but was so worth it. Some of it was easy to pull out without the help of a vine cutter or anything like that. Many of those were vines with sharpness on them. That took an entire afternoon to clear away not one, but two yards.

I think what had the biggest impact was on Sunday. We visited the church where that Charleston shooting took place. That made me quite nervous because something tragic happened and was kind of fearful of visiting a place like that. However, I learned to love it especially the members. Despite all of the tragedy they faced, they were still strong and kept their incredible faith in God. It seems that each time tragedy strikes, there always seems to be a glimmer of hope. That stays true to scripture in a way because scripture says “those who have walked in darkness have seen a great light”.

We spent the rest of the trip spending time together and getting to know each other better. We explored Charleston together and were split up. Later that same day, we visited the beach and got dinner at a place nearby.

Power of Evensong

Just last night, I got to attend Evensong at my church. It was so odd seeing Evensong because the last time I been to one was in England. Just being at this Evensong made me want to be back at Bristol Cathedral. Evensong surprised me during the trip because I did not think I would really like that service, but I was proved wrong. In fact I attended all the different church services during the trip. Seven of those would end up being Evensong and two of them were not at Bristol Cathedral. It was such a treat to hear my church’s choir sing in a gorgeous cathedral and as the week progressed, the choir just continued to get better and better. I remember being so moved by the final Evensong and because of that, I was aware of how meaningful Evensong has been and how it has been an important part of my spiritual journey.

That trip was very spiritual, emotional, and transforming. It was an important step for my journey with God. Because of the trip, I feel like I closer to them than ever before. What was interesting about the trip is I ended up liking more of it then I originally thought. I was surprised by how much I loved Evensong, Tintern Abbey, and Bristol. We just happened to be in Bristol when there were Shaun the Sheep statues hidden throughout the city. Finding them was quite fun and was one of the most memorable parts of the trip.

The best part of the pilgrimage was the fellowship among everyone. If it wasn’t for the strong bond that we had, some of the spiritual parts may not have been as meaningful. I still feel that same fellowship when I am around any of the seventy two pilgrims. All of us may have had different experiences, but the thing that we all shared in common was a love for each other.