Les Mis in a Pot

Last night, my dorm had a pot party. We actually painted the pots. I decided to make my pot a Les Mis-themed plot. But what does my pot have to do with Les Mis? For those not familiar with Les Mis, Les Mis (otherwise known as Les Misérables)  started out as a novel by Victor Hugo and eventually became a highly successful musical.


On this pot, the red and blue painted on this pot is supposed to represent France. That is due to the fact that red and blue are two colors on the French flag. The red could even signify the June Rebellion of 1832 and love. The polka dots represent the positive and negative nature of Les Mis. The black polka dots represent the tragic nature of Les Mis. The yellow polka dots represent the spirituality of Les Mis. Due to the yellow polka dots shining through and standing out compared to the black dots signifies just how strong the spirituality of Les Mis is. The middle section where you have two lines of yellow really signifies the fact that the spirituality of Les Mis does stand out. The spirituality of Les Mis is important to the heartbreaking nature. The flower planted in the pot signifies the fact that something really beautiful and unique comes out of Les Mis.