Blogging Goals

Currently, I have some blogging goals set in mind. Yes, some will give me more difficulty. So here is my list for goals I hope to accomplish on this blog.

  1. Gain 500 followers by the end of the year- currently have about 210
  2. To add back more spiritual posts
  3. Have posts not related to musicals and spirituality
  4. With musical posts, try to talk about some things that haven’t been blogged about before



Dealing with Blogging Writers’ Block

One of the hardest things about blogging is dealing with writers’ block. In fact, that shows up in any type of writing. Sometimes I almost had writers’ block on this blog, but I always figure out what to write about. Here are things to think about when dealing with writers’ block. Some of these are things I learned through the everyday inspiration course I took over the summer and some are my own ideas.

  1. Make a list- this can be related to anything, make a list of favorite movies, favorite literature characters, etc, sometimes a blog post has to be just a list
  2. Critique a piece of work- that could be a book, show, a piece of poetry, maybe a song, the ideas are endless
  3. Look for inspiration on social media- when you find a quote you like on Facebook or something like that, write it down and use it when you don’t know what to write about
  4. Write a letter in different format- this idea can be endless as well like writing a letter to a favorite character, your inner self, your future self or past self, etc
  5. Look to scripture for ideas- this might sound crazy, but still a good place to look
  6. Rely on prompts from wordpress- use the one-word inspiration challenge or the weekly discover challenge
  7. Talk about something that made your day
  8. Talk about your blogging progress so far
  9. If you really cannot think of an idea, just comment on someone else’s blog and see if they give you inspiration, you even can reblog and talk about why you wanted to reblog their post to your blog

Don’t forget, these are just ideas. You don’t have to do any of them. I may blog about musicals and spirituality, but sometimes I just need to write about something else.


My Thoughts on Hamilton

I recently read a blog post titled “7 reasons to love Hamilton”. The link to the post is listed below.

I first heard about Hamilton around the same time it gained all the hype. Here are my thoughts about what I heard so far. As far as the basic plot goes, it does sound like a good idea considering it is about one of our founding fathers.

But I feel a bit unsure about the music in Hamilton. The score is hip-hop and rap and the problem with that is I have never been interested in that kind of music. How can a score dealing with hip-hop and rap fit in the musical world? When it comes to musicals, I can be quite protective of the songs. The songs are what usually make me decide whether or not I love the musical. I have heard other musical scores that have a collection of other songs that are different then the typical musical score, but they do feel like they belong in the musical collection. These are scores such as “Les Mis” or “Phantom”, but they do work for musicals.

I am still trying to visualize how hip-hop or rap can fit into the musical universe? I in fact have listened to some of the music. Some of the songs sound like they belong in the musical world while others don’t. So far, only the non hip-hop and rap songs seem to work. I do understand that musicals must have an emotional connection. I heard from others that the hip-hop and rap songs make more since once you see the show live.

While I agree with things that the article said, I still do not know weather or not I should see Hamilton or not. In fact, I can understand the hype around Hamilton. That is because it represents diversity and is about one of our founding fathers. I think it also appeals to a younger audience due to the music. I think Hamilton has proved to be a groundbreaking musical because it is dealing with a type of music that a musical has never experienced.

What your thoughts on the whole hip-hop/ rap concept on Hamilton?


Who Am I?

I have been a blogger since December of 2015. For more then one year, everyone has been telling me I should start a blog. I did not feel the need to start one because I thought there would be no meaning at all. Everyone said I should start a blog due to how big of a deep thinker I am. This blog talks about both spirituality and musicals. Yes, it is two themes, but I am deeply connected to both.

I am a strongly spiritual person. I have a loving, caring, compassionate heart. Anything I write on this blog is going to have something spiritual on it. I am drawn towards helping those living in poverty and homelessness. That is what God called me to do. That is why want to make my way into Nonprofit and that is why I want to start my own someday. I hope to open up a theatre program for those living in poverty and homelessness. But the only posts that may not be spiritual are some of the musical ones.

It seems odd to have two topics on one blog. The other topic is musicals. I have this strong passionate love for musicals. The thing I love about musicals is how they combine different types of art. Seeing a story come to life is just wonderful. But through musicals, the songs help the storyline the most. The songs are the key to the character’s emotions. Musicals live in the same universe. They live in a primarily comic world filled with song, spectacle, and dance. In that universe, there are also tragic elements to deal with along with tragic musicals. Musicals take a lot of innocent, vulnerability, maturity, and patience. If I am to describe all musicals, I would say unique, emotional, joyful, and full of life.