Blogging Goals

Currently, I have some blogging goals set in mind. Yes, some will give me more difficulty. So here is my list for goals I hope to accomplish on this blog.

  1. Gain 500 followers by the end of the year- currently have about 210
  2. To add back more spiritual posts
  3. Have posts not related to musicals and spirituality
  4. With musical posts, try to talk about some things that haven’t been blogged about before



Dealing with Blogging Writers’ Block

One of the hardest things about blogging is dealing with writers’ block. In fact, that shows up in any type of writing. Sometimes I almost had writers’ block on this blog, but I always figure out what to write about. Here are things to think about when dealing with writers’ block. Some of these are things I learned through the everyday inspiration course I took over the summer and some are my own ideas.

  1. Make a list- this can be related to anything, make a list of favorite movies, favorite literature characters, etc, sometimes a blog post has to be just a list
  2. Critique a piece of work- that could be a book, show, a piece of poetry, maybe a song, the ideas are endless
  3. Look for inspiration on social media- when you find a quote you like on Facebook or something like that, write it down and use it when you don’t know what to write about
  4. Write a letter in different format- this idea can be endless as well like writing a letter to a favorite character, your inner self, your future self or past self, etc
  5. Look to scripture for ideas- this might sound crazy, but still a good place to look
  6. Rely on prompts from wordpress- use the one-word inspiration challenge or the weekly discover challenge
  7. Talk about something that made your day
  8. Talk about your blogging progress so far
  9. If you really cannot think of an idea, just comment on someone else’s blog and see if they give you inspiration, you even can reblog and talk about why you wanted to reblog their post to your blog

Don’t forget, these are just ideas. You don’t have to do any of them. I may blog about musicals and spirituality, but sometimes I just need to write about something else.