If I Can't Love Her

We once again are back in France and another Disney musical. It is a romantic comedy that is truly magical. What musical am I referring to- Beauty and the Beast. Why do I love Beauty and the Beast?


The songs are truly wonderful to listen to. They are magical, exciting, romantic, and heartbreaking. For the most part, they are exciting and romantic. Belle and Beast’s relationship develops over time: that is why you have both “Something There” and the truly magical and enchanting “Beauty and the Beast”. Even “If I Can’t Love Her” plays a part in this- that is the heartbreaking song in this. Songs like “Belle”, “Gaston”, “Be Our Guest”- especially “Be Our Guest” are exciting numbers despite “Gaston” belonging to the villain of the musical.


Belle- She is an incredible main character. She is brave, independent, strong, and a bookworm, but the town she lives in thinks she “rather odd”. She can see beauty from within- she strongly loves her father and you see that constantly throughout the musical and eventually through her love for the Beast.

Beast- At first, you might hate him, but in reality he is an amazing character. He is so complex and yes, he does has a temper problem. Look- when Belle comes, she teaches him how to love and become a better person. Beast was trapped as a Beast (he is really a prince in disguise-at the time he was selfish and cruel leading to a curse on the castle). He is in a lot of despair and grief- he isn’t the real monster of Beauty and the Beast- he is truly kind and gentle after falling in love with Belle.

Gaston- well, well, well-Gaston is our true monster. If you think about it, this musical technically in some ways is a love triangle between Belle, Beast, and Gaston. Gaston’s only goal was to marry Belle-however not with the right intentions. Gaston is so in love with himself that I don’t think he even loved Belle to begin with- I think because Gaston is so handsome, I think he just wanted to marry Belle because of her beauty.

Maurice- The only one who thinks he isn’t crazy is Belle. He got captured by the Beast and tried to stop Belle from taking his place. Eventually, tried to get help, but the whole town thought he was having delusions about a beast and enchanted objects. He loved his daughter that much- to keep her safe.

Lumiere/Cogsworth/Mrs. Potts/Chip- I love the enchanted objects. There is something amazing about them. It makes the musical to be quite magical in so many ways.

Plot: Major Spoilers:

It all started when an old beggar woman entered the castle to escape the bitter cold. It was home to a selfish and unkind prince. She offered him a rose to escape the cold, but he would not let her in. Trying again to enter, the prince still said “no”. Now seeing there was no love in his heart, the old woman turned into a beautiful enchantress and cursed the entire castle. The curse could only be broken if he could fall in love and be loved in returned, but the rose was magical- he only had until the last petal fell. The prince was turned into a Beast. Who would love a beast?

Now, our story begins

Our story begins with a prologue explaining the castle and curse. Belle is our main character. It is in our entire first song (“Belle”) that we get to meet our main character and villain. “Belle” may be a long song, but it makes us get to know the town and lifestyle Belle lives and who is in her way. We also get to know what the town thinks of her.

The story truly starts when Belle actually takes her father’s place at the Beast’s castle. Maurice was supposed to go the market, but because of going the wrong way, he ended up at the Beast’s castle and got captured. Good thing, Belle realized her father was missing and that the horse her father was riding knew the way to the castle. Having so much love for her father, Belle ended up taking her father’s place- that is a huge moment when you can see that she is a brave character.

The way Belle and Beast’s relationship develops is interesting. First, Belle wants nothing to do with him. However, after an incident in the West Wing, that is when we start to a change in the Beast: that is when he finally sees he made a big mistake and ended up going after Belle to save her from the wolves: after that, Belle could have escaped, but from being a caring person she took Beast back. They have warmed to each other a little bit more despite a little bit of screaming due to Beast’s temper. It was during “Something There” when they develop feelings for each other and finally at “Beauty and the Beast” when they have fallen in love.

However, over in the background with Gaston, he still is trying to find ways to marry Belle, but clearly she isn’t interested and she already made that clear to Gaston. When Belle finds that her father is in danger, Beast does let Belle go, but little does Beast know that she will come back. Gaston, out of anger after finding out about Belle’s feelings for the Beast, decides to kill him- this is when Belle wants to warn him. Gaston is a horrible person and doesn’t care about anyone but himself and not even his sidekick, Lefou.

This is truly a magical and enchanting musical.


This is one of three musicals I love that takes place in France. The songs are truly romantic. I love most of the characters. I love the plot due to the romantic and magic found in it. Out of all the classic Disney princesses, I think it is Belle I relate to the most.

Favorite Song: Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Protagonists of Musicals

One of the most crucial elements of a musical is the protagonist (the main character). It is their story that we want to follow along with the various subplots. Who are some of my favorite protagonists?

  1. Elphaba/Glinda
  2. Aladdin
  3. Belle
  4. Simba
  5. Elsa/Anna
  6. Jack Kelly
  7. Christine
  8. Jean Valjean
  9. Annie
  10. Oliver
  11. Harold Hill
  12. Maria- the Sound of Music one

Why do two have two protagonists listed. Frozen and Wicked just happen to have two main characters in them, and I wouldn’t choose one over the other to be the primary protagonist.

Heartbreak in Love for Musicals

Romance is a common theme for musicals. It is a beautiful emotion filled with fragility, vulnerability, and innocence. The innocence comes from the young characters. What happens when a character deals with unrequited love, breakup, and betrayal. The nature of heartbreak enters- that deals with even more emotions: sadness and anger and heartbreak. Of course you are hurt, but the way these characters deal with it vary. What are examples of some of these songs? This time- coming from movies and stage shows.

Major Spoilers

  1. I’m Not That Girl
  2. I’m Not That Girl (Reprise)
  3. On My Own
  4. If I Can’t Love Her
  5. If I Can’t Love Her (Reprise)
  6. Evermore- this is Beast’s version of If I Can’t Love Her from the 2017 Beauty Live Action movie
  7. This Nearly Was Mine
  8. All I Ask of You (Reprise)
  9. As Long as He Needs Me
  10. Somewhere
  11. True Love-I listened to this song before a couple of times, but can’t believe they are cutting it from Frozen. It is a pivotal and important moment for Ann- after Hans confesses he doesn’t love her (so after he betrays Anna). Just by listening to the song alone, I knew the song was heartbreaking and where it happened. Cutting it almost makes it seem as if she wasn’t one of our two protagonists. Hopefully it stays in the Original Broadway Soundtrack.

This is the list of heartbreaking love songs. A lot of young characters. Some are ironic (the ones where things improve) and some are non-ironic (the ones where nothing improves). Heartbreak is just as beautiful as the typical love songs. They just have more emotions and are more likely to drive you to tears.

Loving Couples in Musicals

There are several couples that exist in musicals. Sometimes, the same musical has multiple romances. What exactly makes me fall in love with a couple? It mainly deals with their main song? Sometimes, other things are taken into consideration. What are some of my favorite couples?

  1. Elphaba and Fiyero
  2. Cosette and Marius
  3. Christine and Raoul
  4. Jasmine and Aladdin
  5. Nala and Simba
  6. Belle and Beast
  7. Katherine and Jack Kelly
  8. Mimi and Roger

You might notice something- these are young couples. That’s right- most couples in musical theatre are young.

Any you can add to the list?

Beauty and the Beast- Song

Today, we have another Disney song. Just like A Whole New World, it has that same kind of feeling. What is it about them? They seem to carry this special kind of nature about them. They have this sort of innocence and magic- you can easily become attached to them. Just like A Whole New World, I was drawn to the song since childhood. It is my favorite song from the musical, Beauty and the Beast.

Live action film of Beauty and the Beast- Beauty and the Beast Song: Beast (Dan Stevens) and Belle (Emma Watson)
Beauty and the Beast

In simple terms, Beast is a prince disguised as a Beast and Belle is prisoner in his castle after taking her father’s place. The spell at the castle can only be broken if the Beast falls in love and be loved in return. It took some time, but eventually Belle and Beast fall in love- “Something There” was when you start to notice they do have feelings for each. It is officially at “Beauty and the Beast” where you know for a fact that they have fallen in love. There is something about the combo of song and the dance that makes it so magical to watch- the past couple of times, I saw the live action film, I found myself crying during “Beauty and the Beast”. I usually do not tear up during happy numbers- but this one did- truly a wonderful moment to witness.

Classic Disney Princesses- Who I Relate to the Most

For the 90s kids, we grew up on Ariel, Jasmine, Belle- we know the princesses I am talking about. Who of the batch do I relate to the most?

I believe, for me, it would be Belle. I am that bookworm-I love to read fantasies and classics. For a typical millennial- the word classic is something that they wouldn’t read unless it is required for class. I love fantasies like Hobbit/Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia among others- even standalone: I am writing a fantasy now. I love the classics- I am literally reading “The Iliad”- that is something you probably would not expect and later will read “The Odyssey”. I do love Nicholas Nickleby, David Copperfield, A Christmas Carol, Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and you are expecting me to say this book: Les Misérables. So yes, I love to read.

Beauty and the Beast from live action movie- Belle (Emma Watson)

Like Belle, I know what it is like to be kinda of well different. As in, I can understand when people say “she is odd”. She most certainly is not- she is brave, strong, caring and independent. You see most of who she is at the castle when she takes her father’s place- that is bravery the moment she agrees and in some ways, that does take strength. More moments show that- like preventing Gaston from killing Beast, etc….Her caring part comes from when she has the chance to escape after the wolf attack, but decides to take Beast back to the castle instead- I honestly think it was when Beast saved her from the wolves when he started to change. Belle and Beast had a relationship that developed over time; not at first sight.

Next post will be for the contemporary Disney princess I relate to the most

Fictional Places Musicals take Place in

Today, I decided to talk about something kind of different. In the past, I did make a list of where all of my favorite musicals take place. What about if I just focus on only the fictional locations.


I decided to start with OZ because Wicked takes place here. So many people know my special love for Wicked. Wicked is about the relationship between Elphaba (AKA the Wicked Witch of the West) and Glinda. One of its subplots is the love triangle between Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda. The friendship between Elphaba and Glinda is powerful, strong, and beautiful. “For Good” perfectly illustrates this friendship.

Everything about the musical feels OZian- from costumes to set to characters’ names to location names.

Agrabah- Middle East

Home to Aladdin. Its’ set and costumes brings you straight to Agrabah and its many settings from the Palace to the Market to the Cave of Wonders.

Arendelle- Norway

Not yet seen Frozen on stage, but Arendelle is the setting of Frozen.

Fictional Town in France

While we never KNOW the name of the town Beauty and the Beast takes place in, we do know it takes place in France, and that the town is fictional. Most of the musical takes place at the castle- I only have seen both movies (cartoon and live action).

What are other fictional locations musicals take place in that you can think of?