Favorite Song in a Musical- Why?

Musical fans are aware of this. We usually have our favorite song in a musical. However, have we fully thought of the reasoning? Does it have to do with the emotion? Does it have to do with the actor and actress? Does it have to due to with the character? Does it have to do with the meaning of the song? Does have to have to do with a memory? This is will be a difficult post- it will be about why a song is our favorite song in a musical. Sometimes, even I don’t have a reasoning behind that. I think a best reason is to bring up my favorite song from certain musicals, and try to describe why they are my favorite song from the musical itself.

Corner of the Sky

  • A huge reason behind this comes from the fact that it is the main reason why I wanted to see Pippin in the first place. It is also one of the strongest “I Want” songs I described in musical theatre. Some may not agree with me and may agree with me. It actually does not just describe what Pippin wants in life, but I believe it also relates to our life in general as well. If I never heard this song, Pippin would not have been in my life. “Corner of the Sky” is the place where we truly belong.
"Corner of the Sky" in the Revival of Pippin
Corner of the Sky

Seize the Day

  • It is actually the beginning of the Newsies strike. I found it to be my favorite Newsies number because of the dance. I think it has the most advanced staging out of all the numbers. In one moment, all of them (well, most of them) are dancing on newspapers. It strongly has to do with the dance and some of the lyrics- “Courage cannot erase our fear. Courage is when we face our fear”. Those lyrics are what made me release Newsies is meaningful to me, and I think represent Newsies as a whole.


  • You would think, I would choose “Defying Gravity” or “For Good” for my favorite song for Wicked, but that is not true. It does come from the fact that I was 12 when I first saw Wicked. My favorite song from Wicked is a memory thing. My favorite song from Wicked when I was 12 was Popular, and that is true to this day. It really is a memory thing- I saw Wicked in 2006 for the first time.
"Popular" during Wicked- Elphaba and Glinda

Beauty and the Beast

  • It does sound cliche that my favorite song from Beauty and the Beast is “Beauty and the Beast”. It is Belle and Beast’s main love song. I did watch the cartoon- yes, I sort of forgot I did love the cartoon. However, this song never left my memory. There is something unique and special about Disney love songs. They have this magic in them. Belle and Beast are my favorite classic Disney couple. Their “Beauty and the Beast” song is an incredible one to watch- ever since watching the live action 2017 film, my love for Beauty and the Beast came back. The song actually affects me on a more emotional level.
Beauty and the Beast Scene (live action 2017)- Emma Watson (Belle) and Dan Stevens (Beast)
Beauty and the Beast (Live Action 2017)

A Whole New World

  • Even from Aladdin, my favorite song is the main love song. Flying on a magic carpet while singing this song is incredible to witness. So magical in so many ways. Still seems cliche to say this is my favorite song- but it still is my favorite song from Aladdin. Just like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin had to reenter my life, which was through the live action movie.
A Whole New World (Aladdin Cartoon)- Aladdin and Jasmine
A Whole New World (Aladdin Cartoon)

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

  • Once again, this is another main love song. It is still a classic Disney musical. You still feel the magic and innocence in this song just like the others. It is not cliche- even though to others it seems that way.
Can You Feel the Love Tonight- Simba and Nala (Stage Show of Lion King)
Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Seasons of Love

  • This song is one of the messages of Rent. Rent is all about what to do with life. It is about how to measure life. The song is about measuring your life in love. There are only 525,600 minutes in one year. It is hard to describe why this is the favorite song from Rent. I just know this is my favorite song from Rent.


  • This totally highlights the character of Annie. She is an optimistic child, and that is the main characteristic you see in you. I have always loved that song. I will never grow tired of that song.

Seventy Six Trombones

  • This has been my favorite song from Music Man. I love the patriotic nature of the song. When I saw the musical, the production had the Harold Hill go out in the audience making us feel like we are part of River City. I still believe a lot of the patriotic and energetic nature of the song made it my favorite song from the musical.


  • So, there are many reasons why a song is your favorite song in a musical. It can be a memory, the meaning, and the emotion. However- you usually just know a song is your favorite song. I only listed a few of my favorite songs from certain musical.

Favorite Male/Female Duets

There are a lot of duets in musicals- but they are NOT just dealing with romance. This post will be a list of duets that are only sung by one male and one female- so some of my favorite duets will be left off. The list will not be in a specific order- as in ranking.

  1. A Little Fall of Rain
  2. Come to Me
  3. No Matter What
  4. Something to Believe In
  5. Something Good
  6. I Should Tell You
  7. Till There Was You
  8. Sixteen Going on Seventeen
  9. As Long as Your’e Mine
  10. Light My Candle
  11. Phantom of the Opera
  12. A Whole New World
  13. All I Ask of You
  14. Somewhere
  15. One Hand, One Heart
  16. The Last Night of the World
  17. Sun and Moon

A lot of male/female duets are romance numbers. At the same time, there are a couple that don’t belong to romance- some are them relate to family, friendship, and death.

What are some of your favorite male/female duets?

Favorite Female Musical Theatre Songs

I have written posts about my favorite duets, favorite songs relating to emotions, favorite ensemble songs, favorite protagonist songs. However I don’t think I have written songs relating to just female and male characters. This will include duets if it is a female/female duet. Here are they are- some of my favorite female musical theatre songs. These are only coming from the stage shows.

  1. For Good
  2. Defying Gravity
  3. Wizard and I
  4. I’m Not That Girl
  5. Popular
  6. On My Own
  7. I Dreamed a Dream
  8. Castle on a Cloud
  9. Out Tonight
  10. Take Me or Leave Me
  11. Watch What Happens
  12. Think of Me
  13. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  14. Tomorrow
  15. Home
  16. A Change in Me
  17. As Long as He Needs Me
  18. Let it Go
  19. True Love
  20. I Still Believe
  21. I’d Give my Life For You

This isn’t easy- each time I think of a song, I realize a male sings it with a female or it is a male only song. The next post, I will focus on the males.

All my favorite Characters- per Letter

As a continuation of yesterday’s post, I decided to list all of my favorite characters of each letter of the alphabet. Yesterday, the limit belonged to only one character. This time, there is no limit. I think it will much easier this time around due to having no limit.

A- Annie, Anna (Frozen), Angel, Aladdin

B- Belle, Beast

C- Crutchie, Cosette, Cogsworth, Chip, Christine, Chris

D- Davey, Don Quixote, Daddy Warbucks

E- Elphaba, Eponine, Enjolras, Elsa

F- Fiyero, Fantine

G- Glinda, Gavroche, Grizabella, Groups (Newsies/Friends of the ABC)

H- Harold Hill

I- N/A

J- Jack Kelly, Jean Valjean, Jasmine

K- Katherine Plumber, Kim (Miss Saigon)

L- Lumiere

M- Maria (Sound of Music), Marius, Marian, Mimi, Mrs. Potts

N- Nala

O- Oliver

P- Pippin, Pumba

Q- N/A

R- Raoul, Roger

S- Simba, Sancho Panza

T- Timon

U- N/A

V- Von Trapp Children

W- Winthrop

X- N/A

Y- Young Cosette

Z- Zazu


I feel like I love more characters than the ones I listed. This is just all I can think of for now. Yes, for “G” I said groups, but I didn’t know where else to put them. It is amazing how for some letters, the number of characters is bigger.

Favorite Characters- Per Letter

I decided to see if I can think of one of my favorite characters for each letter of the alphabet. It turned out to be harder than I thought.

A- Annie

B- Belle

C- Crutchie 

D- Davey

E- Elphaba 

F- Fiyero 

G- Glinda 

H- Harold Hill 

I- N/A

J- Jack Kelly 

K- Katherine Plumber 

L- Lumiere  

M- Maria (Sound of Music) 

N- Nala

O- Oliver

P- Pippin

Q- N/A

R- Roger 

S- Simba

T- Timon 

U- N/A 

V- Von Trapp Children

W- Winthrop 

X- N/A 

Y- Young Cosette

Z- Zazu

Some of these came naturally easy to think of. Of some letters, it was very tricky. I was surprised that some musicals were barely on here, but glad it was a nice variety of musicals.

My Favorite Musical Theatre Duets

There is a common misconception about the musical theatre duets. People assume they all deal with romance. That is so not true-there are duets that deal with death, friendship, and family. So, musical duets are not just dealing with romance. Here are some of my favorite musical theatre duets.

  1. For Good
  2. As Long as Your’e Mine
  3. A Heart Full of Love
  4. A Little Fall of Rain
  5. Come to Me
  6. I Should Tell You
  7. I’ll Cover You
  8. What you Own
  9. Take me or Leave me
  10. Light my Candle
  11. All I Ask of You
  12. Phantom of the Opera
  13. Santa Fe (Prologue)
  14. Something to Believe In
  15. No Matter What
  16. A Whole New World
  17. Something Good
  18. Till There was You
  19. Sun and Moon
  20. I Still Believe
  21. The Last Night of the World
  22. One Hand, One Heart

So, you see musical theatre duets are not just romance numbers. A lot of duets belong to romance, but not all of them.

Favorite Disney Musicals

One of my favorite kinds of musicals are the Disney ones. They fall under two categories- classical and contemporary. For the most part, the start out as film and eventually become stage productions. Here are some of my favorite Disney musicals.

Lion King

  • The memorable opening number makes you fall in love with Lion King quickly. It has memorable characters, and a villain to hate. The costumes, set, and lighting are incredible. You truly see Africa coming to life in front of you. Simba is our protagonist- who is meant to be king, but struggles with who he is after the death of his father, Mufasa. The additional songs are amazing- examples are “They Live in You”, “Shadowland”, and “Endless Light”. They develop character further- which strengthens character.


  • This musical is successful, but underrated. It is based off of the Newsboy Strike of 1899. It is a high-energy dance musical. I love that the main cast is male. The brotherly bond that the Newsies share is like family. In addition, I love the intimate and strong bond found between Jack Kelly, the Newsies leader, and Crutchie, the most vulnerable Newsies. It is high-energy in both dance and song. I do love the inclusion of Katherine- it gives the show a female voice and a love interest for Jack. The songs are high-energy and at the same time gets an emotional feel at times.

Beauty and the Beast

  • Tale as Old as Time- we know the story. It is a tale as old as time. The Beast is actually a prince who was transformed into a beast because he was selfish and unkind. The castle was enchanted- everyone who worked there was turned into talking teacups (Chip and Mrs. Potts), a talking candle (Lumiere), etc. The spell could only be broken if the beast could only love another and be loved in return by the time the last petal falls by an enchanted rose. Our protagonist is Belle, an independent, unique, and brave young girl, who takes her father’s place at the castle. It is a tale as old as time. I still have not seen the stage show of Beauty and the Beast- only see the cartoon and the live action movie.


  • This is another classic. It is about street-rat Aladdin, who wants so much more and his love for Jasmine. The magic carpet ride is an iconic part of this musical. I still have yet to see the stage show of Aladdin. In September, I might be able to see the stage show of Aladdin- Blumenthal Performing Arts is bringing Aladdin to Charlotte.


  • I already love Frozen. I have loved it since I first saw the animated film. I loved how the true love was through the sisters not through the romance. I did love all the animation and I am not sick and tired of “Let it Go” (I still love that song). I love the characters-except for those characters you are not supposed to. Ever since hearing it was going to be a stage production, I was dying to see it. I did hear some of the new songs, and the ones I heard sound amazing. I have a feeling that I will love Frozen even more once I see the stage show. October 2020: Frozen is touring to Charlotte.