Review of Frozen

When their kingdom becomes trapped in perpetual winter, fearless Anna (Kristen Bell) joins forces with mountaineer Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his reindeer sidekick to find Anna’s sister, Snow Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel), and break her icy spell. Although their epic journey leads them to encounters with mystical trolls, a comedic snowman (Josh Gad), harsh conditions, and magic at every turn, Anna and Kristoff bravely push onward in a race to save their kingdom from winter’s cold grip.
¬†Ever since I saw Frozen in 2013, I always loved it. To me, I love how the true love is between the two sisters and not a girl and a guy and I think that is one of the reasons why it has been successful. The fact that one of the characters (Elsa) has ice and snow powers does bring out Disney magic. My favorite songs from Frozen are “Let it Go”, which reminds me of “Defying Gravity”, and “For the First Time in Forever”. I am not sick and tired of “Let it Go” and is a perfect scene to watch because this the first time that Elsa truly gets to be who she is.
I don’t find Olaf to be annoying. I find him to be a lovable snowman. Kristoff helps Anna in her adventures because he knows the mountains so well. He was raised by Trolls and you first met him as a child and he has a close bond to Sven and towards the end, Sven does realize that Kristoff loves Anna and makes him realize that.
Of all the main characters, I dislike Hans the most because you always think he is the good guy, but at the end you realize he is really a bad guy. Boy, you thought he was so nice and actually loved Anna, but he most certainly did not and all he wanted was to take Ardenlle’s throne.
Elsa and Anna eventually have a close bond even though at first there is bunch of not getting long. Elsa is just trying to keep her sister safe, but Anna really wants to have a relationship with her sister. In so many ways, their relationship is a typical sibling relationship. I have a sister and just like Anna and Elsa, we don’t always get along, but at times we do. At the end, the two sisters realize that love is the answer to how Elsa can control her powers.
I don’t consider Frozen to be overhyped. If you think about it, you have to consider the children who fell in love with it. That is where a lot of the love comes from. I am 23 and I love Frozen. I think the landscapes are beautifully well-done. and I think it is a beautiful story.


What are your feelings of Frozen? What are your feelings of the “new” Disney”?


Strong Musical Characters

In my opinion, strong musical characters exist. It can be quite difficult to understand what makes a character strong. Some of them have very challenging lives and they tend to know how to thrive.  Some of them are very strong-willed and even can be stubborn.

Here is the list I think of at the moment:

  1. Elphaba
  2. Glinda
  3. Jean Valjean
  4. Eponine
  5. Young Cosette
  6. Fantine
  7. Anna- King and I
  8. Maria- Sound of Music

What exactly makes all of these characters strong? Well, both Anna and Maria are very strong-willed and both the Captain and the King both call them difficult women. Those two might be the most surprising on this list, but I know they are strong-willed.

Young Cosette is quite a strong character. She is Fantine’s daughter and her mother had to leave her in the hands of the Thenardiers. Little does Fantine know that the Thenardiers are going to treat her daughter poorly. The Thenardiers horribly abuse the little girl and forcing her to be a servant. Young Cosette is quite optimistic and is always positive that she will eventually get rescued. She eventually does after Valjean comes to take her away after promising to her dying mother that he will raise Cosette as his own.


Thinking of Young Cosette, I would like to talk about Eponine. Eponine and Cosette have an interesting dynamic in a way. Their lives completely switch places. While Cosette was rescued from the Thenardiers and gets a better life, Eponine is stuck with them her whole life. Eponine has to grow up pretty quickly due to how the Thenardiers will treat her. Her parents are quite horrible towards her and she gets the same treatment that Cosette got. She becomes the abused, neglected and lonely teenager and was raised to be a criminal. Her life has gotten even worse and all she sees in her life is darkness.


All of this is highly important to order to understand her. Even though she was treated horribly, she is brave and tough and manages to not fully develop her parents wicked ways. I think that might have something to do with Marius. What makes matters even worse is that she has only one source of light in her life. That would be Marius, but she falls in love with him unrequitedly, but she is quite protective when it comes to him. She would anything for him and he is what keeps her going. He is the only person who treats her kindly and he does care about her even though he is unaware that she loves him..

Jean Valjean is both physically and spiritually strong. He is well known for his physical strength. The book compares his physical strength to the strength of four men. He also is very spiritually strong. When released from prison, he is a very angered, harsh, and hateful man. But through the forgiveness, kindness, and compassion shown by the bishop, Valjean starts his life fresh and lives by the bishop’s example. His actions clearly show that. Whether that is promising Fantine he will raise her daughter, saving Marius from the barricade or turning himself in when an innocent man was believed to be him or forgiving Javert, his spiritual strength shows. He has to live his life as an ex-convict and it is his spiritual strength that makes him show compassion and forgiveness and always lives by the bishop’s example.


Fantine is quite a heart-renching character. She was abandoned by her lover leaving her to care for Cosette. She has to abandon her child in the hands of the Thenardiers. She even was fired from Valjean’s factory and had to turn to prostitution to provide for her child. She received a letter from the Thenardiers telling her that Cosette is deathly ill, but little does she know that Cosette’s guardians are actually scamming Fantine out of money and that they are horribly abusing her daughter. It is the love of Cosette that keeps Fantine thriving. In an act of self-defense, she attacks a man after he sexually harassed her and Valjean intervenes to prevent her from being arrested. She does not know what will happen to Cosette and Valjean decides to promise Fantine that he will raise Cosette as his own.


As far as Glinda, it is hard for me to describe why she is strong. But I know that she is. I do know that she has to face people spreading rumors about her best friend and she still sticks by even though it does hurt her. Fiyero even leaves her for Elphaba.

As far as Elphaba goes, the strength is easier to notice. Elphaba has been treated like an outcast her whole life. Her father hates her because she was born green and blames her for the reason why her mother is dead and why Nessa is disabled. Even at school, people still misunderstand her. She befriends Glinda and Glinda becomes her best friend and the story centers around their friendship. Even in the second act when the Wizard makes the citizens of OZ believe she is Wicked, she is still strong. She has always been misunderstood, but she is such a wonderful young woman. She truly does develop through this musical. At the beginning she is very hopeful full of innocence, but it is during “Defying Gravity” where she truly matures and finds a new purpose in life.


In your opinion, what makes a musical character strong and what are some examples of strong musical characters?

Musical Characters I Relate to

One unique thing about musicals is that you find characters you can relate to. This post will talk about musical characters I relate to: both stage and nonstage.

First up is Elphaba from Wicked. Out of all musical characters, I relate to her the most. Like me, she is smart, determined, talkative, unique, big-hearted and believes in equality and staying true to herself. Another thing that I relate to her is her friendship with Glinda. Because I relate to her so much, I have the most personal relationship with her and she is my favorite musical character. She is one of the biggest reasons why Wicked has become meaningful.


Next up is Annie from Annie. Just like her, I am optimistic.


I relate to Anna from Frozen. I have a very outgoing personality as well and am funny. Sometimes like Anna, I act before I think. This sounds crazy, but Anna reminds me of Glinda.


I feel like I can relate to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I love to read especially mysteries, classics, fantasies, and mythology. Just like Belle, I am caring and capable of seeing who someone is beyond what they look like.


There are some characters where I can only relate to a small piece of then. I can relate in some way to Jean Valjean’s strong spirituality. Ever since high school, I have always been known I have a strong spirit.


What are some musical characters you relate to?

King and I Review

Last night, I watched the movie of King and I. So far, I have not disliked a single Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. Coming into King and I, I already knew “Whistle a Happy Tune”, “Shall We Dance”, and “Getting to Know You”. I knew that Anna comes to Siam to teach the king’s several wives and children.

This movie was a really well-done movie. I really loved the character of Anna. She is such a strong-willed women and love that she learns to love all of the King’s children. She always has problems with the King since he is so stern and strict. The King is very stern and feels like Anna is a very difficult woman. This scenario reminds me of the Captain and Maria. In Sound of Music, the Captain is also strict and feels like Maria is a difficult woman. In both situations, the two learn to accept each other’s differences. But the main difference is that the Captain and Maria fall in love while the King and Anna don’t. I also loved the King’s children. Similar to Maria, Anna becomes a teacher which is like Maria becoming a governess.

The acting was incredible as well. The actors playing both Anna and the King of Siam were incredible. Both were believable in their roles. Even though the King and Anna never get into a romantic relationship, they still form some kind of relationship. There is a romantic relationship that happens in King and I, which is a sub-plot and that reminds me of two Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musicals. It has the tragic nature of the romance between Liat and Joe Cable and also reminds me of the relationship between Liesl and Raouf especially in the scene when one of the wives sneaks out to be with her boyfriend. All of the parallels that happen in Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals is interesting. Even though there happens to be parallels, the plots have never been predictable.

The costumes were incredible. The costumes shown on Anna and the King, his wives and children really show the difference in culture. The costumes of the King, his wives and the children had very colorful costumes. Anna’s costumes were more simple representing the fact that she is from England.

In this movie, you kind of learn about the culture of Siam. Some of the roles the King has does not make sense to me like why does the King’s head always have to higher than everyone else’s and why do children always have to bow to the king on the floor. Siam is current Thailand. I obviously loved the songs I knew coming into the musical, but I fell in love with some of the newly discovered ones.

So far, I have liked every single Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. My favorite one is still by far Sound of Music followed closely by South Pacific. They are one of my favorite composer and lyricist teams.