Sunrise Delight

How different is it from seeing the sunset and the sunrise? I usually only see the sunset and the most beautiful I have seen come from school. Well, this morning, my family and I woke up at 6:00 to see the sunrise. I had never seen the sunrise before, but waking up early can be a challenge. But today it actually worked. In fact, I saw the sunrise at a very special place. It was at the beach and what a great way to show more then one part of God’s creation. The sunrise that we saw was pink and I loved the way it reflected in the water. Seeing the sunrise and hearing the waves makes you see how wonderful God’s creation is.


God’s creation is such a wonderful thing. I may not be a beach person, but I love the sound of the ocean’s waves. There is just something relaxing to the sound of the ocean. But today was quite special. Seeing the sunrise reflecting on the ocean makes you see more of God’s creation. It is incredible that God created everything living on this earth.In fact sunrises and sunsets are not quite different from each other, but still have their differences. I am this spiritually strong person and nature was a place where I am able to grow. I have always been a nature person and like seeing God’s creation. I prefer the mountains over the ocean, but I still enjoy the ocean. Being out in nature is one of the best ways to get closer to God and one of the best ways to deal with stress and hurt.Nature just this calming effect and makes you forget about all the worries and stresses of your life.



“Inner Self”

Dear “Inner Self”,

Thank you for giving the tools to allow me to be  a deep thinker. I love the fact that you are very spiritual and strong. You help me get through rough times. You allow me to have an amazing relationship with God. I see that through my love for Christian music and my love and compassion for others and experiences that helped develop my spirituality. I am aware of what God has called me to do. He wants me to help those living in poverty and homelessness, which is why I want to work in nonprofit. I am fully aware of my spiritual journey and the milestones attributed to it.

You also have a bit of Broadway in you because I am a musical fanatic. There is nothing wrong with being a gigantic fan of musicals. Musicals are way more then what they appear to be. They are a wonderful combination of comic and tragic musicals and those in between. In my opinion, all musicals are joyful, unique, emotional, and full of life. It sounds misleading to call all musicals joyful due to sad musicals.  I believe that all musicals have a source of light, which is why I can call sad musicals joyful. This sounds crazy, but I feel as if the emotions of joy, love, and excitement are a part of every single emotion. You helped me realize the true value of musicals and the importance of all the different emotions.

Without listening to you, I may not be the person that I am today.You help me see things from different perspectives. I made the choice to see things through the light and not the other way around.Through this blog, I am realizing  that you are helping me figure out what to write about. I am realizing that I know more about musicals and spirituality then I think I do. There is something about writing down what you know where you are able to figure out how much you know about a certain subject.

I had a childhood dream of being a writer and this blog is a step closer towards that dream. In fact, I have had  multiple dreams and some of them have already become reality, but some still have ways to go before they become reality. It can be tricky to  understand you. I know you are that very inner part of me that makes me who I am. You are what makes each person human, which is basically an ability to show love, acceptance, and compassion towards others.

Craziness of Life

In my opinion, life is like a gigantic roller coaster. It is full of ups and downs and twists and turns. The emotions are all over the place, but it is natural to feel positive and negative emotions. The thing about those negative emotions is that they hurt and they are emotions you just don’t want to go through. But when you do feel a negative emotion, remember that is just being human.

In fact, unpredictable things happen in life. These are things that you just don’t see coming and are just out of your control. Sometimes its something good or just something bad. Unpredictable things can change you for the better. Sometimes they can come as a surprise. It could end up being one of the best moments of your life. An experience you know is coming up may happen sooner then you thought.

However, when something unpredictable ends up being a bad memory, it can be hard to handle. You may not understand why it had to happen and it can really bring you down. When something like that happens, remember you have some control over how you handle it. If you know ways to heal, then use them to your advantage because it makes those easier to work with. Not many bad things have happened in my life, but I know how to handle tough times. Some of the tactics for dealing with bad times are music, coloring, reading, and nature. All four these help me relax when I just want to be alone.

Life is a beautiful thing. It is so fragile and full of so much wonder. It feels like you have a lot of time, but life is short. It is best to live in the moment and not in the past or the future. It is filled with a lot of vulnerability and these is nothing wrong with feeling vulnerable or hurt. They are just part of what it means to be human.


Dark World of Musicals

It can be quite challenging to describe the darkness the musicals face. Darkness makes a lot more sense in the tragedies then the comedies. I have seen comic and tragic elements in both the tragic and comic musicals along with those that are stuck in the middle.

What makes the darkness such an important part of musicals? Well, from my knowledge the strongest musicals have some kind of hurt or pain. It helps make a musical a lot more human and real. For the longest time, I knew that sad was a musical emotion, but from elementary to high school, I don’t remember how much of that emotion I actually understood. Based upon now, sad is quite limited, but really strong or weak at times.

Some of the darkness I found in musicals range from racism, death, unrequited love, broken dreams, surviver’s quilt, discrimination, child and animal abuse, and prosecution, etc. In fact a lot of the tragic elements found in comedies are very parallel to those found in tragedies. The hardest tragic element to understand is death itself especially in comedies. Some of the comedies with darkness are “South Pacific”, “Wicked”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Sound of Music”, “Pippin”, and “Lion King”. Even though tragic musicals do exist, I still associate musicals with comedies.

It is crazy that I still associate musicals with comedies. Well, based on my knowledge, most musicals are comedies and not the other way around. I have learned to fully appreciate the negative emotions through the tragic musicals themselves. In fact, I love not one, but two sad musicals. “Les Mis” and “Rent” are not too depressing because I learned to find the light in each of them. In fact, choosing to view all musicals through the light is one of the best decisions I ever made. By seeing sad musicals through the light, I am able to get more out of them.

I once called “Les Mis” too depressing, but I fully now understand the entire scope of that musical. I realized that the show is very inspirational and I choose to learn why. It is a musical with themes of compassion, hope, love, sacrifice, forgiveness, compassion, humanity, and redemption. It is the spirituality of the show that I relate and connect to. I still have no idea if I can relate to any of the characters. “Les Mis” taught me that musicals are way more then its genre. It is really the full experience that matters. I cannot believe I am saying this, but I never thought I would fall in love with a tragedy and I thought that genre didn’t belong in theatre especially those musicals. I also thought I would not fall in love with a death scene either.

As for “Rent”, I learned that the show is all about how to live life. These characters are scared for their life and don’t know if they are going to live till the next day. The characters live life to the fullest and treat every moment as if its their last. They teach you how precious life is. The message that this musical shows the the show is not too depressing.

It is very hard to understand why the negative emotions are worth feeling. That is due to the fact that they hurt, but it makes sense. When you connect or relate to a musical, you begin to care for the characters and that makes you want to go through the characters’ emotions. In a way, there is great joy and love when feeling sad or heartbroken or something like that. The show always works its magic on you but at the same time you are working the magic on the musical itself. When it comes to those heartbreaking songs, I rarely relate, but can connect. You sort of add joy to the heartbreaking songs because the emotions you are feeling belong to the characters and due to that, what emotions are really yours?

I prefer the more complex musicals then the simple ones. I want those negative emotions to be part of a musical, which sounds ironic. Why would you want to feel that way?  If I fall in love with a musical and its songs, then joy, love, and excitement guides you through every single emotion. I am still quite young, but at least I have clearer understanding of the darkness found in musicals. All musicals rely on each other and things have to be balanced. That’s way it makes sense for comedies to have tragic elements. It also makes sense that darkness does not appear in every single musical. It would be way too much for tragic elements to be part of every single musical.


Reflection of Les Mis

Today is July 30th, which was a special date for me last year. On July 30th of last year, mom took me to the Queen’s Theatre to see Les Mis. That night “I dreamed a dream”. I still have no words to describe how special that night was. Les Mis truly changed my life and sometimes still have no idea why the show moves me as much as it does. Attached to this blog is a review of that night along with my journey of the musical.


Musicals in One Word

Last year, I was given a musical challenge. I was challenged to describe each musical in one word, but not allowed to use the same word more then once. I am trying to describe each of  them using a positive word. It is very hard for people to understand why all musicals are “joyful” due to a small portion of them being sad. In fact, I get more out of a musical experience if I see them through the light compared to the other way around. This is my list so far and some may still need improvement.

  1. Man of La Mancha- Quest
  2. Rent- Life
  3. West Side Story- Romance
  4. Fiddler on the Roof- Tradition
  5. Wicked- Friendship
  6. Phantom- Spellbinding
  7. Les Mis- Humanity
  8. Sound of Music- Family
  9. Pippin- Discovery
  10. Music Man- Music
  11. South Pacific- Acceptance
  12. Godspell- Christ
  13. Singing in the Rain- movie
  14. Oklahoma- Love
  15. Annie- Optimism
  16. Wizard of OZ- Fantasy
  17. Hairspray- Segregation
  18. Mamma Mia- Wedding
  19. Lion King- Wild
  20. My Fair Lady- Change
  21. Beauty and the Beast- Sacrifice
  22. Aladdin- Magic
  23. Mary Poppins- Childhood
  24. Cats- Personality
  25. Grease- School
  26. Frozen- Sisterhood
  27. Little Mermaid- Longing
  28. Cinderella- Dream
  29. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers- Marriage
  30. Annie Get Your Gun- Competition
  31. Once- Healing
  32. Kiss Me Kate- Comic

The Value of Volunteering

What is the value of volunteering to me? Well, when it comes to volunteering, I do not see it as a sacrifice at all. Today I volunteered at Loaves and Fishes at my church. I feel like God has called me to help those less fortunate then me especially those living in poverty and below. I think He called me to do this because He believes that because I have had a fortunate life, I need to help those whose lives are not quite as fortunate.

I know volunteering is more for the people we help. I know that we give them something that they may not have access to. But I feel like I am given something in return. By seeing the look on their faces and the words they speak, I feel a sense of warmth that I have impacted those around me. Having this passion for volunteering helps me develop my spiritually and is part of why I am this spiritually strong person that I am today.

As Christians, we are known to do charity and show compassion, acceptance and love. We are known to help those in need. But for me I am helping people on a much deeper level. I just have this deep connection to those living in poverty and homelessness and still have no idea why. I feel like God is truly a part of my life and I always follow my heart. I alway stay true to who I am and never try to be someone I am not. If we allow Jesus in our lives, then everything seems a bit easier to handle.