Why is Music so Powerful?


That is a hard thing to think about. It is hard to simply explain the power of music. Music is this universal language that brings people together. It is something everyone understands. They bring emotions to a different nature. Christian Music and Musicals were the key to understanding the emotional value.

Christian music is the most inspiring and uplifting genre. It feels me up with the Holy Spirit in such a way that I can’t describe. It just lets me know that Christ will never give up on me. I am just feel like this spiritually strong person when I am listening or singing to this music.

As for musicals, characters communicate their emotion through song. This allows you to easily connect to the characters. The characters live very different lives and are dealing with different emotions. I see all musicals as part of the same universe. They are connected through the core emotions of joy, love, excitement, sad, and heartbreak. Musicals are full of innocence, vulnerability, maturity, and patience. Each musical approaches the emotions differently because of what each requires. Some want you to look at the emotions in a more entertaining way. Some want to feel them in a more moving and empathetic way. Trying to describe the emotional world of musicals is quite complicated.

When it comes to both, I am quite surprised by how far each have come. Both move me in ways I never thought possible.

What do you think is the power of music?


Spirituality of Bristol Pilgrimage

Just last summer, my family went to England for a pilgrimage because our church choir was in residence at the Bristol Cathedral. I still have no words to describe how transforming the trip was. It was full of so much spirituality. In fact, my family went up two days early. The following is a list of the different things that happened during the trip.

  1. Les Mis/Guards
  2. Fellowship among the Group
  3. Stonehenge
  4. Windsor Castle
  5. Berkeley Castle
  6. Chepstow Castle
  7. Tintern Abbey
  8. Hunting for Shaun the Sheep
  9. Ten church services
    1. Evensong-WestMinster Abbey
    2. Salisbury Cathedral
    3. St. Paul’s Cathedral
    4. Bristol Cathedral- best church service
  10. St. Mary Redcliffe

The best part of the trip was “Les Mis”, and seeing the guards. The interesting thing about “Les Mis” is my mom and I saw it the night before the group arrived. The next day my family was about to embark on a pilgrimage. “Les Mis” also is a spiritual journey of an ex-convict becoming a better man who became very saint-like. It has themes of love, forgiveness, compassion, humanity, hope, and redemption. That is why the show is inspirational despite the title meaning “the miserable”. Seeing “Les Mis” in London was a dream and that night was extremely epic, powerful, inspirational, and emotional.

So the next day, my family joined the rest of the group. In total, there were 72 pilgrims. It was the fellowship among the group that was the best part of the pilgrimage. If we did not have this love we had, then some of the best parts would have lost meaning. That trip was quite transforming and spiritual. I feel like I am closer to God because of it. It ended up being a part of my spiritual journey. The fellowship the group has for each other is still as strong as it was in England.


Circus of Pippin

This word reminds me of when I saw “Pippin” last year with my mom. It is a Stephen Swartz musical comedy and he also wrote Godspell and Wicked. It is about a young prince named Pippin who wants to find his “corner of the sky”.The song, “Corner of the Sky” is about what Pippin wants most in life, which is figuring out where he is meant to be.

Pippin fits in the idea of circus because it has circus elements. That adds a fun amount of spectacle to the experience. I saw people on the trapeze, balancing acts, flips, juggling, illusions and more. During the song “No Time At All”, the audience was allowed to sing along to the chorus. I loved the show because its music and plot was so good. Even the costumes were amazing and they fit the idea of circus nicely. My favorite scene was “Magic to Do” and my favorite song was “Corner of the Sky”.IMG_0316.JPG

This musical ended up one of the meaningful musicals of my life.


Importance of Humanity

In life, all humans are connected. We all belong to the same species. Every single one of us is flawed. We are capable of both good and evil. We all feel positive and negative emotions. However, what truly makes us human? Why do humans have the need to be connected?

Two important parts of humanity are compassion and love. Compassion is what makes us human. It is why we help people in times of need especially in tragedy. Compassion shows that we care. Showing compassion helps people when they are the most vulnerable.

Love is that human emotion that makes us stay connected. It is why we want to feel loved. It is why we stand up for what we believe in. Love is why lasting relationships are important no matter what kind of love it is. It is why we have the desire to feel loved by others. It makes us feel safe and shows that others care about us. Love makes us feel vulnerable. But there is nothing wrong with feeling vulnerable because it is an important aspect of humanity.

In fact, the more compassion and love we show, this world will slowly fix itself. All we see on the news is tragic. It makes it seem like most humans are bad. But in reality most are good. The main place where we can see good is through those around us. Showing compassion and love can be something as simple as giving someone a compliment. Because we are connected, this one act of kindness will go a long way.

What are your thoughts on this?


Playfulness of Musicals

When it comes to most musicals, they tend to have a comedic, fun, and playful nature.  I know this mainly because of what I grew up with. Below is a list of musicals that are in that nature.

  1. Wicked
  2. Annie
  3. Sound of Music
  4. Pippin
  5. South Pacific
  6. Music Man
  7. Annie Get Your Gun
  8. Lion King
  9. Beauty and the Beast
  10. Aladdin
  11. Singing in the Rain
  12. Grease
  13. Cats
  14. Kiss Me Kate
  15. Mary Poppins
  16. Bye Bye Birdie
  17. Cinderella
  18. Mamma Mia
  19. Fiddler on the Roof



Roller Coaster of Life

Life is not smooth like people want it be. If life was that easy, then life would not be as exciting. There would not be times to grow or learn either. If life were easy, we would not know what the most exciting times in life were. Also if it were easy, there would not be a place for spirituality.

Life is basically like a roller coaster because of the twists, turns, ups, and downs. The twists and turns happen when something unexpected happens.Those times can be rough and hurtful, but the best way to plough through those is to have faith. They do allow you to grow and become a better person. Life is messy, but just remember that life is precious. Use the twists and turns to grow no matter what.

The good and bad times work like magnets. You cannot have one without the other. If you do not have bad times in your life, you would not know what the good times were. In life you have to be vulnerable and emotional. The bad times help you appreciate the good times even more. You cannot have sad without joy because you can never separate them. Live life to the fullest and treat every moment as if its your last. No Day But Today!


Musicals of my Childhood

These musicals are what I grew up with, which are the ones from elementary school to summer of 2006. They helped form the basics of what a musical is. They taught me the basics of four common core emotions, which are excitement, joy, love, and sad. They showed me that musicals have an emotional connection, spectacle, and dance. They showed me that musicals are known to be happy.

  1. Lion King
  2. Beauty and the Beast
  3. Cats
  4. Grease
  5. Sound of Music
  6. Annie
  7. Wicked

By using what I know about these, I am able to notice big changes. That is how I knew the uniqueness of the scores in Phantom and Les Mis. That is why it was confusing when the sad musicals entered my life. Even though things have changed, the original musicals have never lost their spirit. I hope that the original musicals will always bring out the child in me. Without the musicals I grew up with, there is no way musicals would be what they are today.