Favorite Male/Female Duets

There are a lot of duets in musicals- but they are NOT just dealing with romance. This post will be a list of duets that are only sung by one male and one female- so some of my favorite duets will be left off. The list will not be in a specific order- as in ranking.

  1. A Little Fall of Rain
  2. Come to Me
  3. No Matter What
  4. Something to Believe In
  5. Something Good
  6. I Should Tell You
  7. Till There Was You
  8. Sixteen Going on Seventeen
  9. As Long as Your’e Mine
  10. Light My Candle
  11. Phantom of the Opera
  12. A Whole New World
  13. All I Ask of You
  14. Somewhere
  15. One Hand, One Heart
  16. The Last Night of the World
  17. Sun and Moon

A lot of male/female duets are romance numbers. At the same time, there are a couple that don’t belong to romance- some are them relate to family, friendship, and death.

What are some of your favorite male/female duets?


Favorite Male Musical Theatre Songs

While yesterday’s post talked about some of my favorite female songs, today I decided to write a list of some of my favorite male musical theatre songs. Like before- I will only include duets if it is a male/male duet.

  1. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
  2. Red and Black
  3. Who Am I
  4. Bring Him Home
  5. What Have I Done
  6. Santa Fe
  7. Santa Fe (Prologue)
  8. Carrying the Banner
  9. The World Will Know
  10. Seize the Day
  11. Letter from the Refuge
  12. Music of the Night
  13. If I Can’t Love Her
  14. This Nearly Was Mine
  15. Some Enchanted Evening
  16. Endless Night
  17. What You Own
  18. One Song Glory
  19. I’ll Cover You
  20. Why God Why
  21. The Impossible Dream

Favorite Female Musical Theatre Songs

I have written posts about my favorite duets, favorite songs relating to emotions, favorite ensemble songs, favorite protagonist songs. However I don’t think I have written songs relating to just female and male characters. This will include duets if it is a female/female duet. Here are they are- some of my favorite female musical theatre songs. These are only coming from the stage shows.

  1. For Good
  2. Defying Gravity
  3. Wizard and I
  4. I’m Not That Girl
  5. Popular
  6. On My Own
  7. I Dreamed a Dream
  8. Castle on a Cloud
  9. Out Tonight
  10. Take Me or Leave Me
  11. Watch What Happens
  12. Think of Me
  13. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  14. Tomorrow
  15. Home
  16. A Change in Me
  17. As Long as He Needs Me
  18. Let it Go
  19. True Love
  20. I Still Believe
  21. I’d Give my Life For You

This isn’t easy- each time I think of a song, I realize a male sings it with a female or it is a male only song. The next post, I will focus on the males.

What does it mean to be an Emotional Wreck in a Musical?

Yesterday, I watched the 25th anniversary concert film of Les Mis, and I was still an emotional wreck. That wasn’t my first time watching it- I have watched it “I believe over 25 times”. I own that film and the actual movie musical. What does it actually mean to be an emotional wreck watching a musical?

You know those musicals that hit you like a pile of bricks. The phrase “a pile of bricks” means you can’t help but tear up or feel absolutely heartbroken. You can’t help it- and each time you see those musicals, you feel the same way. You are devastated and heartbroken at the same songs and you can’t help but be in tears. That is what I mean by being an emotional wreck. I never have been an emotional wreck until a certain musical entered my life.

In the beginning, I wasn’t an emotional wreck with Les Mis. It was a response I built up over time. Some songs that were heartbreakers were only sad in the beginning- they took a year or so till I realized the truth. “I Dreamed a Dream”, “Come to Me”, “On My Own”, “A Little Fall of Rain”, “Drink With Me”, “Bring Him Home”, and “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” are songs I am crying during. I have listened to those songs “who knows how many times” and still hit like a pile of bricks. Les Mis makes me the biggest emotional wreck, but it isn’t the only emotional wreck musical that entered my life. I don’t think I will ever be immune to Les Mis.

The closest emotional wreck musical to Les Mis is Rent. Like Les Mis, Rent is meaningful. Rent entered my life extremely close to Les Mis. Songs like “Will I?”, “Your Eyes”, “Life Support”, “I’ll Cover You (Reprise)”, and “Without You” give a similar feel that the Les Mis songs give you. There are other songs that can drive me to tears- but they only have that capability if the musical is seen live- “One Song Glory” and “Rent” are two of two those songs. In 2017 when I saw Rent in person- I was almost as emotional as I usually am in Les Mis.

Miss Saigon was the next level down from Rent. I am emotional in more songs than both Rent and Les Mis. I saw Miss Saigon this year, and like expected, I was in tears or almost in tears during some of the numbers. The song I remember being in tears the most was during “Sun and Moon”- the actor and actress playing Chris and Kim were so good that I did not their relationship to end even though I knew it had to be.

It seems like the emotional wreck musicals exist in tragic musicals or musicals that are almost in that world. Even Phantom of the Opera has that capability. When I saw it back in 2014, I was choked up meaning I was almost in tears.

There are other songs that reduce me to tears- but not found in musicals that make me an emotional wreck. To make me an emotional wreck, it has to found in enough songs.

Parts of a musicals that some people still fail to Understand

There are parts that some people still fail to understand. These tend to be the people that either a) don’t like musicals, b) like musicals, but don’t love them or c) not as passionate as others. What do I mean by parts of a musical that people still fail to understand? I am not talking about the unpopular opinions I already mentioned before. I will bring up what I mean below.


Some people don’t quite understand the importance of dance and spectacle in a musical. They feel like those shouldn’t be in musicals at all. Well- they do a reason for being in there. There are settings that need spectacle- OZ, Agraghah (still can’t spell it right), and the Savannah. How will you believe in places like those if the spectacle didn’t exist? Spectacle belongs to lighting, colorful and fun costumes and set- they do make you believe in what you are seeing. Some settings need those or else you will not believe in what you are seeing. You know how song brings out emotion- dance does the same thing. From the surface, dance doesn’t just looks like it is there for enjoyment, but in reality- it has a reason. You need the spectacle and dance to bring the location and emotion to you.


I feel like these can easily be overshadowed. It is the love or hate emotion in books and on stage. It is believed that there is TOO MUCH ROMANCE in the musicals. True, there is romance in a lot of musicals, and most likely when you see a new musical, there will be romance. Romance exists either in the form or a couple or in a love triangle. Why is romance so common? For starters, it is an universal emotion. Second, it translates easily to song. When it translates to song, it creates these beautiful melodies- that is what makes me fall in love with a couple. I am more likely to fall in love with a musical theatre couple than a book couple. It is so much easier to find a couple in a musical than a book- because of song. Love songs are a combo dealing with a couple, breakup, and unrequited love- all are them beautiful songs. Let’s say it is a musical that has zero negative emotions in the score- the romance gives it an emotion feel- that is what music man does. There is a reason romance happens in all the musicals I love.

What Word do I Associate when it comes to Musicals?

Musicals are one of my passions. Is there a specific word that comes to mind when the word musical comes to mind? That does depend at times. Growing up, I associated musicals with a different word than I do today. They were very different in those days. I was still getting to know them- they were very similar in those days. Similar- yet different.

Growing up- when I thought of musicals, the word, showtune automatically came to mind. Showtune was something that connected to many things in the world of musicals. It connected to song, dance, and spectacle. What exactly is a showtune song? You know those musical songs that start out slowly and speed up and stay exciting- songs like “Seize the Day”, “Do Re Mi”, “Dancing through Life”, “Be Our Guest”, and “I Just Can’t Wait to Be Wait” all are examples of showtune songs. They are ones that most likely to have dance and spectacle in them.

What is spectacle exactly? Dance is part of spectacle, in my opinion. They are moments of excitement, color- as in costume, scenery, and lighting- you will know spectacle when you see it. People think spectacle and dance are too “you know” don’t do much for a musical- are just there just to be there. In my opinion, spectacle and dance do have a specific reason for being there. What if a musical takes place in a colorful and magical place- you would that spectacle to make you believe: OZ in Wicked and Agragah in Aladdin for example. Spectacle and dance also advances plot: people might be thinking: how can dance advance plot- it does. I know it. People do think dance and spectacle is overdone these days- it is not- just like song, it adds something unique and beautiful to a musical and can help with the emotion.

Now, if I automatically think of musicals, more than one word comes to mind. I don’t know if I can’t think of that one word. Showtune, magical, emotional, and special are four of the words that automatically come to mind. It is crazy how things changed. It used to be one word that came to mind- now more than one word comes to mind. Musicals have more capability than they used to have.

What do I love about Aladdin

I do love Disney musicals. One of them is Aladdin. I only saw the musical films and never saw the stage show. What do I love about the musical?

The Songs

  • This is what I am drawn to first about any musical. I love the songs in this musical. As cliche as it sounds my favorite song is “A Whole New World”. The songs are fun and catchy and do have a Disney vibe to them.

The Characters

  • In all the musicals I love, I have to be emotionally connected to the characters or else the emotions don’t matter. It has an extremely likable protagonist, Aladdin. Yes, he may be a street rat- but he has an incredible charm. The genie is great fun- that is all I have to say. I love the romance between Jasmine and Aladdin. Jasmine is strong-willed- I like that about her- her strength.

The Plot

  • This is the final piece of the puzzle. To fully love a musical, you have to love the songs, characters, and the plot- not just one piece. I can’t exactly describe why I love the plot. I just do.


  • Why did I talk about why I love Aladdin today? Well, Club Blume finally let us register for the Aladdin Informance, which was sent out yesterday.I actually got in- the informances always do something related to the show itself. The informance is my first step of actually seeing the stage show of Aladdin on discount.