Musical Couples from 2012 to Now

Once again, I will be writing another love post. This time, I will write a list from couples that I have come across from 2012 to now, so some musical couples will not be on the list.

  1. Cosette and Marius
  2. Christine and Raoul
  3. Marian and Harold Hill
  4. Nellie and Emelie
  5. Liat and Joe Cable
  6. Ado Annie and Will Parker
  7. Mimi and Roger
  8. Angel and Collins
  9. Maureen and Joanne
  10. Kathy and Don
  11. Catherine and Pippin
  12. Katherine and Jack
  13. Maria and Tony
  14. Audrey and Seymour

This list has quite a wide range of couples. Each of their relationships vary differently. Even the outcome of their relationships are different. Some are them are tragic and don’t end too well and some you don’t think their relationship will last, but it does. So you can tell, most of them are young couples.


Sympathy and Empathy in Musicals

The word sympathy reminds me of musicals. A musical has the advantage of song to make you feel for the characters. They want you to feel empathy for the characters, but sometimes all you can feel sympathy for them especially if you are feeling for a character you don’t like.

The emotions the actors are played to the audience makes the audience feel what the character is feeling. In my eyes, I feel like the characters personally know everyone in the audience and are comfortable with sharing their emotions to the audience even if they are not willing to share it to the other characters.

Some musical emotions are hard to feel and are tough. You don’t want the characters to go through what they are going through at times, but you still learn to care about them and they end up living in you. The negative emotions are the best example of feeling sympathy and eventually empathy for them. I don’t mind feeling the negative emotions especially if I fall in love with the sad and heartbreaking songs and fall in love with the character and plot because you feel like you are ingrained into the plot and when that happens, you end up having a positive experience.

What makes the songs make you feel for the characters? Well, for starters, songs are usually more powerful than words alone. Sometimes a musical’s use of crescendos makes a song feel strong and powerful, which is a very unique thing to see. The crescendo makes you see just how strong a character is and that can make you feel the emotions the song is trying to convey. There are key changes when it comes to a crescendo. Songs like “On My Own”, “One Day More”, “Defying Gravity” among others have a use of crescendos and crescendos help with emotions a lot. It lifts the song and makes a song even more powerful.


I feel like the melody shows the nature of the emotions. A slow and quiet song is how you end up feeling love and the sad or heartbreaking songs fit under that category as well. “I’m Not That Girl” is an unrequited love, but because the melody stays consistent throughout, it ¬†shows that Elphaba’s love for Fiyero is not that strong at that point in the story. But with the case of “On My Own”, which is another unrequited love song, the melody which has this whole introduction shows just dark and empty Eponine’s life is and when that sudden key changes after “all I see is him and me forever and forever”, the melody has a sudden key change and slowly builds up over time sells how just strong and deep Eponine’s love for Marius is. So melody does play a part in the emotion of the song. The exciting songs have the pattern of starting and suddenly speeds up and that gives you the wow factor that an exciting is supposed to have.

What is your opinion about feeling sympathy and empathy in musicals? Do you like the use of crescendos in musicals? Why you think songs bring out the emotions in the characters better than words alone?



Wicked Book Versus Wicked Musical

I saw Wicked four times and I only read the Wicked book once. Well, those two are not faithful to each other at all. I love the musical while I dislike the book. What makes these two different from each other?

When I read the book, I found the book to be too dark and realized that the musical is not faithful to it. The book does not have a center core of friendship like the musical has and there was no love triangle between Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. I felt like I was less emotionally connected to the characters compared to the musical. The book read more like a tragedy than the musical. The book is something I plan to not read again. It was so weird reading a book with a plot that was so drastically different than the musical.

So what makes the musical more special? The musical was closer to being a comedy because it is more family friendly and has a center core, which many people can relate to. The musical is mainly about the friendship between Elphaba and Glinda. The fact that Elphaba and Glinda, the two protagonists, are part of the love triangle strengthens the friendship. The musical makes me feel more emotionally connected to Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero because I find that the songs help and that the characters feel more relatable. I find the musical easier to understand than the book. The spectacle and dance aspect of the musical also makes the musical more enjoyable than the book. The musical sparked my love for musicals.

So which fares betters, the musical or the book? I think the plot of the musical is stronger than the plot of the book. It focuses on friendship and that is something that everyone can relate to. Than there is the complex, strong, and mature love triangle and it helps strengthen the friendship. The musical fares better because it is more geared towards people of all ages. I find the book to be too dark and the plot to be too unreliable and boring. So the musical defiantly fares better than the book.

What are your opinions about the book and the musical.

Stay Focused in the Race

And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to be there. I only know that in every city the Holy Spirit warns me that prison and hardships are facing me. However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task that the Lord Jesus has given me-the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace. Now I know that none of you among whom I am about

On Tuesday at the Gathering, the sermon was about this particular piece of scripture. It is about to not lose focus, but to keep eyes on Christ. Just by reading this passage, it doesn’t seem like it is about staying focused. What does the race look like when it comes to Christ. Well, the race is different for everybody. For starters, there are nonbelievers and believers. Citizenship is seen in the kingdom of Heaven and that is where the race ends. If you are a nonbeliever, you can start the race anywhere, but if you are a nonbeliever still at undergraduate school, your school is the place to start. but you can start anywhere at any time in your life.

But, how do we not lose course stay focused on the finish line? One way is to stay obedient to Christ and follow our calling. No one is alone in the race because we all go on a spiritual journey to reach the kingdom of Heaven so no one is alone in their race even though it looks different from anybody.

But why do we go on this race? For starters, Jesus is the way, truth, and light of our lives. The people who have faith because of the mercy that God has shown us. We need to testify to the grace of God. Just continue to keep your eyes on the prize and if you do, you will reach the finish line.


Letter to Les Mis Characters

Dear Jean Valjean, Javert, Fantine, Eponine, Marius, Cosette, Monsiuer and Madame Thenardier, Enjolras, and rest of the students,

All of you are an important part of my life. You all create such a heartfelt and inspirational story. You all showed me just how amazing a tragic tale could be and that tragedies are way more than being sad. Now I will talk about you all individually.

Major Spoilers:

Jean Valjean, you are one of my favorite literary and musical protagonists. I love the spiritual transformation you take throughout the tale. You taught me that people can raise above their upbringing. You showed me just how one person can impact someone’s life and that is something you learned from the bishop. I love that you promised to raise Fantine’s daughter as your own. I am glad you rescued Cosette and gave her a better life. I love the compassion you show to others. Love that you rescued Marius due to the love you love for Cosette. Boy there is so much I could say about your character. Your redemption is so strong and glad you got to die with Cosette and Marius by your side.


Javert, you belong in Les Mis despite the fact that I am not a big fan of your character mainly because I love Jean Valjean. I cannot believe you always believed that people would never change. You showed me that there are people that do see the world in black and white. Still, you are very hard to find ground with just because of how complex you are as a character. All you wanted to do was recapture Valjean and send him back to prison. I wish you had realized that Valjean did become a better person. But you still fit in Les Mis. In a way I like you because you are one of the most complex literary antagonists and you do belong in Les Mis.


Fantine, oh my, your story is so hard to watch because it is so heartbreaking. I cannot believe that the biological father of your daughter abandoned you and left you to be a single mom. I wish you did not leave Cosette in the hands of the Thenardiers because they treated her horribly. Boy, at the factory, I wish those factory women never read that letter. Still you had to turn to prostitution in order to provide for Cosette. I love the love you have for Cosette. I wish you had you realized that the Thenardiers were scamming you out of money. I am so glad that Valjean came to the rescue and promised to raise your daughter as his own. He showed you compassion as you were dying and at least you were able to die in peace and comfort after Valjean made that promise.


Monsieur and Madame Thenardier, I completely hate you, but at the same time I love the two of you. You provided the much needed comic relief, but at the same time hated you for how you treated Cosette when she was living there. You horribly abused her and made her a servant of your inn. You even were scamming Fantine out of money spreading false lies about Cosette. Well, Valjean came for Cosette and rescued her, but then you started horribly abusing Eponine and kicked Gavroche out of your house. Boy you are so neglectful and unloving towards your children. You raised Eponine to be a criminal and a thief. In a weird way, you made me realize just how fortunate I am to be living in a loving family.


Eponine, you are one of my favorite characters in the musical. As a child, you appeared to be loved by your parents, but things were eventually going to get darker and even worse. Your parents horribly abused you and raised you to be a thief and a criminal so you lived a very horrible and dark life. Boy, at least you found light through Marius, the only good thing in your life and the only person who showed you kindness and that is what moved you to love him. At least you had him in your life even though he didn’t love you. Still, I love the way you respond to your unrequited love. You continued to stand by Marius’ side and would do anything for him so you risked your life several times. I love that you died in his arms and even though you were shot, you were at peace because you were in the arms of the man you loved. Still, you did not have many good things in your life and you were able to raise above your upbringing. Boy, there is so much I could say about you and why I love you.


Cosette, I am so glad Jean Valjean rescued you from the Thenardiers and you were so strong as a child and always hoped you would be rescued. You ended up being in better hands with Jean Valjean. He was such an incredible father even though you and him were always on the run from Javert. Still, I love that you represent hope and light in Les Mis. You and Marius make a wonderful couple. That helps bring even more hope and light to the tale. I cannot believe that your adopted father died at the end, but at least you still had Marius. You may not be as developed as some of the other characters, but I love what you represent.


Marius, I love the relationship you have with the students, Eponine, and Cosette. You were a revolutionary part of the students. In the case of Eponine, I love that you were in her life because she needed it because you gave light in her life. So glad that you showed your kindness and were a good friend towards her. Yes, she eventually dies and that leaves you heartbroken, but I am glad you stayed brave and stayed by her side as she lay dying from a gunshot wound. On top of that trauma, the rest of your friends died, but at least you were rescued by Jean Valjean, Cosette’s adopted father. You are such a sweet, kind, and compassionate person. You and Cosette are a beautiful couple and she helped you recover from the trauma you faced at the barricade.


Enjolras, Gavroche, and the students, I love that you stand up for what you believe in. Enjolras, you are so passionate towards the uprising and you make such a wonderful leader. I love how all you take in Gavroche and you were like his family. Every single one of you stayed passionate towards the end even when you knew the uprising will most likely fail. I just love the brotherly love you have for each other. Still, I could on and on about why I love you all.

What are your thoughts on the Les Mis characters?

Joy of Plot Twists in Musicals

Connecting to yesterday’s post, musicals are home to plot twists. I love plot twists in musicals, but why do I love plot twists? I don’t have an exact reason why I love a plot twist, but have some ideas.

To me, a plot twist adds complexity to a story. Complexity is something I tend to look for in a musical. There is the plot twist in Wicked’s love triangle, which is part of why this is one of the love triangles that stands out. A plot twist is something that can fascinate you. Another plot twist, which is in Les Mis, is the switch that happens between Cosette and Eponine. The plot twists are key for an incredible plot and can help make characters even better characters. Still, I don’t exactly have a reason why I love them.

Why do you love plot twists in musicals?

When the Unexpected Happens

There are times in life where something unexpected happens. That can either be a good thing or a bad thimg and can be hard to adjust to at times.

Something unexpected that happened in my life this semester was discovering that my 8:00 am class was cancelled this morning literally right when I arrived.

Having a class at that time being cancelled can be annoying. So I walked over to the Tucker Student Center to hang out until my 10:00 class. It gave me time to sign up for Les Mis through student activities, which will be in Greenville at the Peace Center.

Another unexpected thing that happened was yesterday. On the way back to the suites, I felt two raindrops so I cut through the Tucket Center since it was on the way. But right after I cut through, it was sprinkling, however I had no umbrella, rainboats, and raincoat and it is not fun heading back to my suite in the rain with nothing to stop me from getting wet.

Unexpected things have happened in the musical world as well through the genre of tragedy and plot twists that that happen in the musical. When the genre of trgedy entered through the musicals, I had to readjust due to the fact thst I grew up with happy and comic musicals, but did help that I already discovered the enotion of sad in musicals.

Spoiler Alert:

Those plot twists that happen in a musical plot can be exciting and confusing at the same time. One of the best plot twists happens in Wicked due to a love triangle. In act one, the set up is Glinda and Fiyero as a couple and Elphaba with the unrequited love. But in act two, all three of them mature and Fiyero realizes that Glinda is not the girl for him so he breaks up with her and enters a relationship with Elphaba so the set up changes with Glinda having unrequited love. There are hints in act one that shoe why the plot twist happened because it seems like Fiyero had a crush on Elphaba in his days at Shiz, but seems unaware of it.


So that Wicked plot twist makes it one of the best love triangles in musical theatre history and makes it my favorite one.