Analysis of Madame Morrible/ The Wizard

Both the Wizard and Madame Morrible are the antagonists of Wicked. The reason why I combined them in one post is because of how much little knowledge I have of Madame Morrible in the first place.

Major Spoilers:

Madame Morrible:

We first meet Madame Morrible at Shiz University. She is a Sorcery teacher and is very particular of what students she wants in her program. By seeing Elphaba’s powers, she sees that Elphaba’s powers will be very valuable with the Wizard. She recommends Elphaba to meet up with the Wizard. Throughout her time at Shiz, we learn that Madame Morrible is very skilled at controlling the weather.


We later learn that Madame Morrible has become secretary with the Wizard. It is discovered that she is one of the main antagonists in Wicked. She is the one in act II who sent the tornado, which killed Nessa. Madame Morrible meets her end by being sent to jail by Glinda. Of all the Wicked characters, I know of Madame Morrible the least.


The Wizard: 

When you first hear of the Wizard, you think he is wonderful. That is what Elphaba thinks he is. She thinks that if she works with him, she will finally be accepted for who she is. You first meet the Wizard after “One Short Day”. During “One Sentimental Man”, you learn that what one thing the Wizard wants more anything is to be a father. But you do learn that he is a man of limited power and that is he is responsible of stripping the animals of their rights. He has Elphaba do a spell on a monkey, which makes him grow wings, which is quite painful, which made a ton of monkeys grow wings and it was discovered that the Wizard just wants to use the monkeys as spies to keep an eye on animal activity.

The Wizard just seems to care about is power. He makes the citizens of OZ believe that Elphaba is Wicked, but that isn’t even true. He wants more and more power because he is the Wizard of OZ after all. At the end of Wicked, the Wizard discovers that he is in fact Elphaba’s biological father and this devastates him because he did a wrong on Elphaba’s part. Due to that, the Wizard left OZ for good. The Wizard truly realized his mistake in the end. Madame Morrible and the Wizard make quite an interesting pair, but I still tend to overlook them.


Analysis of Nessa

Nessa is another Wicked character that I keep on overlooking. Like Boq, she is secondary and she also is involved in the romantic complex that is found in Wicked.

Major Spoilers:

Nessa is Elphaba’s younger sister, who is disabled and in a wheelchair. Her father spoils Nessa, which shows that Nessa is favored over her sister. Nessa’s father made special arrangements for Nessa to stay with Madame Morrible.


In the whole “Dancing Through Life” scene, Glinda kindly asks Boq to ask Nessa to the dance. This is where Nessa fits into the whole romantic complex that is in Wicked. Well, during the dance, Boq tries to tell Nessa why he asked her to the dance, but wasn’t able to . Nessa believed it was because he felt sorry for her. Boq quickly goes to tell her that she is beautiful. Well, Nessa has fallen in love in Boq. Well, so Nessa loves Boq and Boq loves Glinda and Glinda loves Fiyero. Boy, Wicked has a complicated romantic arc.


Many scenes later in act II, Nessa has become governor of Munckinland after her father died. Elphaba has arrived to try to ask Nessa for help because she knows that her father will listen to Nessa. It turns out that Elphaba’s father died out of shame. It seems that Nessa has betrayed her sister. But through Nessa’s role as governor, she has imprisoned all the Munchkins because she is so in love with Boq. Nessa really believes that Elphaba has betrayed her and hasn’t done any good for her. Elphaba realizes there is something she can do for her sister and puts a spell on Nessa’s shoes and it allows her to walk for the first time.

Boq seeing that Nessa no longer needs her assistance wants to find Glinda to tell Glinda about his love for her. Well, this angers Nessa seeing that Boq doesn’t love her and discovering about the spell book tries to put a spell on Boq to keep him from going, but the spell went wrong, which caused Boq’s heart to start shrinking. Nessa seeing the damage she has done urgently asks Elphaba to save him and Elphaba turns him to tin because it is the only spell that can. Well, after Boq wakes up, Nessa actually places the blame on Elphaba so in the end Nessa really does betray her sister.


Nessa becomes the Wicked Witch of the East in the End. Her being able to walk is short lived. She is killed by a house at the end and that is always overlooked it seems. Nessa and Boq’s fates keep on being overlooked in Wicked it seems, but makes sense in a way. Each time I see Wicked, I still approach it from the point of view as a 12 year old, but the emotions are felt much deeper than that age.

Boy, if I have to look at the romantic complex, that is a lot. Nessa loves Boq and Boq loves Glinda and Glinda and Elphaba love Fiyero and the main focus is on Elphaba and Glinda. Nessa is a character that I feel like is odd to overlook. If I have such a personal bond, why on earth do I keep on overlooking Nessa?  Then again, the center of the story is Glinda and Elphaba. She has a song in the musical called “Wicked Witch of the East”, but that song isn’t even in the soundtrack.

Analysis of Boq

Boq is a character from Wicked that I keep on overlooking. I think that is very easy to do. For starters, he is a secondary character and he doesn’t have song of his own. Boq is an unusually tall Munchkin. A lot of his character revolves around his unrequited love for Glinda. Well, Wicked’s love arc is more complicated than it might seem. The past two days, I made it seem like Wicked is home mainly to a love triangle. Well, it is mainly focused on the love triangle between Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero.


Well, things get even more complicated now that we add Boq to the picture. Now it sounds like Wicked is home to a love rectangle. Glinda is so oblivious to the fact that Boq loves him. Boq is the character who would do anything to please Glinda. One obvious example is found during “Dancing Through Life”.  He asks Glinda out to the school, but Glinda not being in love with him asks him for a huge favor which is asking Elphaba’s younger sister out, who is disabled out to the dance. Boq seeing how happy this would make Glinda does as she says.


At the school dance, Boq is not able to confess to Nessa the real reason why he asked her to the dance, which makes Nessa believe they are meant for each other. To continue to please Glinda, Boq continues to assist Nessa even when the Munchkins are imprisoned and eventually tries to leave to find Glinda after hearing that she is engaged to Fiyero. Nessa out of anger cast a spell on Boq, which caused his heart to shrink and in order to save his life, Elphaba had no choice, but to turn him to tin. Nessa literally makes Boq believe that Elphaba purposely turned him to tin, but what Boq didn’t realize that if he wasn’t turned to tin, he would have died.


Boq honestly thought that Elphaba’s action of of turning him into a tin man was wicked so he became part of the hunt of finding Elphaba. But still, a lot of his story revolves around his unrequited love for Glinda. Still, Boq is hard to even spend time with and even analyze. I feel like the story keeps on leaning you towards the characters of Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. I still don’t know if he even has grown on me or not. Tomorrow’s analysis is on Nessa, who is another character I keep on overlooking.


Analysis of Fiyero

To be honest, Fiyero is a hard character to get to know. He is a character that doesn’t seem that complex, but in reality he really is. I already told you about Elphaba and Glinda, two characters that I love, and now there’s Fiyero, the last of three characters that I am emotionally drawn to. To be honest, I will do the best I can, but I cannot guarantee I will have a fully drawn out analysis of Fiyero.

Possible Major or Minor Spoilers:

When we first meet Fiyero, he is rather rude and throws a book at Elphaba. He has been kicked out of several schools and does not seem to care about anything. He only cares about having a good time and partying at school and does not seem to care about studying. His motto is basically “dancing through life. We learn that he is in fact the Winkie Prince. He decides to arrange the students of Shiz to go out to a dance because no one seems to do anything fun around there. Galinda wants to go out with him because he is one of the cool guys and due to his prince status.


In class, Elphaba seeing a scared lion cub casts a spell out of anger and for some odd reason, it did not affect Fiyero. The two run off into the woods to free it. This is one important scene. If you pay attention, there are clues that Fiyero might have a crush on Elphaba, but at the time he might not realize it. He still is involved in a relationship with Galinda, but in reality he might be falling for Elphaba. The way he is talking to her and interacting with her gives clues that he might be developing a crush for her.

Elphaba still finds Fiyero rather annoying, but at least he isn’t so rude anymore and Fiyero tries to get Elphaba to tell her why her spell didn’t affect him and in that moment she realizes that she is falling in love with him and was scared to tell him and couldn’t tell him because it was her best friend that loves him so that was a test of friendship right there.


Then there is the train station scene. He brings Elphaba flowers. So there are hints in act I that he might be developing a crush on Elphaba. Act II is a big step for Fiyero. Throughout “Thank Goodness”, he hears all of these rumors spread about Elphaba and he is shocked by those rumors and knows they are not true. Just by hearing those rumors, he realizes that he loves Elphaba and breaks up with Glinda. So there is an unexpected love triangle plot twist: that the unrequited love goes from Elphaba to Glinda in the midst of it all and in many ways the love triangle tests the friendship.


Fiyero is able to understand and see who Elphaba really is. He has fallen in love with her. During “As Long As Your’e Mine”, the two confess their love for each other. You never see it coming. So the hints in act I were essential to understanding why Fiyero left Glinda for Elphaba in the first place.


After the whole catfight scene Elphaba almost was arrested. But Fiyero came to Elphaba’s rescue because he loves her. Because he defended Elphaba, he was sent to the field to possibly be tortured. Elphaba desperately tried to save him and she thought she failed. But at the very end of the musical, Elphaba realized she did save his life. But her spell turned him into a scarecrow, but Fiyero didn’t care because her spell saved his life.

Boy, Fiyero is hard to get to know. He starts out as a very rude and annoying and cool teenager and eventually becomes a courageous and mature young man. I feel like my love for him might come from the fact that he learns to see Elphaba for who she really is and comes from the fascinating and complex love triangle. Like really: what other musical love triangle is home to two best friends, which is also home to an unexpected plot twist?

Analysis of Glinda

Today, I will talk about Glinda. I don’t know Glinda quite as well as Elphaba, but I do  love Glinda. Glinda is cloveomplex and very funny and becomes Elphaba’s best friend.

Possible Spoiler Alert:

Glinda opens up Wicked. The scene is during “No One Mourns the Wicked” where the citizens of OZ are celebrating the Wicked Witch of the West’s death. Glinda eventually arrives by bubble and asks the citizens a question: “are people born wicked or is wickedness thrust upon them?”. She tells the citizens the story of the Wicked Witch of the West’s birth and that she did have a father and mother.


One citizen asks her was she the Wicked Witch of the West’s friend during “Dear Old Shiz”. The rest of the show is told as a flashback. Galinda is from the Upper Upplands and you quickly learn that Galinda is popular. Galinda hopes to study sorcery while at Shiz. During a misunderstanding, Galinda and Elphaba became roommates and they are rather reluctant and they just dislike each other


In Doctor Dillamond”s class, he cannot pronounce Galinda’s name correctly and that does seem to annoy her. He seems to pronounce it as Glinda not Galinda. “Dancing Through Life” is when Fiyero arrives and Galinda wants to go out with him because he is the Winkie prince. Boq asks Galinda and she wanting to go with Fiyero asks him to ask Nessa, who is in a wheelchair as a favor and Boq agrees in order to please Galinda. Now Galinda asks Fiyero and the two go out together and Galinda believes they are meant for each other.

Some students wanting to play a trick on Elphaba asks Glinda if she would ask Elphaba to wear this silly pointed hat to the dance. Galinda disliking her roommate so much agrees to go along with the students. At the dance, Galinda learning from Madame Morrible that Elphaba dropped out of her sorcery program and decided to give Galinda the spot and Galinda cannot believe her roommate decided to that. Elphaba arrives to the dance and all of the students poke fun at the hat. Elphaba tries to dance and obviously doesn’t know how and Galinda does feel bad and joins in on Elphaba’s dance and creates something magical out of the dance. For the first time, the two girls bonded.


After the dance, for the first time, the two girls finally no longer hate each other. Galinda shares a secret with Galinda and it is rather silly. She shares her and Fiyero are going to get married, but he hasn’t proposed. Elphaba shares her secret of why her father hates her and Galinda tries to calm Elphaba and agrees to give Elphaba a makeover. Galinda is for sure a girly girl. “Popular” is a fun scene and is also a comical scene as well. She is obviously very outgoing.


The next scene, Doctor Dillamond was taken away and in honor of the teacher, Galinda decided to change her name to Glinda because that was how he kept on pronouncing her name. Then there’s the whole train station scene and Elphaba has been invited to see the Wizard and she agrees to take her best friend with him.

In “One Short Day”, they spend the in Emerald City. When Elphaba meets the Wizard, she realizes that the Wizard has no powers and she does a spell to give monkeys wings and he wants to use them as spies to keep an eye an animal activity and Elphaba realizes the Wizard was responsible for the bad things happening to the animals.

Glinda tries to have Elphaba apologize to the Wizard and return the grimarrie after she ran out, but Elphaba found a new purpose in life and Elphaba realizes that it is the Wizard that should be afraid of her. This is when the two girls each go two different paths: Elphaba finds a new purpose in life and Glinda does side with the Wizard even though I still cannot clearly figure out why.


Now its the beginning of act II. Part of why maybe Glinda sided with the Wizard is because she was popular and didn’t want to lose that kind of status. But in this scene, she could not stand hearing those rumors spread about Elphaba. Fiyero didn’t like hearing those rumors spread either and Fiyero hurts Glinda even further by realizing through all of those hurtful comments that he loves Elphaba and breaks up with Glinda. Glinda goes through a lot of hurt and pain in act II due to what people are saying about her best friend.


When Glinda arrives at the Wizard’s castle, she sees Fiyero and Elphaba leave together and she feels betrayed by both of them. She was in a relationship with Fiyero and he left her and Elphaba ended up falling in love with the man that she loved. In the whole catfight scene, Glinda and Elphaba were equally upset. Glinda for losing Fiyero and Elphaba for losing Nessa.


“For Good” is the most emotional moment in the entire musical. Elphaba and Glinda have reunited, but it is the last time they will ever see each other. Elphaba asked Glinda if she will continue what she has started and hands her the grimmarie. Glinda has realized that only one friend has truly mattered and Elphaba only has had one friend in her life. The two girls may have fought at times, but they still have such a special bond, but still they will never see each other again. In so many ways, their love for Fiyero has tested their friendship in so many ways.


At the end, Glinda believes that Elphaba has died, but Glinda will continue the work that Elphaba has started. Elphaba has changed Glinda’s life for the better.

To be honest, this is the best I can do with this analysis. I know this might feel less full than Elphaba’s. Glinda is complex, young, funny and popular. I will analyze Fiyero tomorrow, the last of the three characters that I love and I hope I can figure out why I love him.


Analysis of Elphaba

Minor and Major Spoiler Alert:

My first character in the Wicked analysis is Elphaba. Elphaba is the Wicked character I not know only the best, but the one I actually relate to best and have a personal bond to. She is also my favorite musical character of all time. The first thing you learn about Elphaba is why she was born green. During “No One Mourns the Wicked”, Glinda says that before Elphaba was born, her mother drank the green elixir and that was why Elphaba was born green.

Elphaba arrives to Shiz full of hope and innocence. Right before “Wizard and I”, you discover that Elphaba is protective of her sister, Nessa, who is disabled. You also discover that Elphaba has magical powers. Madame Morrible discovering Elphaba’s magic powers believes that Elphaba might get to work with the Wizard someday and Elphaba hearing this believes that if she works alongside the Wizard, she will finally be accepted. You see her hope during “Wizard and I” and she hopes people will her for who she really is and people don’t treat her fairly just because she is green.


In the scene right after “Wizard and I”, it goes straight to “What Is This Feeling”. What also happens in the scenes leading up to “Wizard and I” is the fact that Galinda and Elphaba become roommates and they are rather reluctant. “What is This Feeling” truly shows just much the two girls dislike each other.

The next day at school, you learn that Elphaba is smart and determined through a class at school. Doctor Dillamond, a goat teacher, teaches and he is terrified when he turns the chalkboard over and sees a message that says “Animals Should Be Seen and Not Heard”. Elphaba is terrified and she feels a deep connection to Doctor Dillamond because she knows what its like to be different and treated like you don’t belong. She learns that something bad is happening to the animals and she realizes that she found a new reason to visit the Wizard.

“Dancing Through Life” is a beautiful moment for both Elphaba and Galinda. This is the song where Fiyero arrives and he arranges a school dance. At the school dance itself, Elphaba arrives and she obviously hasn’t been to a school dance before and cannot dance that well and eventually Galinda joins in and makes something magical out of Elphaba’s silly dance. So for the first time the two girls finally bonded. Also, Elphaba actually arranged for Galinda to be one of Madame Morrible’s sorcery students.


This is another wonderful moment for Elphaba and Galinda. This is the first time that Elphaba and Galinda actually decided to become friends. Both girls shared the other a secret. Since this analysis is one Elphaba, I will share Elphaba’s secret. She confessed that her father hates her. Her father hates her for two reasons. One was because she is green and the other is because when her mother was pregnant with Nessa, her father was afraid the baby would be green so her father made her mother eat milk flowers, which was way Nessa was born premature and crippled and why mother is dead. Galinda tries to comfort Elphaba saying it isn’t her fault because it was the milk flowers that killed her mother. So the development for Elphaba and Galinda’s friendship is important to who these two girls are.

In “Popular” Galinda wants to give Elphaba a makeover. For the first time in Elphaba’s life, she finally has a friend.


Then there is the next scene when Doctor Dillmond was taken away as teacher and a new teacher took his place and Elphaba saw a sacred lion cub in a cage. Out of anger, she cast a spell on the entire class, which just didn’t Fiyero. The lion cub scene is a wonderful scene. We get to learn more about Elphaba in this scene. Throughout the scene, Fiyero says something to Elphaba around the lions of “do you ever let anyone else talk”. Throughout the scene, towards the end, Elphaba learns that she loves Fiyero, but she knows that her best friend loves Fiyero.

“I’m Not That Girl” happens right after she and Fiyero freed the lion cub. Since Elphaba literally just found she loves Fiyero, this song isn’t fully heartbreaking. It is only moderately heartbreaking. In one line, she thinks she isn’t good enough for him because she is green.  One fascinating thing about Wicked’s love triangle is that Elphaba and Fiyero, two best friends, love Fiyero and that really tests their friendship.


In “One Short Day”, Elphaba finally gets her opportunity to visit the Wizard. He is agreeing to see her and she takes Glinda (Galinda changed her name to Glinda to honor of Doctor Dillamond) with her. Throughout the song, they are touring the Emerald City.


Elphaba is to learn the Wizard is not so great as she thought that he was. It turns out that she learned that he was the one responsible for all the bad things happening to the animals. He used her to cast a spell on of the monkeys, which caused him to grow wings and she saw it as a very painful process and she that is was the cages that was making them lose their speech. She all of a sudden realized that the Wizard is not a good person and wanted to stand up for the animals and go up against the Wizard and ran away with the grimmaire.

It was through “Defying Gravity” where she truly matured. She is big-hearted and she is big-hearted and very courageous. The Wizard to keep his power made the citizens believe she was Wicked.


In “Thank Goodness”, the love triangle is even more complicated. Fiyero actually hears all of these rumors spread about Elphaba and hears just how evil of a witch she is and cannot believe Glinda is supporting of this and Glinda even says she doesn’t like hearing it. Fiyero realizes he doesn’t even love Glinda, but realizes he actually loves Elphaba. I thought it was important to bring up the rumors because those rumors about her being wicked are not true.

There is one extra song in Wicked not on the soundtrack called the “The Wicked Witch of the East”. Elphaba visits her home in Munchkinland to get help from her father, but her father died ashamed of what Elphaba did and now Nessa is now governor of Munchkinland and Nessa feels like Elphaba did nothing for her. Elphaba found a spell in the grimmarie, which put a spell on Nessa’s shoes. which Nessa the power to walk. Boq arrives right at the scene and this is when Nessa discovers that Boq loves Glinda and tries to cast a spell to keep Boq with her and this spell goes wrong and it is shrinking Boq’s heart and Elphaba does a good deed by turning Boq to tin. But in Boq’s eyes, turning him to tin was wicked, but he would have died.

Now, she went back to the Wizard to ask if he would free all of those flying monkeys. The Wizard decided to ask again if Elphaba would help him. She thought about it and said she would if she freed those monkeys, but after discovering Doctor Dillamond is now a goat, she realized that the Wizard is still cruel towards the animals, she still wants justice towards the animals and still sees him as a wicked man. Fiyero arrives disguised as one of the guards and Glinda arrives on the scene too and she feels betrayed by both Elphaba and Fiyero.

Elphaba and Fiyero both confess their love for each other. This couple is my favorite musical couple. For starters, not only is it young, but also mature and their song is also mystical and very unexpected. No other love triangle has been as complex as the one in Wicked. Elphaba is an outcast and Fiyero knows that, but they still confess their love for each other. Right after the song ends, Elphaba feels like her sister is in danger and she has to leave.


Well as it turns out, her sister was in danger. Nessa was killed by a house that landed on her that was sent by a tornado that was sent by Madame Morrible. Nessa’s death is one part of Elphaba’s life that I honestly keep on overlooking and I don’t know why. The musical keeps on making me lean towards her friendship with Glinda and her love for Fiyero. This is when Elphaba was arrested, but Fiyero arrives again to protect Elphaba and he was sent to the fields.

Throughout “No Good Deed”, Elphaba tries spell after spell after spell to try to save Fiyero. She keeps on thinking she failed to save him. She cannot help thinking about those she couldn’t save: Nessa, Doctor Dillamond, but she feels the worst about Fiyero. She truly feels full of anger at this moment and so frustrated. No one understands her but her best friend and Fiyero.


All throughout “March of the Witch Hunters”, people want to arrest Elphaba this time. They only think she is wicked because that is that they believe because of all of the rumors spread and because that is what the Wizard said. Glinda now wants to find Elphaba and tell her just how much she means to her.

The most emotional moment in all of Wicked is “For Good” .Leading up to this scene, Elphaba says to Glinda that she wants her to finish what she has started and gives her the grim marie. Glinda and Elphaba have reunited. But its the last moment they will ever see each other. They only have one chance to say what they mean to the other. They have not let their love for Fiyero get in the way of their friendship. Glinda truly knows who Elphaba is and knows that Elphaba is big-hearted.


In the next scene, it looks like Elphaba melted and Glinda sees this and thinks Elphaba has died. This upsets Glinda, but keeps a promise to Elphaba. Elphaba is still alive and Fiyero arrives and he survived, but has been turned into a scarecrow  and two realizing that both are outcasts they realize that the two of them can never return to OZ,

Overall, Elphaba is strong, smart, determined, talkative, courageous, big-hearted, caring, unique, believes in equality and staying true to herself. Elphaba is not just a musical character. She is my all-time favorite musical character. She is a character I relate so much to and there are still some differences. Elphaba develops a lot throughout this musical and Elphaba will always be my favorite Wicked character. Tomorrow’s blog post: I will analyze Glinda: it will be a bit harder.

Introduction to Wicked Character Analysis

I decided to analyze all the characters from the musical, Wicked. Wicked is one of the most meaningful musicals of my life. It follows the friendship of Glinda and Elphaba. Of all Wicked characters, my favorites are Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. All three make up a very complicated love triangle. I know fully why I love Elphaba, pieces of why I love Glinda, but cannot pinpoint why I love Fiyero.

I will find this set of characters tricky to analyze despite Elphaba. Elphaba is the character I know the best and is the one I understand the most. When did I first fall in love with Wicked? That year was 2006 when I was 12 and I saw the musical with my mom. Elphaba is my favorite musical character and I do see a lot of myself in her and I will explain that on her character analysis.

Who else is in the musical besides Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero? There is also Boq, Nessa, Madame Morrible and the Wizard. Those four characters will be the hardest to analyze because for some reason I keep on overlooking them.

Wicked fans, which Wicked character is your favorite? Why do you love Wicked?