Who are the Thenardiers?

Some people think that Javert is a villain in Les Mis, but in reality the Thenardiers are the true villains in Les Mis.

They are the parents of Gavroche and Eponine. You first get an idea of how despicable they are through how they treat Young Cosette. They treat her as a servant and at the same time, they pick pocket the people that stay at their inn. That gives you idea of the environment Eponine is going to be growing up in. They seem to love Eponine when she is young, but as they fall into poverty, you realize they are more neglectful and unloving towards their daughter. They just use her for their advantage and raise her to be a thief and criminal. They force her to be a part of their schemes by being watchdog for the law.


About Gavroche, they kicked him out of the house at such a young age. So they do not love either of their children. Then at the barricade, both Eponine and Gavroche are killed, and their parents don’t care. They are not saddened by the fact that their children have died. All the Thenardiers care about is themselves and money. When Thenardier is about to rob Valjean’s house, he basically disowns his daughter for preventing that. At the end of the uprising, Thenardier robs the students despite how young they are.

However, I have a love/hate relationship to them. I love how they provide the much-needed comic relief and without them, two of my favorite characters wouldn’t have existed. I hate them due to how neglectful, despicable, abusive, and unloving they are.


Who is Harold Hill?

I am surprised I have not yet done a character from Music Man yet on this series. I decided to do my first. I decided to focus on Harold Hill, the protagonist of the musical.

The most important thing to note is that Harold Hill is a conman. He comes to River City to create a boy’s band, but in reality he is just selling the instruments and outfits. He really wasn’t going to create the band. However, he transforms the town more than he planned. He does end up falling in love with Marian and that does end up making him a better person. He learns his lesson by the end of the musical. He knows how to sneaky get away when he is about to get caught.


Who is Katherine Plumber?

Just like Roger, Katherine is another musical character I love and barely know.

Possible Spoilers:

Katherine is the only major female character in Newsies. After all Newsies is about the Newsboys Strike of 1899. She ends up becoming the reporter of the strike and ends up falling in love with Jack. She is an complex and independent young woman. She loves reporting and we discover in act II that she is Pultizer’s daughter. I still don’t quite know why she is complex, but I know that she is. She does help Jack when he is dealing with some inner conflict in act II.


Who is Gavroche?

Gavroche is one of the children of Les Mis.

Major Spoilers:

What people may not know is that Gavroche is a Thenardier. I discovered he is a Thenardier by reading the book. A fascinating scene in the book is that he takes in his two younger brothers. He was kicked out of the house at such an early age. He lives in Paris by himself. He has this incredible spirit and is taken in by the Friends of the ABC. He becomes basically the mascot of the uprising. He is also very heroic and courageous and is shown when he climbs over the barricade to collect more ammunition, but this act gets him killed. He may be a Thenardier, but he still has an amazing personality. I find it interesting that both Gavroche and Eponine are brother and sister and that each are brave and still have some kind of goodness in them despite being Thenardiers.


Who is Roger?

Possible Spoilers:

Roger is a HIV- Positive musician who is roommates who Mark. His main goal is to write one great song before he dies. When you first meet him, he is basically dealing with depression. His latest girlfriend committed suicide after she discovered she had HIV-Positive, which is how Roger discovered he had it. So he is basically cooped up in his apartment. He does not want to leave his room even though Mark keeps on convincing him.

However, it is his neighbor, Mimi, that gets him out of his shell. She stops by to light his candle. He immediately is attracted to her and finally finds some sort of joy. During the entire “Light My Candle”, he discovers she is a drug addict. He is afraid of entering into one because of what previously happened. Mimi keeps on trying to convince him to start a relationship with her, but he always refuses. Eventually Roger leaves the house and tells Mark about Mimi. Soon enough, Roger invites Mimi out. At the life cafe, the two of them discover that they are both HIV-Positive and Roger finally confesses his feelings for Mimi.

He keeps on entering and leaving a relationship a Mimi. I never can seem to understand that. They keep on fighting it seems. It seems to be a very realistic relationship. I am still trying to figure out some of Roger’s actions at times. He is still one of my favorite characters from Rent.

What I find interesting is that his great song is about Mimi. But it happens at a very inconvenient time. Mimi seems to be dying and getting weaker, but Roger sings it to her. She survives during this scary time. This was one of the hardest analysis’ I did during this series’ because I feel like I barely know Roger. I love Roger, but I feel like I barely know him.


Who are the Newsies?

The Newsies are the first group I am doing on this series.

The Newsies are a group of boys who have a special bond. Jack Kelly is the leader of this group of brothers. Overall, the Newsies are a family who stick together no matter what. They sell newspapers in order to survive. They are either orphans, homeless, or runaways. When Pulitzer raises the price of their papers, they band together and go on strike. That shows just how courageous they are. It is Jack’s idea to go on strike and the Newsies never give up on their cause. . No matter what the difficulties the strike causes, they never give up.

June in Review

Here is my June in Review!!!

As a musical theatre fanatic, I wonder when I will see my first musical each year. June answered that question. I saw Oklahoma and Grease at Central Piedmont Community College. As expected, they were fantastic productions. Not only is Charlotte home to touring productions, it is also home to musicals at CPCC.

Short Trip to Mountains: Sugar Mountain, Boone, Grandfather Mountain, Banner Elk

Florida: So went from Mountains to the Beach in June

POPS Symphony: Broadway Musical Theme

On June 24th, I went to an outdoor symphony in June. Its overall theme was Broadway that day. Some musicals it played were Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music, Wicked and Chicago.