What makes Christmas my Favorite Holiday

We all have our favorite holiday. My favorite holiday is Christmas, but why? Today I will explain why it is my holiday. 

The spirit of Christmas is quite strong in many ways. You taste, hear, smell and see Christmas. You taste Christmas through Christmas dinner and, you hear Christmas through Christmas music, you smell it through baking Christmas cookies, and you see Christmas through Christmas movies and the decorations. The spirit happens in more ways. It celebrates the birth of Jesus. See what I mean. 

The decorations exist in multiple ways. The decorations of Christmas are the outdoor decorations, the ones on the trees, and the ones spread throughout the house. They are completely beautiful to look at. 

There is a reason why we give Christmas presents on Christmas. It is because the Wise Men gave gifts to Jesus on his birth. I love helping wrapping the presents. Then on Christmas day, I love opening mine up and seeing what I got. The stocking is always the first thing I open- all because I am the first on to wake up. 

Christmas movies- they are fun to watch. For as long as I can remember, I have watched “A Christmas Carol” (The George C Scott Version) every Christmas season. I love watching other Christmas movies such as Elf and White Christmas for instance. There are others I do love watching- for instance. This year, I am watching one more thing- but it is not a movie.  

Theatre- I brought this up in this post because I am seeing a musical this Christmas Season. As some followers may or may not, I am a part of Club Blume, a young adult group who loves theatre, who does get discounts of musicals. I am going with them to see A Christmas Story Musical on December 5th. Some years, I have seen The Nutcracker. 

Family and Friends- This is another part of the spirit of Christmas. Christmas is also about being with family and friends. 

Candlelight Christmas Eve Service- This is my favorite Church Service of the year. It starts at 10:45 P.M. That sounds quite late to have a church service, but that is so worth it. Regular church services just use the organ, but this one combines the organ with trumpet and the harp. Then at “Silent Night”, the lights are dimmed, and the candles we were handed out at the beginning of the service are lit through help of the acolytes. What I love about the service starting at 10:45 P.M. is that it ends when it is Christmas. This service is very special to me. 


Les Mis Survivors

Like many people know, Les Mis is tragedy. That means, characters do die in Les Mis. At the same time, there are those that do survive. Les Mis is the “everybody dies” musical- there are four characters left in Les Mis. 


Thenardiers- These two characters are the true villains of Les Mis. They are abusive, despicable, greedy, and unloving. They only care about themselves- they are pick-pockets. They are the parents of Gavroche and Eponine. They kicked Gavroche out at quite a young age and raised Eponine to be a thief and criminal. They do not love their children and do not care that those two died at the barricade. They are two of the ones to survive in the end. In the book, the are not funny- HOWEVER, in the musical, they serve as comic relief- I am so glad that they serve that purpose because it is much-needed. 

Cosette- She is Fantine’s daughter, who becomes Valjean’s adopted daughter. I love her much more than those Thenardiers. She used to live with the Thenardiers. As a child, she was horribly abused by them having to work as a servant. She had a strong spirit as a child- having hope she will be rescued, and she was rescued by Jean Valjean. She was overprotected and sheltered by Jean Valjean- I don’t blame that for happening since they were always on the run from Javert. She becomes part of a love triangle between Marius, Eponine, and herself. She is the symbol of light and hope in this tragic. She is a wonderful character- it is such a shame that she is hated by so many people- I love her. It might seem like she has her happily ever after, but she lost her adopted father. All she has left is Marius, the love of her life. 

Marius-Just like Cosette, disliked for the most absurd of reasons. Of all the survivors, he is my favorite character. He is brave, awkward, compassionate, kind, and sweet. He might seem shallow on the surface, but he is a complex character. People don’t understand why he is oblivious to Eponine’s love for him: don’t forgot she never told him she loved him. He had a lot going on: he is a revolutionary and fell in love for the first time. People say he never treated Eponine fairly- once again I disagree- all because of the errands he asks Eponine to do. I believe at the beginning of act II, he sent her to deliver that letter in order to protect her from the uprising in hopes to prevent her from getting hurt or worse killed.  Compassion- I do see the compassion in Marius the most in “A Little of Rain”- this is Eponine’s death scene- Marius is there for her and never leaves her side in this moment-that is COMPASSION right there. By fighting at the barricade- that makes him brave. People also think he gets his happily ever after- think again- he lost all of his friends at the barricades- Eponine, Enjolras, Gavroche, and all the students died at the barricade. There is something about Marius’ awkward nature that makes him more charming. Marius and Cosette’s love for each bring HOPE to this tragic tale- they are meant for each other. 

Favorite Characters in Musicals

There are lots of characters in musicals. There are those you don’t like at all, those you are very neutral on, those you like, and those you love. Today’s post, I will write a list of those I love. 

  1. Elphaba 
  2. Fiyero 
  3. Glinda 
  4. Jean Valjean 
  5. Fantine 
  6. Eponine 
  7. Marius 
  8. Enjolras 
  9. Gavroche 
  10. Friends of the ABC 
  11. Jack Kelly 
  12. Crutchie 
  13. Newsies 
  14. Katherine Plumber
  15. Roger 
  16. Mimi
  17. Maria
  18. Christine 
  19. Raoul 
  20. Annie
  21. Belle 
  22. Beast
  23. Harold Hill
  24. Anna (Frozen)
  25. Elsa 
  26. Maria (Sound of Music) 
  27. Von Trapp Kids

November in Review

One of the things I did in November was the “A Christmas Story Musical” informance. I am part of Club Blume, a young adult group who is interested in theatre. Blumenthal Performing Arts is how shows tour through Charlotte- Club Blume got its name from the first five letters from Blumenthal. At the informance, I learned more about the movie and how it went became a musical. When I first heard about “A Christmas Story Musical” over the summer, I thought it was just an odd kind of musical- during the informance, when I heard that the composer and lyricist who wrote Greatest Showman also wrote A Christmas Story, I was more interested. At the end, everyone who attended got a voucher, which had two ticket options: Mezzanine and Balcony. On December 5th, I am attending “A Christmas Story Musical” with Club Blume and ended up getting the Mezzanine ticket. By the way, “A Christmas Story Musical” is my 5th musical this year- the year with the most musical. 

Of course-Thanksgiving was in November. My family went to Burlington to spend time with my grandpa (my dad’s dad and my great aunt). I enjoyed Thanksgiving, and the best thing I had was the pumpkin pie. 

Special Church Services

  •  Evensong- Evensong is not just a church service to me. It is a service that brings back memories. It reminds me of Bristol. It is not like a regular church service. It is unique in its own way. 
  • Installation of Holy Comforter’s new rector- Holy Comforter is where my family attends church. A couple months ago, our church got a new rector. On November 28th, he was officially installed into the church. It was not like a regular church service either. Its procession was longer than a regular procession. The bishop was there. Our rector was given gifts. See what I mean, by “not like a typical church service”. So it was different. 

How was your November? 

What are Happy Places?

This is my happy place 


We all have happy places. What are they? They are the places we feel the happiest. They are the places we can escape to.  

One of my happy places is in the theatre. They are only in the theatre when I see a musical specifically if I am loving a musical. You never know if you will love a musical if it is your first time seeing it. However, sometimes before seeing a musical, I know I will love a musical- that was the case for Newsies and Pippin for example. If I am seeing a stage show for the first time- I know I will love the stage show if I already love the film adaptation like Les Mis, Annie, and Sound of Music for example. 

Musical Theatre is not my only happy place. Another happy place is when I am volunteering, another passion of mine. Every Friday since graduating, I volunteer at Loaves and Fishes with my dad. I love the feeling when I am making the clients day.  

So we all have at least one happy place or multiple happy places. Even Kanuga is a happy place for me. It is a place to relax and to hike. It is very important for me. It is a place of fellowship. 

I do have other happy places besides the ones I mentioned- was just giving some examples. 

What are some of your happy places? 

Unpopular Opinions in Musicals (Part 2)

I know I did an unpopular opinion on musicals before, but I decided to do it again. 

No Hamilton Interest- many know I am a musical theatre fanatic. However, I have no interest in seeing Hamilton. I am listened to some songs on Youtube, but I have felt “meh” on them. If that happens, I never want to see the musical. So no way I want to Hamilton. Many people respond by saying “but your’e a musical fan. 

Christine and Raoul- I love Christine and Raoul as a couple. I do not want it any other way. They are meant for each other. Phantom is too dangerous for Christine- he acts in revenge, is a murderer, and is destructive. So I am always a Christine and Raoul couple fan. 

Les Mis love triangle is not silly- You saw that right. The Les Mis plot line is so carefully planned that if you get rid of one plot line, the entire storyline falls apart. I love all three characters- with Eponine being my favorite character in the love triangle. Marius now is almost a core favorite character. Marius and Cosette are meant to be together and Eponine is meant to have the unrequited love especially because Cosette represents hope and light. After all, I am fascinated by the switch that happens between Eponine and Cosette. 

Love Marius and Eponine as friends- Yes, their friendship is NOT in the book. I love how it is in the musical. Marius never mistreats Eponine, and she always sees the kindness in him. His kindness moves her to fall in love with her. He is the only person to treat her with kindness- it is all she has in life. People think he did not treat her fairly- I disagree- he did treat her fairly. I know it seems that way when he asked her to do those errands for him. Look, at the barricade- I believe he sent her away with the letter to keep her safe from being hurt or worse KILLED. When he discovered she is dying- he stayed with her and held and comforted her- that is COMPASSION. I love them as friends- he never treated her unfairly. Without Marius in her life, she would not have any light- she needed him in her life even if he did not love her. I loved how he was with her at the time of her death- that was one of the happiest moments of her life. 

Want Marius and Cosette together- I want them together. They are perfect for each other. These two bring hope to the tale. By the end, all they have left is each other. Marius lost Eponine, Enjolras and the rest of this friends and Cosette lost her adopted father. I love the two of them together- I know people say “he should have been with Eponine”- I disagree”. I always wanted him with Cosette- once you understand why a love triangle is set up the way it is- you love it more. 

Marius is not a jerk- I HATE it when people call him a jerk. I did explain a lot of why he is not a jerk in an earlier unpopular opinion. He is kind, sweet, awkward and compassionate. If he was a jerk, Eponine and Cosette  NEVER would have fallen in love with him. He ended up fighting at the barricade- that shows an incredible act of bravery. At the beginning of act II, I believe he sent Eponine away with that letter to protect her from the uprising. His best act of compassion was at the time of Eponine’s death- he stayed with her till the end. He truly cared about her- it does show- he was devastated in that scene. He is not a jerk one bit- he is fully aware of Eponine situation- right after she died, he said to the students- “her name was Eponine, her was life was cold and dark, yet she was unafraid”. If it wasn’t for Marius, Eponine’s life would not have a source of light period. 

My Les Mis Tag- Les Mis Songs to Other Musicals

How come I never created a tag? What if I do a Les Mis tag? I am thinking of picking songs from Les Mis, and then choosing the answers from other musicals. 

“Do You the People Sing” (A Character or Group of Characters who Stand up for What they Believe In)- The Newsies- they stand up for what they believe in. They never give up on the strike. Even Jack does not give up despite the fact that it eventually is difficult on him. 

“On My Own” (a character who struggles with unrequited love)- My first thought was Elphaba. It was Eponine that made me realize unrequited love was heartbreaking, which helped me with “I’m Not That Girl”. Elphaba deals with the unrequited love well. She does not want a boy to get in the way of her friendship with Glinda.  To see where this unrequited love ends- I recommend to watch this musical (Wicked). 

“A Heart Full of Love” (a couple you love)- So many options. My first thought is Jack and Katherine. They have been my first thought a lot lately. They are my favorite contemporary Disney couple. I just love “Something to Believe In”. I love that Newsies has Katherine in it because it helps give a female voice to a male dominant show. 

“Master of the House” (a villain to laugh at)- Gaston for sure. He is a hilarious villain. It is hard to describe why he is funny. His songs like “Gaston” and “Me” are songs to laugh at.  

“Bargain/Waltz of Treachery” (a villain who is easily manipulative)- The Leading Player for sure. She hides her manipulative nature extremely well. Whenever she is around Pippin, she is playful making it seem to Pippin that she is someone to be trusted.  She only lets her evilness truly show in songs where Pippin is not involved- she only reveled that to Pippin at the final songs. 

“Work Song” (a memorable opening number)- “Circle of Life” is the first one that comes to mind. The animals come down the aisles. It is breathtaking to watch. The way the light changes in the background- it is hard to describes why it is so memorable. 

“One Day More” (a memorable act I closer)- “Defying Gravity” for sure. That song is empowering and very powerful. The effect of Elphaba flying has some of the best special effects ever. 

“The Confrontation” (an intense scene or song)- The stampede in Lion King. I love the way they stage it in the stage version. It is hard to describe how they do it, but is is amazing to watch.  

“Stars” (A villain or antagonist with a clear motive)- This is my 2nd time I am using Gaston. From the opening number, it is very clear he wants to marry Belle. He keeps that as his motive from start to finish. That leads him to want to kill the Beast. When he learns that Belle has feelings for the Beast, he gets jealous and wants to kill the Beast as a tactic of getting Belle in the end.