Excitement in Musicals

Poem of Excitement in Musicals:

Strongest emotion when younger

Never really changed

Exactly the same as always

An emotion found in many ways

Found in experience and in show

The world of dance and spectacle

So comes with wow factor

Due to fancy tricks and dancing

But not always with dance and spectacle

Makes experience stronger

So allows all emotion to be worth it

Excitement in experience

Allows for positive experience

Not a negative one



Les Mis Collection (Part Three)

This is going to my third post about my Les Mis collection. I keep on having to add something else to the collection, which is why I am on part three.


Three Tickets- Community College (2013), West End (2015), Greenville (2017)

Three Playbills- I have one for each of the productions I have seen, but what was shocking about my West End playbill was that I had to buy it. Over in the United States, I am used to being handed a playbill at the door. But in London, we had to buy the playbill.

The Unabridged Book- I read it in summer of 2015 and finished it in less than one summer

Two Flyers- Community College, and West End

Page to Screen Book- I love this because it talks about how the book made it to the movie musical

Soundtrack- obviously any Les Mis fan would own the soundtrack. I own the Original Broadway Soundtrack.

Les Mis signed program- in 2016, I went to my first Les Mis party. The host knew a friend who knew a friend who knew one of the Jean Valjean’s so that friend had him sign the program especially for me.


The poster above is one of the souvenirs I got when I saw the musical in the West End.


I have two Les Mis T-Shirts. I ended up getting the gray T-Shirt at the Queen’s Theatre. The red T-Shirt, my friends made for me and it says “Keep Calm and Talk About Les Mis”.


I own both the 25th anniversary concert and the movie. The movie was the first full experience of Les Mis. I eventually watched the 25th anniversary concert. The movie really was my first time seeing Les Mis, which would lead to my obsession for the musical in the first place.


In Fall semester of 2014, I took a break off of college. So my piano teacher ended up teaching me the songs from Les Mis and that is why I own the piano book in the picture above. For Christmas, Santa gave me this cute pack of colored pencils. Lines on the pianos says things like “One Gray More”, “Tantine”, “Do You Heart The Purple Sing”, and “Blue4601”.


When Student Activities was advertising for Les Mis, they hung up this flyer. After it was time to put it down, Student Activities ended up giving the poster to me and now it is hanging up in my suite room. The suites on Campus are set up more like an apartment, but unlike an apartment there is not a full kitchen, but it does have a sink and refrigerator and microwave in the common area. So the suites are a different living setup. Student Activities knew I was obsessed with Les Mis so they thought it was a good idea of giving me that big poster.


I transferred to Gardner Webb Spring 2015. I lived in the dorms at that point. Since Stroup is such a big dorm, there are two RAs per floor. One of the Ras ended up painting me these two Les Mis paintings.


I believe Eponine counts as part of my collection. She was the bear I made on Valentine’s Day at Candy and Critters. Not only does she have the right color scheme for an Eponine, but she has heart shaped patches with this stitches on the outside, it made those patches feel like a broken heart and that is what Eponine is dealing with in the musical. It is the right color scheme due to her hat and trench coat.

Candy and Critters

Every year at Gardner Webb, they have this event called Candy and Critters, which happens around Valentine’s Day. This event actually happened on Valentine’s Day. It allows students to make stuffed animal and create a box of candy. Usually students are only allowed to make one stuffed animal, but this year someone from student activities said we could another one if we waited till 4:45. I made two, which are two bears. Below I will talk more in detail about the bears and what I named them and why.


This is a picture of me and my suite mate with some friends. All five of us did end up making more than one stuffed animal.


Above is Tiedye. It is pretty obvious why I named it tiedye. Not only does it look like a tiedye pattern, it also is pretty colorful.


The bear above is named after a musical character. Before the event, I have never named a stuffed animal after a musical character so I decided coming into the event I will do exactly that. Here’s the thing: I tend to name stuffed animals over what they look like and I needed to name it after a musical character I love. That bear is my Eponine. I felt like it looked like a name from Les Mis and Eponine automatically came to mind. Not only does it have heart-shaped patches on it, but the hearts have stitches around the edges. Those patches reminded me of a broken heart that needed to be minded. Because the patches and bear are brown, it reminds me of Eponine’s trench coat and hat.


Love Musical Songs: Not Just Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I decided to write a list of love musical songs. I did this kind of post on Sunday, but this time will have romantic song along with any sort of love. Once again, I will bring up unrequited love or breakup songs.

Major and Minor Spoilers:

Santa Fe (Prologue)- this song highlights the intimate and special bond found between Jack and Crtuchie. It highlights their friendship really well and shows that they are best friends.


Carrying the Banner (just any group number really)- Carrying the Banner really highlights the friendship and brotherly love all the Newsies have for each other. It is the first time you notice their bond. But than again any group number shows their relationship, but is the strongest when Jack is there since he is the leader of all the Newsies.


Something to Believe In- this is the romantic duet between Jack and Katherine. There is just something beautiful song that just pulls you into and makes you love the two. They are perfect for one another. There is just something magical about Disney love songs.


For Good- this song is the most emotional song in Wicked. It really shows just how much Elphaba and Glinda mean to each other. It shows just how special their bond is. They are best friends who have changed each other for the better. The friendship found between Elphaba and Glinda is the very core of the musical.


As Long As Your’e Mine- this is the romantic song from the musical. Elphaba and Fiyero’s love for each other is unexpected. This song really shows just how much these two have matured. Elphaba had unrequited love for Fiyero at the beginning of act I and somehow ended up with Fiyero. In act II, Fiyero was able to notice that he does truly have romantic feelings for Elphaba.


I’m Not That Girl- This is an unrequited love song that Elphaba sings. She literally sings it right after finding out she is falling in love with Fiyero. She accepts her situation right away and I don’t blame her since Glinda is her best friend. Her love for Fiyero isn’t that strong at that point.


Suddenly- this is the original song from the movie of Les Misérables. It highlights Jean Valjean’s love for Cosette. This is the first time Jean Valjean has become a father. He never thought he would be a father. But when he had to become a father after he mother dies, he had no idea just how much impact Cosette will have in his life.


On My Own- this is the 2nd unrequited love song on this post. This is about Eponine’s unrequited love for Marius. Eponine’s continually shows towards Marius. She will risk her life several times to make sure Marius is safe and happy. On My Own highlights her life outside of Marius and just how strong her love for Marius is.


A Heart Full of Love- this song beautifully conveys the love triangle. It mostly is a duet between Marius and Cosette, but towards the end Eponine joins in making you want to feel for all three of them.

Drink With Me- I couldn’t decide what song best represents the students in Les Mis. They have this beautiful friendship. It reminds me of the friendship found between the Newsies. This in particular shows the vulnerable side of their relationship. They are just showing their love for each other in such a special way. By this point, they know they are going to fail and know they will most likely die and are wondering would their loved ones remember them. But there is something about this song that shows the vulnerable side of the students.


A Little Fall of Rain- I wanted to somehow express the friendship found between Eponine and Marius. For whatever reason, Eponine’s death came to mind. It shows just how much Marius loves Eponine as a friend and shows that he does care about her. Eponine loves Marius unrequitedly and she recently took a bullet for him and that is why she is dying. But for whatever reason, this does highlight their friendship. Marius is extremely devastated in this scene, but still shows Eponine compassion by never leaving her side and stays brave for her. If Marius was never kind to her, Eponine’s life would be much darker and she never would have fallen in love with him. It is weird how I would pick this song in particular to represent their friendship, but for whatever reason it works.


All I Ask of You- this is such a gorgeous duet showing the love of Raoul and Christine perfectly. It shows how much they love each and how they are perfect for each other.


All I Ask of You (Reprise)- Yes brought up another unrequited love song. This shows the unrequited love that Phantom has. It shows us how hurt he is, but he can’t seem to accept the situation. This song makes you feel sorry for him, but is not enough to forgive him for all the harm he has caused.


If I Can’t Love Her/Evermore- these two songs are very similar to each other. The Beast knows that if Belle doesn’t love her, he will be cursed to stay a beast forever. In If I Can’t Love Her, he has no idea if he will love Belle or not, but he has softened up but when he sings the song for a second time, he has already fallen in love with Belle but has no idea if Belle loves him. He has made the ultimate sacrifice by letting Belle go. Evermore is very similar to If I Can’t love her in many ways. It carries the same kind of heartbreak and proves that he does love Belle and will always keep him in his heart.


No Matter What- this highlights the love Belle and Maurice have for each other.


Beauty and the Beast- this is the moment where you realize the two have fallen in love.


Something There- this is when Beast and Belle start to notice they have feelings for each, but the two have no idea it will turn into them falling in love. But it is one of the first steps to the two fallen in love.


Some Enchanted Evening- this is one of the most romantic numbers in musical theatre. Emelie is singing about his love for Nellie.

This Nearly Was Mine- at this point Nellie has broken in love with Emelie. So Emelie feels heartbroken. I feel like the emotions associated with breakup are similar to those found in unrequited love.


Younger Than Springtime- as excepted, Rogers and Hammerstein musicals tend to have two romances. The second relationship in South Pacific is found between Liat and Joe Cable. The result ends up being tragic. But Younger Than Springtime highlights their love for each other. They accept each other, but little do they know it will eventually have tragic results.


Something Good- this song is so beautiful and really shows the love the Captain and Maria have for each other.


Sixteen Going on Seventeen- once again Rogers and Hammerstein go with the double couple route. This song is between Lisel and Rolf and shows their relationship.


I Should Tell You- this is the moment where Roger is willing to be in a relationship with Mimi. He struggles with wanting to be in a relationship with Mimi due to what happened in his last relationship. But he finally wants to be in a relationship with Mimi. This song perfectly highlights their love for each other. While they may not be a perfect couple, they are a realistic couple. Both of these two have HIV, which makes their relationship difficult at times.


I’ll Cover You- just like Roger and Mimi, these two have HIV. But knowing they are both going to die, they make the most of their relationship.


Till There Was You- this song brings an emotional element into Music Man. Marian helps Harold Hill become a better person. They finally are able to express their love for each other in this song.


Can You Feel the Love Tonight- just like Something to Believe In and Beauty and the Beast, there is something magic about this love song that pulls you in.


A Whole New World- like already mentioned on this post, A Whole New World is another magical Disney love song.


Finale B- I had no clue how to express their friendship that well. But I feel like their friendship and bond can easily be shown during Finale B. Previously, Mimi had a near death experience and survived. But this song just highlights their bond in a beautiful way I believe.


As Long As He Needs Me- this is an extremely heartbreaking song. Nancy is in love with Bill Sikes, which is not even close to a healthy relationship. Bill Likes constantly abuses her, but she never leaves him. As long as Bill needs her, she will stay in a relationship with him. She continues to stand by his side no matter what. This song highlights her love for Bill even though it is too dangerous for her in stay in relationship with him.


Somewhere- yes, I don’t love West Side Story. But I do love Somewhere from the musical. As this musical continues the songs gets sadder and sadder. This is one of the most heartbreaking songs from the musical. After all, West Side Story is based off of Romeo and Juliet. This happens after Bernado and Riff are killed during a massive fight between both gangs. I just really love this song.


So here is wonderful list of what love is like in the musical world. Here showcases love for a friend, romantic love- including breakup and unrequited love song, and familial love. I wish I could have brought up other aspects of love, but couldn’t think of a song to represent it.

Milestone in my Blog

My ultimate goal for the end of this school year is 500 followers. I reached 500 followers yesterday. Thank you followers for following my blog. Even if you are faithful or barely faithful, I still thank all of you. I cannot believe I am already about halfway towards 1000 followers. I am so glad I reached 500 and it took a little over 2 years. My goal for the end of year is 1000 and while I know that is a tough goal and may not be reached, that tough goal will help motivate me to keep going. I noticed something of my most recent followers, which starts in about 2017, that they tend to be musical theatre fans. So I am glad this blog of mine is getting more and more successful as time goes on.


Is it Possible to be a Musical Theatre fan and not love every Musical?

This is a fascinating question. Can you be a musical theatre fan and not love every musical? Yes, is is possible because there are so many musicals out there that it is hard to see all of them. Surrounding the Hamilton hype, some of those fans think you are a ‘fake’ musical fan if you do not love Hamilton. That is so not true at all. I am a musical theatre fanatic and don’t have an interest in seeing Hamilton due to the hip-hop or rap nature of the musical. Being a musical fan does not mean loving every musical. It means understanding them and understanding what they are capable of.

After all, this blog proves I am a massive fan of musicals. I have been seeing them since I was a kid and the love was sparked in middle school due to Wicked and turned into a passion due to Les Mis in my first year of college. I may have first began to understand the emotional and complex side of musicals through Wicked, but Les Mis took things a step further.

In a nutshell, musicals are capable of dance, spectacle, complexity, comedy, romance, positive and negative emotions in the score and strong emotional connections. All of those aspects are what musicals are known for. You don’t have to love certain musicals just to be a musical fan such as Hamilton for instance. When I saw both Addams Family, which was about 2011, and La Cage, which was 2012, I did not like any of them. So you see there are musicals that I have seen but have not liked at all.

But if you look at the list of ones I love ranges from Wicked, Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Rent, Pippin, Music Man, South Pacific, Sound of Music, Annie, Newsies, and Beauty and the Beast. That range really shows a lot of what musicals are capable of and the wide range musical emotions can be and how different musical characters and plot are along with songs. The musicals I love combined are comical, tragic, fulled of dance and spectacle, romance in different ways, filled with different emotional levels, and emotional connections are different. Themes are wide-ranging as well. But what is common about all musicals I love share the same thing in common: the songs I love, the characters I love, the songs I love and the positive experience I have with them.

So why do people feel like to be a ‘true’ musical fan, you have to love Hamilton? Being a ‘true’ musical fan does not mean you have to love every single musical. That is silly in my opinion due to the fact that there are just so many that there is a chance you will come across some musicals you do not love or even like and there is nothing wrong with that. You being a fan of musicals has to start somewhere and mine started quite a long time ago. Musicals are an escape to me and you end up escaping in the world of the characters and their emotions. They have this certain kind of magnet that pulls you in, which is the most effective for those you love. I have proven that I am a massive fan of musicals through this blog and due to listening to musical songs everyday and talking like the characters are real. Songs really are key to me deciding whether or not I love a musical: if I love them, I usually love the musical, but if they are not so good, I usually don’t even love the musical.

What do you think? Can you be a musical theatre fan and not every single musical?

What Makes Romance so Common in Musicals

What is noticed about the world of musicals is how often romance exists. It seems to exist to almost every musical, but why is it like that. Romance is this love/hate emotion due to some people hating it in musicals and some people love it in musicals. Part of that is the problem of “love at first sight”, but makes sense due to the length of a musical.

In my personal opinion, romance is so common due to it being such an universal emotion. Romance also translates very easy to song and the couples are provide a different reason for being in the musical for the first place. Harold Hill and Marian bring an emotional nature to Music Man since the show focuses on just positive. Then with Emelie and Nellie, the entire show is a love story between them. With Marius and Cosette, they help bring light to the tale. Being an easy emotion to translate to song, it sounds so beautifully and couples can help you develop an emotional connection to the two characters in romance. But then again, romance does exist in the form of a love triangle and in that situation adds texture to the piece and shows how characters react to unrequited love.

What do you think? Why do you think romance is so common in musicals?