Why do I want Spectacle or Dance in a Musical?

In my opinion, having spectacle and dance in a musical is adding something very special. ┬áIt make a musical even more wonderful to watch. Spectacle and dance are wonderful things to look at. It means looking at beautiful costumes, wonderful dance moves, circus elements, a colorful and fun set and so much more. I discovered spectacle and dance growing up. Just like comedy, dance and spectacle are known to be part of a musical. It gives a musical a kind of “wow” factor and makes you feel excited in a beautiful way. You can see flips on stage, boys dancing on newspapers, making something magical out of a silly dance and all sorts of fun things.

Dance and spectacle are things I have loved in musicals for as long as I can remember. Dance in my opinion is a type of spectacle. The dance and spectacle is one of the hugest reasons why I love musicals.

Why do you love spectacle and dance in a musical?


Why Do I Want Comedy In a Musical?

I decided to do a new series of posts. I decided to talk about why I want the things I want in a musical in their own posts. Today, I will talk about why I want comic moments.

For starters, musicals were built around comedy. Their origins belong to comic opera. Much of the musicals I have seen are happy or comic musicals and some of them are darker than others. I grew up with those musicals and even today, I am still coming across happy and comic musicals. The comic moments give you an amazing opportunity to laugh and makes the experience wonderful. In musicals such as Les Mis, you need comic moments to get a break from all the emotional moments. Growing up, I wanted a musical to be either a happy musical or a comic musical. Now, I want the aspect of comedy to show up in a musical.

If you want comedy in a musical, why?

Ranks of My Five Les Mis Casts

This post will rank the actors from the movie, 25th anniversary concert film, the community college production, West End production, and Greenville production. It may not be accurate because I don’t remember some of the actors. About the community college one, I can’t put the actor down since I don’t know the names.

  1. Jean Valjean- Hugh Jackman, community college, Alfie Boe, Nick Cartell, Adam Bayjou (understudy)- hard to pick between Alfie, Nick and Adam.
  2. Javert- Russell Crowe, community college, Norm Lewis, Josh Davis, Jeremy Secomb (only actor where I found an emotional connection to Javert)
  3. Fantine-community college, Lea Salonga, Melissa Mitchell, Anne Hathaway, Rachelle Ann Go
  4. Monsieur and Madame Thenardier-community college, Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen, Jenny Galloway and Matt Lucas, Allison Guann and J. Anthony Crane, Kathy Secombe and Phil Daniels
  5. Eponine-community college, Talia Simone Robinson (understudy), Carrie Hope Fletcher and Samantha Barks (tough call between the two of them)
  6. Cosette-community college, Zoe Doano, Amanda Seyfried, Katie Hall, Jillian Butler
  7. Marius- Nick Jonas, community college, Rob Houchen and Eddie Redmayne, Joshua Grosso
  8. Enjolras-community college, Aaron Tveit, Matt Shingledecker, Ramin Karimloo, Bradley Jaden- tough call between all five

This list is the way it is is 1) due to not remembering some of the actors and 2) some there was no way I could pick. Enjolras was a very tough call and so was Jean Valjean because I loved all of them. Even two of the Eponine’s were tough calls so they were placed together. This is just the best I could do. All of the casts were incredible in different ways. But the ones that stand out the most were the Greenville cast and the West End cast.

My Week in Review

This week, I had a busy week. I ended up doing three activities with Student Activities at my school. I decided to talk about each of them today.

  1. Les Mis- Gardner Webb took a group of students to see Les Mis on Sunday in Greenville. This was my 5th time seeing Les Mis live, but my 1st time seeing it on tour. It was so good that I was speechless at the end. Wonderful cast and incredible staging. There are so many reasons to love Les Mis.


2. Pinterest Night- Wednesday I ended up going to Pinterest night. Everyone painted their own canvas with different painting. Originally I came thinking mine was going to be a Gardner Webb them. But after a friend told me that the dome looked like a stage, I decided to base it around theatre. I at first thought I only Elphaba on the stage, but decided to put Eponine too. It fits that those two girls are on my painting since I equally love Les Mis and Wicked, which puts them both on the top.


3. Big E- I have never done this before. The Big E is located in Gaffney, South Carolina. For Gardner Webb, the doors opened at 11 at night. In the place, you can either bowl, play laser tag or end up watching a movie. Usually I never go because the movies that were being offered at the time never interested me. When I saw Murder on the Orient Express being offered, I decided to give it a try. I came and there was no way me and my friends could play laser tag since the next game started at 11:30, the same time my movie started. We couldn’t bowl because all the lanes were taken. It is hard to say what I felt about Murder on the Orient Express because I think I might have fallen asleep for part of the movie.