Simpleness of God

What a simple way to describe who God is.

Dream Desire Achieve

Maybe you can’t let go of your past
There is a God who has already forgiven your past;
Maybe you can’t accept your present
There is a God who is always present with you;
Maybe you can’t see your future
There is a God who will give you a bright hope for the future;
Maybe your life has no meaning to you
There is a God who holds your life in His hands.

He doesn’t promise that life will be smooth,
But He promises to give you grace and strength for every phase;
If only you trust Him and release the reins of your life into His hands.
There is a God who is closer to you than your next breath.

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Portrait of Elphaba

There are no words to describe how much I love this character from the musical, “Wicked”. In a lot of ways, I am very similar to her and in a lot of ways I am not. She is my #1 favorite musical character due to how much I personally relate to her. It is very rare to come across a character in musicals that you can relate to so much.

Possible Spoilers:

It is very hard to understand who Elphaba is. She has so many wonderful layers who has this tough life. She has been treated like a outcast for most of her life. Her father hates her because she is green and blames her for why her sister, Nessa, is disabled and why her mother is dead. She goes to school hoping people would no longer judge her, but she realizes that even at school, she is discriminated against, which includes her roommate. Well Galinda (AKA Glinda) and Elphaba start out as reluctant roommates and the two hate each other. The two eventually bond with each other and become the best of friends. They have arguments from time to time, but towards the end of the show, they realize that they have changed each others lives for good. Glinda was Elphaba’s only friend and truly understand her for who who she is and Glinda has had several friends, but only one mattered.

Yes, the two have lots of conflict towards each other, but they never lose their friendship. They do find themselves both in love with Fiyero and that creates an interesting love triangle. It is fascinating how the love triangle changes from act 1 to act 2. It changes who gets the unrequited love. It is mainly placed on Elphaba, but she gets over that very quickly after accepting the fact that her best friend loves him. Well, in act 2, Fiyero does realize that he never loved Glinda after hearing all the rude comments people are making about Elphaba and leaves Glinda. This is the moment where Fiyero realizes that he always loved Elphaba and when Glinda notices this, she feels betrayed by both Fiyero and her best friend.

Elphaba was never “wicked” in the first place, but was only labeled that way. She performed good deeds like allowing Nessa to walk by putting a spell on her shoes, saving Boq’s life by turning him into tin after Nessa accidentally cast on a spell on him that made his heart shrink, and giving equal rights to the animals. Yes, Elphaba has heartbreak, anger, fear, frustration, and loneliness in her life, but she manages to get through all of that through her wonderful inner strength.

Overall, Elphaba is a big-hearted, talkative, smart, determined, different, misunderstood girl who believes in equality and staying true to herself. Despite all of the discrimination she faced, she is still this strong young woman. Two people truly saw her for who she was and they were Fiyero and Glinda. I still have this strong bond with her because a lot of what makes her who she is is part of who I am as a person. Elphaba is like a role model to me due to how much I relate. She has this inner strength, which is part of what makes her so unique. I know I don’t relate to everything about this character, but there is not another musical theatre character that I can relate to this much. Elphaba is one of the biggest reasons why Wicked is still a spectacular musical and why it means so much to me and why it is still a #1 favorite musical.


The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Maybe automatically made me think of the musical, “Annie”. It made me think of the musical because “Maybe” is one of the songs from the show. The song has a small hint of sadness in it. “Annie” is a wonderful musical about an optimistic orphan named Annie. She gets to spend a week with Daddy Warbucks and her dog, Sandy.

“Annie” is quite meaningful to me because it reminds me of my childhood. It was my favorite musical in elementary school. My favorite song from the show is “Tomorrow”, the musical’s anthem. I also love some of the other songs such as “Your’e Never Fully Dressed without a smile”, “Its a Hard Knock Life”, “NYC”, and “Let’s Go to the Movies”. The last two songs on this list just depends on what version you are watching. There are songs from the 1982 movie that are not in the stage version.

Whenever I watch the 1982 movie, I always feel like a kid again. Just two years ago, I was able to see the stage show for the first time. I still love it just as much as I did when I was a kid. It may not be my all-time favorite musical anymore, but it still has the same love. It also still has a special place in my heart. It in a lot of ways, it belongs with “Wicked” and “Les Mis” at the top all because it once was my favorite musical.

I think a lot of girls love “Annie” because of Annie’s strong-willed spirit and her optimism. I also think it has a lot to do with Sandy as well. I am so glad that certain musicals are able to bring me back to my childhood. Its hard to believe that my passion for musicals started out as just a tiny interest.


Words that describe Les Mis

In my opinion, these are words that represent what Les Mis is. A lot of Les Mis fans know that it is quite difficult to describe the emotional and moving impact the show has. It is hard to show how such a heartbreaking musical can give someone so much joy. By using positive words, it shows that the show is way more then tragedy. True, my blog talks a lot about Les Mis, but I have such a passionate love for the musical.

  1. Tragic
  2. Heartbreaking
  3. Complex
  4. Epic
  5. Powerful
  6. Inspirational
  7. Transforming
  8. Captivating
  9. Insightful
  10. Truthful
  11. Soulful
  12. Compassion
  13. Hope
  14. Sacrifice
  15. Love
  16. Passionate
  17. Forgiveness
  18. Humanity
  19. Moving
  20. Intriguing
  21. Redemption

Insight into Eponine

When I discovered this blog post, I decided to share it my blog because it is a wonderful insight into Eponine, a tragic heroine, who falls in love with Marius unrequitedly. She is the daughter of the Thenardiers, who treat her terribly and raise her to be a criminal, but she does not want to like them. Instead of being loyal to her family, she decided to be loyal to Marius instead. I have this growing love for the character and have no idea why. Eponine’s story is so heartbreaking because she has to face abuse and extreme poverty. On top of that, she is dealing with unrequited love for Marius, but it is the love for him that keeps her going. I really love the songs “On My Own” and “A Little Fall of Rain”, which are two of her songs.

This link above is my analysis of Eponine.


An Entertaining Idea

**SPOILER ALERT! – If you have not read the novel, seen the film or know the stage production of Les Miserables and do not wish to know what happens then please do not read on.**

IMG_5392 Design inspired by the character of “Eponine”

My first introduction to Les Miserables occurred while watching a beauty pageant on television.  During the late 80s, early 90s, Les Miswas one of 3 shows that everyone talked about – Cats and Phantom of the Opera being the other two.  But if you didn’t sing soprano and were anywhere near the age of 18 then it was more likely you’d gravitate to Les Mis, and the strong-willed character of Eponine.

I heard “On My Own” while watching said beauty pageant.  Not knowing much of anything about the storyline I asked my older sister to explain it to me.  As she relayed the story and I…

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Is there good in the world?

Believe there is good in the world


One thing a lot of people seem to be forgetting is how much good there is in the world. I am fully aware that the news makes it seem like most of the world is bad. But once again, don’t let news influence you in a way that makes you forget that most people are good. I know that we live in a broken society and that there is too much hate and anger in the world. We as humans are known to be loving and compassionate. Don’t forget that part of what you know about the world is drawn off of everyday experiences. In fact, showing one act of kindness everyday will help fix this broken society. One thing that would be nice is if the news would find more of an even balance between the good and the bad news. What is so fascinating about the tragic news that makes people always want to report it?  I know that the tragic news are quite important, but isn’t the good news just equally as important. I will watch the news more if there is more of an even balance between the two. The biggest gift we were given is love itself. I am aware that we as humans constantly make mistakes and that we are known to learn from them.

Joshua 1:9

Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid, do not be discouraged,  for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go

-Joshua 1:9

This quote can truly apply to life. Yes life is tough and will be dark at times. But remember, if you put your trust in the Lord, you will be able to pull through. We need to be strong no matter what. Being strong allows us to get through dark times and allows us to thrive. It also allows us to follow our dreams. The Lord will be with you every step during your journey. He truly understands you and will never give up. It can be easy to be afraid during life, but the love of the Lord is stronger then fear. Remember, the biggest gift that God gave us is love itself because we are made in his image.