Excitement in Musicals

Poem of Excitement in Musicals:

Strongest emotion when younger

Never really changed

Exactly the same as always

An emotion found in many ways

Found in experience and in show

The world of dance and spectacle

So comes with wow factor

Due to fancy tricks and dancing

But not always with dance and spectacle

Makes experience stronger

So allows all emotion to be worth it

Excitement in experience

Allows for positive experience

Not a negative one


Mystery Musical Plot #7

On to continuing my mystery plot series. Rules are as follows: I write a poem in regards to the plot and you guess what musical I am talking about.

Mystery Plot #7:

A story of transformation

A story of a man

Who changes his ways

Who transforms a town

In many ways

And falls in love

A story of music

In regards to a group of boys


Mystery Musical Plot #6

Time for another mystery plot poem. I will be writing a poem and you have to guess what musicals I am writing about.

Mystery #6:

A story of a man’s journey

To discover who he is

A story of a woman

Who struggles in life

A story of two lovers

Who are perfect for each other

A story of a girl

Who is brave and strong

A story of friends

Who stand up for what they believe in

A story of love in many ways

A story where characters impact each other

In beautiful ways

A story with amazing themes

Which make it inspiring


Mystery Musical Plot #5

I am doing my 5th mystery plot poem. I will have you guess what musical I am talking about.

Mystery Plot #5:

A man’s journey of discovering himself

Who goes through many adventures

Who goes through many things

To find his place in life

But is influenced by a playful and crafty person

Who might be leading him to do wrong things

Or head on the wrong path


Mystery Musical Plot #4

This is my fourth mystery plot poem. I write a musical’s plot in poem form and the readers have to guess what musical I am talking about. Some are harder to others and some are much easier.

Mystery Plot #4:

A story of love

A love so angelic and beautiful

That it moves you

That you want the couple to be together

A love so dangerous

That it can haunt and sadden you

What happens when these loves clash?

It creates an interesting love triangle