Would Les Mis have entered my life without Wicked?

Think about this. Would certain musicals have entered without others? That is kind of a deep question. I can describe my musical journey through the musicals that are meaningful. There are two musicals in particular that are the most important in making me a musical theatre fanatic. They are Wicked and Les Mis. Wicked sparked the love while Les Mis turned the love into a passion. The question is would Les Mis have been in my life without Wicked?

My answer is no. There is no way Les Mis would have in my life without Wicked. It had to do with what I learned from Wicked. Plus- before Les Mis, I was against tragedies. I was only 12 when Wicked first entered my life- that was 13 years ago.

What did I learn from Wicked? For starters, I discovered emotional connection. Why is an emotional connection so important in a musical? The emotional connection is key to everything- it is our DESIRE, WHY, and WANT. There has to be a reason to want to go on the journeys of the characters and to feel what they are feeling. I discovered something else in Wicked, which is connected to emotional connection. It belongs to the emotions. I NEVER knew about the emotional and complex side of musical before Wicked. So emotional connection and the emotional and complex side of musicals were discovered all because of Wicked. There were four core emotions that were at the forefront: excitement, love, joy, and sad: the only four I thought would exist. I knew about spectacle, dance, romance, and comedy- everything that musicals have were ALL in Wicked. I had no clue all of that would be challenged, disproven, and tested- meaning things will change by a landslide.

Enter Les Mis. So- emotional connection. I already knew about that. However, that WANT and DESIRE would have to be extremely strong in a musical like Les Mis. So, “you think there are four core emotions- let us add one”. If I didn’t already already know about the core emotion of sad, I would be extremely confused about HEARTBREAK entering the picture. So Wicked would teach me things that would have to get stronger in Les Mis. Yes, in Wicked, I have a personal relationship to Elphaba, but not a personal relationship to the Les Mis character. However in Les Mis, it is constant HEARTBREAK- so you have be STRONG with the emotional connection. See if I didn’t discover some of those things in Wicked- I would have been extremely confused by a number of things that would be going on in Les Mis. In Wicked, I already was strongly attacked to a love triangle- I knew about that concept so I was able to easily find it in Les Mis. So if it wasn’t for discovering emotional connection and the emotion of sadness in Wicked, I would be very confused in Les Mis. I don’t think I would have wanted Les Mis in my life.

US Tour of Les Mis
One Day More

Les Mis would soon pay its favor back to Wicked- by the love triangle. “I’m Not That Girl” was only a sad song in the beginning- I didn’t call it a sad love song. I thought it would stay that way. “On My Own” would tell me unrequited love songs are heartbreaking- that song was sad for only one year (from 2013-2014). “On My Own” helped me realize “I’m Not That Girl” was heartbreaking, which made Wicked’s love triangle even more complex. Wicked’s love triangle is more complex and is my favorite one- I might be slightly biased because it is the first one I emotionally bonded with.

Do you feel this way? Would have some musicals not have entered your life without others?


Star Wars Night

One of my favorite June traditions began last night- the Summer Pops. It was an outdoor symphony performed by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. Each week, there is a different theme, and families come and have a picnic while listening to the symphony. That tradition began last night. Originally, my family wasn’t planning to go to last night’s Pops night, but we did. What was the theme- it was Star Wars Night.

I am still a bit of a new Star Wars fan. I only entered the fandom in 2015. The only tunes I know from Star Wars are the theme song and the Imperial March. The rest, I still haven’t memorized. After all, only saw all the movies once. I was surprised that last night, the symphony actually decided to go into The Force Awakens, the beginning of the latest trilogy.

It is next week I am looking forward to- a theme I will love more than the one I went to last night. Next week’s theme is Broadway- so why do you think I am looking forward more to next week.

Pride and Prejudice Review

I should have reviewed this book sooner- my thoughts on the book. In May, I finished Pride and Prejudice, my first Jane Austen book. Here’s the thing, I do love Character-Driven books. I did love the protagonist, Elizabeth Bennett. The problem I had with the book is that I felt there really wasn’t a plot. It was like- “where is the plot?”. There was setting- but I couldn’t see a plot anywhere- I felt like the plot was just to find someone to be married to- what kind of a plot is that?

Yes, I love the Classics, but I would rather read Dickens. With Dickens, he creates fascinating and interesting characters. In addition, he creates setting, raising action, complex, falling action, and a resolution. I actually can see a plot. The same applies for a number of musicals that fall under the favorites category.

The first thing I look at in a book is the setting. Do I love the setting? Then- do I love the protagonist? In Pride and Predjudice- I can only really fall in love with one character. In the other classics, I have fallen in love with- I have actually liked more than one character- not just one character.

The next thing I look at is there actually a plot. Pride and Prejudice was missing that for me. That was why I loved all of the classics I read for fun before Austen. So next time I read a classic, it will not be Austen.

Romanticism is what I am drawn to the most- when it comes to Classics. There are some classics that are not Romantic that I do love- Don Quixote, Illiad and Odyssey- those like the Romantic plots have character, setting, and feel like they have an actual plot.

What book am I reading now? “Bolton and Wodehouse and Kern: The Men Who Made Musical Comedy”- I am sure I will love that a lot more than Pride and Prejudice.

May 2019 in Review

It now is June-May does have its highlights. May felt more like Summer then Spring- did May skip a season?

Italy Concert- Charlotte

This year the adult choir at my family church went on their 2nd pilgrimage abroad. The 1st was in England- more specifically Bristol; those who have been on my blog for some time know this was the pilgrimage I attended. The week before the adult choir went on their Italy Pilgrimage did a concert at my family church singing all the songs they would be doing in Italy. I ended up going to that concert- I wasn’t going to Italy. The songs I heard did bring me back to Bristol.


Charlotte Shout:

While I did not see a musical in May, I did do a Blumenthal event. That event was Charlotte Shout. This event was celebrating Charlotte’s 250th birthday. Charlotte events was spread all throughout Uptown (Charlotte calls Downtown “Uptown”). At night, prisms, seesaws, and gigantic bunnies were illuminated. It was cool to watch aerial dancers literally dancing on the side of the a building, and men, who were pirates were climbing up on poles.


Les Misérables Masterpiece PBS Series:

Yes, April began the series. May was the final three weeks. I was kind of nervous at first watching Les Misérables. I was so used to Les Misérables with the songs. I was wondering how can I appreciate Les Mis without the songs. What I did love about the series is how it expanded the characters’ backstories. The problem is there was not enough episodes that certain elements had to be rushed- rushed as in way too quickly. My interpretation of Les Misérables- as in characters- is a combo of musical, book, and my actors/actresses. You can still be a massive fan of the musical and love watching it without the songs.



Of everything that happened in May, it was Charlotte Shout I loved the most. Charlotte Shout was the first event I saw with Blumenthal (I believe) that wasn’t on stage. Different events happened at different times in the day- only the seesaws, prisms, field of wheat, and the bunnies will stay illuminated for a while. It was Tall Tales and the Aerial Dancers that had a specific time. Hard to believe Charlotte was 250 years old.

The Project Inspire Award

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A day ago, Celeste from CBWrites tagged me for this award- if you like either musicals or writing or both, check out her blog.

How and where do you find the most inspiration to create?

  • Inspiration does come from anywhere. My Fairy Frogs story was inspired from a walk on one of Charlotte’s Greenways. I was on a boardwalk, and I looked to the left- saw a bunch of cattails- the word Cattail Forest came to mind. From there- slowly, the entire story was created. I don’t fully know where all my inspiration came from- I don’t remember where my 2nd WIP came from- yes I am more dedicated to Fairy Frogs- but still working on Greatest Discovery- the 2nd WIP, which is a trilogy. Some inspiration does from seeing a name either on a truck or a pavilion or somehow out you just say something. I do remember that when I took Communications in CPCC that inspiration can from when you least expect it to. 

What’s your favorite inspirational Bible verse or quote?

  • The bible verse that comes to mind the verse is “those who have walked in darkness have seen a great light”. I really have no idea why it comes to mind a lot- but it does. 

What methods do you use to get motivated to create?

  • The Greenway, my computer- it was where I write my stories, information about my characters, etc….You might be thinking how can a Greenway motivate me to create- well that Greenway is basically the same as The Cattail Forest in Fairy Frogs (home to Fairy Creek and Graysloup). Each time I walk on that Greenway- I was able to worldbuild even further. 

Who has been influential and encouraging to you on your creative journey (whether they knew it or not)?

  • My first English teacher in high school (he was the one who taught me the method of dumptracking), my mom and dad. My mom and I were talked about who lived in The Cattail Forest (before it became Fairy Creek)- my dad currently is my editor. A number of people that I know are interested in the Fairy Frogs book- those people are also encouraging- the book still has no title. 

What book or author has really inspired you?

  • Never really thought about this 

What are three big things you’ve learned about the creative life over the years?

1) it takes multiple drafts- to get to the final.

2) you have to be extremely patient in so many ways.

3) stay dedicated to a WIP, or else it will not go very far. 

What would you tell your past self, or other young creators out there?

  • In the first draft, just write and don’t think about it= this is called dumptrucking. This is helpful. This one might seem strange, but sometimes your character might write part of your story- that did happen to me. At the beginning of writing a book, sometimes you might not always know a purpose of a certain character. 

What are some little things in life that inspire you? Hmmm.

  1. Places you have been to.
  2. Yourself- this sounds crazy, but if you are writing a book, there can be a character who is very much like you.
  3. Other people
  4. Nature
  5. Art

What are your favorite ways to express your creativity (a.k.a. your hobbies)?

  • This blog, coloring, hiking. There are a number of others I can say. 

How do you want people to be affected by what you create?

  • My first WIP is a fantasy and my second WIP (which is a trilogy) is not a fantasy. One is a man vs man conflict and the other is a man vs. self conflict. I want people to be inspired by my stories. Yes-  all are different, but still want people to be inspired by them. 

My Tags- I have a hard time thinking of three of them.

Act I Closers

The ending of the first act in a musical is important. By that point, you usually know whether or not you love a musical. The emotion of the first act I closer does vary- some are heartbreaking, some are sad (but not heartbreaking), some are exciting, and some are empowering- it varies. Here are examples of act I closers:

Defying Gravity

One Day More

Hankua Matata

Climb Every Mountain

Santa Fe

If I Can’t Love Her

Wells Fargo Wagon

La Vie Bohéme

Let it Go

Morning Glow

I’d Give My Life For You

Crashing of the Chandelier

  • As you can tell, these act I closers do vary. You have songs that are either sad or heartbreaking like “Santa Fe”, “If I Can’t Love Her”, and “I’d Give My Life For You”. The empowering act I closers are songs such as “Let it Go”, “One Day More”, and “Defying Gravity”- those can also fit under exciting songs- which is where “Wells Fargo Wagon” and “La Vie Bohéme” fit under. So act I closers vary from musical to musical. Some musicals don’t have a song at all- such as Phantom of the Opera, which ends at the crashing of the chandelier. By the end of act I, you already know which characters and storylines you are are emotionally connected to. The act I ending is important- it is just as important as the finale of the musical.

Magic in Disney Love Songs

There is something special about Disney love songs. It is one of the patterns that exist in musicals. They are all share a similar quality. It doesn’t seem to matter who sings it- they share that same quality. “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “A Whole New World”, and “Something to Believe In” all have that special quality. They have this kind of innocence and magic found in them. I was only listing songs from stage shows. My favorite classic Disney couple is Belle and Beast and my favorite contemporary Disney couple is Katherine and Jack. Whoever sings any of these songs- the magic remains.

"Beauty and the Beast" from the live action movie of Beauty and the Beast
“Beauty and the Beast”
"Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from the stage show of Lion King
“Can You Feel the Love Tonight”
"Something to Believe In" from Newsies
“Something to Believe In”
A Whole New World from Aladdin
A Whole New World

What do you think is special and magical about Disney love songs?