When the Unexpected Happens

There are times in life where something unexpected happens. That can either be a good thing or a bad thimg and can be hard to adjust to at times.

Something unexpected that happened in my life this semester was discovering that my 8:00 am class was cancelled this morning literally right when I arrived.

Having a class at that time being cancelled can be annoying. So I walked over to the Tucker Student Center to hang out until my 10:00 class. It gave me time to sign up for Les Mis through student activities, which will be in Greenville at the Peace Center.

Another unexpected thing that happened was yesterday. On the way back to the suites, I felt two raindrops so I cut through the Tucket Center since it was on the way. But right after I cut through, it was sprinkling, however I had no umbrella, rainboats, and raincoat and it is not fun heading back to my suite in the rain with nothing to stop me from getting wet.

Unexpected things have happened in the musical world as well through the genre of tragedy and plot twists that that happen in the musical. When the genre of trgedy entered through the musicals, I had to readjust due to the fact thst I grew up with happy and comic musicals, but did help that I already discovered the enotion of sad in musicals.

Spoiler Alert:

Those plot twists that happen in a musical plot can be exciting and confusing at the same time. One of the best plot twists happens in Wicked due to a love triangle. In act one, the set up is Glinda and Fiyero as a couple and Elphaba with the unrequited love. But in act two, all three of them mature and Fiyero realizes that Glinda is not the girl for him so he breaks up with her and enters a relationship with Elphaba so the set up changes with Glinda having unrequited love. There are hints in act one that shoe why the plot twist happened because it seems like Fiyero had a crush on Elphaba in his days at Shiz, but seems unaware of it.


So that Wicked plot twist makes it one of the best love triangles in musical theatre history and makes it my favorite one.


Entering Your Last Year of College

College has been one of the best years of life, which really happened when I transferred to Gardner Webb. Entering your last year is extremely exciting, but a bit sad as well because it will be your last year at a school you have grown to be a home. That is what Gardner Webb feels to me, a home. Entering this last year has been filled with a lot of transition. The transition from dorm to suite has been one of the best decisions ever. Living in a suite, despite a further walk and living on the third floor, has been one of the best decisions I made. You feel like there is a bigger sense of independence over in the dorm and at Gardner Webb, I just being closer to the lake. All of my suite mates have bonded and it is a nice group of girls. Still lots of transition has been happening. Gardner Webb has been filled with making new friends, creating memories that are worth remembering, and discovering more of who you are. The campus has a wonderful community filled with wonderful student.

Social Life of Gardner Webb

It is no surprise that I love Gardner Webb. One of my favorite things about Gardner Webb is the social life they have. Student Activities puts together so many wonderful activities for us to enjoy. There are an incredible amount of clubs and organizations to be a part of. What exactly are some of the activities that I have enjoyed doing.

  1. Pumpkin Painting- one year I painted an actual pumpkin and another year I painted a clay pumpkin
  2. Pinterest Night- last year in the Fall, the people who signed up got to choose the wood design they want. Mine ended up being a flower with my monogram in the middle. Another Pinterest night, which was Spring of 2016, we could paint whatever we want and I based mine under Disney
  3. Painting Night- I did this once and everyone did the same design because that was what was assigned that night. The one we did was a peacock.
  4. School Dances- I have gone to these throughout the year, but not all of them. The only problem with school dances is that a lot of times, the songs are usually not the best song list.
  5. Hiking- since Gardner Webb is only about thirty to one hour away from places such as South Mountain and Crowder’s Mountain and other trails, hiking is something we can sign up doing.
  6. Disney Leadership Program- I went last year and this was during Spring Break and the group took two leadership classes where we got to learn leadership skills by Disney and we got behind the scenes looks. The rest of the time, we just spent time at Disney and I got to go to all four parks
  7. Mission Trips- I went to Charleston in Fall Break of 2015 for a passion trip
  8. The Gathering- this is a student-led worship service and is so much fun. This is where I discovered songs such as Come to the River, Fierce, and other Contemporary Christian songs. I find it easy to listen to the Sermon since they are drawn towards college students.
  9. Campus Civitan- this is my club I am a part of. I am currently president and they are like family to me. What exactly is Campus Civitan? It is a service club where we have volunteered through places such as homeless shelters, Special Olympic and on campus activities such as Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week, Disability Awareness Month, Relay For Life, and Octoberfest (a festival for kids nearby where they can go trick or treating in a safe place)
  10. Candy and Critters- this is where you can actually make a stuffed animal and happens around Valentine’s Day. There are many skins to pick from. So far I have made a hot pink bunny, who I named Beatrice Rose. My second one I made is a pink camouflage bear, who I named Magenta. My third one I made is a rainbow dog, who I named Rainbow
  11. Wicked- just like year, Gardner Webb took a group of fifty students to see Wicked in Charlotte, which was my fourth time seeing. I feel like seeing Wicked with a school that changed me for good made Wicked even more meaningful. Seeing it with my school was one of the reasons why I felt more vulnerable the fourth time around and part of why I reacted to “For Good” the way I did partly had to do with seeing it with Gardner Webb.
  12. Movies on the Quad or in Tucker Student Center- usually throughout the year, they show movies. Sometimes they are shown on the Quad or at the Tucker Student Center. One of the movies I saw was Force Awakens, which was in Tucker
  13. Gingerbread House and Meeting Santa- last year, I ended up decorating a Gingerbread house and I ended up meeting Santa

So I love all the different activities you can do at Gardner Webb. These activities are part of why I love Gardner Webb.

Move In Day

Just yesterday, I moved into the suites at Gardner Webb for my senior year. I used to live in the dorms, but this year decided that I wanted to live in the suites. Even though I have been at Gardner Webb since 2015, I always tend to forget just how long moving in takes. For this year, we had to move everything from the car all the way to third floor of my suite and I always forget how much stuff you have to bring to college. There is the usual having to decide where you want to everything to go in your room. Sometimes, you have to move furniture. It has to be set up in a way that will be comfortable to you since you will living there all year. Then it takes a while to decide where you want posters and paintings to be hung up. My room is kind of a Broadway themed room, which consists of a Wicked poster, Phantom poster, two Les Mis paintings, and a Frozen pillow, a stuffed Sven and Olaf and a Frozen pillow.


This upcoming year will be bittersweet for sure, but I hope to make the most of it. I am president of my service club and they are like family to me. I love going on hikes, going to painted pumpkins, Pinterest night, and other fun social events that happen throughout college. But at the same time, I keep up with my studies. Gardner Webb is not just a school. It is home to me and I feel like I have changed for the better during my time here. I have grown a lot and discovered more and more of who I am. So excited to see what this upcoming year will bring.

What is Home?

What is home?

Is it where you live?

Home to me has different meanings to different people. It can actually be more than one specific place. It does not necessarily have to be the house or apartment you live in. Home is where the heart is and for me, there are three places that best represent home.

The first is Charlotte, North Carolina. I was raised there and have lived there since 2002 so it feels like home. So it is home and will always be even when if I move to another state. Charlotte is home to different Greenways and touring productions tend to stop by Charlotte and near my house, there are two malls. Charlotte is home for me because it is where I am from.

Another place that is home is Ponte Vedra, Florida, which is right near Jacksonville. Ever since I was a baby I have been going there about once or twice a year. There was a time when I would go there three times a year for Spring Break, over the summer and for Thanksgiving. My grandma owns a house down there and even though she is in Missouri more often, we still have access to her home in Florida. There are memories of spending time at the beach or spending time at Town Center (an outdoor mall) or spending time with cousins or heading over to St. Augustine for the day. Florida is definitely home to me as well even though I was never raised there so the meaning of home can go beyond the place where you were raised or where you live.

The third place that is home to me is Gardner Webb University, which is my school. How can a school that you only spend a small portion of your life at be considered home? As of right now, I only been there for two and a half years and next year, I will be entering my last year and that will be a bittersweet year. Well, it is home because you do after all live there throughout most of the year and I do love to learn. I love that school and I do love being a bulldog. I love spending time doing things through Student Activities or volunteering with Campus Civitan (my club) or going to the Gathering or being with friends. It is just home to be because I do love it there and because I do live there throughout the school year. Some Student Activities events I did were going to Disney World on a leadership experience for Spring Break, seeing Wicked-that did mark my fourth time seeing the musical, Pinterest night and other events.

So “home” can be varied. I talked about three places that are home to me. One of them, Charlotte, is where I am from and is my hometown. One of them is a place I have been going to every single year of my life. Another is my home away from home, but still home, but next year will be bittersweet because last year is my last year of college.

What does “home” mean to you?

Exploring Asheville

One of the best things about living in Charlotte is that my family lives two hours away from Asheville. On July 15th, my family visited Asheville for the day and in my opinion it is a very artsy city. Our first stop was to have lunch at Moose Cafe, which right outside Asheville. I love having apple butter at that restaurant whenever we go to Moose Cafe.


After lunch, my family finally made their way to downtown Asheville where we would spend the rest of the day. One of the first things we saw was people playing instruments on the street and at the same time one woman was clogging so Asheville is very artsy and right afterwards, I looked at a gallery for a little bit. However, right after leaving the gallery it started to rain. So my family decided to visit Asheville on a day that it decided to rain.

One of our next stops was at a bookstore. It looked like a bookstore like Hogwarts would have if it would actually have a bookstore. It actually looked like Dumbledore’s office. We ended up exploring a place that reminded me a bit of an indoor mall and afterwards I saw a community garden and on the inside, I saw this statue, which is the picture that you see below. After that, it was finally time to head over to Kiliwin’s to get some ice cream. I decided to get some salted caramel flavored ice cream.


After Kiliwin’s, my family decided to spend some time in Mast General Store, which is a neat store to explore. My mom wanted to peek in the French Broad Chocolate, but my family got caught in the rain again. Not only was it raining, but it was pouring with heavy winds so my family was waiting in line stuck in the rain.

After looking at this store, it was time to head over to Malaprop’s Bookstore, a wonderful bookstore in Asheville. I ended up getting a “blind date” book. As shown below, the book is wrapped up in brown paper and adjectives are written on it. We choose the book based on the adjectives. We end up being surprised by the book we get. The “Blind Date” book thing is a reason why I love going to Malaprop’s.



Our day in Asheville ended at the Chocolate Fetish. The chocolate shop is right across from Malaprop’s. There is even a game in the shop where everything in the case is made of chocolate, but one seashell and we have to find and it is harder than it seems.


Visiting Asheville is fun. It is quite an artsy city. Malaprop’s is a reason why I love visiting Asheville and so is its artsy nature.


Blog Progress: Early July

Dear WordPress Followers,

Just last week, my blog reached 300 followers. That is a milestone in itself. I hope to gain 200 more wordpress followers in just six months. Thanks for your support and that you are inspired by my blog. I especially am grateful for my faithful followers (some of you know who you are). Gaining 200 wordpress followers in just six months seems difficult and I have no idea how to get there, but for sure I might get somewhere between 400 and 500 followers.

Question: Now, that I reached 300 followers, what do you like about my blog? And what keeps you coming back to read more posts?