Colorado Memories

Colorado like Alaska is a beautiful state. I was around 8 to 10 years old when I went to Colorado. We were in both Keystone and Denver. One of my Uncles lives in Colorado. I ended up going white water rafting. I ended up going with all my first cousins. I wish I could say more about Colorado, but due to being younger, I can’t much. I may or may not have remembered going to Colorado. I feel like I do, but don’t know if I only know because someone told me or not. Alaska and Colorado were the only states I been to in the West Part of the United States.


Watching Les Mis with Eponine

What do I mean by watching the Les Mis movie with Eponine? Eponine is one of the characters in the musical. Once a year at Gardner Webb, there is an event called Candy and Critters where we make a stuffed animal. Prior to the one in 2018, I never named a stuffed animal after a musical theatre character. So this year, I decided to name a stuffed animal after a musical character, but had no clue which character I would pick. It just depends on what the stuffed animal looks like. The bear I found I ended up naming after Eponine.

Why did I name this bear, Eponine? Below is a picture of Eponine. The character tends to wear a brown color scheme and that is the same color scheme the bear wears. In addition, the patches are heart-shaped, which connects to the love triangle. Eponine is a character who deals with unrequited love and the fact that the heart patches have stitches on the outside remind me of the unrequited love aspect. So I have a stuffed animal named Eponine. I thought it would be cute if I watch the movie, Les Mis, with my bear, Eponine.


I thought it was fun to watch the movie with the bear. It has been five years since I fell in love with the movie. But yet, I still get emotional and still tear up watching the movie. The fact that the response still happens shows just how powerful Les Mis is. I thought it would be interesting to know who Eponine is named after. It just was interesting watching it with the bear. Eponine is will always be part of my Les Mis collection and two things make her meaningful: 1) named after a meaningful musical character and 2) I made her myself.

What I Love about Minoring in Theatre

Besides my Sociology Major I am a double minor and one of my minors is theatre. Theatre was always my backup minor and I am glad that I minored in theatre. I had to take three semesters in applied theatre and those three semesters require you to volunteer 40 hrs in the theatre. My main job in those three semesters was house manager and I helped look after front of house and sold tickets and if needed, I ushered.

By being a theatre minor, I am able to appreciate more when I visit the theatre. I am able to pick up on little details in actors and actresses. I am able to see much more talent in actors and actresses. I was able to understand just how difficult acting really is. They are doing the best they can and it is harder than it seems.

I am able to understand just how hard it is to put together a show through the various classes I took. I learned about the management side of theatre and those people play an important role as well. They are the ones that have lots of meetings and look over the rehearsal process.  Minoring in theatre helped shape my love for musicals.

Things I Like That are Not Musicals

Due to finals being around the corner, I only have time for list posts. Today will be list of things I like or love that are not musicals.

  1. Learning
  2. Hiking
  3. Coloring
  4. Blogging (of course)
  5. Traveling
  6. Baking
  7. Celebrating holidays
  8. Winter= yes despite the cold
  9. Spending time with friends and family
  10. Sparkle and Glitter
  11. Stuffed animals
  12. Pink
  13. God
  14. Collecting snow globes

Can a Musical Song be Emotional without being Sad or Heartbreaking

Musical songs consists several emotional songs, which are associated with sad or heartbreaking. But are there emotional songs that are not sad or heartbreaking? I think that is so true. I believe all of the love songs that are not sad or heartbreaking are emotional as well. It is not just the love songs that can be emotional, but some others fit under this category.

  1. Till There Was You – Music Man
  2. My White Knight- Music Man
  3. Heart Full of Love- Les Mis
  4. Something to Believe In- Newsies
  5. All I Ask of You- Phantom of the Opera
  6. Something Good- Sound of Music
  7. Beauty and the Beast- Beauty and the Beast
  8. Something There- Beauty and the Beast
  9. A Whole New World- Aladdin
  10. Proud of Your Boy- Aladdin
  11. Can You Feel the Love Tonight- Lion King
  12. I Should Tell You- Rent
  13. Some Enchanted Evening- South Pacific
  14. Twin Soliloquies- South Pacific

Are there other emotional songs in your opinion that are not sad or heartbreaking?

College Productions I Have Seen

The other day I mentioned all the shows I have seen at Gardner Webb. This time I want to write a list of all the college productions I have seen, which is both Gardner Webb and Central Piedmont Community College. I was a student at both CPCC and Gardner Webb. There is a huge difference between their theatre. For starters CPCC has a bigger theatre department and even bigger theaters and unlike Gardner Webb, you have assigned  seats. CPCC even has an actual box office plus the theatre lobbies are bigger than the ones at Gardner Webb. The biggest theatre at CPCC, Halton Theatre, has two levels.

Central Piedmont Community College:

1. Godspell- this is the very first show I saw at CPCC. The costumes were quite colorful and creative.

2. Les Mis- 2013: this was actually the first time I saw the stage show. I was so impressed by this production. It actually felt like it was a professional production and not a college production. Actually the person who played Jean Valjean also played Jesus in Godspell. Not only did I see it once with my family, but also saw it twice as an usher. With my family I remembered sitting in row Q towards the center and that does help show just bow big Halton Theatre is. As an usher, I sat in the back of both the orchestra and the balcony.


3. Some Enchanted Evening- this is actually a show that is a revue of musical songs that Rogers and Hammerstein wrote.  I even was usher of this show. So my experience of helping with the theatre began with CPCC.

4. Sunshine Boys- this was the only play I saw at CPCC


Gardner Webb:  I actually saw thirteen shows here. Even though the theatre program is smaller, their shows can still be well-done.

1. Music Man- this kicked off the shows I saw at Gardner Webb. I saw this in 2015 during Spring Semester. Music Man was the beginning of the best musical theatre year of my life.

2. #8- I honestly strongly dislike bringing up this show. I was too emotionally disturbed watching it that was too much to handle. It was dealing with the Holocaust and sometimes the show showed pictures of the camps. I just couldn’t handle it at all.

3. I Ya I Ya Yo

4. Cast Fan Tutte- this was the only Opera I saw in my time at Gardner Webb.

5. Servant of Two Masters- such a hilarious play and I enjoyed it a lot

6. Trojan Women- this was the first show at Gardner Webb that I helped with. I took applied theatre and were required to do a certain amount of hours. I ended up being the house manager of this production. Even thought it was a Greek Tragedy, it still had its uniqueness. Gardner Webb is known for its ASL program and this show took advantage of that and the show used shadow interpreting and that was fun to watch.

7. Glass Menagerie- I was also house manager for this production.

8. Little Shop of Horrors- while I do not love Little Shop of Horrors, I can understand why others do. I love the songs Little Shop of Horrors, Grow For Me, Somewhere Thats Green, Suddenly Seymour, and Skid Row. My school did such a wonderful job on this musical. I was even house manager for this show.

9. Full Moon Over Montmartre- I found this play to very boring. Once again I was the house manager.

10. Real Inspector Hound- this was a mystery and I love mysteries. Things can get a bit complicated at times. Once again played the role of house manager.

11. God of Carnage- this was basically dealing with two couples arguing over a recent incident between their two sons. I was also house manager of this production.

12. Eleemosynary- this show dealt with three generations of women and I loved the background with the wings. This show was a very last minute show the theatre department put together.

13. Peter and the Starcatcher- I was asked to usher for this production. This show is basically a prequel to Peter Pan. The set actually looked like a pirate ship and that was fun to see. I loved the characters of Molly and the characters that were called “Pigs”. I know that sounds crazy, but those “pigs” were hilarious.

Gardner Webb Shows

I have gone to the theatre a lot during my time at Gardner Webb and helped with some of them as house manager and sometimes ushered. I thought I would write a list of all the shows I have seen and yes some I have had bad experiences with. Then there are the ones I had wonderful experiences with. After seeing shows at Central Piedmont Community College, I really honestly did not know how well-done Gardner Webb shows could be due to Gardner Webb having a smaller Theatre Program. What I loved about seeing shows at Gardner Webb was that it allowed me to get a wonderful opportunity to get to know plays better especially since I have always been exposed to musicals.

1. Music Man- Spring 2015: this was my first show at Gardner Webb. Glad that I started with a musical. Music Man was the first of four musicals in 2015. I loved Music Man due to incredible songs, a wonderful plot, and characters. I even love how light-hearted this musical comedy is.

2. #8- I honestly strongly disliked seeing this show. This show I was too emotionally disturbed watching it. It was a show dealing with the Holocaust and they put pictures of the concentration camps up at times. It just was way too much. They even had the ushers dressed up as Nazis and the show started with a Nazi giving a command. The show was too disturbing for me. I honestly wanted to leave after act I and that was how negative of an experience it was for me. When the show ended, I called my mom and was in tears. It was way too much. I was required to see this show since I was taking taking acting I at the time.

3. I Ya I Ya Yo

4. Cast Fan Tutte- this was the only Opera I went to. I was taking acting II at the time and I was required to see it. I actually was in this Opera for a short ten second scene in the beginning.

5. Servant of Two Masters- this show was extremely funny. It is one of the best plays Gardner Webb did. Just like Casi Fan Tutte, I was required to see the show.

6. Trojan Women- this show was a Ancient Greek show. This show was very unique. This was the first show I helped with. I was house manger for this show. Gardner Webb is known for its ASL program so in this production they used shadow interpreting throughout the show so I loved how they incorporated  the ASL program in this production.

7. Glass Menagerie

8. Little Shop of Horrors- 2nd musical. This show was well-done. While I don’t love Little Shop of Horrors, I do love some of its songs, which are “Somewhere That’s Green”, “Little Shop of Horrors”, “Suddenly Seymour”, and “Skid Row”. But I can understand why others love it. I was also house manager for this production.

9. Full Moon Over Montmartre- in my opinion, this show was very boring

10. Real Inspector Hound- once again another show I was required to see and my fifth show I was house manager of.  This show was a mystery and I love mysteries.

11. God of Carnage- this show literally dealt with two couples sorting out an incident that recently happened between their sons.

12. Eleemosynary- this was basically a last minute show Gardner Webb had to put together. It basically followed the life of three generations of females. I loved the background with two wings.

13. Peter and the Starcatcher- this play is basically a prequel to Peter Pan. It showed how the characters become who they eventually became in Peter Pan. I especially loved the characters of Molly and the three boys who were referred to as “pigs”. I helped by ushering with this show.