Climate Change Balls Uptown

In any case anyone did not understand “Uptown”, I will say what it is. “Uptown” in Charlotte is what the city calls Downtown. That is a unique fact about my city. Yesterday, my family went downtown and saw the big “Black Lives Matter” mural. In addition, I saw all of these globes relating to climate change. In so many ways they reminded me of looking for Shaun the Sheep five years ago in Bristol.

Below is just one of the 21 sheep I found in Bristol. In total, there were 70 Shaun the Sheep Statues hidden around Bristol. Shaun the Sheep was actually created by the same team that brought Wallace and Gromit. The one below I saw almost every day at Bristol- after all, it was front of the Bristol Cathedral.

As for the globes in Charlotte, here are some of them. Of all the globes, I really loved being back at Belk Theater- the last time was for La Bohème. Next year, Hadestown will come in October: so there might be a strong enough chance it will happen.

One of these pictures is in front of Belk Theater, which is Blumenthal’s main theater. In Belk, I have seen ballet, opera, and musicals. Those shows consisted of The Nutcracker, La Bohème, Newsies, Sound of Music, Pippin, Rent, Come From Away, Aladdin, Lion King, and Miss Saigon: these are the ones I remember seeing at that theater. It actually was a bittersweet seeing Belk Theater: just seeing how dark and empty the theater. I was supposed to see Frozen at that theater this year, but nope. However, Blumenthal promised they would eventually open up again. I know theater will survive.

2005: Was it really Fifteen Years ago

Just a week ago, I was looking at some of the Fletcher stuff I have. That included all seven yearbooks, awards, and some of the original writing assignments I did. I was thinking “did I really start going to Fletcher 15 years ago. 2005 was when I started middle school: I started going to Fletcher, where I could stay from sixth to twelfth grade.

While looking through that six grade writing notebook, I started to be curious about something. What if I turned some of the stories in there to become a book I want published. The crazy thing is one of my writings was talking about “if I could travel anywhere in the world, where it would it be”: it actually was about New York, which crazily enough I went there in 2006. I always knew my first experience with Wicked was connected to sixth grade in some way.

Fifteen years ago: that is hard to think about. I only just graduated from Fletcher eight years ago. So, fifteen years ago sounds even longer. I have a lot of incredible memories of being a falcon. From days of bowling, middle school dances, Fall Festival, overnight trips at Camp Thunderbird and Camp Cheerio, four years of prom, some projects- book projects, Beta Club, and actually being part of the Yearbook team in 12th grade: there are more. Fletcher really did prepare me for college. It was in my first two years of high school when I was given the writing tip of “dump-trucking”: meaning just write, don’t think. I was able to discover Gardner Webb- ever since 11th grade, I knew I was meant to be at that University.

It is crazy going back to middle and high school. I was a completely different person in those days. Like in high school, never taking psychology or sociology due to not thinking I would like them: weirdly enough I already had those interests. Now, I am actually a Sociology Major. Second, I did not even want tragedy in my life: well, Les Mis proved things wrong: there was a reason why my parents did not tell me that Les Mis was tragic. I think due to graduating high school in 2012, that might be way my first experience of the film was the most negative. I was a lot more innocent and close-minded back in those high school days.

While Gardner Webb means more, Fletcher still holds a lot of importance to me. Along with Fletcher memories, I still have the none-Fletcher memories from those days. The first memory I even think of when it come to high school, actually is Winterlight–a high school youth conference from December 27-January 1st. When I tend to think of middle school, I actually think of NYC: I actually believe that in a way, that might have been the inspiration of Greatest Discovery. I think that it was only deep down at that time: I had already knew that I would write a story about 12 orphans in NYC: so glad I narrowed 12 orphans into six.

Mystery Blogger Award (Round Two)

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Questions I Been Asked

If you could explore any one place in-depth, where would you explore? No idea

What’s something that you’ve made (or that someone else has made for you) that you hold close to your heart? More than one thing I made I hold close to my heart. The one that comes to mind is Beatrice Rose, a stuffed magenta bunny. Every year at Gardner Webb, they have a Candy and Critters event around Valentine’s Day where you make your own stuffed animal. Beatrice Rose was the first one I made, and it is a well-loved bunny. Taken it on vacation everywhere, and she always sleeps with me.

Below are ALL the stuffed animals I made at GWU: It is extremely obvious which one is Beatrice Rose. The Frozen pjs she is wearing was a Birthday Present from some of my GWU friends. Out of all them, there are two I would want to keep more than the others: Beatrice Rose and Eponine. Both of those stuffed animals could easily be an answer to this question.

What do you want to become an expert on? 

Writing comes automatically in mind. It would make writing my WIPS so much easier.

Is there anything that you didn’t like/appreciate at first, but later came to love? If so, what? 

The most perfect answer is Les Mis. First experience with that musical is seeing the film, but that time around really didn’t appreciate it. But after a second chance, totally fell in love with it.

 If you could visit a fictional world, where would you go? Why? How long would you want to stay? 

This question is tough- there are multiple fictional worlds I love (that includes The Cattail Forest- my fictional world). Growing up, I always wanted to explore Narnia. I love the different talking animals and the trees dancing. I don’t know how long I would stay there, but maybe a year.

My Best Posts:

Oh boy, there are several I love. I really don’t know which ones to choose.

My Questions:

If you could live in a time period outside of the 21st century, which one would it be and why?

Of all characters you created, which one would you want to meet?

Which of your characters do you think you relate to the most?

What do you believe makes an amazing story?

What musical do you believe really started your musical theatre journey?


I still struggle with tagging people. So once again, anyone who would want to do it are tagged for this.

My Senior Year in High School

It is a bit bittersweet sometimes thinking about my Senior Year at Fletcher. I know I graduated 8 years ago. However, there are some seniors who are missing out on some things this year. What was my Senior Year like?

Whenever I think of Senior Year, it isn’t a Fletcher memory I automatically think of. It is a Kanuga memory- it belongs to Winterlight. Winterlight happens from December 27th-January 1st and its a high school school youth conference. There is a lot of singing contemporary christian songs- I loved the energy that I was seeing. We did a service project. There was the New Year’s Eve banquet and the New Year’s Eve dance. Kanuga will always be a huge part of my life.

Well, I have 7 Fletcher yearbooks- that’s right. I went to that school for middle and high school. The most meaningful and my favorite was my 12th grade one. I was part of the yearbook team for 12th grade- just seeing that yearbook makes it hard to realize how different so many seniors are experiencing the rest of their year and how this year’s seniors will not have a finished yearbook. When I think of Senior Year memories associated with Fletcher, I don’t just think of 12th grade—–I actually think of my entire high school experience. As a high school student, I was more innocent and more close-minded. I have changed a lot since the days at Fletcher.

It is a lot easier to describe Senior Year at Gardner Webb. I am not saying Fletcher did not mean something to me. The two schools did mean something to me. Fletcher, in so many ways, did help prepare me for what I was about to expect at Gardner Webb.

March 2020 in Review

It is now the beginning of April. March was NOT at all what I wanted it to be. My main highlight I originally wanted did get postponed. So, I will have to try the best to do this March in Review.

La Bohème-Met Opera

Yes, I saw La Bohème in January. However, my family streamed this version. That actually made up for the postponed Anastasia Informance. That was due to my love for theatre and my love for La Bohème.


What Blumenthal Performing Arts began doing was giving us clues to the 2020/2021 season. I always look forward to that moment.