What makes Les Mis’ love triangle Easier to understand than Wicked’s?

I will describe here why the love triangle in Les Mis is less complex than the one in Wicked. The love triangle in Les Mis is found between revolutionary Marius, brave and strong Eponine, curious and protected Cosette. The love triangle in Wicked is between Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. What makes one love triangle less complex than the other.

Major Spoilers:

For starters, all the characters in Wicked are complex. It is the most obvious that Elphaba and Glinda are complex. Fiyero is complex even though it does not seem that way. Fiyero’s complexity comes from his role in the love triangle and his development. In act I, Elphaba has unrequited love for Fiyero, and you are expecting for her to always have unrequited love for him. However in act II, that unrequited love jumps to Glinda when Fiyero realizes his love for Elphaba. You end up questioning a lot of things-such as did Fiyero have feelings for her previously? Why does the plot twist happen?, etc…. This curveball is important on Fiyero’s development. It makes Fiyero mature. The love triangle in Wicked is important for the friendship found between Elphaba and Glinda- both of them decide to not steal Fiyero away from their best friend when they both have unrequited love for him- it strengthens their friendship. This love triangle is not straightforward.

I’m Not That Girl

Now on to the Les Mis love triangle. It is the one found between Cosette, Marius, and Eponine. There is a reason why it is less complex. It is straightforward. It is not like two people are getting hurt from unrequited love. Only Cosette and Marius are a couple and Eponine has unrequited love- it stays that way unlike Wicked where the scenario switches gears on you. See what I mean. Fiyero and Marius are characters who are more complex than what they seem to be. To fully understand the Les Mis love triangle, you have to remember Cosette and Eponine’s childhoods- that would be important latter on.

Young Cosette is a servant at the Thenardiers’ inn. The Thenardiers are Eponine’s parents. As a child, the Thenardiers treat Cosette horribly- so you already know the Thenardiers are abusive- based upon how they treat Cosette. They seem to love Eponine as a child. After “Castle on a Cloud”, you discover that the Thenardiers are also pickpockets. You slowly get an idea of the environment that Eponine is going to grow up in. As a child, Jean Valjean arrives and takes Cosette away and provides her with a better life leaving the Thenardiers to treat Eponine the same way they treated Cosette. So while Cosette goes from bad to good, Eponine goes from good to bad- that switch intrigues me. Eponine ended up being raised to be a thief and criminal and also ended up being unloved, abused, and neglected. She wasn’t shown kindness growing up.

Enter Marius-in Eponine’s situation, he was the first person who treated her kindly. He ended up being the only person who treated her like this. He was sweet and kind to her. He ended up being the good thing in life. She never saw any like him before. His kindness moved her to fall in love with him- this love ended up her greatest strength. Then, what happens when he and Cosette first bumped into each other- they fall in love, and Marius constantly is oblivious to Eponine’s love her him. Now Eponine’s love for Marius falls unrequited- it was before, but now it hurts her further, but she would anything for him even if it means losing him forever. Marius was Eponine’s light. She would risk a lot for him- she was why Marius and Cosette got together, and she protected Marius no matter what even when it meant standing up against her father.

Eponine did accept her unrequited love, which was clearly shown in “On My Own”. Based on the fact that she would protect Marius, she was led to the barricade. Marius was trying to protect her when he discovered her: that was why, I believe, he sent her away with that letter: hoping she didn’t come back, but she did. She sacrificed herself to save Marius from being killed. Her injuries were fatal, and still climbed down the barricade. She knew she was dying. When Marius saw her, he was worried: why else do you think he asked, why she came back. When she collapsed, she was happy being in the arms of Marius. Yes, Marius was devastated, but at least he stayed with her. You might call her love for Marius a weakness, but it was her greatest strength.

Wicked’s love triangle has the unrequited love jump from Elphaba to Glinda. The Les Mis love triangle does not have the unrequited jump: it stays on Eponine. See what I mean, it is easier to understand the Les Mis love triangle. Both have a reason for being in the musical- they are two of my favorite love triangles. To love a love triangle, you need to love the songs that come with them, the characters found in them, they are unique, and it is a love triangle where you understand why it is in there in the first place.


What makes Wicked’s love triangle hard to Understand?

Major Spoilers

Of all love triangles, Wicked is my favorite love triangle. It is complex, strong, and in addition, the first one I emotionally bonded with. All three characters are complex. Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda are complex characters- it is most obvious that Elphaba and Glinda are complex, but not Fiyero. He is complex even though it doesn’t seem that way. Those three characters are the only characters in Wicked that I am emotionally bonded to. Back to the question, what makes Wicked’s love triangle hard to understand?

The answer belongs to Fiyero. Elphaba and Glinda love Fiyero, and at some point in Wicked, both of them have unrequited love for Fiyero. In act I, the unrequited love belongs to Elphaba, and you think, Elphaba would always have unrequited love for him. However, Fiyero realizes in act II that he loves Elphaba making the unrequited love jump to Glinda. Why does this plot twist? Did something happen in act I that is important to Fiyero? There are a lot of things that make you wonder.

There are reasons why you thought Elphaba would always have unrequited love for him. Look at her response for Fiyero when she first met him- she couldn’t stand him- he didn’t make give a good impression. He was a jerk in the beginning. Why would Elphaba fall in love with him? She was the one with the full “I’m Not That Girl” while Glinda got a reprise of “I’m Not That Girl”, which was extremely short. Now, let’s get to Fiyero.

Last time I saw Wicked, I decided to pay really close attention to Fiyero. I did not want to leave the theatre with the “WAY” question again. Fiyero did have a crush on Elphaba at Shiz. Based upon the Lion Cub Scene, he and Elphaba were playfully flirty with each other making me coming to the conclusion that he did have a crush on Elphaba. Despite seeing that, I don’t think he realized he had a crush on Elphaba, and still continued to be in a relationship with Glinda. Elphaba didn’t notice the crush either, however the Lion Cub Scene is when she realized that she was starting to fall in love with him, which made me realize how heartbreaking “I’m Not That Girl” was. By the way, “On My Own” was key to making me realize “I’m Not That Girl” was heartbreak in the first place- “I’m Not That Girl” used to be just a sad song.

After that scene, his chemistry with Glinda was weak while his chemistry with Elphaba was strong. He couldn’t stop thinking about the Lion Cub incident. This showed he and Glinda weren’t meant to be with each other. If you weren’t paying close attention, you would be extremely confused as to why that plot twist happened.

About Elphaba and Fiyero’s love for each attention, it is a mature and courageous couple. It is stronger than the love Fiyero has for Glinda- what if he never was in love with Glinda or had a crush on her? “As Long As You’re Mine” showed the strength and maturity of Elphaba and Fiyero as a couple. Even after that scene, you saw their love for each other. Fiyero protected Elphaba when she was about to be arrested, and when he was about to be tortured, and then Elphaba tried spell after spell to keep him from getting hurt. Elphaba and Fiyero were a young couple that was mature and courageous.

The love triangle develops in the same way the characters do. I noticed the love triangle does not truly mature until the characters do. Have you noticed before. The love triangle does make you question a lot of things- why does the plot twist happen? Did Fiyero have a crush on Elphaba at Shiz? If so, did he know or did he not? See what I mean- it is a hard love triangle to understand.

The Horror of Notre Dame

What happened to Notre Dame on Monday was horrifying. It is a historic and important part of Paris and the World. It was on fire, and I was afraid we would lose the Cathedral. It started to be built in the 1100s. That is how old Notre Dame is. It was where Victor Hugo wrote his classic, Hunchback of Notre Dame. Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of my favorite books. . She is still standing after the fire, but still suffered a lot of damage. It was not only affecting those who live in France, but those around the world. Below is my review of Hunchback of Notre Dame.


Charlotte Blumenthal Performing Arts

Recently, I was asked how big is Charlotte theatre. Blumenthal Performing Arts is big. Charlotte Ballet, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Musicians, and Tours all use Blumenthal Performing Arts. Do all of these use the same theatre? No, Blumenthal Performing Arts is a collection of multiple theaters; Belk Theater, Ovens Auditorium, Knight Theater, Booth Theater, and either one or three others.

Belk Theater is their main theater. It has four levels- orchestra, grand tier, mezzanine, and balcony. I have seen the Charlotte Ballet do The Nutcracker. I am seen tours do La Cage, Porgy and Bess, Sound of Music, Newsies, Miss Saigon, Rent, Pippin, Mamma Mia and Lion King all do these musicals at Belk. I did not like La Cage or Porgy and Bess. The others were ones I became a fan of- some I already was a fan of previously, and some I became a fan of during watching the show. Belk was designed for the different types of performing arts- it has box seats and the typical audience seats and designed like a horseshoe.

Ovens Auditorium- Ovens may have two levels with three sections (orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony), but sits more people. That is because it is deeper and wider. If it is a new musical for you, I would not recommend the balcony if I were you. Ovens does not great acoustics for the entire theatre- the balcony being the existed. There are only three musicals I remembered seeing at Ovens- Wicked (2008?, 2013, and 2016), Addams Family (2011), and A Christmas Story (2018). From this list, there is only one I did not like-Addams Family- I remember at the end, thinking it was just weird.

I have an interesting story for A Christmas Story- in March 2018, when I saw A Christmas Story, I did not want to see it; then I joined Club Blume (Blumenthal’s young adult club); then decided to go A Christmas Story’s informance; and during the informance, I found out that those who wrote the music for A Christmas Story also wrote the music for Greatest Showman, a movie I love. I decided to go to A Christmas Story. I enjoyed A Christmas Story- one of the funniest things to watch were the dogs. The songs were incredible and emotional (not in the sad sense). Glad I opened myself up to this musical.

When it comes to Ovens, there is one musical that automatically comes to mind. That is Wicked, which I saw three times at Ovens. I have no idea when the 2nd time was- I think it was 2008 (maybe). 2013 and 2016 were for sure the other two times. 2013 and 2016 have a funny story attached to them. 2013 was a dad/daughter date, and before the show began the tallest guy at Ovens sat in front of me. My dad switched seats with me to give me the better view even though he never saw the show. 2016- I saw it with Gardner Webb, and at the end, we discovered the bus was broken down, so we were stuck with a broken down bus in the parking lot. Each time I was at Ovens and Wicked, the show got better and better- those times were after Broadway.

So Charlotte theatre is big. Blumenthal Performing Arts consists of multiple theaters and does more than just tours. I only have seen shows at Belk and Ovens.

Music Man Movie Review

Watching this movie two days ago reminded me of when I first saw Music Man. In March of 2015, at Gardner Webb University, I saw the stage show of Music Man. One of the biggest things I love about the musical is how happy and light-hearted it is. You need musicals like Music Man to help balance out the more emotional musicals. It would be interesting to see how different the movie would be.

The opening song was sung on a train. It seemed to be sung in the rhythm of the train. When it speed up, the salesmen speed up, and when the train slowly came to a stop, they slowed down- I don’t think I actually remembered that from the stage show- the nature of the opening number.

“Ya Got Trouble” was not different either. Soon enough, I saw differences between the songs. Harold Hill was singing “Gray, Indiana”, and in the stage show, that is sung by Winthrop, one of my favorite characters from the musical. Winthrop does get “Gray, Indiana”, but as a reprise. I did think that “Sadder, but Wiser Girl” Harold sang to someone other than Marcellous, but after the movie, I went into my playbill, and the movie was right, he does sing it to that character.

That song is also in act II, which means after “Wells Fargo, Wagon”. Marian had a new number, and that is where part of “My White Knight” was- that was confusing. I am used to “My White Knight” being a separate song. In the movie, on the bridge, “Till There Was You”, was a solo, which is supposed to be a duet- why would a movie turn a duet into a solo- Harlod sings his part of “Till There Was You” as a reprise.

Those kind of changes did confuse me- after all, I am coming from the stage show, and I do own the soundtrack. Now, about the actors.

The actor who played Harold Hill did act like a conman. I didn’t see the con-side at first. Soon enough I did. He was able to get away quickly when people were asking for his credentials by making those four men sing as a group. I saw two very talented Harold Hill’s. (Yes, I am talking about a university Harold Hill and a movie Harold Hill). It is the conman side to Harold Hill I want to see the most. He also showed the conman side when it comes to Marian before and during “Marian the Liberian”. It was his love for her that made him a better person.

The actor who played Marian showed that she had no interest in Harold Hill. She also showed that she saw his faults (as in she knew he was a conman) in the beginning. I don’t know when Marian realized she loved him, but it was her love for him that made her protect him. That is why she tore that page out of that book, and tried to convince him to leave when the entire town was searching for him.

As for the quartet, their voices blended perfectly. As for the ensemble in this number, loved them. I loved how they created River City. Seeing it brought back memories of when I fell in love with Music Man- it has been four years. I still love Harold Hill and Marian as a couple. I still love Winthrop. Seventy Six Trombones is still my favorite song in Music Man.

What Makes a Musical a Favorite?

All musical theatre fanatics have favorite musicals. Not all musicals can fit the title of favorite. What exactly makes a musical fall under the category of favorite? I decided to talk about that on this post.

Emotional Connection

  • If there is zero emotional connection, there is no way to place a musical into a favorite. You will not have a desire or want to feel the characters’ emotions, and you will not care about their stories. Their struggles would be pointless. Long after the curtain ends, the characters and stories would be dead in you. The emotional connection plays a HUGE part in a a favorite musical. If you have an emotional connection, you will want to go on the characters’ journeys and you will want to feel their emotions. Their struggles will mean something to you, and their emotion would matter. Long after the curtain falls, the characters would stay alive in you.

Love of the Songs

  • Here’s the trick- you might have an emotional connection, but what if the songs fall flat? You will easily ignore the characters you have an emotional connection to. You will forget their songs, which means you may not remember their songs. You might have an emotional connection to the characters, but you have to love the songs to strengthen the emotional connection. The love of the songs is the first thing I actually look at. The songs are usually where my emotional connection begins. Now, the opposite happens- you love the songs. Now you are feeling the emotions in the songs, and the struggle is real. You strongly care about the characters, and you are excited when they are excited, hurt when they are hurt, and so on.

Love of the Plot

  • The emotional connection gets even stronger now that you love the songs. Let’s look at the plot- what if you hate the plot? You will feel bored, and even if you love the characters, you will still feel bored. You are like, this is annoying. Now- for a favorite musical to happen, you have to love the plot. You have to root for the main character. You need to be excited for the rest of the story. You wonder what will happen next. Will they win? Will this person succeed? And so on?

Love of the Characters

  • You can’t hate all of the characters- if you dislike the characters, there is no way, a favorite musical will exist. The characters are important. You have to love them. You have to feel for them. You have to feel what they are feeling. You have to have the DESIRE and WANT to go on their journey. You will want to live in you soon after the curtain ends. You need to love the character- true, you may not love all of the characters in a favorite musicals, but you still to love some of them- most importantly the main character. After all, it is their story after all, and then you have all of these subplots.


  • So to make a musical a favorite, it has to have an emotional connection, love for the songs, love for the plot, and love for characters. Without those combined, the musical cannot make it up there. Some people have it in their mind that a musical theatre fanatic has to love every single musical, but that is NOT true. I have already seen musicals I don’t like. I have seen musicals I kind or sort of like, and seen musicals I like that are not favorites. Favorites of mind include Les Mis, Wicked, Annie, Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera, Rent, Newsies, Beauty and the Beast, Newsies, Lion King, and Music Man.

Friendships found in Fairy Frogs

Yesterday, I talked about my favorite literary friendships. One of the largest themes found in my Fairy Frogs book is friendship. I decided to talk about the theme in my book. THERE MIGHT BE SOME SPOILERS FROM MY BOOK.

Felipe and Darcy

  • Felipe and Darcy are two Fairy Frogs, and they are best friends. Darcy is a sculpture frog and Felipe is a woodcarver frog. They are two of the older Fairy Frogs- still only teenagers- after all only 14 and 15.

Misty and Sparkle

  • I can say a lot more about this friendship than Felipe and Darcy. That is because Sparkle is in this friendship. After all, Sparkle is my main character. Sparkle and Misty have been best friends since they were five years old, and the events in the story start when they were 12. Misty is a singer frog, and Sparkle is a drawer frog. Misty is quite protective of her best friend, which is why she is not that invested in her craft. Whenever she suspects Sparkle is breaking the rules or in Graysloup, she goes not tell Aries- she goes to Felipe and Darcy first in order to not get Sparkle in trouble. Sometimes, when she knows what Sparkle is up to, she would not tell Aries the truth. She just wants to protect her best friend. These two became best friends when Sparkle noticed that Misty was still struggling to discover her craft- Misty was almost six at the time, and Sparkle went to Misty to comfort her- the Fairy Frogs were not living in Fairy Creek at the time.

Sparkle and Marge

  • This is where the story kicks off: the moment Sparkle befriends Marge. The rule was from Aries: don’t interact with the toads or enter Graysloup: it was to keep the Fairy Frogs safe- especially for those who were not teenagers. Sparkle got interested in an area she found in Graysloup to draw (despite knowing it was against the rules). The 2nd time she met Marge, she learned that Marge was related to Sarge. Sparkle did learn how Sarge treated Marge. Soon enough, the two became friends- something that Marge needed- after all, Sarge had been mistreating Marge since she was eight or nine.

Effa, Celeste, and Rudy

  • When the Fairy Frogs began befriending the toads, Effa and Rudy became close friends with Celeste. After all, the girls are around the same age. Effa and Rudy are identical twins, who are ten while Celeste is eight. Celeste is a potter frog, who can make nothing but pots.

Darcy, Claude, and Felipe

  • You already know that Darcy and Felipe are best friends. When the befriending of the toads began, it was Claude that warmed up to Darcy and Felipe. Claude is 15 years old after all. Sarge does make it seem as if all of the older toads (which means teenager and older) are rude and disrespectful. Claude was rude the first time Sparkle met him, but it was not in his intention; after all, Sarge made him.

Sparkle, Misty, and Marge

  • This basically adds on to the friendship that Sparkle has with Marge. Since Misty and Sparkle are best friends, it is no surprise that Misty would eventually soon trust Marge.

Aries and Norg

  • In some ways, they do become friends. Even though Norg is 19 and Aries is in his 30s, they do basically become friends in a way. Norg is one of the most interesting characters of the book- at the beginning, he is Sarge’s spy- but there is a moment when Sarge blows up on him, and that is when Norg has had enough. Norg’s viewpoint has changed- he ends up looking for Fairy Creek to warn the Fairy Frogs. In a way, Aries and Norg kind of become friends despite the age difference.

What Happens

  • You do see the friendship develop. Some of these friendship are stronger than others. Actually all of these friendships are connected- the main goal really is for all of the Fairy Frogs to befriend all of the Toads. In Graysloup, they protect each other when Sarge gets in their way. No matter how hard Sarge tries to break up their friendship, it is in the power of their love that keeps them from breaking. During a commotion, they stand up for each other. When Sarge captures all of the toads, all the Fairy Frogs (but Aries) go on a rescue mission. Another thing that helps this friendship from breaking is the cleverness of the Fairy Frogs- a characteristic that all Fairy Frog have is cleverness, and that is why the Fairy Frogs keep on outsmarting Sarge.