Exploring Asheville

One of the best things about living in Charlotte is that my family lives two hours away from Asheville. On July 15th, my family visited Asheville for the day and in my opinion it is a very artsy city. Our first stop was to have lunch at Moose Cafe, which right outside Asheville. I love having apple butter at that restaurant whenever we go to Moose Cafe.


After lunch, my family finally made their way to downtown Asheville where we would spend the rest of the day. One of the first things we saw was people playing instruments on the street and at the same time one woman was clogging so Asheville is very artsy and right afterwards, I looked at a gallery for a little bit. However, right after leaving the gallery it started to rain. So my family decided to visit Asheville on a day that it decided to rain.

One of our next stops was at a bookstore. It looked like a bookstore like Hogwarts would have if it would actually have a bookstore. It actually looked like Dumbledore’s office. We ended up exploring a place that reminded me a bit of an indoor mall and afterwards I saw a community garden and on the inside, I saw this statue, which is the picture that you see below. After that, it was finally time to head over to Kiliwin’s to get some ice cream. I decided to get some salted caramel flavored ice cream.


After Kiliwin’s, my family decided to spend some time in Mast General Store, which is a neat store to explore. My mom wanted to peek in the French Broad Chocolate, but my family got caught in the rain again. Not only was it raining, but it was pouring with heavy winds so my family was waiting in line stuck in the rain.

After looking at this store, it was time to head over to Malaprop’s Bookstore, a wonderful bookstore in Asheville. I ended up getting a “blind date” book. As shown below, the book is wrapped up in brown paper and adjectives are written on it. We choose the book based on the adjectives. We end up being surprised by the book we get. The “Blind Date” book thing is a reason why I love going to Malaprop’s.



Our day in Asheville ended at the Chocolate Fetish. The chocolate shop is right across from Malaprop’s. There is even a game in the shop where everything in the case is made of chocolate, but one seashell and we have to find and it is harder than it seems.


Visiting Asheville is fun. It is quite an artsy city. Malaprop’s is a reason why I love visiting Asheville and so is its artsy nature.


Blog Progress: Early July

Dear WordPress Followers,

Just last week, my blog reached 300 followers. That is a milestone in itself. I hope to gain 200 more wordpress followers in just six months. Thanks for your support and that you are inspired by my blog. I especially am grateful for my faithful followers (some of you know who you are). Gaining 200 wordpress followers in just six months seems difficult and I have no idea how to get there, but for sure I might get somewhere between 400 and 500 followers.

Question: Now, that I reached 300 followers, what do you like about my blog? And what keeps you coming back to read more posts?

Independence Day and America

Happy Fourth of July! Because today is America’s Independence day, today’s blog will be all about America. I was born in the United States and have lived there ever since. The fact that today is Independence Day is very special and celebratory.

America is a country of freedom, diversity, equality and pride. America is a country of great futures. We have a right to higher education and there is access to many opportunities here. In this country, I have visited sixteen states, which include Alaska, New York, Colorado, Missouri, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina (hmm does that really count because I live there). I hope to visit new states in the future, but the question is which ones, but one of them is California.

What do you love about the United States of America? For those not from the USA, have you ever been before, and if not, would you like to visit?


Pops Symphony: Round Four

Yesterday was the final Pops Symphony of this season and the theme was Celebrate America. Well, my mom, dad, and I arrived at four to get in line to get ready to put the tarp down at five. At five, the tarp dash began to get a spot that our family wants. But, the symphony wasn’t 100% promising that it would happen. The weather map was showing scattered thunderstorms in Charlotte around the same time as the symphony so there was no way of knowing if the symphony would be cancelled or not. After putting the tarp down, my family went down to get restituted and they discussed whether or not we should bale on the symphony or not due to the Thunderstorm. While deciding, it was really raining and thundering and there was lightening so things did not look good for the Pops Symphony.

But my family went anyways because we paid good money for this symphony. It wasn’t just a symphony. It was a symphony and fireworks. They would make the final call at 8:15 when the symphony began and they play rain or shine. My family went for it because the radar at one point showed that there was a window of no rain, which took up the duration of the symphony.


Literally before the symphony began, a rainbow showed and that was a good sign that rain would not get in the way of this symphony.

All the songs they played represented America in some shape or form. The second song they did was America’s National Anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner”. After the National Anthem, one of my favorite parts of the symphony occurred, which was the solider’s solute. The Symphony honors soldiers currently serving and veterans in this numbers. Whenever they hear their division’s hymn or march play, they stand up and it is such a wonderful play to play tribute to them and at the end all of them are asked to stand. After the solider’s solute, they played “America the Beautiful”, and we were asked to sing along.


They played some Disney Magic as part of the concert. They played some songs that helped make New York famous and based on the melodies, I could easily pick up on the fact that those songs were musical songs.  They played some Irving Berlin as well  and I recognized some Annie Get Your Gun songs from that collection of songs. At the end of his songs, they played “God Bless America”. Everything about this symphony reminds me about why I love my country.

At the end of the symphony, we got to enjoy some fireworks. Fireworks are a wonderful way to celebrate especially at the end of a symphony that celebrates America. The fireworks were fun to watch. Good thing the rain did not interrupt the symphony or the fireworks, even though they might have shortened the fireworks since more rain was expected at about 10:30.


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What My Week Was Like

I thought it would be interesting to talk about my week. I wanted to talk about this this week in particular due to how busy it was.


Sunday: I started out by going to church. Later I went to an outdoor Symphony with a Jazz Theme where we had dinner picnic style with family and friends.

Monday/Wednesday: I volunteered at church with my mom. I helped my mom get ready for next year’s preschool at church. I had to go through puzzles to check to see if any pieces are missing. Those two days made me feel like a kid again.


Thursday: My family spent the day downtown. We had lunch downtown and we went to an Art Museum and saw a wonderful exhibit. Later that same day at night, I got to watch the musical movie of Oliver. I totally can understand why Oliver is such a classic musical. Not only is it based off of a Dickens book, it also consists of wonderful songs such as “Consider Yourself”, “I’d Do Anything”, “Where is Love”, “As Long As He Needs Me”, etc.


Friday: I was at church again volunteering. But this time instead of helping getting ready for preschool, I was volunteering at Loaves and Fishes. I helped clients shop in the pantry and load cars. Later that same day, I spent time with my sister and one of her friends. We spent the time going out to dinner, getting frozen yogurt at TCBY, and watching a movie at my sister’s friend’s house.

So, I had quite a busy week.

Dear High School Self

Dear me in High School,

You will be quite surprised later in life. You honestly were close-minded to certain things that you realize would have been a big mistake. It is so true.

You never wanted to take Psychology or Sociology and that sounds really odd. I am saying that because you already had the interest in both of them. I am saying that because me as a college student know that Sociology is the study of the interaction among all people and Psychology is study of the mind, which helps you to understand people better. You already were interested in helping people living in poverty in high school and that is connected to both subjects. You were already asking people questions relating to both Psychology and Sociology.

Now you will be quite surprised by this. You made a big mistake when it comes to tragedy in high school. You first discovered it in ninth grade through Romeo and Juliet. You never knew tragedy was part of theatre until high school. You will learn that tragedy is way more than sad. The only reason why you were close-minded to that genre because you thought it was just as world of sadness and no more. Each time you read a tragedy, you ignored it and pushed it far back and thought it didn’t belong in theatre. Honestly, you should have discovered that there are tragic musicals in high school. In high school, you discovered Les Mis in 2009 and West Side Story in either 11th or 12th grade, but it didn’t cross that either of them are tragedies.

You will realize after you graduate high school that tragedy is not even what you think it is. A tragic musical actually will make a big impact in your life and that musical is called Les Misérables and that one is very tragic. Through that musical, you will realize that you shouldn’t have treated tragedy as poorly. I understand it is easy to just say you will hate tragedies because it does sound like just a sad genre. But you will realize tragedy is not just a world of pure sadness. Les Mis does not have that kind of nature and same goes for Rent. Both carry an inspiring message and both are home to positive emotions. Les Mis has an underlying spiritual theme and is a tale of hope, love, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, humanity, and redemption. So I am telling you that tragedy shouldn’t have been ignored in high school.

Later in life, you will grow so much. You were able to discover your strong spirit in those years, but throughout college years, that strong spirit will grow and will be challenged. Through things like Martin Luther King Service Day, Campus Civitan, The Gathering, Fall Break, 12 Hour Prayer, and the Bristol Pilgrimage, you will discover your strong spirit is much stronger than you believed. You will realize there is so much to discover within you. Your love of musicals will eventually turn into a passion. You will  have some pitfalls in your life, but try to know how to get back up.

What are some things you would tell your high school self?

Pops Symphony

Just last night, I attended an outdoor symphony performed by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. The theme that was played tonight was Jazz. This outdoor symphony has been a family tradition for several years.

About at 5, I helped my dad lay out the tarp to reserve our space later. For the symphony, we basically are having dinner picnic style. Everyone we invited brought something and we tend to share food. On top of the tarp, we always lay down a blanket to sit on and we also bring chairs as well.

Part of the night was spent dancing whenever the composer asked us to. I do not remember all the times of the different pieces. But one was chattanooga choo choo. Another, which relates to this blog, was a series of pieces from the musical, Chicago. The Chicago pieces mainly focused on the song “All That Jazz”.

This symphony always bring a big group of people. In total, my family and friends ended up being eight people. Other nights that are to come in this symphony are Star Wars, Broadway, and Fourth of July.