Question #12

What is your vision in musicals?


My Week in Review

This week, I had a busy week. I ended up doing three activities with Student Activities at my school. I decided to talk about each of them today.

  1. Les Mis- Gardner Webb took a group of students to see Les Mis on Sunday in Greenville. This was my 5th time seeing Les Mis live, but my 1st time seeing it on tour. It was so good that I was speechless at the end. Wonderful cast and incredible staging. There are so many reasons to love Les Mis.


2. Pinterest Night- Wednesday I ended up going to Pinterest night. Everyone painted their own canvas with different painting. Originally I came thinking mine was going to be a Gardner Webb them. But after a friend told me that the dome looked like a stage, I decided to base it around theatre. I at first thought I only Elphaba on the stage, but decided to put Eponine too. It fits that those two girls are on my painting since I equally love Les Mis and Wicked, which puts them both on the top.


3. Big E- I have never done this before. The Big E is located in Gaffney, South Carolina. For Gardner Webb, the doors opened at 11 at night. In the place, you can either bowl, play laser tag or end up watching a movie. Usually I never go because the movies that were being offered at the time never interested me. When I saw Murder on the Orient Express being offered, I decided to give it a try. I came and there was no way me and my friends could play laser tag since the next game started at 11:30, the same time my movie started. We couldn’t bowl because all the lanes were taken. It is hard to say what I felt about Murder on the Orient Express because I think I might have fallen asleep for part of the movie.



Pumpkin Painting

Last afternoon, I went to an annual Gardner Webb event called Pumpkin Painting. I have made one every year. This was my last time painting a pumpkin and it wasn’t a real pumpkin but a pumpkin from Michael’s. Because I will be graduating in May, I decided to make a Gardner Webb themed pumpkin. That is why my pumpkin is red and black because those are Gardner Webb’s colors. I used black paw prints because our mascot is a bulldog. On top of the paw-prints are black glitter. Pictured below is me with one of my suite-mates.


Besides Pumpkin Painting, there are other events I am doing this year with Student Activities. I will be seeing Les Mis in Greenville, which is an hour away, with Gardner Webb and that will be my 5th time seeing the show, my 2nd time with a professional company and my 1st time with a touring company. Then I will be going to Pinterest Night. So events are coming up in the future.

Struggles of Being a Musical Fan

As a musical fan, there are some struggles. Today, I thought I might list some of them down.

  1. Being called too passionate about musicals- to me that sounds like do not be passionate at all
  2. Describing why you love musicals to someone and after you say why, that person still can’t understand why
  3. Not knowing all the words to all the musical songs you love
  4. Not being a good singer, but singing along to the musical songs anyway
  5. Struggling with understanding what some musical songs are about
  6. Trying to describe why you love negative emotions to someone, but that person still doesn’t understand since the negative emotions hurt anyway
  7. Trying to describe why you love romance, but people just don’t get it
  8. Loving a musical character, but having no clue why you love them in the first place
  9. Waiting and Waiting to see a musical you always wanted to see live, but feels like forever until you get the chance


Favorite Musical Protagonists

Today I will write a list of favorite musical protagonists. In some cases I will list two characters of the same show.

  1. Elphaba
  2. Glinda
  3. Jean Valjean
  4. Mark
  5. Roger
  6. Belle
  7. Aladdin
  8. Maria (Sound of Music)
  9. Pippin
  10. Harold Hill
  11. Jack Kelly 
  12. Annie
  13. Oliver
  14. Miguel De Cervantes/Don Quixote
  15. Nellie Forbush
  16. Christine
  17. Tevye 
  18. Don Lockwood

What are some of your favorite musical protagonists?

When the Unexpected Happens

There are times in life where something unexpected happens. That can either be a good thing or a bad thimg and can be hard to adjust to at times.

Something unexpected that happened in my life this semester was discovering that my 8:00 am class was cancelled this morning literally right when I arrived.

Having a class at that time being cancelled can be annoying. So I walked over to the Tucker Student Center to hang out until my 10:00 class. It gave me time to sign up for Les Mis through student activities, which will be in Greenville at the Peace Center.

Another unexpected thing that happened was yesterday. On the way back to the suites, I felt two raindrops so I cut through the Tucket Center since it was on the way. But right after I cut through, it was sprinkling, however I had no umbrella, rainboats, and raincoat and it is not fun heading back to my suite in the rain with nothing to stop me from getting wet.

Unexpected things have happened in the musical world as well through the genre of tragedy and plot twists that that happen in the musical. When the genre of trgedy entered through the musicals, I had to readjust due to the fact thst I grew up with happy and comic musicals, but did help that I already discovered the enotion of sad in musicals.

Spoiler Alert:

Those plot twists that happen in a musical plot can be exciting and confusing at the same time. One of the best plot twists happens in Wicked due to a love triangle. In act one, the set up is Glinda and Fiyero as a couple and Elphaba with the unrequited love. But in act two, all three of them mature and Fiyero realizes that Glinda is not the girl for him so he breaks up with her and enters a relationship with Elphaba so the set up changes with Glinda having unrequited love. There are hints in act one that show why the plot twist happened because it seems like Fiyero had a crush on Elphaba in his days at Shiz, but seems unaware of it.


So that Wicked plot twist makes it one of the best love triangles in musical theatre history and makes it my favorite one.

Entering Your Last Year of College

College has been one of the best years of life, which really happened when I transferred to Gardner Webb. Entering your last year is extremely exciting, but a bit sad as well because it will be your last year at a school you have grown to be a home. That is what Gardner Webb feels to me, a home. Entering this last year has been filled with a lot of transition. The transition from dorm to suite has been one of the best decisions ever. Living in a suite, despite a further walk and living on the third floor, has been one of the best decisions I made. You feel like there is a bigger sense of independence over in the dorm and at Gardner Webb, I just being closer to the lake. All of my suite mates have bonded and it is a nice group of girls. Still lots of transition has been happening. Gardner Webb has been filled with making new friends, creating memories that are worth remembering, and discovering more of who you are. The campus has a wonderful community filled with wonderful student.