Snow Days Delight

For the past two days, Gardner Webb has had two snow days. It snowed about two nights ago. When I woke up, I looked outside and the outside of my suite looked like the picture below.


I did have fun in the snow yesterday first by sledding. My suite didn’t have any sleds so we found a way to still go sledding. We took three cushions from the suite and covered them in garbage bags. Beyond Suite J, there is this big hill that we went sledding down. Sledding on cushions is actually more fun than sledding on an actual sled. I went sledding with my suite-mate, Sydney, and a friend of ours. At the end of sledding, Sydney collected snow for snow creme, something I never had before.

The picture of me below is me with the snow cream. Snow cream tends to be made with snow, vanilla and milk. But because we didn’t seem to have vanilla, we used maple syrup instead. Yes I have a long sleeved shirt and pajama pants, but because my pants were so wet because of sledding, I changed into pajama pants. Glad I finally had that snow creme. It was quite obvious that school would be cancelled again the next day since over night, the temperature would not get higher than twenty so every thing would freeze over.


We were right. School was cancelled. Today my day in the snow was building a snowman. Well, the snowman was what I would call a “mini snowman” because it wasn’t easy. I did a lot of it alone but eventually a suite-mate helped. I ended up using my scarf to decorate the snowman. We used branches and mulch for the arms and face. I came in putting on pajama pants again and than drink hot chocolate, a perfect way to end a school day.


Snow days are fun. They are days of building snowman and sledding. They are days of having either snow creme or hot chocolate.


My French Day

This sounds like an odd post, but yesterday my breakfast and dinner seemed very French. For breakfast, I had a chocolate croissant and a petit café crème. Amelie’s is this lovely French cafe in Charlotte and one of is right near my house. This was my first time trying the petit café cremè, which is like its version of a latte. It was too strong at my first sip so sugar was added. I usually get the chocolate croissant with the hot chocolate, but decided to go for something different.


Because I go back to school on the 8th and because my birthday is the 9th, my family celebrated it today. I am a bit fancy when it comes to what I want for birthday with my family. I specifically asked for Boeuf Bourguignon. That is basically a French pot roast that comes with mashed potatoes, mushrooms, pearl onions and carrots. It is my favorite French entree. Then for desert I had crème brûlée. So yes I can be a bit fancy to what I like. But still, I got interested in Boeuf Bourguignon when I first heard of it through the movie, Julie and Julia, and eventually tried it.

2018 Blogging Goals

I think it would be fitting to write a list of blog goals I have for 2018.

  1. 500 followers by end of school year- the original intention was to gain 500 followers by the end of last year, but fell 70 followers short so expanded it.
  2. Introduce spiritual posts back into my blog
  3. Get more creative with my posts- I think that started last year when I started to write poems, but want to get more creative

Those are the only ones I can think of for now

Spending the Night with a Staff Member

I kept on debating whether or not I should this kind of post. I felt like it didn’t belong on my blog. Students and staff keep on telling me to post about the night I spend the night at a staff member’s house for a Sociology assignment in the class, “The Community”. I also was kind of afraid I might lose readers if they read the post. One of our assignments was to spend the night at a staff member’s house. The class was asked to do that in order to get to know the Gardner Webb community better. I ended up spending the night with Sarah Currie, the dean of students.

Below is a picture right before leaving to spend the night. At first I thought it was a really odd assignment, but I soon realized it was not as odd as I thought. She lives maybe about twenty minutes away from Gardner Webb.


The first thing I got was a tour of her house and she had three guest rooms and she let met pick which one. I picked the “princess” home as I called it due to the bed having these pillar thing. Than it was in the basement so I would my own area with my own bathroom.

Her house is literally in the same neighborhood as her parents. So after getting a tour of the house and choosing my room, the two of us headed over to her parent’s house. I ended up meeting their small dog.


The next thing Sarah did was take me on a boat ride. I had no idea she knew how to drive a boat. This was part of why we did the assignment to get to know even more about the staff members.


After the boat ride, it was time for dinner. I actually had dinner with two staff member, Sarah Currie and Anna, who works in the same area as Student Activities. We ended up going to Gastonia to have dinner at Brixx Pizza. I got that Wild Mushroom Pizza that I loved. But Anna and I were crazy and shared a Smores Pizza.

Well I may have already had desert pizza, but yet I got Tony’s Ice Cream afterwards. That was pretty wild to have desert twice in one night. Still cannot believe I did that. In the car, all of us were rocking out to some songs and some of them were show tunes.


After Tony’s, it was time to head back to Shelby. After Anna left, Sarah and I ended up watching several episodes of Peppa Pig. Part of that was due to the fact that eventually in Voice and Diction due to a storytelling exercise, I had to master about four to five voices and that was really hard to do. The next morning, Sarah and I ended up having breakfast at Chick Fil A and she dropped me off for my 8am class.

This was a funner assignment than I thought it would. I know I held it off for so long but I thought it would just be a weird thing to post on this blog. But I decided to do it even though the assignment was very different than a lot of other college assignments that I did.

Tips to Deal with Finals

It is that time of year again. It is time for Finals, the time that stresses many people. It means a lot of studying. But what are ways to deal with the pressure that finals cause. Today I will give some of my tips that will help during Finals time.

  1. Take Study Breaks- this one is important. It allows you to calm down. My blog is one way I deal with the stress of school. Coloring, reading or being out in nature can help you deal with stress
  2. Trust in the Lord throughout the week
  3. Try not to over worry about them- worrying too much only puts on more pressure and stress. This is when trusting in the Lord is helpful
  4. Plan accordingly of when to study for what final- I tend to start studying for my first exam first and than start studying for the next a bit later. If it is a harder exam, I tend to start when I begin studying for the first exam, but do not study as much for it
  5. Stay optimistic that you will do well- do not forget finals is only part of your final grade. Just tell yourself that you can do it and that you will pass
  6. Do not wait until the last minute to study for a final
  7. After last final, treat yourself to something like going out to eat or getting something sweet like a milkshake.

What are some of your tips for finals?

Things I Am Thankful For

Today is Thanksgiving. On this post, I will write a list of things I am thankful for.

  1. A loving family- which includes my dog
  2. Wonderful friends
  3. Food to eat
  4. Clothes to wear
  5. A house
  6. Gardner Webb University
  7. Senior Year- graduating in May
  8. My Blog
  9. Musicals
  10. God
  11. Big Trips I have Been On
  12. Gardner Webb Memories
  13. My love for Volunteering
  14. My Snow-globe Collection
  15. My church Family
  16. Contemporary Christian Music
  17. My extended Family
  18. The Gifts God has Given Me
  19. Books I Love
  20. Movies I Love