“Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again” Review

Here’s the thing about sequels of musicals: a lot of times they don’t do too well or are even that good. But this sequel is an exception. I recently watched it with my family. It does focus on two storylines: it does show what happened when Donna first met Sophie’s three possible fathers and does focus on another storyline, which is basically a continuation of Sophie’s story.

Possible Spoilers:

This musical is still just as fun and happy as the original, but is tinged with a bit of sadness. That is only because in Sophie’s storyline, her mother has died. Sophie decided to reopen the hotel in her mother’s honor. A lot of people dislike the sequel just because Donna died in that storyline, but I think it makes a really good story. I love how the entire sequel uses some of the same songs from original and uses some new ABBA songs as well. I love seeing how Donna met all three dads. Several scenes made me laugh. It is interesting how certain scenes connected to each other. I have nothing wrong with the double storylines.

Young Donna was played wonderfully by Lily James, who played who as a very fun and obnoxious. She just wanted to travel, who just had a feeling she wanted to be in Greece. While getting there, she first found Harry and then Bill. It was on the island where she first encountered Sam. Amanda Seyfried was just as incredible as Sophie as she was in the original. Even though her mom died; at least Meryl Strep got in sing in the final scene in the movie so she did get a very final part as in showing she was always watching over Sophie.

So this sequel is one that is worth watching if you loved the original. It gives you a lot of laughs. It does remind me of the original in a lot of ways, and that is part of why it works.


I Can Only Imagine Review

Yesterday was my last time going to the Big E. This time the movie I picked was I Can Only Imagine. This movie is about how the song, I Can Only Imagine was written.  I choose this movie because I love the song and I love God so it was a good choice. Plus, it was the only movie that I wanted to see from the options that were available.

This is a good movie to watch if you love the song and if you love God. The main character’s name is Bart Milliard. He had a complicated childhood and his father was emotionally and physically abusive. He eventually left his father and went on a journey, which eventually led him to write I Can Only Imagine. This movie is about faith, forgiveness, and redemption. His father was eventually changed from a monster to a more loving father after Christ entered his life. Bart eventually wrote I Can Only Imagine in honor of his father.


Review of Coco

Yesterday, I finally got to watch the movie, Coco. I wanted to see Coco because it based around the Hispanic holiday, Day of the Dead. A big reason why I love Spanish is because I love the culture. So after hearing about Coco being based around Day of the Dead, I knew I had to see it.

Coco is about the adventure of Miguel, who wants to play music, but it is forbidden in his family. They only are allowed to make shoes and not play music. He eventually gets sent to the Land of the Dead and he goes on an adventures and meets a colorful batch of characters. So in the Land of the Living, you see what families do during Day of the Dead. They put ancestor’s pictures up and cook the food their ancestors like as well and puts down a trail of petals.

It is a really good and cute movie. Miguel is such a wonderful main character. He can be stubborn at times, which is only because of the forbidden rule of music in his house. Throughout the movie, you learn about what it means to be family. He spends a lot of time with Hector, one of the characters he meets in the Land of the Dead. The movie has a couple of plot twist. I love the different spirit animals.  The overall message is about what it means to be part of the family. There was one scene where I did tear up a bit.


The Unofficial Movie/TV Show Tag: my first tag so bear with me

I honestly had no idea what to blog about today. I am someone who usually doesn’t do tags or the awards but decided to today since I have no idea what to blog about.  I remembered that I was tagged by MyMusicalAndWritingLife to do The Unofficial and Movie/TV Show Tag. I have no idea why I am doing this for today’s post but than again could not think of anything to write about. This tag is where I am supposed to bring up movies that have impacted me and has impacted my writing. Well I will focusing more on those that impacted my life.

Harry Potter Series- well I grew up on this series so this plays an important role in my childhood. I think this series is part of why I love fantasy.  I remember watching my first Harry Potter movie, but was scared to watch it so I tied a blanket around my neck and instead of Meg watching it, Super Meg watched it instead. I loved this world of witches and wizards and especially loved the trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione.


Narnia Series- just like Harry Potter, I grew up with them. I loved the grand scope of Narnia and loved the different Christian elements found in the films but at first didn’t realize they were in there. So this was another aspect to my love for fantasy.


Annie (1982)- this was an important part of my childhood. Part of my introduction to musicals began with this film.


Disney Films- well Disney films are part of my childhood. I watched them growing up. They played an important role in my life and still do. I did watch Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Lion King when I was younger, but don’t remember watching them but did remember the songs “A Whole New World”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and “Beauty and the Beast”.  Disney plays a huge role in my life and is part of the reason why I love musicals today and I still continue to love new films Disney comes out with.

Les Misérables (2012)- yes this film had to be in there. Without the film, I would never have fallen in love with the musical. I first saw it December 2012 and I remember watching it and being shocked and confused that I was watching a tragedy. I just never thought a musical could be tragic. So when I saw it around March 2013, I was able to calm down. Eventually I became obsessed with Les Mis and soon enough I was passionate about musicals. To this point, read the book, seen the filmed version of the 25th anniversary concert and saw the stage show five times plus have quite an impressive collection.

These were all films that impacted my life. I don’t think these movies impacted my writing. I have always been a storyteller and always told stories and I don’t think that part of me was impacted by movie but instead by my own imagination.

Since I have no idea who to tag, everyone is open to do this.

A Wrinkle in Time Review

Major Spoilers:

Just two days ago, I saw the movie “A Wrinkle in Time”. I remember reading the book in elementary school, but don’t remember what the story was about. The story is about Meg Murray’s quest to find her missing father. She goes on the quest with her younger brother, Charles Wallace, and Calvin, one of her classmates. They travel in time through a tesseract. Three warriors named Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Witch help them at first, but eventually send them to the quest alone. Meg learns that her father has been trapped on a evil planet called Camazotz. These three warriors give Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin gifts to help them on their quest.


I really enjoyed this movie. The costumes were wonderful and the story was wonderful. The main character, Meg Murray, is a troubled high-school girl, who gets stronger as the story continues. Charles Wallace, her little brother, is intelligent. Calvin is one of her classmates. These three make up a wonderful team.

The planets are well created and quite beautiful. I loved seeing the way they made you Tesseract. Meg does fail most of the times because she lands on her back not standing up. But Meg will never give up.

The team has to meet several creative people along the way. One of them helps Meg realize where her father is and she will not give up on finding him. He has been captured by Camazotz and the IT tries to take control of them. When the three reach the planet, the warriors can no longer help them. Meg is told that eventually her faults will help her. For me, it was interesting seeing the obstacles they have to overcome. They are told not to trust anyone because if they do, the IT can take control of them and are told to stick together. At one point Calvin and Meg have to get away from a dark cloud and it is a hard obstacle and have to make it over the wall. Than they have to overcome. The next obstacle, they come across several houses and are tempted to have dinner and Calvin tries to trust them, but Meg stops him. However in the last obstacle at a beach full of people, Charles Wallace makes a huge mistake and eventually is taken over by the IT. So the obstacles are interesting to discover as the story continues.

The three actors who play Calvin, Meg, and Charles Wallace were well cast. They act as a team and even at the point when Charles Wallace is taken over by the IT, Calvin and Meg don’t let it take over them even if Charles Wallace is tempting them. Since the darkness hit him, Meg finds a way to allow the darkness to turn back to the light by saying her faults and reminding her brother that she loves him.

This story reminds me of the dark and light on earth. In this story, there is this thing called the IT, which strikes certain people and that makes people darker and those people lose their light. But it teaches us to hold on to hope and our light so darkness does not fully hit us.

So if you like a story full of adventure, plot twists and action, than come see the movie. Or if you like movies with a wonderful message, come see the movie.

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What I Love about the Beast

The next character I will explain why I love the Beast.


Possible Spoilers:

In Beauty and the Beast, the Beast in my opinion is so complex. For starters he is under a curse an enchantress put on him because the enchantress saw no love in his heart. The Beast after all is a prince. The enchantress says the curse will not be broken until he learns to love and if someone learns to love in return. But he only has until the last petal falls on an enchanted rose. As years went by, he slowly fell more and more into despair. The curse affects the people who work there as well and they become enchanted objects. That is just some backstory about the Beast.

The Beast originally imprisons Belle’s father. But Belle ended up taking her father’s place. The Beast obviously at the beginning has this anger problem. He eventually does open up to Belle. After he loses his temper after finding Belle in the West Wing, Belle escapes. But the Beast realizing what he has done rescues Belle from being eaten by Wolves. That is a big step for him because he ends up saving Belle so he starts to learn how to love and becomes less selfish, but he still has anger problem, but he slowly is learning to love.

A lot of my love for him comes from how he develops through the course of the story. The Beast learns how selfish he was and starts to learn his lesson because of Belle’s presence in the castle. Soon after the wolf attack, you start to see Beast finally learn to love. Belle teaches him that beauty comes from within. His feelings for Belle start to be noticed during “Something There” so we learn that he slowly has love for his heart and that the curse does have capacity to be broken. During “Beauty and the Beast”, it is discovered that the two love each other. Right after this scene, through this mirror she allows Belle to see her father. Belle is terrified by what the towns people are doing to her father so the Beast lets her go and that shows he has learned that love does come with sacrifice at times. This is where “Evermore” happens in the new 2017 movie.

imagesSo Belle finally has learned to love, but he doesn’t know if Belle has learned to love him as well. The audience obviously knows the two are in love, but Beast doesn’t know it. Belle does eventually come back after she learns they are getting ready to hunt the Beast and it is in that moment just how much she loves him. Beast seeing that Belle has returned starts attacking Gaston in order to make sure Belle is safe. Beast almost dies in the story but he doesn’t. In the end the spell has finally been broken and he no longer is a Beast and the enchanted objects are now human again. So really a lot of my love for the Beast has to do with his transformation from a selfish and angry man to a man filled with love in his heart and what it means to love. Love means sacrifice and it shows that through him finally letting Belle go and eventually protecting her.

Les Mis Collection (Part 2)

Earlier in Christmas Break, I wrote a Les Mis post about my Les Mis collection. Well, a couple weeks after, I realized I left part of my collection off so I am doing a new post. I will still talk about the things I already explained and will bring up the stuff I never included.


This picture gives a general idea of my love for Les Mis. I have three tickets from the community college production (2013), the West End production (2015) and the current touring US production (2017), which was seen in Greenville. So have happened to see 3 productions ever two years. The community college production was seen 3 times due to going once with family and twice as an usher, which is why my total number of times I have seen Les Mis is 5 times. In relationship to those productions, I have the three playbills and what surprised me in London is that I had to buy the playbill, which doesn’t happen in the United States. My London playbill was signed by Adam Bayjou, my Valjean, and he was an understudy and he made me forget I was watching an understudy so that says something about how brilliant he was. I have a filer for the community college production and a filer for the London production.

As some know, I went to Les Mis party last year where I dressed up as Eponine, my favorite female character in the musical. Well, my first Les Mis party was in 2015 where I was surprised and my mom hid it by saying that one of her closest friends, who is also a big Les Mis fan just wanted to see the movie with me. So in my 2015 party, I was not able to dress up as a character, but I was called Eponine all night long just because I sang “On My Own” during Karoke. One of the people who attended knew a friend happened to know one of the Valjean’s and so she got in contact with that former Valjean and he signed a souvenir program and I did not see that part of my collection coming.

Obviously as any Les Mis fan, you would have the soundtrack. It took a lot of debating over which one I wanted. My mother eventually bought me one of the soundtracks and it ended up being the original broadway cast. Even with the soundtrack alone, I am reduced to tears. As a big Les Mis fan myself, I own the unabridged book, which I actually finished in less than one summer and that book is my favorite of the classics. The last of that picture is the page to screen book. It talks about how it made its journey to London stage to its creation of the school edition all the way to the musical movie. It has pictures and several facts in relationship to Les Mis.


My first Les Mis bit of my collection was the movie. The movie was the first full experience of Les Mis. My first viewing, I couldn’t tell if I loved that movie or not. I was a bit shocked and confused as it is a tragic musical, a musical theatre genre I really had no clue existed so I didn’t know how to respond to Les Mis. Despite the confusion, I started researching the musical until I decided to give the movie a 2nd chance and I was able to calm down and get more out of it. I watch the movie each time I come home for break and I am not tired of it yet. I also own the 25th anniversary concert DVD. I watch that version less than the movie because it is longer so it is hard to find time to watch something of 3 hours. So these two are my easiest access to Les Mis if I am in the mood to watch it.


I got the gray T-shirt at the Queen’s Theatre when I saw it in the West End. The red shirt is quite special. Some of my friends at Gardner Webb made that shirt for me for a birthday present. Literally the shirt says “keep calm and talk about Les Mis”. It appears as if those two friends know me quite well. It is unique in the fact that a) college friends it for me and b) no one else can own it.


This poster is hung above my bed in Charlotte. This is yet another souvenir I got at the Queen’s Theatre. The only posters that belong on my wall in my room are musicals that hold an important part of my life.


These two paintings do deserve a part in my collection as well. In my first semester of college, one of the RAs of my floor made these two paintings for me. Those two are hung in my dorm room. Even though the French flag is not in the right order, I still love the painting.


Last time, I did this post, I cannot believe I forgot about my Les Mis piano book. In 2014, I was going through a rough time in my life and to get through that, my piano teacher taught me the Les Mis songs on the piano. Because I knew the songs so well, I was able to add emotion into the songs. I knew when the songs got louder or got softer. The colored pencils were found as a stocking stuffed. They have words on them like “one gray more”, “do you hear the purple sing”, “blue4601” and other things like those.

I will leave with pictures from when I saw Les Mis and when I dressed up as Eponine along with a painting I made at Pinterest night, which has Eponine on it.

‘So based upon my collection and the number of times I have seen the stage production, the movie and the 25th anniversary concert DVD combined shows just how big of a Les Mis fan I am. It also is shown through the number of times I listened to the soundtrack. So I have listened to those songs so many times and not yet tired of them and shows just how amazing of a musical Les Mis. Despite the number of times, I still get emotional listening or seeing it, which has led me to tear up, get goosebumps, and laugh along with something else that I can’t describe and that sort of feeling is something that rarely happen in a musical world.