Highlights of Spring Break in Florida

I decided to write a post about the highlights of my Spring Break.

1. Guana Preserve- was an incredible nature walk.


2. Going to the Movies-Wrinkle in Time. A movie with an inspiring message.


3. Eating a Homemade Crêpe

4. Walk on the Beach- found some sea glass to add to my collection

5. Town Center- it is an outdoor mall in Ponte Vedra. I got some new clothes and my family eventually went to M Shack. I ended up getting a Turkey Burger with Swiss Cheese with Tomato and Pickles. For desert, I ended up getting a Marshmallow Brûlée Milkshake.



Candy and Critters

Every year at Gardner Webb, they have this event called Candy and Critters, which happens around Valentine’s Day. This event actually happened on Valentine’s Day. It allows students to make stuffed animal and create a box of candy. Usually students are only allowed to make one stuffed animal, but this year someone from student activities said we could another one if we waited till 4:45. I made two, which are two bears. Below I will talk more in detail about the bears and what I named them and why.


This is a picture of me and my suite mate with some friends. All five of us did end up making more than one stuffed animal.


Above is Tiedye. It is pretty obvious why I named it tiedye. Not only does it look like a tiedye pattern, it also is pretty colorful.


The bear above is named after a musical character. Before the event, I have never named a stuffed animal after a musical character so I decided coming into the event I will do exactly that. Here’s the thing: I tend to name stuffed animals over what they look like and I needed to name it after a musical character I love. That bear is my Eponine. I felt like it looked like a name from Les Mis and Eponine automatically came to mind. Not only does it have heart-shaped patches on it, but the hearts have stitches around the edges. Those patches reminded me of a broken heart that needed to be minded. Because the patches and bear are brown, it reminds me of Eponine’s trench coat and hat.


Milestone in my Blog

My ultimate goal for the end of this school year is 500 followers. I reached 500 followers yesterday. Thank you followers for following my blog. Even if you are faithful or barely faithful, I still thank all of you. I cannot believe I am already about halfway towards 1000 followers. I am so glad I reached 500 and it took a little over 2 years. My goal for the end of year is 1000 and while I know that is a tough goal and may not be reached, that tough goal will help motivate me to keep going. I noticed something of my most recent followers, which starts in about 2017, that they tend to be musical theatre fans. So I am glad this blog of mine is getting more and more successful as time goes on.



What I Love about the United States

The country I am from is the United States. I live in North Carolina. I thought I would write a post about why I love my native country.

  1. Broadway- saw Wicked there at the age of 12
  2. Touring Productions of Musicals- seen those in Florida (don’t remember seeing anything there), Missouri, South Carolina, North Carolina
  3. Hiking Trails- like Crowder’s Mountain or South Mountain or trails in Alaska, etc.
  4. Beautiful states like Colorado and Alaska
  5. Movie Theatres
  6. Sports Events
  7. Many wonderful cities and towns- Charlotte, New York City, Asheville, St. Louis, Orlando, Chicago, etc.
  8. The difference between states (it is true each state is different): North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina, Missouri, New York, Virginia, Illinois, Alaska, Colorado, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, etc- the ones I listed are some of the states I visited
  9. New things to discover
  10. Independent Bookstores
  11. Restaurants like Amelie’s French Bakery and Cafe, etc.
  12. How diverse the country is
  13. Education- the fact that both boys and girls can get an education and that they can go to college
  14. Holidays like Fourth of July
  15. Equality
  16. Freedom

Greatest Showman Review

Yesterday, I watched the Greatest Showman and really enjoyed it. The first Friday of each month, this place called the Big E closes off their doors at 11:00 at night for Gardner Webb students to enjoy. There are usually movie options and for this movie, it was going to start at 11:55. Me being the musical fanatic that I am, I knew that I had to eventually see Greatest Showman. Greatest Showman is about the creation of P.T Barnum’s circus.

Hugh Jackman was the best choice for P.T. Barnum. This role made you really see all the talents Hugh Jackman has. It shows how talented he is due to all his singing, dancing, and acting. This my 2nd movie I had seen Hugh Jackman is. The first I saw him was Jean Valjean in the movie, Les Misérables.

I am glad I saw him in this role because it made me love him more as an actor and allowed him to express many more of his talents. Zac Efron as Phillip Caryle was wonderful and worked really nice together with Zendaya as Anne Wheeler. All of the people in the different acts were quite talented as well. You saw actors being on the trapeze, beautiful dancing, and many things.


The dance numbers had such wonderful choreography. They were able to show the founding of the circus while still having room for dance. It showed people who are different and that was unique to see. This movie being at 11:55 at night, I am glad I never fell asleep. I especially loved songs such as “Rewrite the Stars”, “A Million Dreams”, and “This is Me”. Something I always want in musicals are spectacle and dance. What was unique about “Rewrite the Stars” is that they were singing while being on the trapeze.

This circus elements are somewhat like the circus elements in the musical, Pippin, but in a different way. If you are a musical fanatic or someone who does not love musicals, you should experience this movie.


What I Love about my hometown of Charlotte

I decided to write a list of why I love the city of Charlotte. I grew up in Charlotte, NC and still live there.

  1. Blumenthal Performing Arts- tours go through there. In Charlotte, there are two main theaters, which are Belk and Ovens. I am so thankful for this because of my love for musicals. Due to the size of Charlotte, touring productions like to stop in Charlotte. Shows I have loved that I have seen on tour in Charlotte are Newsies, Wicked (3x), Pippin, Sound of Music and Rent.
  2. Greenways- wonderful places to go on walks. You walk on these paths that allows you to be out in nature. As a matter of fact, my inspiration for Fairy Frogs came from a walk on a Greenway.
  3. Amelie’s French Bakery and Cafe
  4. Independent Bookstores
  5. Southpark Mall and Carolina Place Mall
  6. Symphony in the Park- outdoor symphony in June at Southpark Mall
  7. Downtown in Charlotte is called “Uptown”
  8. Lightrail- it allows you to get downtown. The nice thing about it is it allows you to stop somewhere and get to the Blumenthal Center, where Belk Theatre is. Or if you just want to spend time downtown or go to this place on 7th street, which is kind of like a food court and have breakfast or any meal at. So the light rail is a nice way for transportation

How is it that the city I grew up in and still live in, I can’t think of many reasons why I love it? So those are the reasons for now.

What do you love about the city you are from?


Snow Days Delight

For the past two days, Gardner Webb has had two snow days. It snowed about two nights ago. When I woke up, I looked outside and the outside of my suite looked like the picture below.


I did have fun in the snow yesterday first by sledding. My suite didn’t have any sleds so we found a way to still go sledding. We took three cushions from the suite and covered them in garbage bags. Beyond Suite J, there is this big hill that we went sledding down. Sledding on cushions is actually more fun than sledding on an actual sled. I went sledding with my suite-mate, Sydney, and a friend of ours. At the end of sledding, Sydney collected snow for snow creme, something I never had before.

The picture of me below is me with the snow cream. Snow cream tends to be made with snow, vanilla and milk. But because we didn’t seem to have vanilla, we used maple syrup instead. Yes I have a long sleeved shirt and pajama pants, but because my pants were so wet because of sledding, I changed into pajama pants. Glad I finally had that snow creme. It was quite obvious that school would be cancelled again the next day since over night, the temperature would not get higher than twenty so every thing would freeze over.


We were right. School was cancelled. Today my day in the snow was building a snowman. Well, the snowman was what I would call a “mini snowman” because it wasn’t easy. I did a lot of it alone but eventually a suite-mate helped. I ended up using my scarf to decorate the snowman. We used branches and mulch for the arms and face. I came in putting on pajama pants again and than drink hot chocolate, a perfect way to end a school day.


Snow days are fun. They are days of building snowman and sledding. They are days of having either snow creme or hot chocolate.