Can a Musical song be Memorable without being easily Singable or Hummable?

There is a difference between a memorable song and a memorable song that is easy to sing along to, in my opinion.

I will start by saying this: I am not a good singer. If you are not a good singer, songs you love will not be easily singable. Back to the original question: “can a musical song be memorable without being easily singable or hummable?”

Another thing to say: when you love so many musical theatre songs, there are lots of melodies to remember. Basically- if a song is unmemorable, the song will be forgettable. That would mean you no longer would have the interest to listen to it. Yes, a number of songs I love in musical theatre are singable- examples: Do Re Mi, My Favorite Things, Do You Hear the People Sing, For the First Time in Forever, Beauty and the Beast- yes, that was part of why I fell in love with them.

Can you still love songs that aren’t exactly singable or hummable. Songs with tough melodies are what we are talking about. Songs like “Speechless” fall under this category. Are they memorable despite not being singable? They are not that singable for those who can’t sing well or that good- for people like me. I loved “Speechless” and “Evermore” when I saw the live action movies of Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. So, yes, a song can be memorable without being hummable or singable. “Speechless” and “Evermore” aren’t the only ones that are like this. What about “Shadowland” and “Endless Light” in Lion King?- same thing.

We know when we love a musical theatre song. It is a combo of melody and lyrics. So- they are not forgettable. If we want to keep on listening to them- we do know we love the song. Ever since I saw the live action Aladdin- I keep on listening to “Speechless”, and what it does is make Jasmine a stronger character.

Disney does this all the time- when it goes to stage, it adds new songs to strengthen the plot. Look at the live action movies- it does not make an adaptation of the stage shows- it makes an adaptation of the cartoons and adds a song- to do the same thing the new songs in the stage shows do- strengthen characters.

See what I mean- songs can be memorable without being necessarily singable or hummable.

Do you agree? Can a musical theatre song be memorable without being singable or hummable?


Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. This post will bring up loving fathers- my father and musical theatre fathers.

I love my dad. We have had created many wonderful adventures together, and some have been shared with my mom and sister. Just like I love my dad, he loves me. At Kanuga Parish Weekends, the two of us have been the hiking leaders. We once had a date to the theater to see Wicked- that was my 3rd time, and I wanted to go to give my dad a chance to see it, but he still gave me the better seat. There was a time my family went to Kanuga for Thanksgiving, and he helped me make a hiking stick. He was among the 72 pilgrims on the Bristol Pilgrimage- that is a lot of pilgrims (which includes the choir). Memories are shared with my family with Kanuga and Bristol (as you can see), but also in Florida and Missouri and other states- family memories.

What about the musical theatre dads? Are there loving dads there? MAJOR SPOILERS

Valjean- whenever I think of dads in musical theatre, my mind hops to Jean Valjean. He had to became a dad in the most unexpected of ways. He adopted Cosette out of compassion to her mother (it was promise he made to Fantine). He promised he made to Fantine on her deathbed that he would take care of Cosette. Cosette was horribly abused- she needed someone like Valjean in her life. Valjean kept his promise to Fantine- he raised her even though that would not be easy- he was an ex-convict.

Jean Valjean and Young Cosette in the film of Les Misérables (2012)
Jean Valjean and Young Cosette

Mufasa- another incredible father. He is father to Simba. Not only is he an incredible father, but an incredible King, but that time was short-lived thanks to his jealous brother, Scar, who killed him. Mufasa taught Simba life lessons that were important and how to be a good king.

Maurice- everyone in the town calls him crazy, but Belle never saw her father this way. Maurice loved his daughter a lot. He wanted to protect her- he didn’t want to lose her. Yes, I can understand why people of that town would call him crazy- after all raving about a beast and winter in summer-that is unlikely, but it is true what he saw. He wanted people to help him after Belle was taken prisoner. He was a little overprotective-yes, but he just wanted her safe.

Maurice and Belle in the stage show of Beauty and the Beast
Maurice and Belle

What other musical theatre fathers do you love?

A Whole New World- Review

One of the 2019 movies I wanted to see the most was the live action movie of Aladdin. I didn’t want a carbon copy of the cartoon- I wanted to be original. So far of all movies I so far in the theatre in the movie theatre this year was Aladdin. Like Beauty and the Beast, I had to relearn Aladdin in so many ways, but in so many ways I still knew Aladdin. The “Whole New World” is the song that I looked forward to the most.

Aladdin was worth it, and grabbed in you quickly. If a movie grabs you in fast, that does say something.


Still has all the songs I know- One Jump Ahead, Friend Like Me, A Whole New World (favorite Aladdin song), Arabian Nights, Prince Ali.

The new song, Speechless, made me Jasmine more. It was a lovely addition to her character. It made her stronger. I loved that this song was included.

Plot- Spoilers (little or possible spoilers):

This story is basically a story being told- on a ship. There is a slight difference about when Aladdin and Jasmine meet. “One Jump Ahead” usually happens before those characters meet. At the beginning of the story, after “Arabian Nights”- Aladdin and Jasmine meet. So “One Jump Ahead” occurs right after the two of them met. As expected-Aladdin and Jasmine get together.

I don’t remember this at all- but something happened in Aladdin. The Genie and Dalia do fall in love. I saw it happen. I only think of Aladdin and Jasmine- its all because of “A Whole New World”.

I am not going to say the entire plot- still basically the same plot, but a few changes.


Aladdin: Mena Massoud

  • How can you not love Aladdin? Yes, street thief, but does he do it for selfish or selfless reasons? He has to survive somehow. There is more to him than being the street rat everyones him to be. It is just him and Abu, his funny and curious monkey. He is clever and does have his flaws. He is loyal when it comes to Abu. You can see that all in Mena’s Aladdin, and he does have an incredible voice as well.


  • You can easily fall in love with Abu. It is Aladdin’s monkey pet. Abu is funny and curious, which can get Aladdin in trouble at times. There is no way to dislike him- it is impossible.

Genie: Will Smith

  • Will Smith is defiantly not a terrible Genie. He is an incredible Genie. The Genie is one of the characters I love in Aladdin. I love the magic and charm of the Genie and Will showed that. He was an incredible singer, which I first noticed during “Friend Like Me”.

Jasmine: Naomi Scott

  • Aladdin and Jasmine are one of my favorite Disney couples. Now, I love the two of them even more. I don’t know what it was- did it have something to do with Naomi and Mena or was it because it was live action?”. I don’t know know why. Part of why I loved Naomi as Jasmine had to do with “Speechless”. That song added a strength and complexity to Jasmine I never knew was in her- making her a better princess. In addition, she was able to stand up to Jafar- showing that strength and complexity even further.

Jafar: Marwan Kenzari

  • As expected, don’t like Jafar. Don’t like Iago either- they are connected after all. I don’t know if Marwan seemed like a villain or not- even though he was supposed to- but in some ways it worked. That means, Marwan was hiding the truth to others.

Magic Carpet:

  • Why did I even put Magic Carpet here? Yes, both the cartoon and the live action have the Magic Carpet. In this version, the Magic Carpet actually acted as a character in this version. I loved that was more of a character- I love the use of it. I love it the most during “A Whole New World”, the love song. Still, seeing it play off as character made it have more personality.



  • Together, I loved seeing it. They perfectly created Agrabah in my opinion- from the palace to where Aladdin lived to the market. Even where Jafar banished Aladdin to. The Cave of Wonders- what when you walk in, there is no treasure- so you are wondering what is so “wonder” about that cave? You walk further down, and then you see only see one thing- just one. At the very end- that is where the most treasure is- combo of the gray you just saw and all the treasure- I was expected a lot of golden- and none of the gray I just saw. Does make those though- it is a cave after all, but at the same time full of wonder.


  • Beautiful especially Princess Jasmine’s
  • Love Aladdin’s- both of them, but love the Aladdin look the best
  • Beautiful for Genie
  • All of Agrabah
  • It is hard to dislike to costume in their home

After watching this movie, I want to see the stage show more than ever. I still don’t know if I am seeing Aladdin at Belk Theatre in September, but want to. Aladdin is one of my favorite musicals.

Childhood Musicals

We all have memories. When we become adults, we wish we were children again. That is because life as a child was easier. We sometimes want to be able to remember what that felt like- being a child. If we were raised on musicals- we will have childhood musicals. Childhood musicals have something special in them- they have this special quality that no other musical has. They come with this nostalgia- we feel like kids whenever we watch them. What are my childhood musicals?



Annie was my favorite musical in elementary school- I fell in love with by the 1982 movie. Now that I think of it, I believe I had an emotional connection to Annie. In elementary school- I did not know what “emotional connection” was. I was optimistic as a child- I think that was why I loved Annie, and why the song, “Tomorrow” is my favorite song from the musical. It stayed my favorite musical for a few years. In the year 2014 at the age of 20, I finally saw the stage show of Annie, and while watching it, I did feel like a child.

Sound of Music

"Sound of Music" from the film
“Sound of Music”

This was another musical that entered my life in elementary school. It was the musical film. My favorite song was “Edelweiss”. In 2015, finally watched the stage show. “Edelweiss” took me by surprise- an emotion entered the song that never was there- it turned it a bittersweet song due to sad entering the picture- I believe it was a combo of nostalgia, and a nonverbal that was made by Ben Davis (Captain Von Trapp). “Do Re Mi” was the first musical song I memorized all the lyrics to.

Beauty and the Beast- amongst other Disney musical films.

I mean, who would not grow up without Disney. I am a 90s girl after all. The main song that really stuck with me was “Beauty and the Beast”. It was the only song I remembered. Of all Disney classic couples- Belle and Beast are my favorite Disney couples. When I watched the live action movie in 2017- my love of the original came back to me- I did feel like a kid watching the live action movie.

"Beauty and the Beast" scene from the classic film
“Beauty and the Beast”


I might be stretching things, but in my opinion, Wicked is my final childhood musical. Yes, I was 12 at the time- but it still counts. It was the year 2006 in the month August. I was with my mom. Little did I know that when I entered the Gershwin Theater that I would be changed “for good”. There is a reason why the song, “Popular”, is my favorite song from Wicked: it was my favorite song at age 12- nostalgia is why. Annie was my favorite musical until I saw Wicked. My journey with musicals truly began with this musical.

"For Good" scene from Wicked
“For Good”

What I expected from musicals growing up comes from my childhood musicals. Spectacle, dance, comedy, complexity, romance, positive and negative emotions in the score, and a strong emotional connection (bonus: relating to a character). Those elements still exist to this day- I still want those to exist- however, I have learned that some musicals are different than what is typically associated with musicals.

My top four musicals of Charlotte’s 2019-2020 Season

Something rare is coming up in Charlotte’s upcoming season. In March when the upcoming season is released, I always choose what the main shows I want to see are. The typical number I want to see is usually only 1-2. To show how strong their 2019-2020 season is by looking at how many main shows I want to see. Like I just said, I usually mainly want to see only 1-2 musicals, but this year, that number has increased to 4 musicals, something that has never happened. When I saw the list, I automatically knew what 4 musicals I wanted to see: I decided to talk more about them in this post.

Les Mis:

  • It is the first musical of the upcoming season. Does it really need to be explained? For those who have been reading my blog for a long time knows my love for Les Mis. Even I can’t put into words why I love Les Mis. Tragic, heartbreaking, inspiring, uplifting, epic, passionate, powerful, emotional roller coaster, hopeful, humanity, redemption, forgiveness, compassionate, love all fit into Les Mis. I have seen the stage show in 2013, 2015, and 2017- so it seems fitting to see it this year. I can’t fully put into words why I love Les Mis. If I see it, it will be the 6th time seeing the musical.
Nick Cartell as Valjean in the Current US Tour


  • Last year, I have no idea why, I started listening to some songs from the Broadway musical. I was hooked to songs like “Journey to the Past” and “Crowd of Thousands”. I knew I wanted to see Anastasia. When a tour was announced, I thought the show would be hitting Charlotte in its first year, but no, it didn’t. Good thing, it is coming to Charlotte in its upcoming season. Can’t wait to join Anya as she discovers her past.


  • Out of all the musicals coming to Charlotte in its upcoming season, this musical is the highest up. It is the one I want to see the most. I am dying to see since I heard it was going to be a stage show. I have loved Frozen since I saw the movie. Ever since hearing some of the new songs, I knew the stage show would be just incredible- it would actually develop Anna and Elsa further making them more complex than who they are on screen.


  • Never imagined that BOTH of my top two favorite musicals would exist in the SAME season. But that is what is happening- Les Mis and Wicked are existing in the same season. Wicked hasn’t been in Charlotte since 2016- I think it is time to go back. I know there is more to explored to in Wicked- I know I can find out more about the complex love triangle. It is also fascinating that Frozen and Wicked exist in the same season as well- I find some parallels between them- Elsa/Elphaba, Anna/Glinda, Let It Go/Defying Gravity, and Sisterhood/Friendship all seem to parallel each other. I wonder if that was why I got so hooked to Frozen in the first place?