The Next Right Thing

Over the weekend, originally I was going to see the stage show of Frozen. That was the musical I wanted to see the most this year. In addition to Come From Away, Frozen was another show that I already had tickets for. I knew how to make up for that loss. What did I do?

I decided to watch both of the animated films. My love for Frozen began when I saw the animated Frozen. I loved the songs, characters, and plot. Recently, I figured out another reason why I love Frozen. I think it has something to do with Wicked- Frozen feels quite parallel to that musical.


Like Wicked, Frozen is a double protagonist musical. It centers on Elsa and Anna, two sisters. In some ways, it reminds me of the friendship between Elsa and Anna. The story truly kicks off once Elsa accidentally shows her powers, which she is ashamed of- that act caused her to run away, but ended up casting an eternal winter on Arendelle. Due to that, Anna ended up looking for sister. During Anna’s journey, she bumps into Kristoff and Olaf. The musical is most well-known for the song, “Let it Go”. Here is one thing I really loved about the film- what the True Love is. The True Love in Frozen is between the two sisters.

While I never saw the stage show, I did listen to some of the new songs. The songs I heard are amazing- from “What Do you Know about Love”, “Monster”, and “True Love”. I still can’t believe that the US Tour decided to take out “True Love”- seriously, that is one of our two protagonists main song, and it does happen at a very pivotal and emotional moment for Anna. Still I always view “True Love” as a part of Frozen- I know when this song happens- right after Hans betrays her.

Seeing the film really made up for that.

Frozen II

Musical sequels can struggle a lot. For the most part, sequels never seem to work. However, this one has. Just like Frozen, you still have Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. It mostly takes place in an enchanted forest. New characters are introduced such as Ryder for example. There is a lot more emotional struggle for the characters. Kristoff and Anna finally have their own song- “Lost in the Woods”, and “The Next Right Thing”. Anna actually does end up with a heartbreaking song, but it is also hopeful at the same time. You have Elsa trying to figure out she got her powers, Kristoff’s struggle in proposing to Anna, and seeing Anna’s love and protectiveness for Elsa.

The Original Broadway Soundtrack

Yes, I never saw the stage show. However due to that postponement, I will be asking for the soundtrack for Christmas. I already fell in love with some of the new songs and already love the musical.


I had to find some way to make up for the postponement. That is why I watched both animated films. That really did make up for that, and it was the right thing to do. 2020 has been the first year where musicals I wanted to see get postponed- that wasn’t easy at all. I already have a feeling Wicked is already postponed- that really isn’t that much of a disappoint due to already seeing that musical four times. All the postponed shows I wanted to see this year will return- Anastasia, Frozen, and Wicked. Wicked was pretty obvious because it always returns to Blumenthal.

My Thoughts on Frozen

I do love Disney musicals, and one of my favorite contemporary ones is Frozen. In some ways, part of my love might have something to do with Wicked. Think about it- Elsa/Elphaba, Glinda/Anna, Sisterhood/Friendship, and Let it Go/Defying Gravity- those are literally parallels in those two musicals. Ever since hearing it was going to be on Broadway, I wanted to see the stage show. Between all the characters, I love Anna and Elsa the most. The fact that the true love focuses on the two sisters does make Frozen an unique Disney musical.

If it wasn’t for COVID, I would have seeing Frozen around this time. Now, have to wait even longer- Blumenthal still hasn’t rescheduled the show. I heard some of the new songs, and they sound amazing: such as Monster, What do You Know about Love, and True Love (which got kicked out of Frozen). Seriously, why would the tour kick True Love off? After all that song is sung by Anna, one of the two protagonists, and happens at a prominent and emotional time for that character. Between Anna and Elsa, I relate to Anna the most. At least that song stayed on the Original Broadway Cast Recording. I don’t think “Let it Go” is overrated- it is such an amazing song.

2020 was the first year where musicals I wanted to see got postponed. All I can do now is see the two animated movies of Frozen. What I plan to do because Frozen got postponed is to ask for the Broadway Soundtrack for Christmas.

September 2020 in Review

It is hard to think of September highlights.


This sounds weird to say that. If COVID didn’t hit, my church would be at Kanuga for a Parish Retreat. One of the traditions at Kanuga was hiking- my family decided to actually walk on a Charlotte Greenway with some church members. So, we did something connected to Kanuga.


I finally finished Bleak House this month. I loved that book- I have loved all the Dickens books I read so far. After Bleak House, I decided to read a fantasy- The Golden Compass. The Golden Compass was recommended to me by Park Road Books- for the most part they don’t fail in that.

I have been finding The Golden Compass to be interesting- Lyra actually reminds me of Lila Lila is a co-protagonist of Shades of Magic while Lyra is the main character of the The Golden Compass. I think there might be a chance I will be finishing the series of The Golden Compass.

Thinking of books, I purchased two more books this year. I bought Little Women and Mayor Casterbridge. My dad recommended Mayor of Casterbridge- it was because of my love for Dickens. I was told that Dickens is similar to Hardy- by looking at the summary blurb, I realized the main character in a way is similar to Valjean.

Whitewater Center

This is one of the highlights of North Carolina. There is a lot to do there- from rafting to rock climbing to hiking. I loved that we were hiking trails- it also connected to Kanuga. I am a mountain person, who loves to hike.


Little Women- ever since the film came out in 2019, I wanted to see it. Finally, I did. I really enjoyed this movie. Little Women was a story I loved in childhood, but never remembered why. It has nothing to do with the fact that one of the characters shares my name.

Onward- I wanted to see this Disney animated film ever since it opened. Full of magic, creatures, challenges, adventure, and humor. It is difficult to describe why I loved this film in the first place.


I know there were not big highlights this month, but still amazing things came out of it. October is a hard month to think about- the biggest highlight was going to be Frozen, but that got postponed.

Disney Live Action Remakes

A lot of us have been around classic Disney movies. They range from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty to Lion King to Beauty and the Beast to Jungle Book to Aladdin among others. A couple years ago, Disney began making live action movies of the classics. While some people don’t think they should be remade, others love the live action movies. Now what are some of my favorite live action Disney classics?


I haven’t seen this live Cinderella for a while. However, I still remember loving it. It gave more backstory for Cinderella and the prince. I do remember loving Lily James as Cinderella.


With the same well-loved songs, there is a new one. “Speechless” was able to further develop Princess Jasmine, and due to that song, I realized just how strong of a princess she is. Loved this cast- Mena Massoud (Aladdin), Naomi Scott (Jasmine), and Will Smith (Genie). I ended up seeing both the live action movie and stage show the same year. This film did in fact make certain things feel like actual character- the magic carpet was given a bigger personality. I actually loved the new character- Dalia. Putting her in there in some ways developed Genie and Jasmine more.

Beauty and the Beast

Literally, this live action remake made me remember my love for Beauty and the Beast. I literally felt like a child when I first watched it. I love Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. I really love “Evermore”, which is a new song for the Beast- it reminds me of “If I Can’t Love Her” from the stage show. There is a lot more explanation in the prologue- now you know some things that easily could be plot holes in the cartoon. “Beauty and the Beast” still remains quite a magical scene- that is my favorite song and scene in the musical. Everything about this film feels magical.

Jungle Book

I don’t exactly know why I loved this particular live action remake. It really felt real- it literally looked like realistic animals and a realistic jungle.

Onward Review

Teenage elf brothers Ian and Barley embark on a magical quest to spend one more day with their late father. Like any good adventure, their journey is filled with cryptic maps, impossible obstacles and unimaginable discoveries. But when dear Mom finds out her sons are missing, she teams up with the legendary manticore to bring her beloved boys back home

I have been wanting to see this movie for a long time. I am glad I finally got to watch it. Onward is a movie that has been popular. Onward is a fantasy adventure with magical creatures, humor, and an incredible world. Ian and Barley go on this incredible journey to see their lost father one last time.

It is literally filled with magic- sometimes the magic had to be used to get through a ton of obstacles. Ian has the gift of wizardry while his brother knows a lot of the spells. They do have this incredible relationship. Fantasy, magic, magical creatures, and obstacles exist in this movie. I love fantasy, magical animals, magic and quests.

This is defiantly a film I want to see again.