How I Feel about Sarge

Here’s the thing. Followers who have been with me feel like I should have been disliking Sarge. I know he mistreats and bullies the Fairy Frogs and Toads. I know his easiest target is Marge, his younger cousin. Sarge is only 17 and Marge is 12. I know I should really dislike him for his actions. However, I can’t help but feel bad for him even though I do not like a lot of his actions. He does call these characters names, shove some of them in the mud, throw rocks, etc… as in being a bully. However, I can’t fully dislike him for his action. I do not want him to suffer any more.

He had to get mistreated once his mother left him. For some reason, his father was a monster. His father started out abusing from words alone and later the abuse got more physical- it got physical to the point where Sarge ended up with permanent scars. Sarge could not even rely on his loving uncle: his uncle only wanted to protect Marge. If his uncle could have found a way to protect both Marge and Sarge, things would have been better. It is complicated: their two fathers were raised by loving parents and were raised the same way: so why was Sarge’s father this monster? At age 13, Sarge’s father left him. Growing up, before his father left him, Sarge only found one comfort, which was found in “The Bog”- that was the only place in Graysloup his father never knew existed.

To Sarge, Marge was his easiest target, but the same time he still mistreated the toads and eventually the Fairy Frogs. I just want things to be better for him-I know it sounds crazy-I know I should have hated him- but I feel worse for him than disliking him. That is what tends to happen when your are the author.

Sarge was only lost, alone, and confused. He was unloved, neglected, and abused. He was conflicted. He did not know how to show love or how to deal with the anger he felt. It all had to do with a past he did not deserve. It all led him to the bully he was in my book. He still has nightmares about his past. He defiantly was not a villain- he was only an antagonist- his father was defiantly someone I would hate and fit a profile of a villain.

Look- Marge felt like an outsider all because of Sarge’s actions on her and because she was related to him. She started being abused by him when she was about 8 or 9: that young. She still felt love from her father, but she, at times, felt misunderstood. I cannot believe she was misunderstood at times just because she is related to Sarge. She still was able to stand up to Sarge starting at a young age. In my book, she has this incredible amount of wisdom and is an inspiration. She just wanted compassion and friend: she got that from Sparkle, my main character. Marge is one of the major characters of my book.

My Love for Mythology

I don’t know when it started, but I have loved mythology for a long time. I feel like I loved the genre since elementary school. I don’t know why I love it. I think it is a combo of the Gods/Goddesses, the quests, and the beasts and creatures the characters that exist. I remember loving the Percy Jackson series in middle school. One of my favorite units in tenth grade in literature was our mythology unit- two of the works we studied were Illiad and Odyssey. Obviously, it was not the full works of both- but I still fell in love with both of them.

Now, I am about to read the FULL works of Illiad and Odyssey. I actually own the unabridged copies of BOTH copies.

Ever since the Tonys, I have been fascinated by Hadestown, which is a tragic MYTH. I never knew that myths could be tragic. I knew musicals could be tragic, but myths. I became fascinated by Hadestown all because it was a myth. A couple days ago, I heard incredible news= the musical is going on tour in Fall 2020. I know I mainly can see musicals on tour through Blumenthal Performing Arts. I know Hadestown will NOT be part of Blumenthal’s 2019-2020 season- that season is already set, which is one of its strongest. I do know that the musical will not skip Charlotte when it goes on tour- just not in 2020.

What to Say to my “Tale of The Cattail Forest” Characters

As you have noticed, my Fairy Frogs book I have been writing now has a working title. That title is called “Tale of the Cattail Forest”. I called it that because Graysloup and Fairy Creek are located in The Cattail Forest. My book is also a children’s fantasy. I decided to write a post that has me talking to all 13 characters in my book.


  • As the main character of the book, I loved getting to know you. I loved how you went above and beyond with your compassion. Yes, befriending Marge was against the rules. However, I am glad you did what you did. It was needed- not just on Marge, but on all of Graysloup. I loved exploring your flaws and strengths. You were easy to get to know, and I think that was because you were the main character.


  • I cannot believe you had to go through all the abuse you had to go through (from age 4-13). I wish things would have better. I know you feel like no one would understand. I know you feel like you are alone. However, you are not alone, and others will understand. There are other ways to deal with the pain, anger, jealously, and confusion you are feeling. You don’t have to put your pain on others to deal with this. I still wish things were better.


  • I do admire you in so many ways. I love how you stand up to your cousin. You may be his easiest target, but you still stand up to him no matter what. Because of how he treated you, you did feel like an outsider. I can’t imagine the kind of pain he put on you. No wonder, you feel like you needed someone to show you compassion and that you needed a friend. No one else would until Sparkle entered your life. I love your incredible wisdom, and I think that comes from how Sarge, your older cousin, treated you. You saw the truth about Graysloup, and you knew that all the toads needed help. I love that you and Sparkle both came up with the decision for all the Fairy Frogs to befriend the toads- it came a long way.


  • The thing I love the most about you is your protective nature. That truly shows through your relationship with Sparkle. You don’t want her to get in trouble. She is your best friend, who did help you through a rough time when you were younger. You sometimes have to not report to Aries in order to keep Sparkle safe or not tell the truth.


  • You are one of the most interesting characters in my book. I believe you are the only one, besides Sarge, who knows of Sarge’s backstory. You are aware of who his father is. The only thing you are clueless about is how angry and abusive Sarge can get. I do love how you develop through the course of the story.


  • You are so many things in my book- leader of the Fairy Frogs, head carpenter, and an uncle. Whose uncle? You are Darcy’s uncle. You are a confident leader who sometimes can be doubtful. That is when you have to rely on your nephew. You want to protect all of the Fairy Frogs. I wish you knew from the beginning the truth about the toads. That would have helped things a good deal.


  • What is fascinating about you and Felipe is how similar you too are, but at the same time so different. I think that is why the two of you became best friends in the first place. I think it is interesting to me that Felipe let’s you use some of his same woodcarving pieces into your sculptures. To me, it shows your guys’ best friendship in so many ways. I do love how you help out your uncle out at times.


  • Like I said with Darcy, you too are so similar, but so different. It is hard for me to see a time where you too are separate from each other. When working on your crafts, you guys are always together.


  • You are one of those toads that did not let Sarge’s mistreatment make you turn into someone like him. You may appear to be rude and disrespectful, but it is not in your heart to do so. You never wanted to act like that. You are not at all like Sarge- you were never affected by his actions. In a way you were, but it never affected what is really in your heart.


  • As a younger Fairy Frog, I loved getting to know you. You are at a very exciting time in your life. You are at the beginning of experimenting and getting to know your craft at a much deeper level. I know all you can make are pots. It still is an excited period of your life.


  • The key characteristic found in you is energetic. That is what several characters, especially Sparkle, think you are. They don’t think there is more to you. At the same time, you are still trying to figure out where your craft is. One of the other Fairy Frogs can relate to this- Misty can- she didn’t find it until she was close to six years old. Look, Tweetsie- you are both energetic and brave.


  • I could have separated the two of you. However, there was no way to. You two are what I would call “peas in a pod”. You two are identical twins, and make sure Sarge does not clear up Graysloup when it starts to brighten up.

Favorite Friendships of Musicals/Literatures

I have talked about my favorite friendships in musicals and my favorite friendships in literature. I thought about doing a post where I combined all of those different friendships. Musicals in so many ways are like literature- they have character, plot, and setting: they just add dance and song to all of that to make something more powerful and emotional. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

Frodo and Sam

  • Would Frodo have made it without Sam? Frodo wanted to do the quest alone after the end of Fellowship, but Sam wouldn’t allow it. He stayed loyal to Frodo to the end. He was always there- whether that meant rescuing Frodo or carrying him. He was that loyal companion. The Ring easily corrupts and weakens the ring bearer, which gets heavier as you get closer to Mordor- that is why Frodo wouldn’t have made it without Sam.

Merry and Pippin

  • They are best friends, and at the same time troublemakers. You might be thinking what on earth are they doing on this quest? Why are they there if they always are causing the group trouble? You eventually find out- they have a reason. Of everyone in the books, it is the four hobbits- Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin that I am attached to the most.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione

  • Would Harry have defeated Voldemort without his two best friends, and would the series be the same if the trio never existed? Just like Sam, Ron and Hermione are loyal to Harry. In the last book, Harry wanted to look for those Horcouxes alone, but his two best friends wouldn’t allow it. In all of the books- they ended up having to go on some mission, which meant breaking a lot of school rules. He needed the two of them to defeat Voldemort. Those Horcoucxes are a lot like that one ring- the difference is there is no way of knowing where they are and they would be anything. Harry couldn’t have found them alone- it would be impossible.

Nicholas and Smike

  • One of the things I about the most about Nicholas Nickleby is all of the compassion he has. He especially showed it towards Smike. Smike is someone who wasn’t shown much compassion. At the school he was working, he did defend Smike, which later caused Smike to follow Nicholas after Nicholas quit that awful school. For the rest of the book, the two of them stayed together- Nicholas was there even at Smike’s death. These two are my favorite characters from Nicholas Nickleby.

Friends of the ABC

  • This is an overlapping literature and musical theatre friendship I love. That means it is in both versions of Les Misérables- the book and the musical. The difference between both versions is that in the book you get to know them as individuals, and in the musical, you only get to Enjolras as an individual and the rest as a group. The other difference is that in the musical, Marius is close to the students (which doesn’t exist in the book).
  • This group is a political group led by Enjolras, the most passionate member. They are like a group of brothers, and in so many ways a family. They are planning an uprising due to the weak government. They have high hopes for the cause they believe in. I do love how they take in Gavroche, who is Eponine’s brother.

Eponine and Marius

  • This friendship in Les Mis in only in the musical, not the book. Eponine is in love with Marius, the only person who showed her kindness and the only good thing in her life. However, Marius is unaware that she loves him. They are close friends and Marius is aware that her life isn’t easy. He does treat her fairly. I love that he is in her life- she needed that.
  • In “A Little Fall of Rain”, you can see how much he valued her friendship. Marius was worried about Eponine- that was why at the beginning of act II, he sent her away from the barricade because he was hoping it would protect her from getting hurt or worse killed from the uprising. However, she did return and got shot, which would turn out to be fatal. There was a reason why he asked: why she came back: he was worried about her safety, and when she collapsed, he released she was shot, and that she was dying. He was devastated, but despite how he felt, he decided to be there for her by holding and comforting during that moment. This scene in particular says a lot: it shows how compassionate Marius is, that he did value their friendship (after all, he was devastated), and he did realize that she did love him. It is a bittersweet scene: all that mattered to her was that he was there: more than the physical pain she was in: she was happy for once. The words he said after she died were “her name was Eponine, her life was cold and dark, yet she was unafraid”- those words were how I knew that Marius knew that she lived a tough life, but at least he was part of it.

The Newsies

  • The Newsies remind me so much of Enjolras and the students in Les Mis. They have a brotherly love for each other, and they are like family. They have a cause (the strike) they truly believe in, and never give up no matter what. Jack Kelly is their leader.
  • On a side note: I love the beautiful bond found between Jack and Crutchie. Cruthcie is the most vulnerable Newsie due to his bum leg, and Jack is his best friend. There is something amazing about their bond.

Lumiere and Cogsworth

  • Is it weird that I love a friendship between a talking candle and talking clock? There is just something about them that I find appealing in terms of their friendship.

Elphaba and Glinda

  • The ultimate friendship, as in my favorite friendship in musical theatre, is the one found between Elphaba and Glinda. It is a beautiful, powerful, and special bond found between two complex and strong young women- they did start out as enemies and later became best friends. They don’t let a boy get in the way of their friendship- they do both fall in love with Fiyero. Both of them do end up with unrequited love for him at some point: but they end up not stealing him away from each other. The song, “For Good”, is the most emotional song in Wicked and talks about how they have changed each others lives for the better and how they have made me each other better people.

Greatest Discovery Update

My 2nd WIP is The Greatest Discovery, which I did say was a trilogy. Over the past week when I spent my time at Lake Tahoe, I decided on something. After I finish developing characters, I will write the entire story as a standalone. I will go that route to see if the story can work as a trilogy. The Greatest Discovery is a fantastic title. In so many ways, it is a complicated story to create. For one thing, it has a lot of characters. For another, your are expecting a huge ending because of the title. For another, there is a lot of backstory going on- after all, the six major characters are orphans. I will go that route- write it out as a standalone and if it is capable of a trilogy, it will become one, and if it isn’t, it will stay as a standalone book.

Difference between Fairy Frogs and The Greatest Discovery

Yes, I started developing The Fairy Frogs about six months before I started writing it. It required a ton of world building since it is a fantasy. That meant that The Cattail Forest was entirely made up- including the two main locations in it, which were Fairy Creek and Graysloup. Even names of characters came easy to me. It didn’t require much backstory to the characters- the main backstory it required belonged to Sarge, my antagonist. It was easy to know exactly what genre it belonged to.

What makes The Greatest Discovery a harder book to brainstorm and develop? For one thing, there are more characters. You have a group of six girls, who all need backstory- so Greatest Discovery has a lot of backstory in it. After all, the six main girls are orphans. It requires figuring out why they are orphans in the first place. Greatest Discovery does take place in NYC- but doesn’t mean it is an easier story to create. The Greatest Discovery is a trilogy- so it is three books. It is harder to get the names straight. I don’t even know what genre you would fit The Greatest Discovery in- I know it is another middle grade book. I know a little simple idea of what happens in each book. It is a bit harder to know where to start. I feel like The Greatest Discovery’s first draft is going to a bigger mess than the Fairy Frog’s first draft. While Greatest Discovery does take place in NYC- some areas will become fictional. I don’t even know if I have figured out the right names yet. At least, there is some title- the only title you don’t have is the individual title of each book. The Greatest Discovery is only a harder WIP to work with. I don’t to get too involved with it that I ignore the story I am the most dedicated WIP I am working on.

Greatest Discovery Characters (Part 2)

This is an updated list about the main orphans of all six protagonists. This is about the fraternal twins, Olivia and Ella.



  • Book 1: 8
  • Book 2: 9
  • Book 3: 10


Age: 6.5

How: Car Crash

  • Olivia and Ella were in the car at the time, and still got injuries, but unfortunately both parents died. Right away, she wanted to know if her sister survived. 

Physical Description:

  • Eye Color: light blue
  • Hair Color- brunette, curly, goes down to shoulder
  • she is small for her age


  • Olivia is into drawing and crafts. She is optimistic and while young, she acts as the older sister despite the two of them being twins


  • She was in an artsy and loving home.
  • She is best friends with Ella. She helps Ella get through the loss of mom and dad. She did receive love and affection. They did get to explore NYC- places like Central Park, American Girl, etc.… they did get to experience before the wreck. She knew what love and compassion was like. Now that is gone- the only family she has now is from her sister.  

Other Relationships:

Mrs Adams: most likely that last name will change.

  • She is their caregiver now. She does struggle at first to connect to her. Especially in the beginning. 

The four orphans

  • They become Olivia and Ella’s friends. All of them do know what it is like to lose parents. That is why all six of them connect in the way that they do.


  • February 8th, 1999



  • Book 1: 8
  • Book 2: 9
  • Book 3: 10


  • Age: 6.5
  • How: Car Crash
  • Olivia and Ella were in the car at the time, and still got injuries, but unfortunately both parents died. The incident was extremely traumatic for her. She struggles with it a lot more than her sister.

Physical Description:

  • Eye Color: light blue
  • Hair Color: hazel, straight, goes down to chin
  • Height: just like Olivia small for her age


  • Ella is into princesses, dolls, and sparkle. She has a wild imagination. 
  • Innocent, curious and stubborn.


  • Before the crash, she grew up in an artsy and loving family. She did receive love and affection. They did get to explore NYC- places like Central Park, American Girl, etc.… they did get to experience before the wreck. She knew what love and compassion was like. Now that is gone- the only family she has now is from her sister.  

  • Olivia and Ella- they have a close relationship. They are best friends- Olivia helps her get through the loss of both parents. Before the crash, she grew up in an artsy and loving family. She did receive love and affection. They did get to explore NYC- places like Central Park, American Girl, etc.… they did get to experience before the wreck. She knew what love and compassion was like. Now that is gone- the only family she has now is from her sister.  
  • Olivia and Ella- they have a close relationship. They are best friends- Olivia helps her get through the loss of both parents. 

Other Relationships:

  • Mrs Adams- Just like Olivia, it is hard to connect to her caregiver at first when she first meets her. After all, Olivia and Ella are so used to their parents. 
  • The four orphans- They become Olivia and Ella’s friends. There is a reason why all six girls connect to the way that they do. They know what it is like to lose their parents.

Important Props:

  • Bobbie- It has a doll that is wearing dress that her mom made. The colors and sequins on the dress were added by Olivia. That dolls Is special to Ella, and it is something she needs. It helps her deal with the loss of her mother and father. 


  • February 8th, 1999