Greatest Discovery Characters (Part 2)

This is an updated list about the main orphans of all six protagonists. This is about the fraternal twins, Olivia and Ella.



  • Book 1: 8
  • Book 2: 9
  • Book 3: 10


Age: 6.5

How: Car Crash

  • Olivia and Ella were in the car at the time, and still got injuries, but unfortunately both parents died. Right away, she wanted to know if her sister survived. Olivia and Ella were in the car at the time, and still got injuries, but unfortunately both parents died

Physical Description:

  • Eye Color: light blue
  • Hair Color- brunette, curly, goes down to shoulder
  • she is small for her age


  • Olivia is into drawing and crafts. She is optimistic and while young, she acts as the older sister despite the two of them being twins


  • She was in an artsy and loving home.
  • She is best friends with Ella. She helps Ella get through the loss of mom and dad. She did receive love and affection. They did get to explore NYC- places like Central Park, American Girl, etc.… they did get to experience before the wreck. She knew what love and compassion was like. Now that is gone- the only family she has now is from her sister.  

Other Relationships:

Mrs Adams: most likely that last name will change.

  • She is their caregiver now. She does struggle at first to connect to her. Especially in the beginning. 

The four orphans

  • They become Olivia and Ella’s friends. All of them do know what it is like to lose parents. That is why all six of them connect in the way that they do.


  • February 8th, 1999



  • Book 1: 8
  • Book 2: 9
  • Book 3: 10


  • Age: 6.5
  • How: Car Crash
  • Olivia and Ella were in the car at the time, and still got injuries, but unfortunately both parents died. The incident was extremely traumatic for her. She struggles with it a lot more than her sister.

Physical Description:

  • Eye Color: light blue
  • Hair Color: hazel, straight, goes down to chin
  • Height: just like Olivia small for her age


  • Ella is into princesses, dolls, and sparkle. She has a wild imagination. 
  • Innocent, curious and stubborn.


  • Before the crash, she grew up in an artsy and loving family. She did receive love and affection. They did get to explore NYC- places like Central Park, American Girl, etc.… they did get to experience before the wreck. She knew what love and compassion was like. Now that is gone- the only family she has now is from her sister.  

  • Olivia and Ella- they have a close relationship. They are best friends- Olivia helps her get through the loss of both parents. Before the crash, she grew up in an artsy and loving family. She did receive love and affection. They did get to explore NYC- places like Central Park, American Girl, etc.… they did get to experience before the wreck. She knew what love and compassion was like. Now that is gone- the only family she has now is from her sister.  
  • Olivia and Ella- they have a close relationship. They are best friends- Olivia helps her get through the loss of both parents. 

Other Relationships:

  • Mrs Adams- Just like Olivia, it is hard to connect to her caregiver at first when she first meets her. After all, Olivia and Ella are so used to their parents. 
  • The four orphans- They become Olivia and Ella’s friends. There is a reason why all six girls connect to the way that they do. They know what it is like to lose their parents.

Important Props:

  • Bobbie- It has a doll that is wearing dress that her mom made. The colors and sequins on the dress were added by Olivia. That dolls Is special to Ella, and it is something she needs. It helps her deal with the loss of her mother and father. 


  • February 8th, 1999


If my Fairy Frogs were in a Musical

I thought of a crazy idea for a post today. It is already known my Fairy Frogs are naturally gifted in the arts. What parts of the creative team or on stage would my Fairy Frogs be if they were on stage? I decided to be creative and answer in this post.

Tweetsie (Spoiler)- This is where I spoil what 5-year-old Tweetsie’s craft will be. In my book, she will discover that she will be a performer. That means she will be a triple-threat. I can see her making her professional debut as a child actor- starting out as a character like Annie or Young Cosette or something like that. She has the gift to do so- even though she discovered her craft close to being six years old.

Celeste- she is my potter. What on earth can something in pottery can even do? Looks like she is someone like me who can’t be in the creative team or be on stage. Her craft does make it hard. Unless, the set requires a piece of pottery or something like that.

Misty- she can be someone who writes lyrics. I don’t think she can be on stage. Well, she could be on stage in a role who doesn’t dance. She is a singer after all, but doesn’t have a craft for dance. She knows how to write music- both lyrics and the melodies itself- that is why I said lyricist- I think she also could be a composer.

Sparkle- Sparkle’s craft gives her the ability to work in different parts of the creative team. She is a drawer. My automatic thought was costume designer- I think she will be good in other areas. Being a drawer does allow her that- to be in more than one part of the creative team.

Darcy- Darcy knows how to build sculptures. He can build part of the set- not all of it because he is not a carpenter. He will not be able to fully read it, but will know if something is off on a small model of the set.

Felipe- Felipe is similar to Darcy. He is a woodcarver- similar craft to Darcy, but different. He will be part of the same crew as Darcy.

Aries-He is the head carpenter of Fairy Creek. So he is a carpenter. He will be someone who be able to overlook the entire building of a set. He actually could design a set. He will be able to read the design and build a model and after knowing if it is the best, will be able to overlook the entire building of the set on the stage. He is used to overlooking several projects- not just something related to his craft.

My toads- they are not naturally gifted in my arts. They will be the ones who will go to previews and dress rehearsals. If they even participate in the creative team or on stage, they will have to train a lot- most likely, I think Marge will want to be the most involved. I don’t know why it will be her, but I think it has something to do with her wisdom. I don’t think Sarge will want to be on stage or in the creative team or go to the shows, but it will definitely help him.

Different Types of Fathers in Musical Theatre/WIP

Yes, Sunday was Father’s Day. That day I made mention of fathers I do love in musical theatre. You might realize they all share a common theme- Valjean, Maurice, and Mufasa all LOVE their children. I thought to do the complete opposite here- what about talking about the fathers who shouldn’t have children- the ones who DON’T CARE about or LOVE their children. Some of these fathers are worse than others. Only one of them is not part of musical theatre.

Sarge’s father:

For starters, I know there are readers who know who Sarge is and there are a ton who have no idea how he is. He is my antagonist in my Fairy Frogs book- a bully. What caused that? Now let’s talk about his father- the reason behind his actions. Sarge was only around 3 or 5 when his mother left him.

His father first started mistreating and abusing him through words alone and then it got more physical- at 13, his father left him. Sarge only found comfort in “The Bog” in Graysloup- the only place his father never knew existed. The physical abuse is shown on Sarge- in my book, he has permanent scars. So, that is how extreme his father can get. Sarge is jealous, angry, conflicted, and confused. He is still trying to deal with the wounds of his past, which most likely will never heal. Sarge’s father never showed him love or compassion- nothing-it led Sarge to put his pain on others.

Why do you think Sarge became the bully that he is- his easiest target is Marge, his younger cousin. After all, her father is his Uncle, his father’s brother- who is a loving father. It is the hardest for me to talk about Sarge’s father out of everyone on this list- that is what happens when you are an author- you create the characters- and you do become quite attached to all of the characters- yes, even the ones who aren’t the nicest of guys.

Musical Theatre:

Thenardier- well, yet another abusive father. You would think it would hurt just as much to talk about Eponine and Gavroche’s father than Sarge’s, but it doesn’t hurt as much to talk about Thenardier only because I didn’t create him. Thenardier is one of the worst parts of humanity in Les Misérables. He is a pick-pocket, is despicable, abusive, and greedy. I can understand why in 1832 he had to steal at times- in order to live since the entire family fell into extreme poverty, but to not love your children. He literally raised Eponine to be a thief and criminal- he never showed her kindness at all. In 1832, you see he just used her to his advantage. Eponine was only shown kindness by one person-Marius, which is why she falls in love with him: at least he was in her life and was with her in the end. To make matters worse- he kicked Gavroche out. Then at the barricade, he didn’t care that BOTH Eponine and Gavroche were killed. One of the worst musical theatre dads out there. He is that father you love to hate and hate to love- in the musical he is comic relief.

Elphaba’s dad- her dad isn’t quite as bad as Thenardier. Her dad HATES her just because she is different. She is different only because she was born green. He later does blame her for why her mother is dead and why her sister is disabled. He spoils her sister while ignoring Elphaba. Elphaba is only HATED just because she is green by her father.

What are other musical theatre dads you don’t like?

Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. This post will bring up loving fathers- my father and musical theatre fathers.

I love my dad. We have had created many wonderful adventures together, and some have been shared with my mom and sister. Just like I love my dad, he loves me. At Kanuga Parish Weekends, the two of us have been the hiking leaders. We once had a date to the theater to see Wicked- that was my 3rd time, and I wanted to go to give my dad a chance to see it, but he still gave me the better seat. There was a time my family went to Kanuga for Thanksgiving, and he helped me make a hiking stick. He was among the 72 pilgrims on the Bristol Pilgrimage- that is a lot of pilgrims (which includes the choir). Memories are shared with my family with Kanuga and Bristol (as you can see), but also in Florida and Missouri and other states- family memories.

What about the musical theatre dads? Are there loving dads there? MAJOR SPOILERS

Valjean- whenever I think of dads in musical theatre, my mind hops to Jean Valjean. He had to became a dad in the most unexpected of ways. He adopted Cosette out of compassion to her mother (it was promise he made to Fantine). He promised he made to Fantine on her deathbed that he would take care of Cosette. Cosette was horribly abused- she needed someone like Valjean in her life. Valjean kept his promise to Fantine- he raised her even though that would not be easy- he was an ex-convict.

Jean Valjean and Young Cosette in the film of Les Misérables (2012)
Jean Valjean and Young Cosette

Mufasa- another incredible father. He is father to Simba. Not only is he an incredible father, but an incredible King, but that time was short-lived thanks to his jealous brother, Scar, who killed him. Mufasa taught Simba life lessons that were important and how to be a good king.

Maurice- everyone in the town calls him crazy, but Belle never saw her father this way. Maurice loved his daughter a lot. He wanted to protect her- he didn’t want to lose her. Yes, I can understand why people of that town would call him crazy- after all raving about a beast and winter in summer-that is unlikely, but it is true what he saw. He wanted people to help him after Belle was taken prisoner. He was a little overprotective-yes, but he just wanted her safe.

Maurice and Belle in the stage show of Beauty and the Beast
Maurice and Belle

What other musical theatre fathers do you love?

Fairy Frogs Tag

This tag I created is very original. This one is based entirely off the character of my Fairy Frogs book. That is why it is very original.


  1. Thank the Blogger than nominated you and link back to their blog
  2. Answer the thirteen questions
  3. Tag four other bloggers
  4. This is a writing tag- you can use both printed and your characters

The Tag: since this is my tag, I basically already answered the questions.

Aries (the confident leader who still can make mistakes): Why Aries, he is a confident leader because he is a good leader. However, he can doubt himself at times. Plus, he did make the mistake creating the rule that “the Fairy Frogs can never interact with the toads or enter Graysloup”. He did not realize when he made the rule that not all the toads are disrespectful.

Darcy (the character who will give advice to someone they love): Darcy is Aries’ nephew. He does give advice to his Uncle when he notices that Aries is doubting himself.

Felipe (the character, who will always be with their best friend): a lot of times you do see Felipe with Darcy.

Misty (the quite protective character): Misty is quite protective of Sparkle. She does not want her best friend to get in trouble. When she thinks Sparkle might be in Graysloup, she does not automatically ask Aries to look for her best friend, she goes to Darcy and Felipe. When she finds out the truth, she does not want to tell Aries.

Sparkle (the main character who go above and beyond to do the right thing): A key characteristic of Fairy Frogs is that they are deeply compassionate. Sparkle does go above and beyond with her compassion. When she discovers that Marge, a toad her age, is being mistreated by her cousin, she ends up befriending her even though she knows it is against the rules.  She knows it is the right thing to do, and she even goes as far as asking Aries if all the Fairy Frogs can befriend all the toads.

Celeste (a character who is at an exciting part in their life): This is true for Celeste. She is only 8 and a potter. At age 8 for the Fairy Frogs, it is exciting fo them. This is when they really start experimenting for their craft. She is starting to add a little bit of detail to her pots- that is all she knows how to make at this age.

Tweetsie (the very young energetic, but yet brave character): Yes, she is 5. In the beginning, all you know of her is that she is quite energetic. You think she is only energetic. Eventually, you find she is more than that. She has this level of braveness- she does stand up to Sarge at one point and eventually enters Graysloup. That is one of their missions, probably their hardest, and most dangerous.

Norg (the secondary antagonist, whose mindset changes in the center of the story): Yes, he is a secondary antagonist. He is an interesting antagonist. He has a lot of development. He starts out as Sarge’s spy, but at one point his view on Sarge changes. He goes from Sarge’s spy to siding with the Fairy Frogs.

Sarge (the main antagonist who had a heartbreaking past- but surprises you in the end): He had a mother who left him at age 3 or so. Then he was left with an abusive father (ironically his uncle, Marge’s father was loving). From the age his mother left him to 13, his father abused and mistreated him- it started out in words and soon became physical so Sarge was left with emotional and physical wounds. His only comfort growing up was “The Bog”- that was the only place in Graysloup his father couldn’t hurt him. He is angry, confused, jealous, and filled with a lot of pain. He never was shown any kindness. He cannot see any of the compassion and love that literally is right in front of him throughout the story. He gets worse during the course of the story (kinda becoming more like his father)- but the ending surprised me- I thought he had a less than a 1% of redeeming himself, but he actually did.

Marge (the character who will stand up to a relative who does not treat them well): Marge is only 12 years old, but she is the easiest target for Sarge. I don’t blame him since she is his Uncle’s daughter. She started being mistreated by him when she was 8 years old. She kept on standing up to him- at such a young age. She kept on telling him to move out of Graysloup or clean up his act, but he never listened.

Effa/Rudy (two characters who are like two peas in a pod)- they are two identical sisters who are what I said “two peas in a pod”. They are that close to each other. They actually helped prevent Sarge from removing all of the painted pebbles that the Fairy Frogs placed in Graysloup.


Since I started it myself, I leave it open to anyone.

Greatest Discovery- Characters (Part 1)

During my writing hiatus with Fairy Frogs, I started creating and developing characters for my second WIP. This time, I have a title. My 2nd WIP is a trilogy- it is called The Greatest Discovery- focusing on six orphans living in NYC who eventually get placed on a scavenger hunt T.V. Show. Yes, there are six protagonists, but there are two main girls. I will talk a little bit about them here. Their names are Olivia and Ella, who are fraternal twins.

Backstory of Olivia and Ella:

  • It is more traumatizing for me to create backstories for six characters (they are all orphans after all). Right now, Olivia and Ella’s parents died in a car crash- at the time Ella and Olivia were in the car. While their parents did not survive, their girls lived. I have a hard time picking the right age of when this happened- I keep on thinking of the age 6.5. The girls ended up with injuries from the crash. Ella is the one who is struggling with it a lot more than her sister. Right after the crash, Olivia quickly wanted to know if her sister survived when she realized her parents are dead.


Olivia-they may be twins, but she acts older than Ella. She does feel protective of Ella and the more optimistic one. After the crash, she always wants to make sure her sister is safe. After all, all Olivia has left is her sister. She is into crafts

Ella- she is into dolls and princesses. Her main comfort after the incident is Olivia and her “Bobbie” (which is a doll, which wears a dress her mom made). . The sequins and glitter on it were added on by Olivia. She has a wild imagination. She is innocent, curious, stubborn, and struggles more than her sister

Family (before the incident):

  • The girls were old enough to remember their family before they became orphans. The girls have been around a loving family. The twins are very close to each other. They got to experience many places in NYC. Now that is gone- all the girls have left are each other.

What they look like:

Olivia: She light blue eyes. She has brunette and curly hair, which goes down to her shoulder. Small for her age, but a bit bigger than her sister.

Ella: She has light blue eyes. She has hazel and straight hair, which goes down to her chin. Small for her age, but a little bit smaller than her sister.

Their Birthday:

  • February 8th, 1998

Other Relationships:

Mrs. Adams (most likely that last name will change)

  • She will be their caregiver. They will have a hard time connecting to her at first since they are so used to her parents. At least, they have someone who will give them a lot of love and affection- it will take longer for Ella to connect than Olivia.

The other 4 orphans

  • These four girls will become their friends. After all, they do understand what Olivia and Ella are going through. Some of the orphans are younger and some are older.


  • This is only an idea of what the main two girls are like. Yes, it needs a ton of work. Some of it may not be accurate it in the end. This is just what I have for now.

My Overall Opinion of the PBS Masterpiece Les Mis Series

For the past six weeks, I have been watching the PBS Masterpiece Series of Les Mis. Each week on this blog, I did talk about each episode, and what happened. This post will focus on what my overall opinion was.

Major Spoilers:

In my opinion, I felt like this series needed more than six episodes. The last two episodes felt rushed with two subplots. I wished the series could have spent more time on the romance between Marius and Cosette and the Uprising. Those were speed up too quickly just to fit everything in- those are my favorite subplots that happen in Les Mis: the love triangle and the uprising.

What I do love is that the series focused much more on backstory. This series was not based on the musical- it was more book based- even though some things I saw never happened in the book or musical.

We were able to see what happened to Fantine before Felix (Cosette’s biological father) abandoned her- we saw her when she was truly happy. It makes her story much more heartbreaking- not only did we see Felix leaving her, but we also saw Fantine leaving Cosette in the hands of the Thenardiers. Seeing those two elements puts much more pain into her storyline- after all, if you know Les Mis, you do know how poorly the Thenardiers treat Cosette. It was harder for me to watch the “Lovely Ladies” scene in this version- I felt more uncomfortable with it- the scene always made me uncomfortable, but this one was more intense. I actually do love the fact that Azelma is in this series- she is one of the Thenardier children after all.

Thinking of Thenardiers, at the beginning of the series, it starts at the Battle of Waterloo, which helps clear up the fact that Les Mis does not take place during The French Revolution. It does show Thenardier “rescuing” Marius’ father- that scene is important to Marius’ backstory. When it comes to the Thenardiers’, you saw how abusive they really are-when you first saw them, it does appear as if they are “good” people, but after Fantine left them, you eventually saw Azelma and Eponine mistreating Cosette. You saw Cosette being abused at a much deeper level. You saw Gavroche in their house- now you know he is their son. You saw them falling into poverty. This version made me hate the Thenardiers even more- seeing just how poorly they treat Azelma and Eponine- right when Cosette left, we saw a scene with one of their daughters being treated as a servant- so we do realize that if Cosette wasn’t there, both daughters would have treated the same way.

Back to Jean Valjean- in the musical, you have an idea of how prison affected him. What this version is able to do is show you how poorly Toulon really is. You saw that Valjean did believe that love can’t change a man- that was before he was forgiven. You saw multiple scenes of Toulon, and you saw them affecting Valjean at a much deeper level- so you can understand better why he left prison as man with so much anger at society- because of his days in prison. Now one thing never made sense- one plot point never happened- in this series, he fired Fantine- well, in the book, it was a woman foreman who fired Fantine. I did not understand that change.

At the same time- I can now understand why Javert believes “once a criminal always a criminal”- he says Valjean that he was born in jail and that his parents were criminals, and that he learned to hate them- I never really understand that viewpoint- now it makes sense.

Now, I would like to talk about the love triangle. It actually showed a side to Marius that we never get in the musical- a side that shows up only in the book: it is a part of him that makes him complex. This does start when he was a child- you saw his grandfather raising him to believe his father hated him, which he eventually realized wasn’t true. That is what soon led to him having this political conflict- that side is what made him complex-one of the reasons why I love him as a character. Many people say he is annoying and a jerk- but I disagree: yes, even from the book, I never saw him that way. Marius still is a revolutionary- not at first- he is not close to the revolutionaries here- which I did expect- still sticking close to the book.

The love triangle was subtle in the book, and it is in this series, but I did feel like the romance was rushed. I love Marius and Cosette as a couple- but I felt like the series could have spent more time on their relationship. They only had like one scene in the Gardens and two in Rue Plumet- this was before the barricade- wish there was more of them. As far as Eponine goes- I am glad this series focused on what her life was like outside of Marius more than the unrequited love. They do show the unrequited love-yes, but we got several scenes that showed her life outside of him. I knew it was there for all the scenes she had with him (since I saw the musical and read the book), but the first scene she made it clear was right after she led him to Rue Plumet-That was when I realized she was in love with him. The love triangle still feels rushed- even though it still stays subtle like the book- but it is too rushed. Marius and Eponine’s relationship is closer to being acquaintances here- which I was expecting due to knowing this series was following the book. Just like in book, Eponine sacrificed her life for Marius at the barricade, and Marius stayed with her. In both the book and musical, I believe Marius is still this kind, sweet, compassionate, brave, and romantic revolutionary.

Cosette- you have a lot more sympathy for Young Cosette. You actually saw how abused she is. As she gets older, I am glad you saw how overprotected and sheltered she. It does make sense- for starters, Valjean is an ex-convict and is trying not to be recaptured and Cosette means everything to him. What I do love in this series is that it shows Valjean raising Cosette.

Another subplot that I felt is too rushed is the uprising. I love Enjolras and the students. All the uprising events take place in the 5th/6th episode- so much had to happen in those episodes for the story to finish. You already saw a bit of uprising in the 4th episode, but you only got introduced to Enjolras and the students. The 5th episode is more about planning and the beginning of the uprising, but had to end with Valjean leaving for the barricade- I thought that was odd. I wanted more time with them- it was like it was quick action before the uprising even started. The musical makes it always clear who Enjolras is, but at times in the series- I kept on forgetting- you are supposed to always knew which one of the group he is. Literally in the 6th episode after Valjean released Javert, the final battle began- that was too rushed to get there.


I thought it was a wonderful way to watch Les Mis. I still had moments I was in tears- some of those were moment I was expecting to cry during- “A Little Fall of Rain” for instance. I still think this series needed one or two more episodes. I wished some moments were not rushed- the uprising and romance was too rushed. The 5th and 6th episode were extremely rushed at the start just to fit everything. Some moments happened way too soon- as in should have happened later- reasons why there should have been more than six episodes.