More facts on Greatest Discovery

I actually think that this 3rd WIP idea began when I was still a student at Fletcher. Originally, this book was going to have 12 major characters- they were originally named after the 8th grade girls in my class. In addition, I think subconsciously a lot of it was inspired by my NYC trip with my mom. NYC was the first of many special dates with my mom. Mom and I saw other musicals together: Phantom of the Opera, Pippin, Les Mis in The West End, Oklahoma, Aladdin, and Les Mis at Ovens.

Greatest Discovery Characters:

Aurora and Jasmine: The main Characters

They are two fraternal twins born in 1998. Jasmine has light blue eyes with hazel and curly hair while her sister has light blue eyes with hazel and straight hair. Their parents were both artsy and loved Disney. These girls did a lot of crafts with their parents. Helping make dolls: both girls learned how to sew and decorate at a young age. Jasmine was fiercely protective of Aurora and extremely optimistic. Jasmine was more into making the crafts- I think she has a strong chance of wanting to be a costume designer on Broadway when she was older. Aurora, on the other hand, loved playing with dolls and princesses, and more innocent, curious, stubborn than her sister. Both of them are small for their age.

Tragedy struck when both girls and their parents were in a car wreck. Their parents died while the girls lived. Jasmine somehow found the craft bag before getting out. She knew that the dolls would help Aurora, and she knew then that Aurora desperately needed her. The girls suffered some physical injuries. They were separated at the hospital, but Jasmine knew it would help her sister if they were together. No one is the hospital wanted that to happen, but their favorite nurse “Nichole” knew how important it was for Aurora to be with her sister. Her sister has constant nightmares about what happened: her sister always would be there for her. Aurora struggled a lot more with the death- but at least, she has Mali: the final doll her mom made her-it can change from pink to blue and it is actually named after Maleficent.


She is actually one of the youngest. She has green eyes with light brown, wavy hair. She is both curious and adventrous. She was only three when tragedy struck. Her father wasn’t even part of her life. When her mom died, a terrible storm hit and killed her mother. Rosie lived due to her mom protecting her.


Just like Rosie, one of the youngest. Light brown eyes and blonde hair. She was only two when her parents died. Her parents died due to 9/11. She was born in 1999. She is curious and innocent.


She was born in 1998 with dark, light brown eyes and brunette wavy hair. Her family had a tradition of Family Game Night and going to Central Park once a week. I only know that she became an orphan when she was five. She is both smart and wise, resulting in being useful during the show.


She, like Paige, was born in 1998. She has hazel eyes with red straight hair. Obviously, Mollie’s family loved atypical spelling of names. Right now, she was four when her parents died in a fire. Her parents did not pick her up. I don’t know much of her personality now.

Their Caregiver

Right now, she has no name. I do know that she was an orphan growing up. She actually treated all six girls like a real mother would do. They would celebrate birthdays, visit Central Park, seeing movies, playing with them by crafts, dolls, etc…. I kinda of compare her to Miss. Honey in Matilda. Aurora and Jasmine were most recently put into her care. She takes care of them somewhere near Central Park. She was an important role in getting them on Greatest Discovery.


Right now, this what I have in mind right now-don’t know if anything will change or not. I have been working on clues to get to where they need to go for the Greatest Discovery. The title of the book has two meanings: the name of the show, and what the grand prize is. They are going to Hersheys, Toys R US, American Girl, Natural History Museum, The Balto Statue, Central Park’s Zoo, and Broadway. I think I will have the scavenger hunt be on Monday- in order for Broadway to be less crowded: it is their dark night after all.

Things/Places That mean Something to Me

Today is the 4th of July, Independence Day in America. I decided for this post to mention places and things that hold some meaning to me. I will try to explain what makes some meaningful.

1. God- He is one of the things that motivated me. My spiritual journey has been incredible, which started at Kanuga, an Episcopalian Conference Center. From Parish Weekends to Thanksgiving to Winterlight. The Gathering at Gardner Webb added to the spiritual journey. The Bristol Pilgrimage was a huge part of the spiritual journey- which was five years ago. The motto that was very helpful at GWU was “Trust the Lord with All your Heart”

2. Gardner Webb University- I knew that I was meant to be at GWU. Filled with a lot of incredible memories. Candy and Critters, Pinterest Night, The Gathering, Hikes, Seeing the tours of Les Mis and Wicked, Skate Night, Campus Civitan (a service club), Glow Zumba, Formal, Disney, etc….. I ended up being a Sociology Major with minors in Theatre and Spanish Cultural Studies.

3. Fletcher- While Fletcher does not mean as much as GWU does, it still is meaningful. I went to Fletcher from 6th-12th grade. Prom, Overnight Trips, Christmas Parties, Middle School Dances, Being part of the yearbook team, book projects, Fall Festival among other memories. One of the biggest things I took away from Fletcher was a piece of advice I was given by one of my English teachers: “Just write, don’t think about it”. That was helpful in papers and eventually the books I am writing. Can’t believe I graduated there eight years ago. My theme song in high school was “Don’t Stop Believing”, which really helped during finals.

3. Musicals- that is pretty obvious. While God and my family may be some of my heroes and role models, musical characters are as well. Musicals have been part of my life since childhood. In three words, I can describe my journey with musicals: family, Wicked, and Les Mis. It was my family that introduced me to both movie and live musicals. Wicked did spark the love while Les Mis changed that love into a passion.

4. My WIPS- as many know by know, I am working on writing three books. The most committed I am working on now is “Tale of the Cattail Forest”. I am still developing Lizzy the Lizard and Greatest Discovery. The picture below does show where my inspiration from “Tale of the Cattail Forest” comes from. It is the same boardwalk next to Fairy Creek. I just was walking on that Greenway with my mom, and right when I saw that location, I thought “Cattail Forest”. “Greatest Discovery”, I think, subconsciously was inspired by NYC, and it also was inspired kinda by the 8th grade girls.

5. This blog

6. My family- they mean a lot to me. We have had a lot of amazing times together.

7. Kanuga- This Episcopalian Conference Center is located in Hendersonville. Ever since I think either 1996 or 1997, I have been going almost year after year. The churches my family went to in Atlanta, Winston Salem, and Charlotte all had Parish Weekends there. It truly was Holy Comforter where I found a special meaning in the place. It was where my spiritual journey really began- that was how I found God. By hiking and singing from 2003-2008 made me realize that God was real. Eventually, my dad I became hiking leaders for the Parish Weekends. Outside of the Parish Weekends, I went there for Thanksgiving and Winterlight (a high school youth conference from Dec. 27th -Jan. 1st). Kanuga is where my love for contemporary christian music came from.

That picture where I look the youngest is actually from my first Kanuga hike. My favorite hiking trail is to Eagle Walk, the hardest and steepest trail. Even hiking to Long Rocks is fun. But now, going to Long Rocks is the only hike to go on. There even is one around the lake- the easiest. During Thanksgiving, I made baskets and my own hiking stick. During Winterlight, everyone sang three times a year, service project, a banquet, and New Year’s Dance.

8. My Family Church- Holy Comforter does mean a lot to me. I love going to church every Sunday. Parish Weekends to Kanuga, The Bristol Pilgrimage, Loaves and Fishes, etc….all connect to the fellowship found there.

8. Charlotte- of course, my hometown is meaningful. My memories at Smithfield and Fletcher are memorable. So are the visits uptown (yes Charlotte calls downtown uptown)- from Belk Theater to Museums, to having lunch with dad, to events like Charlotte Shout, to Central Piedmont Community College (they make musical feel professional). There also are the independent bookstores, mall, places like Amelie’s, The Greenways all make Charlotte a wonderful place. Even places outside of Charlotte like Great Wolf Lodge. Great Wolf Lodge has an incredible Waterpalk and has MagiQuest. This hotel allows parents to relax while kids are playing MagiQuest. In MagiQuest, you have to run up and down stairs to figure out where clues are headed: basically a scavenger hunt where you eventually become a Magi (kinda of like a Witch or Wizard). You have to initially buy a wand and get a small booklet to start.

9. The United States- I was born and raised in America, and still live there today. Love the higher education, how states vary, the fact that there are beaches, lakes, mountains, and forest.

Florida- Florida is a 2nd home to me. Ever since I was born, I have been going to Florida almost every year.

St. Louis- St. Louis also holds a lot of importance. I have going there a number of times. The Fox Theater, Powell Hall, City Museum, City Garden, Busch Stadium and the Arch are incredible places in St. Louis.

NYC- It was only 14 years ago when my mom and I went there alone. We went to places like American Girl, Hersheys, Toys R US, Central Park- zoo, Balto Statue, Natural History Museum. Last but not least, Wicked on Broadway. Little did I know when I stepped foot in Gershwin that Wicked would change me for good. Wicked truly was the beginning of my musical theatre journey. Through Wicked, I discovered emotional connection and the emotional and complex side to musicals. Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda are highly important to me especially Elphaba. To this day, Elphaba is my favorite musical character. Crazy enough, those same places are where the six orphans in Greatest Discovery are going to.