Update of my Fairy Frogs Book

I decided to do an update on my Fairy Frogs book. Part of my time was spent figuring out what these characters looked like.

Here is what I have so far- don’t know if it is what I want or not:

Fairy Frogs:

Basic Description: Spring Green with translucent wings

I am thinking for all the Fairy Frogs characters, with a gold trim on the edge of the wings, maybe have it mixed with another color.

Aries- so far all he has is this red construction hat with the white A. I am thinking have his gold trim mixed with red.

Darcy- his gold trim will be mixed with navy blue

Felipe- his gold trim is mixed with orange

Now for the the females:

Sparkle: She will always have her gold and silver backpack with her pink S, but will not help tell her apart from the other females. The backpack will hold drawing supplies. I am thinking of the gold trim mixed with magenta.

Misty- I am thinking of the gold trim mixed with light blue

Celeste- Her gold trim will be mixed with pink

Tweetsie- She is my youngest Fairy Frog in my book. I am thinking of having her be the smallest. I am thinking of having her gold trim mixed with a light purple. She will be wearing a pink bow. I need to somehow make her look like she is the youngest character.

With only Aries and Tweetsie are wearing something, why can’t the other wear something? I just can’t figure out what they can wear yet.


Basic Description: gray green, some have warts and some not at all, and some have bumps. Only males have the warts.

Sarge- Known to be the ugliest, has scars as results of his father (don’t know where yet), a few warts on legs and others on on the back, some of the scars are easier to notice than others.

Marge- have not quite figured her out yet. Only know she has bumps.

Effa/Rudy- they are identical twins so it can be hard to tell apart. All the toads get them confused. Effa has a small bump near her right eye while Rudy has the same one near her left- the other markings are exactly the same. Sometimes Effa is called Rudy and sometimes Rudy is called Effa.

Norg- he has a wart on his right foot and in the same place on his left foot it is a bump instead. A bit more plump than Sarge

Claude- his warts are the smallest of the toads that it is hard to notice



Even though my dad is still commenting on my current draft, he still told me things that still need work- as in big picture ideas. These are things that I fixed.

For starters- I originally introduced like six characters in the first chapters- I changed it to only Sparkle, Misty, Aries. He told me it was hard to tell who the main character was when there was six characters. I wanted to make it obvious who the main character was in my first chapter. Of course- Sparkle was going to stay in the first chapter- she is my main character. Then Misty would stay- she is Sparkle’s best friend. Aries would stay as well- it makes a lot of sense since he is the leader of the Fairy Frogs.

2. SPOILER- This is a spoiler in my book. You do know, Sarge is the antagonist in my book. I thought there was a less than 5% chance (more like 1%) he could redeem himself. I was surprised that he does redeem himself- my dad wanted me to make that moment stronger. I did not really have much of an “aha” moment. I was MORE surprised that my main character was a huge reason behind Sarge’s redemption. One of the things Sarge did was capture all of the other toads in my book- when they were rescued- Sparkle heard Sarge yell to Norg, “DON’T MENTION MY FATHER AGAIN”- that made Sparkle realize something must have happened in his past. Sparkle was a huge reason behind my antagonist’s redemption- I thought protagonists don’t help redeem your antagonist.

3. Now I am working on another change- this does connect back to #2. Sparkle does talk to Aries about talking to Sarge again- she said I believe Sarge did not have a good past. Now I will change it so Sparkle does the talking- I want her to sound more like the hero in my book- she is the main character after all. We have a 12 year old helping a 17 year old. Sparkle needs to reflect- just like Sarge, she has made a LOT of mistakes despite growing up in a loving family. I am working on making Sarge’s redemption stronger. It is interesting what your characters do- sometimes you don’t think your characters can’t do something, but they can surprise you sometimes.


What do I love about Mythology

Another type of genre I love is mythology. I never thought much about I love mythology. I know I have loved mythology for a long time. The genre of mythology goes back to Ancient Greece- they believed in Gods and Goddesses.

There Gods and Goddesses consist of Zeus, Ares, Poseidon, Athena, and Aphrodite, etc. There are a lot of them. As a matter of fact, a character in my Fairy Frogs book is named after a Greek God- Aries- he may be spelled like the horoscope, but is named after the Greek God. Each of the Gods and Goddesses are a God or Goddesses of ( …….). For instance Aphrodite is the Goddesses of Love. There are these monsters and creatures in mythology like Medusa among many others. There is something about the Gods, Goddesses, the creatures, and monsters that make me love mythology. I love the Illiad and Odyssey. In middle school (I believe), I fell in love with the Percy Jackson series. I love the adventures and quests the characters go on. In some ways, mythology is similar to fantasy (just different)- mythology is way different than fantasy- but like fantasy, is home to quests and journeys and has these type of creatures that don’t exist anywhere else but in the books of mythology.

I barely own mythology books. It still is something I love. I have always loved Ancient Greece, and their culture- that can be part of why I love mythology so much.

What do I love about Mystery

The most recent two days, I talked about why I love the two genres of fantasy and mystery in books. Today, I will talk about my final genre I love about the most. That genre is mystery, the genre I read about the least. 

In most genres, we get upset and heartbroken when our favorite characters die. We might get angry at the author for doing that. However, in the mystery world, things are different. We are excited at the deaths or when the bank gets robbed or any crime, but for most of the mystery novels I read the main crime has been murder. The reason why we are excited at a death is because it is our time to become the detective. Even though the book has a detective who is better than us, we still want to try to figure out who done it. I mostly am wrong about who done, but the fun in mystery is trying to figure it out. It is the only genre where we are excited about a character’s death- the other genres make us heartbroken at the deaths.

What do I love about the Classics

Yesterday, I talked about why I loved the genre of fantasy. Today I decided to talk about why I love the classics. The classics are a harder genre for me to pinpoint why I love the genre. For starters, I have to clarify what do I mean by the word “classic”. When I mean “classic”, I tend to think of books that are at least 100 years old and that are still universal today. I tend to think of books from the 1800s and before that time period.

The classics stood the test of time. There is a reason why they are called classics. I especially love Romanticism. The authors who wrote in that style believed in imperfectionism and that we are driven more by our emotions than by reason. Due to believing in the fact that all humans are flawed, they are able to make their characters believable. We see characters driven by their emotions more than reason. We also see some characters who are driven by reason, and how that thought process is flawed. The fact that the Romantic classics are filled with emotion are a reason why those can be so amazing. Romanticism is one of the biggest reasons why I love classics.

I was raised on one of the classics. I was raised on “A Christmas Carol”. I watch the George C Scott movie every Christmas Season growing up. Les Misérables is also a classic, which lead me to read other classics. Les Misérables is why A Tale of Two Cities was recommended due to taking place before Les Misérables. You get the picture.

I love the complexities found in the characters of classics. I love the challenges the classics have in terms of reading. When reading them, I always have to use a dictionary to look up words. Classic authors range from Victor Hugo to Charles Dickens to Miguel De Cervantes, etc. Not all classic authors come from the Romantic time period.

I am a character-type person. That means I love characters. There are a number of characters I love in the classic world: Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, a number of Les Mis characters (too many to list), Nicholas Nickleby, Smike, Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Mr. Cratchit and Pip (still don’t know why), etc- you get the picture. You can love characters ranging from children all the way to older characters. So there are many characters to love. There are a ton of characters to love and a ton to absolutely hate or dislike- I am saying this because some I do hate and some I don’t hate at all, but only dislike, but don’t dislike to the point of hating them. Most of them do come from the Romantic time period.

I fully can’t describe why I love the classics. There is something about them that makes me love them. I am currently reading David Copperfield.

What do I love about Fantasy

One of the things I love doing is reading. One of my favorite genres is fantasy. I realized on my blog, I never talked about why I love the genre. I did talk about that the book I am writing is a children’s fantasy. What is it about the genre that makes me love it.

One of the things I love about it is the worlds that are created. The worlds do not exist. That is the fun about those worlds. They are worlds where you can truly use your imagination. They range from OZ to Narnia to Middle Earth to The Cattail Forest. Okay, yes, I stretched it when I said The Cattail Forest- The Cattail Forest is the world where my Fairy Frogs and Toads live- that world is home to Fairy Creek and Graysloup. It is a world that an author can truly create.

I love the magic found in fantasy as well. There is a type of magic found in fantasy. Of course there is magic found in witches and wizards- like the Harry Potter series. However, I think there is magic found in all types of fantasy. It does sound crazy that magic exists where characters don’t have magic at all, but I believe it does.

I love the different types of stories found in fantasy as well. There are quests and journeys in a number of fantasy- think about Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia (their stories deal with quests and journeys). There are kinds of characters that do not exist in a typical book- talking animals who have very human characteristics, witches and wizards, and other sort of beasts. The animals actually might be the only characters in the book (such as my book).

So fantasy is quite unique. Witches, wizards, talking animals, quests, journeys, special worlds, magic, and so much more.

What to get my Characters for Christmas

This sounds crazy. It is close to Christmas. I began to wonder what will I want to get my characters for Christmas. Yes, they are characters, but it still seems like a fun idea. I do not know what to get all my characters for Christmas, but have figured what to get some of them.

Sparkle- I will get her a 100 pack of colored pencils. I saw these at the store the other day. I saw colored pencils in packs of 50 before, but it was my first time seeing 100. I bet she will love a pack of 100- imagine the fun she will have with 100 colored pencils. She is a drawer, who loves her craft a lot.

Misty- she was tough since she is not that invested in her craft. I decided to buy her a binder. Why a binder? I decided to get her a binder to store her music in. It will keep all of the songs she has written. Misty is a singer, and she needs a better place to keep her songs.

Felipe- I think he needs a belt to store his woodcarving tools. He needs a better way than to always go back to his treehouse.

Darcy- What would I give a sculpture frog? Maybe some brand new tools.

Celeste- I think I would give her an apron to prevent her from getting clay all over herself or I would give her a brand new set of pottery tools. She needs to stop borrowing tools from Felipe.

Tweetsie- Since she is figuring out her craft, I had no idea what to give her. I would just give her an art set or something like that.

I could not figure out what to give any of my toads.

What would you give to your characters?

Relationship between an Author and their Characters

This came to mind recently. In the musical theatre world, there are various relationships: the relationship between an actor and their character and the relationship between an audience member and the characters. It also exist in the literature world as well: the relationship between a reader and the characters and the author and their character. Today’s post will focus on the relationship between an author and their character. I know first hand what the relationship between an author and their characters are.

As a number of followers know, I am working on a book. It still does not have a title. Its characters are Fairy Frogs and toads. Their names are Sparkle (the main character), Misty, Aries, Darcy, Felipe, Celeste, Tweetsie, Sarge (the antagonist), Norg, Marge, Claude, Effa, and Rudy. It is a children’s fantasy about Sparkle’s friendship with Marge and how the two of them plan for all the Fairy Frogs to befriend the toads even when Sarge tries to prevent this from happening.

You, the author, decide what is going to happen to the characters. That includes what happened to the characters before the story began- that is called backstory. You give all the characters various personalities with different flaws and so on. You choose the path of the story.

The relationship you have with the characters is interesting. You became quite attached to the characters (even the ones you don’t like). You come to thinking at times WHY DID I HAVE TO LET THAT HAPPEN TO THIS CHARACTER. See what I mean- if one if the characters has a heartbreaking backstory- you, the author let that happen- you choose it, and at times you wish you never let it happen, but had to let it happen for the character to become who they are. Sarge is my antagonist, and his heartbreaking backstory is why he is the bully that he is. It is nuts you let certain things happen. Like why did your antagonist have to let not so good things happen to your other characters. Still. You still choose it. The author knows more than the reader does about the characters. The author is more attached to the characters because they created them in the first place.

Any other people who write books, do you understand what I mean?