Some of my Fantasy Favorites

As a number of people know, one of my favorite genres in books are fantasies. There is something special about being in a made-up world with creatures and beasts that don’t exist. They truly allow you to escape into those world. Now what are some of my favorites?

Harry Potter:

This was one of the series that made me fall in love with fantasy. Lots of magic, wizards, witches, creatures such as Hippogriffs, Phoenix, and others. The world of Hogwarts is incredible. Same with the characters- the ones that usually came straight to mind is the trio. Started on the movies and later read the books. Now it is time for a reread.

Chronicles of Narnia

Narnia is the other series that made me fall in love with fantasy. Just like HP, started with the movies and then read the books. I love Narnia as a country- talking animals, dancing trees, and other things. It is just so incredible a world. I also hope to reread the series.

Lord of the Rings

Well, my love for Narnia and HP brought me to read this series. I started with The Hobbit and then read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I love the Hobbits a lot- I don’t love just Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin. I also love Legolas and Aragorn for instance. Middle Earth it incredible- along with Hobbits, there are elves, dwarves, and obviously humans. In some ways, I think HP is what drew me to reading the series.

I really think J. K. Rowling got inspired by this series for HP. Sam reminds me of Ron and Hermione, Merry and Pippin reminds me of Fred and George, the Ring is similar to the Horcruxes, Sauron and Voldemort are dark lords, and both series have a spider attack- the list continues after that.


This was my first Naomi Novik book. There are a few plot twists here and there. I love these characters- from the Dragon to the protagonist, Kaisa, and crazily enough- the corrupted wood acts as a character.

Spinning Silver

A retelling of Rumplestilskein. It is very original- the only struggle I had with this book was the multiple points of view. Original characters and Original world. This was recommended by Park Road Books when they talked at a church event- at the time they were advertising Spinning Silver, and due to already falling in love with Uprooted, I knew I wanted this book. Both are Naomi Novik books.

Shades of Magic

The setting is a bit complicated- just picture 18th century London, and split that into four parallel, but vastly different Londons- Red, White, Grey, and Black. Just like Lord of the Rings and HP, there is also an item that can easily corrupt especially if it gets in the wrong hands. I have the creating of the new language, the Antari, and amazing characters. I love Kell, Lila, and Alcuard Emery for instance. If you love London, different kinds of magic, character-driven, and fast-paced series, you will love this series. I was recommended this book by Park Road Books- it took me a couple years till I read the first book.

The Princess Bride

Well, I have loved this story since watching the movie as a child. Here is my main problem with the book- chapters that are way too language. You might think you are reading an abridged book, but in reality you are reading an unabridged book. Crazily enough, as I was reading this book, I kept on visualizing scenes in the movie. I could easily tell when a certain part of the plot would happen. This book is extremely faithful to the movies. It is a story that just never gets old- true love, adventures and, miracles.


Usually, I buy one book in a series, but for Avalon- I found a book, which was home to three Avalon books. There is a lot of magic in this book, which was found in the stones. Adrienne, Kara, and Emily have an incredible friendship with themselves and with other creatures. Every one of them is extremely close to one of the animals- it is different for all them.

Wizard of OZ

Sister’s Grimm

This series does show us characters we heard of before, but at the same time introducing us to new characters. I don’t fully remember why I loved this series.

Land of Stories

This literally feels like a fairy tale. You have characters in there like Goldilocks, Red Redding Hood, and other well-known characters. That world is incredible- it centers on two twins, Alex and Conner. One loves fantasy and fairy tales (Alex), while her twin brother (Conner) doesn’t. Funnily enough, technically the Land of Stories is literally found in a magical book.

His Dark Materials

This is the series I am currently reading. In some ways, I can see Lila in Lyra. Lila, yes is a thief- Lyra was also a kinda of liar and a schemer. Sounds kinda of similar to Lila. When I found that out, I was willing to read the series. Of all the series I love, the title of this particular series is, in my opinion, not a very good title.

While this book was banned due to religious reasons, that does not stop me from loving the series. I love Lyra, the main character, and I love the world and the altheiometer (which is The Golden Compass). That device is incredible in what it looks like and what it can do. Yes, I have seen anti-spiritual themes in the series- but that has no effect on my love for the series. When you have an incredible protagonist and an incredible world, that can make up for that. I do love Will as well- he wasn’t introduced until the 2nd book. It can be hared to know who can be trusted and who cannot in this series. In some ways, I feel like the series is referring to the Old Testament God. While I don’t agree about what some of the characters think about God, it is kinda of interesting to read. In a way, it shows science vs God. In a way, our world was created due to both God and nature.


I am still in the middle of the last book of His Dark Materials. What I plan to read in the future belongs to the Nevermoor series- I heard that fans of HP will love this series. I already mentioned, I hope to reread HP and Chronicles of Narnia. There is a classic book I read, that may not be a fantasy, feels like a fairy tale- that was Secret Garden. Most of my TBR list is mostly made of classics.

Updated Blumenthal News

Blumenthal means a lot to me. Due to COVID, I kept on keeping a close eye on Blumenthal Performing Arts. Today, I learned some more news about the tours coming to Blumenthal. Unfortunately, those news were not what I wanted. What is it I heard?

Pictures above come from the shows I saw at Blumenthal- thank God, they were playing in January. It turns out that those two shows are going to be the only shows I will be seeing this year. Now that I think of it, so thankful for the amount of musicals I saw last year- Fiddler on the Roof, Miss Saigon, Aladdin, and Les Mis. Fiddler was the only tour I saw outside of Blumenthal- that musical was being seen at St. Louis’ Fox Theatre. In addition, in some ways, I did see two musicals this year- don’t forget musicals and opera basically fall under the same roof.

What I recently heard is that ALL the upcoming shows are postponed until April- that means Wicked and Hamilton aren’t happening. However, I am not fully disappointed about Wicked. The reasoning behind that is the fact that I already saw Wicked four times- once on Broadway and three times on tour. Wicked always tours to Blumenthal’s biggest theater, which is Ovens Auditorium. So now here’s for hoping for Hadestown- coming October 2021. At least with Blumenthal- they are still doing performing arts- just only comedians, poetry readers, and local musician. Blumenthal after all does WAY more than Ballet, Opera, Symphony, and Musicals.

Liebster Award-Another

I have been nominated for the Liebster by Abby @ Beyond the Read.

The Rules

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  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
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Who/what is your biggest inspiration? This is tough. More than one thing has been my biggest inspiration. God, family/friends, and musical theatre characters all fall under this category.

What is a book/movie you’ve read that takes place where you live? Thinking of books that take place in Charlotte is challenging. One Hundred Story Home by Kathy Izard is a nonfiction book set in Charlotte- I rarely love nonfiction books, but every once in a while I come across one I love.

What’s something you can’t imagine a life without? Musical Theatre. Going to musicals is one of my biggest escapes.

What is your favorite type of weather? Either Fall or Spring

What is a playlist/album/song you’ve had on repeat recently? It really depends on the day. On Sundays, I have myself listening to Contemporary Christian music- so that is mainly on repeat on Sunday. As for the rest of the week- musical theatre songs.

What was your favorite book/series when you were younger? Boy this though. When I was a child- I loved Magic Tree House, Frog and Toad, Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia. Most of my love for fantasy started with HP and Narnia.

Who would you invite as a guest on your very own late night talk show? I easily could have said a celebrity, but I would rather invite a best friend.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Honestly, I have no idea.

Do you have a language you’d like to learn? Would it count if it was a new language I already learned. Back in high school and college, I studied Spanish.

What is one thing that you want to better at? Hmmmmm- so many answers for this one. There is one hobby I want to restart eventually- I enjoyed knitting in high school and part of college, but then stopped. So if I go back to that- I want to be better than I was before

If you could donate a million dollars to any charity, what cause would you choose? My cause would be fo those living in poverty. I love volunteering the most when I am helping those less fortunate- it actually is my calling to do that.

My nominees:

  1. One Book More
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  5. Madame Writer

This also includes followers who don’t have a blog

My questions:

  1. If you could spend a day with one of your favorite authors, who would it be?
  2. If you could travel back in time, which time period would you choose?
  3. If you combined different musical theatre characters into one musical, who would you choose and why?
  4. What is one of you favorite series you recently fell in love with?
  5. What is a book you love outside of your favorite genres?
  6. If you were given a chance to live outside of your country for a year, which country would you choose and why?
  7. What is one of the longest movies you love?
  8. Was there there a book that entered your life that you thought you would hate?
  9. What is something COVID taught you?
  10. What are some things you collect?
  11. What fictional place would you love to live in for a couple of years?

Long Musical Theatre Songs

I have written a number of musical theatre song lists before. This time, it will focus on titles of musical songs. I think I will include those that only have long titles. I will be using the minimum of four words.

  1. Do You Hear the People Song
  2. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
  3. A Whole New World
  4. A Little Fall of Rain
  5. As Long as Your’e Mine
  6. Can you Feel the Love Tonight
  7. They Live in You
  8. I’m Not That Girl
  9. This Nearly was Mine
  10. I Dreamed a Dream
  11. What have I Done
  12. Phantom of the Opera
  13. All I Ask of You
  14. Music of The Night
  15. Wishing you Were Somehow Here Again
  16. Surrey with the Fringe on Top
  17. People Will Say We’re in Love
  18. Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
  19. No One Mourns the Wicked
  20. Once Upon a December
  21. In a Crowd of Thousands
  22. King of New York
  23. Once and For All
  24. The World will Know
  25. Letter From the Refuge
  26. Something to Believe In
  27. Beauty and the Beast
  28. A Million Miles Away
  29. Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim
  30. A Million Miles Away
  31. As Long as He Needs me
  32. Till There Was You
  33. I Should Tell You
  34. Take Me or Leave Me
  35. Any Dream Will Do
  36. Sixteen going on Seventeen
  37. Love is an Open Door
  38. What do you Know about Love
  39. For the First Time in Forever
  40. There is Nothing like a Dame
  41. I’m Going to Wash that Man right Outta my Hair
  42. One Hand, One Heart

Thinking of those long titles was harder than I thought.

Musical Theatre Song Book Tag

I recently did a tag called musical theatre book tag. What if I still did that theme, but instead focus on the songs and apply them to books. Yes, it might include some musical sequels.I think I will try that today. I will try to answer some of them.


On My Own (A book where a character deals with unrequited love): Hunchback of Notre Dame. If you think about it, this book is a love square. However when it comes to unrequited love, Quasimodo is the first character that comes to mind. Crazy how it was a character from another Hugo book

As Long as Your’e Mine (an unexpected couple): Levin and Kitty- just to let you know, they are from a book I am not the biggest fan of

For Good (the most unlikely friendship): Probably Kell and Lila

Seize the Day (a book where characters stand up for what they believe in): Les Misérables

Whole New World (a couple or friendship that feels magical): Emily, Adriane, and Kara. Literally, any friendship or couple in a fantasy series or standalone feels magical. These are the girls in the Avalon series

Oklahoma (one of your favorite book locations): Narnia

The Next Right Thing (a book where the main character does the right thing): Lord of the Rings

Mamma Mia (a feel good book): While dark at times, Harry Potter is still a feel good series

Try this out if you are a musical fan and bookworm