Why Do I Want Complexity in A Musical?

Musicals can either be complex or simple. But I tend to lean towards the complex ones. But why is it important for complexity to be a part of a musical. Complexity is how you get conflict. It is where there is more to be discovered as time goes on. There tends to be sub-plots during the story as well. Complexity has this type of texture involved. Since complexity is where conflict tends to show up the best, it is also how you get the negative emotions. Complex musicals are fun to discover new things in. The sub-plots make you see so much more. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a musical is complex, but the sub-plots are one way to notice. If there are multiple sub-plots, the show is for sure complex. Complexity also comes from characters because there is a lot to them.

Why do you Want Complexity in a Musical?

Why Do I Want Romance in a Musical?

Romance, the theme in musicals that people either love or hate. Romance is the biggest theme found in the world of musicals. But why do I want it in a musical? A lot of times on my blog I have explained why, but will talk about it again.

Romance is an emotion that translates well to song. It creates these beautiful musical songs. There is a high chance that when you see a new musical that romance will show up. Romance actually can add texture to a musical and that happens whenever romance is shown through the nature of a love triangle. In musicals, characters tend to “fall in love at first sight”, but I don’t mind that because if you think about it, a musical only has two to three hours to tell the story. Due to romance being expected in a musical, it is a wonderful emotion to feel. The couples’ main song is the moment you realize the two have fallen in love. Love songs even range from the breakup and unrequited love songs, which are beautiful songs as well.

Why do You Want Romance in a Musical?

Why do I want Spectacle or Dance in a Musical?

In my opinion, having spectacle and dance in a musical is adding something very special.  It make a musical even more wonderful to watch. Spectacle and dance are wonderful things to look at. It means looking at beautiful costumes, wonderful dance moves, circus elements, a colorful and fun set and so much more. I discovered spectacle and dance growing up. Just like comedy, dance and spectacle are known to be part of a musical. It gives a musical a kind of “wow” factor and makes you feel excited in a beautiful way. You can see flips on stage, boys dancing on newspapers, making something magical out of a silly dance and all sorts of fun things.

Dance and spectacle are things I have loved in musicals for as long as I can remember. Dance in my opinion is a type of spectacle. The dance and spectacle is one of the hugest reasons why I love musicals.

Why do you love spectacle and dance in a musical?

Why Do I Want Comedy In a Musical?

I decided to do a new series of posts. I decided to talk about why I want the things I want in a musical in their own posts. Today, I will talk about why I want comic moments.

For starters, musicals were built around comedy. Their origins belong to comic opera. Much of the musicals I have seen are happy or comic musicals and some of them are darker than others. I grew up with those musicals and even today, I am still coming across happy and comic musicals. The comic moments give you an amazing opportunity to laugh and makes the experience wonderful. In musicals such as Les Mis, you need comic moments to get a break from all the emotional moments. Growing up, I wanted a musical to be either a happy musical or a comic musical. Now, I want the aspect of comedy to show up in a musical.

If you want comedy in a musical, why?