A Interesting Church Service

This week’s church service was different. It started out as any church service. Then imagine when something out of the ordinary happened. Well at the end of the offertory at the end of the choir’s anthem, guess what happened, our church lost power. So now, no use of the organ. It was just awkward and unusual. I do not remember a single time at Holy Comforter when our power went off right before communion. That was unusual. It was like those times in theater when a mishap happens, and the show has to continue. One of the clergy said something like, well “that happened, let’s continue”. So we continued our church service in the dark. The moments where we had to sing was unusual- I was so used to the organ so when we sang the doxology and the whole “holy, holy, lord” moment of singing was odd. Even when we sang after the clergy broke the bread- so each time we had to sing- it felt kind of strange without the organ.

Good thing, I knew the songs we were singing when we actually were going up for communion- I knew “Let Us Break Bread Together” and “I Come With Joy to Meet the Lord”- at least in the dark I could read the lyrics. At the second song- well the music started playing again- piano was used.

So out of the ordinary things happen in life. We are not prepared for those things. Kind of like what happened in church. I had no idea why we lost power. It was different for sure. So for half the service, we had power and for the second half, we had no power. So sometimes we are not prepared for the out of ordinary things in life. They do happen- life is beautiful, but not easy at times. So the out of ordinary things is part of the beauty of life.


Character Interview #4

I have been asked to this interview. Wonder what sort of questions mphtheatregirl would ask me. Here it goes.

What is your name: Misty

What is your age: 12

What is your craft: Singing

When did you discover your craft: I am a bit embarrassed at bringing it up, but I discovered it quite late. I was very close to 6 years old.

Why are you not that invested in your singing: It is because of how protective I am of Sparkle. It makes it hard for me to find time to write music. Sometimes when I do not know where she is, I have to go looking for her. I do not want her getting in trouble. She is my best friend. I do not know if she is telling the truth or not if she gets back late or something like that.

Do you remember when the two of you become best friends: I think it was around the time I discovered my natural talent was in singing. She gave me encouragement that day. There was no Gazebo- it was way before we moved to Fairy Creek. We lived much closer to the toads.

What is your favorite hangout spot in Fairy Creek: I do not know, exactly. I know Sparkle loves the Gazebo. I honestly do not know what my favorite hangout spot is exactly.

Character Interview #3

Well, mphtheatregirl asked me to do this interview. This shall be interesting- I hope.

What is Your Name: Marge

What is Your Age: 12

What do you Think of your Cousin: That is an embarrassing question. It is hard to know what to think. We are supposed to love family members, but how can I love my cousin? He has been given me nothing but pain. He does not show me love. I don’t know why he acts the way he does.

When did he start Mistreating you: I am trying to remember- I feel like I was maybe 9 or 8 or something like that. He started by calling me names, and then soon he got more physical. The way he treated me made me feel like an outsider. No toad seemed to realize the pain he has caused me. I know my parents were showing me love- but Sarge emotionally and physically caused me a lot of pain- I mean why would he do that? I had to leave Graysloup at times to be away from him.

How did you realize the problems going in Graysloup: I don’t know how I figured it out. For starters, the sight of it was miserable. I mean, it was just brown, gray, and black- no color. Very muddy as well. The weather was muggy and humid. Due to the way I was treated, I saw how he was treating other toads- I could tell they didn’t like it either. I then saw how he was treating  my neighbors- in a similar fashion. I wanted to do something- I wanted to make a change. I kept on standing up to him telling him to stop- it’s just he never listened. I didn’t care- I would keep on standing up to him no matter what.

How did You Feel when Sparkle entered your Life: I was kind of nervous, actually. It was against the rules for us to interact, to be friends. I was excited about this friendship. She was just what I needed. I no longer felt like an outsider. I had a friend for once, and I was shown compassion. She was aware of the stakes involved and was aware that my cousin could get in the way. That would not stop her from being in my life. It felt good, actually.

Character Interview #2

Hear me out on this: this is Sarge’s interview: so if there is any not nice sounding words on this- remember it is not me talking 

What kind of a girl does mphtheatregirl think she is? Making me do this dumb interview. I hate revealing anything about myself. Still why can’t I just skip it- this is still a stupid interview. 

What is Your Name? Sarge

What is Your Age? 17

Do You Remember Anything about the Day your Mother Left you?  What kind of a question is this, why should you know my past? It is true my mother left me, but why should I tell private information. That mphtheatregirl, why does she want me to answer this. I will tell you this, I was about 3 or 5- I don’t remember the age. I don’t know why she left. 

What are any of the things your Father Did to You? THIS IS ABSURD. I DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO KNOW. I STILL HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT WHAT HE DID TO ME. Look, he did mistreat me leaving me with so much anger and pain. I never knew love. I do not know anyone to know what he did- so I am not telling- that mphtheatregirl- why did she have to ask me this?

What is the importance of the Bog? The Bog- well The Bog was the only place I felt safe. My father never knew where it was. He wouldn’t hurt me there. 

What do You Have Against your Cousin? I saw her family treating her. None of her parents left her. I don’t get it. Her father and my father were raised by the same parents- I do not get it- I would think both would be loving if Marge’s father loved her. Why would Marge be so lucky and get a father that would treat her fairly. I guess it was a feeling of jealously that made her an easy target. 

What do you have Against the other Toads? Look, my father was leader before me. I never had a good role model. I really don’t know. I kept them in Graysloup because I needed The Bog. I become leader without talking to the toads. I was mostly against Marge. 

Then why did you trust Norg? I don’t know why. I guess it was because he was two years older. I don’t know why. 

What do you have Against the Fairy Frogs? I HATE the Fairy Frogs- sorry- I kind of do. They have everything- they can fly- and they can do art. More jealously was built up. 

Then, when why do you mistreat both? My past- so much anger and jealously. I never knew how to control anger. It felt natural to put all of this pain on others. I have had nothing but pain since my mother left me and my father kept on hurting me- THIS NOT IMPORTANT TO TELL ANYONE. 

One more question, why was it in your mind to break up a friendship? Well, I CANNOT STAND FAIRY FROGS and MARGE HAS A BETTER LIFE. The TOADS DO NOT DESERVE A FRIENDSHIP WITH THOSE UGLY FAIRY FROGS. I never had a friend growing up- why should the toads have them either. 


It’s not Sarge anymore- its me again. Boy, Sarge- Boy Sarge- this guy has had it tough. He has had nothing but pain his entire life. Never knew love. Filled with anger, pain, and jealously. He has nightmares about the times his father mistreated him. His only comfort was in “The Bog”, the only place his father couldn’t get to him- no wonder he is the bully he is. Sorry this interview has him yelling at times and words like “hate” and “ugly” and stuff like that. 

Character Interview #1

I decided to interview all of my Fairy Frog characters on my blog. First up is Sparkle, my main character.

Well, mphtheatregirl asked me to do this interview. I never wrote a blog post before. You do know, I am the main character of her Fairy Frogs book. An interview would be lovely. I am adventurous- an interview feels like an adventure to me. 

What is Your Name? Sparkle

What is Your Age? 12

What is Your Craft? Drawing 

When Did you Discover Your Natural Gift? 3

What do You Feel When You Draw? It feels like magic and peace. It feels like I am transported into the drawing. I sometimes get so lost that I forget what is going on around me. 

Back to the last Question, Why are you as invested in drawing as you are? Considering the fact that I discovered my craft at 3, I was able to really develop it at such a young age. I still spent time with the other three to five year olds. I wanted to understand the craft. It was boring spending time with the other young ones when they still did not know what their craft was. I already knew mine. I was still so young. I had to stay with them. So in a corner, I would take a leaf or a pebble or something like that and start experimenting. I drew with what I had- I had only basically two colored pencils and two pencils. That was it- I was like what on earth can be drawn with that. I did not know much about the craft. Still I experimented a lot- trees were basically lines in the beginning- clouds were circles in the beginning. At age 6- I was given a bigger collection of colored pencils and pencils and finally for once was given paper. I know this the time where we don’t draw what we see- I know Fairy Frogs still practice shapes and stuff like that- but I wanted to draw so much more- I had already practiced those shapes. So I basically started drawing basic things like a Cattail that I saw- the texture part started coming into play. I began to play with color a lot more. Due to discovering the craft at age 3, I was able to get a head start on the craft. I just got so into it by age 8- I loved it when I finally got my silver and gold backpack- it could hold the pencils, colored pencils, and paper. Not all of the paper was loose- some of the paper was in a little sketch pad- I have a couple of those. This question- I can’t answer that well- that is too hard to answer. 

When did you and Misty first become best friends? That is hard to answer. I remember being close to 6, I think. She was struggling to discover her craft. I found her at a creek. That day, I drew the outline of the creek. That is when I saw her- I don’t know fully remember the story. She had experimented with a number of Fairy Frogs, but still had not found her natural talent. I knew she was Misty- we had met, but I don’t know when. I walked up to her, and said she would find it. I don’t fully remember the story. 

If it was against the rules, why was that Graysloup drawing so important?  Let’s not forget, I was 12. Remember, I was fully invested at this point. It was a cool place to draw. There were turtles on a log. It was not exactly in Graysloup- it was past Graysloup. There was lots of fascinating things to mess with. It just meant so much- I felt like it could be better than the others. Yes, it was against the rules- but I didn’t want to just draw the same places over and over again- that got boring after a while. So I started to look for new place. Then this area showed up, and it looked perfect- I knew I would get in trouble and would have to sneak out and might need to lie at times, which meant lying to Aires and Misty. 

What is your favorite place to hangout at Fairy Creek? The Gazebo

What was the biggest reason you befriended Marge? You do know Fairy Frogs are deeply compassionate. I wouldn’t have met Marge if I didn’t start that Graysloup drawing. I wanted to take my compassion to a new level- it was the right thing to do. When I heard Sarge was doing things like shoving in her mud and telling her to “act like a toad” as in being like him, I was like I cannot believe this- he is her cousin. I had to help her- she needed someone to show her compassion- I was the only who could. 

Going Back in Time-PreLesMis

A couple days ago, I said it is hard to imagine my life without Wicked. I said basically what musicals were like in that time frame. Now, Les Mis- WOW, pre Les Mis, musicals were way severally different.

Song nature- In the time, showtunes formed musicals. All the musicals I saw basically were home to showtunes. There were a few that were not showtunes. The showtune songs had the emotion of excitement attached to them. The songs that did not have this nature were the ones that were not exciting- those were either love songs or sad songs.

Core Emotions- In the time, there were four core emotions. I was aware of excitement, joy, love, and sad. Excitement and joy were the easiest to pick up on. Love was the second easiest to pick up on- songs like “As Long As You’re Mine” were love songs. To me, a love song was referring to a couple. I knew romance was very common for a musicals. I was aware of sad- it was in a small number of songs- but I knew it was common. I understand why sad songs had to exist- I knew it helped with complexity and believability. The emotion only stuck in two songs- “I’m Not That Girl” and “For Good”. I never combined two emotions together- for instance- “I’m Not That Girl” was not a sad love song- it was just a sad song, not a sad love song. I was aware of the concept of love triangle- I knew it meant it involved three people- as in two people were in love with the same person- I don’t think I grasped the fact that someone was not loved back- I think I was describing it as that person was not in a relationship with that person because someone else was.

Dance/Spectacle- Musicals to me had to have this no matter what. I was convinced all musicals were home to dance. That was all I seemed to know

Plot- I interpreted all musicals as happy and comical- YES I SAID THAT- I was around shows like Grease, Cats, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Wicked, and Mamma Mia- so why do you think I said that? I had interpreted all the musicals I saw as happy. So I said that must be true for ALL MUSICALS.

Emotional Connection- you have to have an emotional connection. I knew the importance of an emotional connection. They are the key to wanting to feel the emotions. They keep you focused on the show. The songs are the first step to having an emotional connection- if they don’t do it for you- an emotional connection will not exist.

All that was figured out due to Wicked. Les Mis would challenge it all.


By seeing what musicals were like before Les Mis does help show the impact Les Mis had.

What are the Contemporary Musicals I Love?

There are both classic and contemporary musicals. There are mixed feelings on contemporary musicals- do I love the contemporary musicals. I do love contemporary musicals- but I do not love all of them- that’s for sure. Today, I thought I would write a list of those that I know I love. These are based on the years they came out on Broadway. I am specifically talking about stage shows.

1. Wicked (2003)- So, this musical started everything. It started my love for musicals. It was when I realized what an emotional connection was. It was when I started to understand emotions- the core emotions of excitement, joy, love, and sad were all in Wicked. I already understood excitement and joy previously. I don’t know if I previously understood love previously. I do know I didn’t know musical songs could be sad previously. It was the beginning of understanding musicals as a whole. The center core of Elphaba and Glinda’s friendship is what makes it as powerful as it is. Then the texture added by the love triangle found between the girls and Fiyero makes it more delightful. Everything in Wicked feels well OZian- it all works. I fell in love with it in 2006.

2. Mamma Mia (2001)- I fell in love with it a decade ago. So this year was a milestone. It is a fun and delightful musical. It is pure joy and that is what it basically is. It helps balance out other musicals- the ones that combine joyful and sad songs together.

3. Newsies (2012)- This is a fairly new musical in my life. I have loved it since 2016- see what I mean by new? The mind-blowing dance, the inspiring story, the bond found between all the students in particular the intimate bond between Jack and Crutchie, and the fun, energetic and at times emotional score makes it such a delightful musical. Such a wonderful Disney musical to watch. Yes, the movie came out in 1992, but the stage show came out on Broadway in 2012 so it is a contemporary musical.

4. Frozen (2018)- Yes, I am stretching things. I fell in love with the movie 2013- I fell in love with the musical at that time. Yes, not sick and tired of “Let it Go”. I have listened to a couple of the new songs. I already know I am going to love the stage show- if I loved the movie- how can I not love the stage show? If I already had fallen in love with songs like “Monster” and “True Love”, I know I will love the stage show. Sometimes, you have that feeling before seeing the show. I know I have to wait for a tour- hopefully what I heard was true- I heard Fall 2019, Frozen is to embark on a tour across the US.

Most of the musicals I love are not contemporary- they come from the 1990s and before. I have seen some other contemporary musicals, but they were not ones I love. Most of the musicals I have seen are not contemporary: that is a big reason why this list is tiny.  Songs are key to loving musicals- they make me form emotional connection to characters and plot.

What are contemporary musicals you love?