All the Theaters I have Been to

It is known I have mostly seen musicals through Blumenthal Performing Art. What about all the theaters I have seen musicals? I decided to write a post that make a mention of ALL the theaters I have been to. However there is only ONE theater I don’t even know the name of.

St. Louis

  • Fox Theater- I have seen Annie and Fiddler and the Roof here. It is such a gorgeous theater. As you can see below, you can tell just how beautiful the theater is. I saw Annie in the orchestra and Fiddler up in the balcony- so I was able to fully appreciate the beauty of the Fox.

Greenville, South Carolina

  • Peace Center- I saw Phantom of the Opera and Les Mis at this beautiful theater. It has incredible acoustics- I was able to truly notice this when I saw Les Mis. Like Fox, I started in the orchestra with Phantom of the Opera, and my recent show, being Les Mis, I ended up in the balcony. It is incredible for that to happen. Both times I saw these shows were special- Phantom of the Opera was a date with mom and Les Mis was with my university. The reason why I was able to really notice how incredible the acoustics were in Les Mis belonged to the fact that I was sitting in the balcony (the 4th level)- to the way I heard a gunshot, to literally hearing just one tear (I literally was able to pick up on that), to the way just one word was said, or in more quieter moments still able to pick up on the words. Despite being in balcony- was able to hear everything.

Charlotte, NC- this is going to take a while

Blumenthal Performing Arts

Belk Theater- this is Blumenthal’s main theater. It has four levels- orchestra, grand tier, mezzanine, and balcony. I only remember sitting in orchestra and mezzanine. Not only does Belk do tours, it also does Charlotte Ballet events, and Charlotte Symphony Events. I saw Lion King, Miss Saigon, Newsies, Rent, Mamma Mia, Sound of Music, La Cage, Porgy and Bess, and Pippin at Belk Theater- most of these musicals are ones that I LOVE. It might seem like Belk Theater is the biggest theater of Blumenthal Performing Arts, but it actually isn’t.

Ovens Auditorium- What was surprising to me is that Ovens is actually the biggest Blumenthal Performing Arts theater. Ovens does have less levels than Belk. It has only two levels, but three sections- Mezzanine and Balcony share the second level. What makes Ovens a bigger theatre? Ovens is wider and deeper compared to Blumenthal making it able to fit more people. I have seen only three musicals here- even though it feels like I have gone to Ovens more often than that. I think that is because one of those musicals is a repeat.

I have seen Addams Family, A Christmas Story, and Wicked here. I did not see shows at Ovens three times- it actually would add up to five times: Wicked was seen three times. The BEST area to see a musical at Ovens is in the Mezzanine. I have seen Wicked as a date with my dad and with my university. Blumenthal’s upcoming season has more shows at Ovens that there typically is.

Central Piedmont Community College

Pease Auditorium- this theatre no longer exists at Charlotte’s community college, but when I was a student there, it did. My first musical I saw when I started college was Godspell. It is actually one of the smallest theaters I have seen a musical in. I still remember some of the costumes. Loved the show- three of those actors would show up in later productions I would see at CPCC.

Halton Theater- this may be a community college theater, but it actually has an orchestra and a balcony. I have seen Les Mis, Oklahoma, Grease, and Newsies at this theater. This shows all felt professional- you never once though you were at a community college’s theater. They combined students with the community and with professionals. I have seen Les Mis three times at this theater-once with family and twice as an usher: this was my first time seeing the stage show, and as a matter of fact was truly the motor for wanting to see the musical in London. CPCC has a very strong theater program- you go in, and you believe you are just going to see a community college type of production, and you come out thinking you just watched a professional production: that is what all four shows felt like.

Children’s Theatre
  • When I was an usher for Children’s Theatre, I did get to see one of their musicals. It was in December 2014, and I was ushering for Scrooge, which is A Christmas Carol’s musical. I remember seeing it, but don’t exactly remember any of the songs. There is something I do remember- I remember how talented the Tiny Tim was- there was a particular song that belonged to him, and I loved his voice in that song, and I was moved by it.

Boiling Springs, NC

  • Dover Theater- Boiling Springs is literally in the middle of nowhere. Dover Theater is where I saw musicals in Gardner Webb. The two musicals I saw were Little Shop of Horrors and Music Man. Music Man was actually the first show I saw at Gardner Webb, which was one of the best starts- especially when you transferred in Spring Semester. Music Man began the BEST year of musicals. I actually was kind of nervous when it comes to GWU musicals- these were musicals after CPCC- by that point, I only saw Les Mis and Godspell. I loved Music Man’s production, and the show itself. GWU has a smaller theatre program, but still can put on well-done productions.

Abingdon, VA

Barter Theater- Okay, this is one of the theaters I don’t remember going to. I did see Oliver here, but I have no memory of seeing it. I only know about it because I was told.

Jacksonville, FL

  • Jacksonville Theater- I don’t even know the name of the theater I went to in Jacksonville. Just like Barter, I don’t even remember going. I think my parents said I went to Cats and Seussical here in elementary school.

New York City

  • Gershwin Theater- this was my first theater I ever saw Wicked in. Little did I know when I stepped foot in that theater that I would be changed “for good”. It was August 2006, and I was alone with my mom- that was a HUGE reason why it was special- just me and my mom. That is part of why Wicked is meaningful. It is not all of why Wicked is meaningful. I was only 12 at the time. The song, “Popular”, was my favorite song at the time. It has been 13 years since I have been to NYC- I think it is time to go back, but next time, I want to see more than one musical.
Gershwin Theater-Wicked

London-West End

  • Queens Theater- I will always view this theater as The Queens Theater. It was what I knew it as when I saw Les Mis. Just like seeing Wicked on Broadway with my mom, I was seeing Les Mis in the West End with my mom. I feel like things came full circle when I saw Les Mis in London. Not only was I with my mom, but I was dreaming a dream. I sat in the 9th row from the stage. Plus, Les Mis is not just a musical- it made me passionate about musicals. When I saw Queen’s Theater, I literally thought I was imagining- it still felt that way when I bought souvenirs to when I saw that I had an understudy as Valjean to entering the auditorium to seeing the set to sitting down to noticing how close I was. Nothing felt real- that was how surreal it felt. Then it happened- I heard it- that one note (or notes) from the orchestra- I knew this was no dream happening- it was a dream actually happening. The notes did tell me something= that it was going to be more than expected- how can just a few notes make you know that? Those notes were not lying- it was more than expected. It was 110% worth it. At the end, I went to stage door, and my playbill was signed by the actor (Adam Bayjou) who played Jean Valjean. No words to describe the ENTIRE experience. This happened July 30th, 2015.


  • I sure have been to a number of theaters. I purposely ended on the theaters I saw on Broadway and the West End. As you can see, I mostly see musicals in Charlotte, my hometown. There have been times where I do see a musical somewhere else besides Charlotte, but that is not common. I feel like I want to eventually go see a musical at St. Louis’ MUNY- which is an outdoor theater, and I want to go back to NYC. If I go back to NYC- I want to see more than one musical. I don’t have vivid memories of Broadway- I want stronger memories. It is time for me to go back to the city. I might live in the states, but NYC is not easy to get to- so I am glad that Charlotte has Blumenthal Performing Arts.

Fascinating Questions and Statements I have been Asked as a Musical Theatre fanatic

These are things that only a musical theatre fanatic will understand. They are things that no else gets. Sometimes they are given to us by musical fans themselves. I did this sort of post once before, but will be kind of different. When we are asked these sort of questions, it does show that we are in fact musical theatre fanatics. What I will do is write out these statements and questions- and try to explain them.

Why are you not sick and tired of Les Mis? Are you tired of feeling hurt all the time like that?
  • Well, only true Les Mis fans understand this. Les Mis may be heartbreaking. It may feel like one BIG tragedy from start to finish- as in the tragic events don’t seem to end. Here’s the thing- Les Mis is not JUST a TRAGEDY- it also has this beautiful underlying spirituality. Compassion, forgiveness, love-in different forms, humanity, sacrifice, and redemption ALL exist in this beautiful making it inspiring, hopeful, and uplifting in the end. Yes, I do become an emotional wreck, but an emotional wreck in a good way. Yes, a lot of times, my tears are tears as in heartbreak, but I LOVE feeling that way because I have such a STRONG bond to these characters and the stories that they are telling.
Why do you even love romance in musicals?
  • Romance is the either love or hate theme. However, that theme cannot be ignored. It constantly is showing up- most likely when you see a musical you never saw before, two characters will fall in love. To a further extent, there are musicals where you can find a love triangle. What is my reason for loving the emotion? It is not a “put-in” emotion as many people think. It has a reason-to add emotion value, to add hope, to add texture and sometimes the story is a love story. Romance is a beautiful emotion and is universal. The songs I have found in this emotion are some of the most beautiful ones that exist in musical theatre- whether that is a couple singing together, half a couple singing about their love the other, breakup, or unrequited love- ALL create such beautiful songs. A lot of my love for romance comes from the songs.
How do you not get your Les Mis casts mixed up?
  • I get asked this because I have FIVE Les Mis casts. Well, it is not like they are coming from the same year or same month or same week. I am able to tell them apart. The movie, CPCC, the 25th concert film, the West End, and the US Tour are my casts. I am able to individually say the principal casts of each without getting each one mixed up. In addition, none of the casts are identical. They ALL feel different- there are is a reason why I don’t accidentally name one actor or actress for one those casts. I know who my actors/actresses for each cast is- I know them that well.
Why are you not interested in Hamilton?
  • This is one I get asked a lot. I have listened to some of the songs, and have felt “meh” about them. That says something. It is a hip-hop and rap kind of musical, and I am not into that kind of music. I may be a musical theatre fanatic, but it does mean I have be interested in every single musical.
How could you have forgotten seeing Lion King live for the first time?
  • Well, I was in elementary school when I first saw Lion King in person. Do you expect me to remember everything from that age? After seeing Lion King last year, I can understand why others that. It has many things I look for in a musical- spectacle, dance, comedy, complexity, romance, positive and negative emotions in the score, and a strong emotional connection. I wanted to see it a second time in order to have a memory.
After Lion King, I bet it will be better than Wicked
  • I have gotten this. I don’t think those people understood the strong impact Wicked has had on my life. There are bonuses in Wicked that make Lion King hard to mess with it. Elphaba is one of them- not only do I emotionally connect to her, I also relate to her. Not only is Wicked my #1 musical, but another musical shares that title. Les Mis is up there too- which means Lion King has to get through Les Mis as well. Wicked and Les Mis are the two main musicals that made me a musical theatre fanatic. So, Lion King would have to push through BOTH of them to become my favorite musical.
How can you be Passionate about Musicals if you will never be in Them?
  • Well, you be passionate about something without having a career in it. There is a reason why I am NOT going to be a musical theatre actress- I don’t have the talent. So, where does the passion come from? Well, I show it differently. I go to musicals- mostly through Blumenthal Performing Arts in Charlotte. The type of songs I listen to mostly are musical theatre songs. I treat musical theatre characters as if they are real. I see the orchestra as a character in a musical. When I am watching a musical, I do feel like I almost become a character in the musical itself. Look at this blog- if i wasn’t passionate about musicals, it wouldn’t be a musical theatre blog.
I don’t understand why you have never seen the same Actor or Actress in more than one Lead Role
  • For starters, you have to think about the fact that I live in the States. There is only one place I have seen the same actor in more than one lead role- that is at Central Piedmont Community College- nowhere else. In The United States, I have to rely on the tours. Each time I see a tour, when it comes to the principals, the actors/actresses usually are not big-names, and tend to be actors/actresses I have never seen in a lead role. Some of them, I did see once before, but originally in the ensemble- Nick Cartell and Anthony Festa, for instance, were ensemble members before I saw them as Jean Valjean and Chris- Nick was in Phantom of the Opera in the ensemble and understudying Raoul while Anthony was in Wicked in the ensemble and understudying Fiyero when I first saw them (I had no idea they would later be Jean Valjean and Chris). A LOT of my actors/actresses I have seen have great potential to actually be big names. The United States has a lot of circulation of actors and year after year, there is always a new show going on tour. So, it can be difficult to get the same actor in another lead role.
I don’t understand your love for Rent
  • Yes, Rent is filled with a lot of Controversial topics. It is dealing with HIV/AIDS, a drug addict, a gay couple, and a lesbian couple. So, I can understand why others don’t understand my love for Rent. I think some of those people don’t understand the actual message and beauty that the show has to offer. It takes place during the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s and 1990s= the time where once you get it, it was basically a death sentence. Rent is a celebration of life and what to do with the time that you have. How you measure you it- in fear or in love. Rent shows us that time is short, but that the best way to live life is in love and in the moment. No Day But Today.
Rent Poster- Rent Live (2019)
How do you Know so much about Musicals if you have never been in One or will Never be in a Musical?
  • This question is quite frustrating. To answer this question would mean bringing up my ENTIRE journey.

Can You Relate- have you been given some interesting questions and statements when it comes to musicals?

My Love for Mythology

I don’t know when it started, but I have loved mythology for a long time. I feel like I loved the genre since elementary school. I don’t know why I love it. I think it is a combo of the Gods/Goddesses, the quests, and the beasts and creatures the characters that exist. I remember loving the Percy Jackson series in middle school. One of my favorite units in tenth grade in literature was our mythology unit- two of the works we studied were Illiad and Odyssey. Obviously, it was not the full works of both- but I still fell in love with both of them.

Now, I am about to read the FULL works of Illiad and Odyssey. I actually own the unabridged copies of BOTH copies.

Ever since the Tonys, I have been fascinated by Hadestown, which is a tragic MYTH. I never knew that myths could be tragic. I knew musicals could be tragic, but myths. I became fascinated by Hadestown all because it was a myth. A couple days ago, I heard incredible news= the musical is going on tour in Fall 2020. I know I mainly can see musicals on tour through Blumenthal Performing Arts. I know Hadestown will NOT be part of Blumenthal’s 2019-2020 season- that season is already set, which is one of its strongest. I do know that the musical will not skip Charlotte when it goes on tour- just not in 2020.

Powerful Nature of a Song- the tears

What do I mean by that? Musicals have an emotional capability that no other storytelling can capture. Songs hit you harder than words alone. You can get inside a characters’ head, and understand them. A character may be close-booked, but are able to express their emotions. In musicals, it does feel like the characters personally know you to the point of being comfortable bringing out their emotion. However, what makes a song make you cry? What is it about those songs?

For one thing, it has to do with emotional connection. You can barely feel emotion if that connection did NOT exist. For another, songs that are sad and heartbreak hold a lot of emotion- to the point of you WANTING to deep down feel the emotion- even if it is the emotion itself- to being choked up- to the eventual tears.

ALL of the songs I have cried during are POWERFUL songs, and belong to characters I have an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to. Songs like “Will I”, “On My Own”, “Drink With Me”, “Your Eyes”, “For Good”, “I Dreamed a Dream”, “A Little Fall of Rain”, etc- those kind of songs all carry the same kind of nature. When a song reaches heartbreak- it is devastating, fragile, and vulnerable. Your heart hurts for those characters- you can’t help but FEEL for them. The songs still have to have be STRONG and POWERFUL enough to get you to be crying.

What do you think causes you to tear up during a musical?

Favorite Song in a Musical- Why?

Musical fans are aware of this. We usually have our favorite song in a musical. However, have we fully thought of the reasoning? Does it have to do with the emotion? Does it have to do with the actor and actress? Does it have to due to with the character? Does it have to do with the meaning of the song? Does have to have to do with a memory? This is will be a difficult post- it will be about why a song is our favorite song in a musical. Sometimes, even I don’t have a reasoning behind that. I think a best reason is to bring up my favorite song from certain musicals, and try to describe why they are my favorite song from the musical itself.

Corner of the Sky

  • A huge reason behind this comes from the fact that it is the main reason why I wanted to see Pippin in the first place. It is also one of the strongest “I Want” songs I described in musical theatre. Some may not agree with me and may agree with me. It actually does not just describe what Pippin wants in life, but I believe it also relates to our life in general as well. If I never heard this song, Pippin would not have been in my life. “Corner of the Sky” is the place where we truly belong.
"Corner of the Sky" in the Revival of Pippin
Corner of the Sky

Seize the Day

  • It is actually the beginning of the Newsies strike. I found it to be my favorite Newsies number because of the dance. I think it has the most advanced staging out of all the numbers. In one moment, all of them (well, most of them) are dancing on newspapers. It strongly has to do with the dance and some of the lyrics- “Courage cannot erase our fear. Courage is when we face our fear”. Those lyrics are what made me release Newsies is meaningful to me, and I think represent Newsies as a whole.


  • You would think, I would choose “Defying Gravity” or “For Good” for my favorite song for Wicked, but that is not true. It does come from the fact that I was 12 when I first saw Wicked. My favorite song from Wicked is a memory thing. My favorite song from Wicked when I was 12 was Popular, and that is true to this day. It really is a memory thing- I saw Wicked in 2006 for the first time.
"Popular" during Wicked- Elphaba and Glinda

Beauty and the Beast

  • It does sound cliche that my favorite song from Beauty and the Beast is “Beauty and the Beast”. It is Belle and Beast’s main love song. I did watch the cartoon- yes, I sort of forgot I did love the cartoon. However, this song never left my memory. There is something unique and special about Disney love songs. They have this magic in them. Belle and Beast are my favorite classic Disney couple. Their “Beauty and the Beast” song is an incredible one to watch- ever since watching the live action 2017 film, my love for Beauty and the Beast came back. The song actually affects me on a more emotional level.
Beauty and the Beast Scene (live action 2017)- Emma Watson (Belle) and Dan Stevens (Beast)
Beauty and the Beast (Live Action 2017)

A Whole New World

  • Even from Aladdin, my favorite song is the main love song. Flying on a magic carpet while singing this song is incredible to witness. So magical in so many ways. Still seems cliche to say this is my favorite song- but it still is my favorite song from Aladdin. Just like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin had to reenter my life, which was through the live action movie.
A Whole New World (Aladdin Cartoon)- Aladdin and Jasmine
A Whole New World (Aladdin Cartoon)

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

  • Once again, this is another main love song. It is still a classic Disney musical. You still feel the magic and innocence in this song just like the others. It is not cliche- even though to others it seems that way.
Can You Feel the Love Tonight- Simba and Nala (Stage Show of Lion King)
Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Seasons of Love

  • This song is one of the messages of Rent. Rent is all about what to do with life. It is about how to measure life. The song is about measuring your life in love. There are only 525,600 minutes in one year. It is hard to describe why this is the favorite song from Rent. I just know this is my favorite song from Rent.


  • This totally highlights the character of Annie. She is an optimistic child, and that is the main characteristic you see in you. I have always loved that song. I will never grow tired of that song.

Seventy Six Trombones

  • This has been my favorite song from Music Man. I love the patriotic nature of the song. When I saw the musical, the production had the Harold Hill go out in the audience making us feel like we are part of River City. I still believe a lot of the patriotic and energetic nature of the song made it my favorite song from the musical.


  • So, there are many reasons why a song is your favorite song in a musical. It can be a memory, the meaning, and the emotion. However- you usually just know a song is your favorite song. I only listed a few of my favorite songs from certain musical.

My thoughts on Stephen Schwartz musicals

One of the composers I have seen more one musical belongs to Stephen Schwartz. He is a successful composer, and today I decided to write my thoughts on his musicals- as in the ones I love. They will be in a particular order- as in I will end on my favorite musical that he did. I loved all three of the musicals I am about to mention.


  • I loved Godspell ever since I started college. Godspell was my first musical I saw at Central Piedmont Community College. What I remember most about that production belonged to some of the costumes. As a matter of fact, I did see three of the actors in future productions at CPCC. I did love Godspell- my parents did know I will love Godspell.


  • I have loved Pippin since May 2015. I have wanted to see Pippin since I heard “Corner of the Sky”. I quickly fell in love with the song- that song told me a lot of what the musical was about. When I heard it won a Tony Award for Revival, I watched a preview, and wanted to see it even more. A spectacle- based, and a song I loved a lot. Too strong reasons for wanting to see Pippin. Pippin makes you fall in love with it very quickly- that is what “Magic to Do” allows you to do. The revival feels like you are in a circus. The Leading Player is an intriguing antagonist, and she does trick both the audience and Pippin
"Magic to Do" during the Pippin Revial


  • Of all Stephen Schwartz’ musicals, it is the easiest for me to explain why I love Wicked. It is a story of two strong and complex young women who form a special and beautiful bond. That is rare in a musical to see that kind of friendship. On top of that complex friendship- you also come across an extremely complex love triangle. This is a musical where the friendship is much stronger than romance. As Wicked says- “I have been changed for good”. That is what Wicked did for me.
"For Good" during Wicked- Elphaba and Glinda


  • The songs in his musicals are both energetic and emotional. That is the type of music I want in a musical. At the same time, I want all the songs to sound like they all belong in the same musical- does that make sense?

What to Say to my “Tale of The Cattail Forest” Characters

As you have noticed, my Fairy Frogs book I have been writing now has a working title. That title is called “Tale of the Cattail Forest”. I called it that because Graysloup and Fairy Creek are located in The Cattail Forest. My book is also a children’s fantasy. I decided to write a post that has me talking to all 13 characters in my book.


  • As the main character of the book, I loved getting to know you. I loved how you went above and beyond with your compassion. Yes, befriending Marge was against the rules. However, I am glad you did what you did. It was needed- not just on Marge, but on all of Graysloup. I loved exploring your flaws and strengths. You were easy to get to know, and I think that was because you were the main character.


  • I cannot believe you had to go through all the abuse you had to go through (from age 4-13). I wish things would have better. I know you feel like no one would understand. I know you feel like you are alone. However, you are not alone, and others will understand. There are other ways to deal with the pain, anger, jealously, and anger you are feeling. You don’t have to put your pain on angers to deal with this. I still wish things were better.


  • I do admire you in so many ways. I love how you stand up to your cousin. You may be his easiest target, but you still stand up to him no matter what. Because of how he treated you, you did feel like an outsider. I can’t imagine the kind of pain he put on you. No wonder, you feel like you needed someone to show you compassion and that you needed a friend. No one else would until Sparkle entered your life. I love your incredible wisdom, and I think that comes from how Sarge, your older cousin, treated you. You saw the truth about Graysloup, and you knew that all the toads needed help. I love that you and Sparkle both came up with the decision for all the Fairy Frogs to befriend the toads- it came a long way.


  • The thing I love the most about you is your protective nature. That truly shows through your relationship with Sparkle. You don’t want her to get in trouble. She is your best friend, who did help you through a rough time when you were younger. You sometimes have to not report to Aries in order to keep Sparkle safe or not tell the truth.


  • You are one of the most interesting characters in my book. I believe you are the only one, besides Sarge, who knows of Sarge’s backstory. You are aware of who his father is. The only thing you are clueless about is how angry and abusive Sarge can get. I do love how you develop through the course of the story.


  • You are so many things in my book- leader of the Fairy Frogs, head carpenter, and an uncle. Whose uncle? You are Darcy’s uncle. You are a confident leader who sometimes can be doubtful. That is when you have to rely on your nephew. You want to protect all of the Fairy Frogs. I wish you knew from the beginning the truth about the toads. That would have helped things a good deal.


  • What is fascinating about you and Felipe is how similar you too are, but at the same time so different. I think that is why the two of you became best friends in the first place. I think it is interesting to me that Felipe let’s you use some of his same woodcarving pieces into your sculptures. To me, it shows your guys’ best friendship in so many ways. I do love how you help out your uncle out at times.


  • Like I said with Darcy, you too are so similar, but so different. It is hard for me to see a time where you too are separate from each other. When working on your crafts, you guys are always together.


  • You are one of those toads that did not let Sarge’s mistreatment make you turn into someone like him. You may appear to be rude and disrespectful, but it is not in your heart to do use. You never wanted to act like that. You are not at all like Sarge- you were never affected by his actions. In a way you were, but it never affected what is really in your heart.


  • As a younger Fairy Frog, I loved getting to know you. You are at a very exciting time in your life. You are at the beginning of experimenting and getting to know your craft at a much deeper level. I know all you can make are pots. It still is an excited period of your life.


  • The key characteristic found in you is energetic. That is what several characters, especially Sparkle, think you are. They don’t think there is more to you. At the same time, you are still trying to figure out where your craft is. One of the other Fairy Frogs can relate to this- Misty can- she didn’t find it until she was close to six years old. Look, Tweetsie- you are both energetic and brave.


  • I could have separated the two of you. However, there was no way to. You two are what I would call “peas in a pod”. You two are identical twins, and make sure Sarge does not clear up Graysloup when it starts to brighten up.