Classic Books

When it comes to classics, those books end up being a bit underrated. Just because classics are tough reads doesn’t mean to ignore them. Classics are some of the best written books in history- there is a reason why they are called classics. I actually am in the middle of Bleak House. What are some of my favorites?


  1. Illiad
  2. Odyssey
  3. Don Quixote
  4. Tale of Two Cities
  5. Great Expectations
  6. A Christmas Carol
  7. Oliver Twist
  8. Nicholas Nickleby
  9. David Copperfield
  10. Hunchback of Notre Dame
  11. Les Misérables
  12. Secret Garden
  13. A Little Princess
  14. Little Women
  15. The Hobbit
  16. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  17. Chronicles of Narnia Series

A lot of those books are not easy reads. To get through them, I had to always have a dictionary nearby. That was due to words I didn’t know what they mean. Some of those books came with an advantage: Les Mis by the musical and A Christmas Carol by the George C. Scott movie for example. If I had literally just seen Les Misérables on the shelf, I would have walked right past it, but due to my knowledge of the musical, that became useful. Something tells me that I read Chronicles of Narnia after I watched at least one of the films.


  1. Shakespeare- the tragedies (those were read when I was more close-minded)
  2. Pride and Prejudice
  3. Anna Karenina
  4. Great Gatsby
  5. Frankenstein

Those are just some examples of classics I don’t like


There are some classics that are still sitting on my shelf. Hard Times, Kidnapped, Gulliver’s Travels, and War and Peace are those novels. Something tells me that War and Peace is not going to be touched for a long time: considering that I didn’t fully like Anna Karenina. The most annoying thing about Tolsoty is the fact that you have to use google translate at times- some of the lines are French or German.

What about you, what are some of your favorite classics?

Blumenthal/Non-Blumenthal Shows

This is basically a continuation of one of my most recent posts. That list did not list ALL of the musicals I saw.

Blumenthal/Other Places

This is specially refers to the musicals I saw with more than just Blumenthal.

  1. Newsies- Blumenthal, Central Piedmont Community College (Halton Theater)
  2. Les Mis- Halton Theater, Queen’s Theater in London, Peace Center, and Blumenthal
  3. Wicked- Broadway, Blumenthal

Musicals outside of Blumenthal

None of these musicals were seen with Blumenthal. Either at university, community college, and other touring companies

  1. Godspell
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Grease
  4. Music Man
  5. Little Shop of Horrors

Those five are those seen at CPCC and Gardner Webb University

Other Tours

  1. Phantom of the Opera- Peace Center
  2. Annie- Fox Theater in St. Louis
  3. Fiddler on the Roof- Fox Theater in St. Louis

Full Circle- Wicked and Les Mis

Of all musicals that entered my life, Wicked and Les Mis are the most meaningful. These two musicals are most responsible for the love I have for musicals today. I talked about how they came full circle before, but this post will be kinda of different.


It was August 2006 when I first saw Wicked. I was in NYC with my mom. One of the best things we did was seeing Wicked on Broadway. While I don’t have vivid memories, I do remember that “Popular” was my favorite song. At the time, I was only 12. Wicked was the musical where I began to understand emotional connection, and the emotional and complex side to musicals.

Due to Wicked, four core emotions were at the forefront. Those belonged to excitement, joy, love, and sad. Wicked was the musical where I first began to understand love triangles.

West End

This is connected to Les Mis. Les Mis entered my life by the film. Before falling in love with the musical, I had to give the film a 2nd chance. March 2013 was when I fell in love with Les Mis. Les Mis challenged what I already knew about musicals. Tragic musicals started to enter, a new core emotion was introduced (heartbreak), love triangles started to be understood even stronger, and the concept of death. How did Les Mis change death? Prior, I literally thought that death couldn’t be memorable or happen during song- Les Mis proved me wrong. I finally could understand that unrequited love was heartbreaking.

By summer 2013, I was obsessed with Les Mis. It truly was Central Piedmont Community College’s production of Les Mis that ended up being the motor for wanting to see the musical in London. I thought it would take a number of years before that happened. I already knew about The Bristol Pilgrimage- I already was aware that it would happen summer of 2015. At the time, did even think that Les Mis would happen just because there was no talk about going up early. Then November 2014 comes around, and that was when I told that my family was going up early- that was literally when I started nagging my parents to take me to Les Mis. December 2014- finally I was told that I would see a show in The West End.

When June 2015 came around, I finally figured out which musical. I was texted French Flags and Musical note emojis. I did not quite understand the text, and then was told to check my email. I found out I was seeing Les Mis- that moment I saw that, I ran up to my mom crying. It would happen on July 30th. It was interesting how I saw Les Mis this year- that was due to taking Acting I in Spring 2015 at GWU. It just connected so well into the Bristol Pilgrimage.

“I Dreamed a Dream”

Just like Wicked, it was a date with my mom. It literally worked for the Bristol Pilgrimage- Les Mis is Valjean’s spiritual journey. So I saw Les Mis the day before going on my own. Not only was I living my mom, but my dad and sister got their own date. Nothing felt like reality- from seeing the Queen’s Theater to buying souvenirs to seeing the set to nothing how close I was- nothing once felt real. Then, the first notes were heard, and I knew I was living the dream. Do you know what those notes told me? They told me it was going to be more than expected- I actually see the orchestra as a character. I came in knowing I would be an emotional wreck and that I would get a laugh every once in a while. Those notes weren’t lying- it was more than expected. It was my 4th time seeing the stage show.

At least with Les Mis in London, I knew my cast. I did not keep the playbill for Wicked on Broadway. I had a culture shock in The West End- buying my playbill. I did have an understudy as Valjean (Adam Bayjou) and actually got to meet him at stage door- I literally have a signed playbill and picture with the Valjean.

Gardner Webb University

As a number of readers know, Gardner Webb was the university I went to. Broadway and The West End aren’t the only way Wicked and Les Mis came full circle. GWU is close enough to Charlotte and Greenville that it is possible to see touring productions.


Wicked was the very first tour GWU took students to. I was one of the first to sign up. I knew the slots would fill up quickly. This actually marked the 4th time I saw Wicked. Seeing a musical with a school that changed me for good and seeing a musical that changed me for good. I had a standby (Mary Kate Morrissey). I knew I would be more vulnerable this time around. For the first time, “I’m Not That Girl” was heartbreaking- thanks to the help of “On My Own” and memorizing the lyrics. I really was able to explore Fiyero a bit deeper to help figure out the plot twist in the love triangle.

was really surprised at “No Good Deed”: that song was always emotionless, but this around I could feel the energy and emotions that came with that song. “For Good” did make me tear up= it was a combo of the actresses and being with GWU.

Les Mis

GWU decided to take students to Les Mis. This time, we would be in Greenville at the gorgeous Peace Center. I had a tough decision to make in 2017- see the tour with my university or see it in my hometown of Charlotte. I choose Greenville- I really wanted to make the most of my final year of university, and I actually was able to help those who didn’t fully know the musical.

Peace Center

I came into this production smart. I would not compare this cast to the brilliant West End cast I already had. Just like London, I had an understudy, but this time for Eponine. I love both productions- I think the 25th has a bit more color and more Victor Hugo. There are moments I loved more in this production- “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” for instance. Yes, I was take off guard in London, but quite as much as this production. In the love triangle, my favorite character is Eponine. However what happens when your favorite character in the love triangle isn’t the strongest- that happened to me. My standouts were Nick Cartell (Valjean), Joshua Grosso (Marius), and Matt Shingledecker (Enjolras).

With Joshua, I saw a side I never saw to Marius. It was a personality shift: I saw an unique awkwardness that made the character more charming. Due to Joshua, Marius is almost a core favorite character. Still don’t know how Jillian Butler (Cosette) was able to connect to Joshua. I loved how he treated falling in love with Cosette (It felt like I don’t what to say). Even how he portrayed “A Little Fall of Rain”- he did focus more on comforting Eponine than showing the heartbreak he was feeling- yes, the heartbreak showed, but not until the end when he finished the song alone. There is just something special about his Marius- he ended up becoming my favorite actor in that role.


So I saw both Wicked and Les Mis on two major touring districts and both were dates with my mom. The other way they came full circle was seeing the tours with my university. I truly believe that if Wicked didn’t enter my life, Les Mis wouldn’t have. I didn’t fully describe the casts because this post would have been too long.

Little Women (2019)

On Sunday, I finally got to watch the 2019 movie of Little Women. Little Women was a story I fell in love with a long time ago. The only problem is I don’t know why I loved it. It has nothing to the fact that one of the characters has my name. Little Women is a classic.

This story follows four sisters- Amy, Beth, Jo, and Meg. It is about their lives as young women. Due to having a sister myself, I can truly understand their sisterhood. Now on to the movie:

One confusing part about the movie is that it doesn’t follow their lives in a linear way. It goes back and forth between the past and the future. So, it can be hard to follow their story and know which time period you were in. Yes, you still had the same actresses- but it is a bit complicated. Eventually I was able to tell the stories apart. These girls are all into the arts: artist Amy, musician Beth, writer Jo and actress Meg. I literally can truly see sisterhood- from getting along to not getting along.

This is a wonderful movie. These four sisters share a close bond. Sometimes I got the characters mixed up- not between the character, but the actresses. I always could recognize Meg- after all already saw Emma Watson as Belle and Hermione. Turns out that Jo ended up writing a book about their lives- her book is called Little Women, and she did it in honor of Beth, who died from Scarlet Fever. Jo was truly the narrator of Little Women.

Time to reread the book