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Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. Answer the eleven questions given to you. Nominate 11 other bloggers. Ask your nominees 11 questions.

I was tagged by THE DISNEY WAY for this- I have been tagged multiple times for this award. Each time was exciting because each time, different questions showed up.

Questions I was Given

1- Do you prefer winter or summer? Winter. Despite the cold, my favorite Holiday is Christmas. I love Christmas Decorations, Christmas Tree and Ornaments, and Holiday Music. I actually can play some of those songs on the piano.

There are a lot of incredible Christmas movies- my favorite isn’t one several people would expect. My favorite Christmas movie is the George C. Scott A Christmas Carol- I was raised on this film so I was introduced to the older classics early. I love bundling up and having a nice cup of either peppermint mocha or hot chocolate. I love snow and playing in it.

Not only does Winter consist of my favorite Holiday, but my birthday as well. In addition, December is the anniversary month of my blog.

2- What’s your favourite thing to blog about? Musical Theatre

3- If you could give your 10 year old self some advice, what would it be? I probably would tell my 10 year old self to write my stories down.

4- What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Blogging, reading, listening to music, playing piano, coloring, and of course going to musical theater

5- Favourite TV Show? My favorite T.V. show is actually a cooking show. Chopped is my favorite.

6- What’s one thing you have overcame in your life? One of the things that did scare me was going on the canopy tour in Costa Rica. I studied abroad in Costa Rica for two weeks. Part consisted of going to Monteverde Preserve- that included a day of hiking and another day, we all the option of doing the Canopy Tour or not. I decided to do the Canopy Tour because that is a rare opportunity- that was one of the best parts of Costa Rica.

7- What’s your favourite thing about yourself? I don’t think I can accurately answer that question. I do love the strong spirit I was given and love that it is easy for me to be just myself.

8- What’s your proudest achievement? So far, it is graduating from Gardner Webb University. I actually majored in Sociology and minored in both Theater and Spanish Cultural Studies. Theater was a backup minor, but due to taking so many theater electives, I was able to minor in that as well. Eventually, it might be seeing my first book being published- I am not on my final draft of Tale of The Cattail Forest- but the fifth so I am close to having the entire manuscript done.

9- How did you find your schooling/education experience? I will be specifically referring to GWU. God wanted me at GWU- it truly felt like home. From all the student activity events to The Gathering (student-led worship service) to the hangouts with friends to volunteering with my club. While my studies were difficult, I was truly a hardworking and determined student. I was given a tip in high school that did help me during GWU: one of my English teachers gave me the advice of “write, don’t think about it”. That really helped when it comes to papers. There is so much to be said about my university experience

10- What’s the perfect date night for you? Probably going out to dinner and going to a musical afterwords

11- Favourite movie? That is a tough decision. I will tell you this- I watched the Les Misérables musical film so much that I now own my 2nd copy.

My Questions:

  1. If you could live in any of the worlds you created, where would you live and why?
  2. Would you ever want to write a book set in an extensive world (like Narnia or Middle Earth)
  3. What do you love the most about musical theatre?
  4. If you could write a book that has characters from all your WIPS, which characters would you choose and why?
  5. What is your favorite spectacle-based musical?
  6. What is the longest book you ever read?
  7. What book would be your biggest achievement if you read it?
  8. If you could spend a day with one of your characters, who would it be?
  9. After the pandemic, what would be one of the first things you would do?
  10. What is your favorite Disney Musical?
  11. What musicals are on your to be watched list?

My Tags:

I always struggle with this. I will be opening this tag to everyone.

6 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. I loved reading your answers; congratulations on getting nominated again! Since I don’t have my blog anymore, I’ll just answer your questions in my comment! (Sorry if it gets a little long! 😅)

    1. Since I write historical fiction, I haven’t really created my own worlds, but I think I’d choose to live in Sengoku-era Japan. I think there’s just so much I could learn from that time period, even if it’s not exactly the safest time to be alive. I just want to solve so many of the mysteries of that time period!
    2. I’d love to create a more expansive world. It’d take the right project, though!
    3. I love the emotions in musical theatre. I think it’s so beautiful, and there’s just so much to connect to.
    4. Haha, this is a good question! I’d definitely want Julien from Clemency to be in such a WIP, maybe Mindy from Before You Forget Me, and Masamune from Before You Forget Me as a starter group. Julien, because he’s such a good friend and one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written. Mindy, because I think she’d mix things up and bring an interesting piece to the story. Masamune, because he’s a pretty minor character, but a really fun one and I’d love to write more of him!
    5. I think I’d have to say Something Rotten!, for now! If it ever comes on tour again, I definitely would love to see it again. It’s got some really amazing show-stopping numbers and, while the sets aren’t extravagant, they’re really beautiful. The costumes are gorgeous as well. All of the colors are gorgeous.
    6. Probably Les Miz!
    7. Hmm… I’m thinking War and Peace. I recently read Tolkien’s The Silmarillion; if I’d been asked this question a few months ago, I would probably include that one too!
    8. I’d love to spend a day with Mitsuhide from My Enemy’s Friend. I have so many questions I’d love to ask, and I feel like there are some things I could only ever learn from meeting him.
    9. Once the pandemic’s over, I think I’d really like to take a trip! I’ve been feeling homesick for Japan recently, so I’d love to go back.
    10. My favorite Disney musical is Beauty and the Beast, but I also really love Aladdin.
    11. Definitely Hadestown. I’d also really love to be able to see shows like Anastasia sometime!


    • Was hoping you would answer the questions in a reply.

      I am still struggling with thinking of a WIP set in an extensive world.

      As of now, Something Rotten, Anastasia, Frozen, Hadestown, Once, Beauty and the Beast, and Oliver are on that to be watched list- obviously Les Mis keeps on being put back on.

      Les Mis will probably always be the longest book I ever read

      Favorite Disney musical- that is a tough question. Usually struggle with ranking my favorite Disney musicals

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m glad that even though I’m not blogging anymore, I can still participate in the community through the comments!
        Haha, yes! I’m pretty sure Les Miz will continue to be the longest for me, too! 😅


      • Sometimes when I look at Les Misérables- I am like did I really finish that unabridged book

        I think so far on the TBR list- the longest will belong in HP. Want to reread the series


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