Climate Change Balls Uptown

In any case anyone did not understand “Uptown”, I will say what it is. “Uptown” in Charlotte is what the city calls Downtown. That is a unique fact about my city. Yesterday, my family went downtown and saw the big “Black Lives Matter” mural. In addition, I saw all of these globes relating to climate change. In so many ways they reminded me of looking for Shaun the Sheep five years ago in Bristol.

Below is just one of the 21 sheep I found in Bristol. In total, there were 70 Shaun the Sheep Statues hidden around Bristol. Shaun the Sheep was actually created by the same team that brought Wallace and Gromit. The one below I saw almost every day at Bristol- after all, it was front of the Bristol Cathedral.

As for the globes in Charlotte, here are some of them. Of all the globes, I really loved being back at Belk Theater- the last time was for La Bohème. Next year, Hadestown will come in October: so there might be a strong enough chance it will happen.

One of these pictures is in front of Belk Theater, which is Blumenthal’s main theater. In Belk, I have seen ballet, opera, and musicals. Those shows consisted of The Nutcracker, La Bohème, Newsies, Sound of Music, Pippin, Rent, Come From Away, Aladdin, Lion King, and Miss Saigon: these are the ones I remember seeing at that theater. It actually was a bittersweet seeing Belk Theater: just seeing how dark and empty the theater. I was supposed to see Frozen at that theater this year, but nope. However, Blumenthal promised they would eventually open up again. I know theater will survive.

7 thoughts on “Climate Change Balls Uptown

  1. Ain’t that something. sometimes, places like Blumenthal being closed can actually be quite peaceful. And I do find the globes quite artistic and cool, and plus gives many vibes. One nostalgic, another whic is a library type feel, and also an overall little fun childish city feel.


      • I kinda understand that there is no peace at the same time since you seem to be so used to going to musicals in person every month. It’s kinda peaceful cause of quietness. Sorry you don’t get to see the musicals you wanted to see, though. Can be really disappointing considering that you must also not like change of plans like me.


  2. It’s really interesting to see what different cities have to make them unique! They can be really fun as tourist stops, and also can be enjoyed by people who live in the area!


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