Les Mis Collection (Part Six)

Well, this is yet another post of my Les Mis collection. It once again grew. The photo above really shows that it has. With the soundtrack, four tickets to the stage show, a page to screen book, Les Mis colored pencils, two filers (one for CPCC and the other for the West End), five playbills (only one belongs to a production I did not see), two Les Misérables novels, two Les Mis shirts, a book about the first couple of years, a signed souvenir program that was given at a Les Mis party and Eponine. Only most of these make sense- but what about Eponine. I named that stuffed bear, Eponine- look at her brown color scheme, the heart-shaped patches that happen to have stitch marks around- doesn’t that remind you of the character.

Well, I own all of these. The first one I ever bought was the Les Mis film. Then, soon enough owned the 25th concert, and now this year have the 10th concert. Actually that is my 2nd copy of the Les Mis film- wore it out pretty quickly. Love all three- in their own ways.

Well, some of these do seem kind of odd. At the Queen’s Theater, I did end up buying a poster (also bought the playbill and a t-shirt: two things that were see in my massive picture of Les Mis stuff). Well, I do own the Les Mis piano book. When Gardner Webb was advertising to take students to see Les Mis in Greenville, they put up a massive poster-which they eventually gave me. I actually designed my university graduation cap: Les Mis-themed. At a Pinterest Night, I did this theatre-themed painting where I included Eponine. In my 1st semester of GWU, one of the R.A.s on my floor painted me two Les Mis paintings.

My collection truly is a collection that keeps on growing. That does show how much I love Les Mis.

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