My Most Likely Tag

For me, this can apply to their present and future selves.

Most Likely to Make Costumes on Broadway

This is defiantly 100% Jasmine. She was born into an artsy family. She knew how to sew buttons and sequins on doll dresses by 4.5 or some young number. She would for sure either go the costume designer route or actually help make the Broadway Costumes themselves. She already helped make a special doll for her twin sister (Aurora)-her sister named it Male. It was the best creation Jasmine made and the final doll Jasmine made with her mom.

Most Likely to Sacrifice their lives for someone they love

This is so Misty. Considering her protective nature to Sparkle, I can see her sacrificing her life for someone she loves later in life.

Most Likely to Travel the World

Why do I see Lizzy doing this? For some reason, Lizzy the Lizard seems to fit.

Most Likely to Become a Painter 

Well, in some ways Sparkle already is a painter. She is by nature a drawer so she could paint in between the lines.

Most Likely to Become an actor or actress on Broadway

FOR SPOILERS- Tweetsie. She spends Tale of the Cattail Forest struggling to figuring out her natural gift. She realizes eventually that she is a performer, which would make her a triple threat.

Most Likely to Become a teacher

Yes, I am using a supporting character here. In addition, the character has no name yet. She happens to be the caregiver of the six major characters in Greatest Discovery. She works really good with children. The kinda of caregiver she is does show me that she would have been a good teacher.

Most Likely to Help an abused child 

SPOILERS: Aries, for sure. At the beginning of the book you know he is an incredible and confident leader. You know he is trying to protect everyone. Soon enough, you realize that he is an incredible father-figure, which is what he becomes to Sarge.

However-later, I believe Aries and Sarge together will help abused children. I know Sarge hates revealing what happened. Still. Sarge will need to be with Aries for some time. If Aries leaves Fairy Creek, Darcy will have to look after it- he is next in line after all.

Most Likely to Become an Author

I thought of more than type of author for this. Let’s bring out the book and the theatre writers= both do write a story. I really struggled with this one. I had to repeat a character on this one.

I decided to do Misty. Well, look she is a singer. That would mean she can WRITE music. So, that would mean she would write the songs for either ballet, musicals, or operas. See what I mean, why authors make sense?

Most Likely to go on a Quest

I once again had to repeat myself. Of all my adventurous characters, Sparkle is the most. That is why I think she would love to go on a quest.


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I am a strong spiritual person who is a big fan of musicals. This blog mainly is about musicals. Every so often I talk about spirituality. Sometimes I add in movie reviews, book reviews, and about my life in general. I hope you find my blog inspiring.

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