My Characters Overview

I decided to do something interesting. I think today I will make mention of ALL of my characters- I have characters from more than one story.

Tale of the Cattail Forest

Sparkle (Main Character)- she is adventurous, courageous, stubborn, and rebellious. She is deeply invested in her craft for drawing. She is 12 years old and does break the rules at times. You always see her with her gold and silver backpack with the pink “S” in the middle. It holds all sorts of drawing supplies. She is my 12 year old.

Sarge (Antagonist)- he is only 17, but neglected, unloved, and abused. He is supposed to be basically leader of the toads, and Graysloup is in poor condition- the toads appear to be rude and disrespectful because he kinda of demands them to, not because they want to- he doesn’t know how to led.He is actually confused, conflicted, and jealous (mostly of his younger cousin). He still has nightmares about what happened from ages 4-13. In that time frame, Sarge found one place of comfort- “The Bog”, which in the deepest place of Graysloup, and quite hard to find- the mud, creek, ditches, and trenches are deeper there. His father did not know it existed- those were the times when he was truly happy- when he played at “The Bog”- it was like his playground. What his father did to him led him to be the bully that he is in my book and left him with some permanent and emotional scars. He can’t see compassion, love, or kindness or knows how to control his anger. He actually is more lonely than he know he is

Marge- she had a better upbringing than her older cousin, Sarge. She had the loving father. While both brothers may have had a loving family-only one turned out to be a loving father. Marge feels like an outsider and is misunderstood just because she is related to Sarge- that is before she met Sparkle. She knows the truth of what is going on in Graysloup. For a 12 year old, she has a lot of wisdom.

Misty- She and Sparkle are best friends and have been since they were five. She is my singer Fairy Frog. She is more concerned about Sparkle than her craft. She actually is quite protective of Sparkle- she does not want her best friend getting in trouble. She is most likely to find out about Sparkle’s relationship to Marge and her being in Graysloup first due to being best friends.

Norg- I found him to be an interesting character. He starts out as Sarge’s spy making sure no Fairy Frog enters Graysloup or tells Sarge if they do. Sarge seems to trust Norg the most. He eventually gives up on Sarge after an incident and sides with the Fairy Frog-he had to warn them. He was the first one to realize that Sarge was getting worse and worse as time went by-he even seems to remember Sarge’s father. I soon realized that a long time ago for a short little time, Sarge and Norg were actually friends, but it wouldn’t last- Sarge’s father would actually find a way to stop it, but Norg never forgot about Sarge’s father. Norg is only 19.

Aries-He is leader of the Fairy Frogs, head carpenter, and uncle to Darcy. He is a confident and good leader. He can doubt himself at times and has to ask his nephew for advice at times. He has one main rule: don’t interact with the toads and don’t enter Graysloup. He thinks all of them are rude and disrespectful. He is most worried about Sparkle because he knows she is most likely not to follow it. He is in his 30s.

Darcy- Like I already said, he is Arie’s nephew. He is my sculpture Fairy Frog and best friends with Felipe. They are always found with each other. Yes, he does have to help his uncle at times. He and Felipe are kinda of similar, but still different. He is 15.

Felipe- Darcy’s best friend and my woodcarving Fairy Frog. Sometimes he might woodcarve something that might be useful for one of Darcy’s sculptures. What bugs him more than anything is when Celeste wants to borrow one of his woodcarving tools because she usually doesn’t return it or loses it. He is 14.

Claude-It is not in his heart to mistreat anyone. That says a lot because it does kinda show that toads were demanded to be rude. He eventually befriends Darcy and Felipe. Claude is 15.

Celeste-As one of the youngest characters, you think I wouldn’t say much. She is my potter Fairy Frog. At her age of 8, she knows how to make pots in different shapes and some actual designs on them and nothing more- eventually things will get more advanced. So Celeste is at an exciting period in her life. She does befriend Effa/Rudy- the two twins.

Effa/Rudy- There is a reason why I grouped Effa and Rudy together. I would like to call this identical twins “peas in a pod”. I originally wanted them in the book so that Marge wouldn’t be the only girl toad- soon enough they found a purpose. You easily can think they don’t belong in this book, but they do. They do befriend Celeste as they are 10.

Tweetsie- She is my youngest of the Tale of the Cattail Forest characters. While the other Fairy Frog characters have discovered their craft, Tweetsie has not. She actually is kinda of annoyed and frustrated. She is extremely energetic and that seems like her only characteristic. You are going to find that there is more to her than how energetic side of things. Despite being only 5, she does have this incredible amount of bravery. Her energetic side might have something to do with what her craft will be. She is actually the Fairy Frog that annoys Sparkle the most.

Lizzy the Lizard (Yes, still working on title)

Lizzy (main character)- she is a curious and adventurous Lizard. She lives on a farm and one of its main smells is cinnamon. Her curious nature is what got her away from her farm, and how the picture book begins.

Greatest Discovery

  • Of all my story ideas, Greatest Discovery has the most amount of characters. Don’t even know if names are right or not.

Olivia (One of six main characters: same personality, but don’t know if it is the official name)- yes, you just saw that. I said Olivia is one of six main characters. Yes, but of all six, Olivia and her faternal twin, Ella, are the main focuses. All six girls are orphans- so Olivia and Ella have a similar backstory, but they still are different in terms of personality. Olivia and Ella do come from an artsy and loving family.

Olivia, right away, wanted to know if her sister survived- that was all that mattered-even in the hospital, when they had to be apart, Olivia literally wanted to be with Ella. She knew all she had left was her sister. Olivia is into decorating doll dresses and stuff like that. She was optimistic and still is despite what happened. She will always be there for her sister.

Ella (One of six main characters: will have traits, but don’t know if will keep name)- for whatever reason, despite it being the same car crash, Ella is struggling with the death of her parents more deeply than Olivia. She really needs Olivia to be with her- something tells me that Olivia knew how much Ella would be struggling- that was why she wanted to be with her. Ella does have her “Boobie”- as she calls it- it was the doll her mother made her with a dress her mother made her complete with sequins and beads that Olivia sewed on herself. She needs that- it really is all she has left of her mom. It is best for Olivia to end up sleeping near Ella- all they left is each other. Eventually, they will form new bonds- but lost their parents at an age where they will never forget them.

  • These two girls have to learn to form new relationships with Mrs. Adams (the name their new caregiver has now) and the four other girls. It was hard for them to connect to Mrs. Adams at first or to even live with her (especially in Ella’s case). But, they have found someone who is like a true mother- who is kinda of used to this- after all, she is already looking after four other orphans. It is much much easier to Olivia and Ella to connect with the four other orphans since they can understand what they are going through. For some reason, the show helps the six orphans- “Greatest Discovery” is a t.v. show they have a dream to be on and still has not reached NYC- usually to get in, you have to get placed in a drawing eventually and the names who are drawn get picked- the cities change, but just hasn’t reached NYC, and what are the chances of all six to get picked at the same time?

Mrs. Adams (name for now-might change)- Right now, she might be the main other character I have some kinda of feeling for, as in created. She is really like a mother to all six orphans- they do live near Central Park. They not only spend time where they live, but throughout NYC as well. She is one of the main reasons why they got on “Greatest Discovery” in the first place–she noticed that somehow the scavenger hunt was helping them- that is what the show is- a scavenger hunt throughout a city. She does love these girls and wants to do what’s best for them. She ended up sending a letter to them- for a better chance of them getting in or else you have to go through the whole application and drawing process, which means it will be like trying to win the lottery. So Mrs. Adams acts as someone who is a mother- she makes them feel safe when they get scared and makes them feel loved-they went trauma no one should ever have to deal with. They lost their parents far too young.

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