How I Feel about Sarge

Here’s the thing. Followers who have been with me feel like I should have been disliking Sarge. I know he mistreats and bullies the Fairy Frogs and Toads. I know his easiest target is Marge, his younger cousin. Sarge is only 17 and Marge is 12. I know I should really dislike him for his actions. However, I can’t help but feel bad for him even though I do not like a lot of his actions. He does call these characters names, shove some of them in the mud, throw rocks, etc… as in being a bully. However, I can’t fully dislike him for his action. I do not want him to suffer any more.

He had to get mistreated once his mother left him. For some reason, his father was a monster. His father started out abusing from words alone and later the abuse got more physical- it got physical to the point where Sarge ended up with permanent scars. Sarge could not even rely on his loving uncle: his uncle only wanted to protect Marge. If his uncle could have found a way to protect both Marge and Sarge, things would have been better. It is complicated: their two fathers were raised by loving parents and were raised the same way: so why was Sarge’s father this monster? At age 13, Sarge’s father left him. Growing up, before his father left him, Sarge only found one comfort, which was found in “The Bog”- that was the only place in Graysloup his father never knew existed.

To Sarge, Marge was his easiest target, but the same time he still mistreated the toads and eventually the Fairy Frogs. I just want things to be better for him-I know it sounds crazy-I know I should have hated him- but I feel worse for him than disliking him. That is what tends to happen when your are the author.

Sarge was only lost, alone, and confused. He was unloved, neglected, and abused. He was conflicted. He did not know how to show love or how to deal with the anger he felt. It all had to do with a past he did not deserve. It all led him to the bully he was in my book. He still has nightmares about his past. He defiantly was not a villain- he was only an antagonist- his father was defiantly someone I would hate and fit a profile of a villain.

Look- Marge felt like an outsider all because of Sarge’s actions on her and because she was related to him. She started being abused by him when she was about 8 or 9: that young. She still felt love from her father, but she, at times, felt misunderstood. I cannot believe she was misunderstood at times just because she is related to Sarge. She still was able to stand up to Sarge starting at a young age. In my book, she has this incredible amount of wisdom and is an inspiration. She just wanted compassion and friend: she got that from Sparkle, my main character. Marge is one of the major characters of my book.

2 thoughts on “How I Feel about Sarge

  1. It’s interesting the complex feelings a writer can have about their characters. Most of my villains and antagonists I have a certain level of dislike for but I also, at the same time, have more complex feelings for them beyond that. I also feel sympathy for them and some of them I’d say I even love.


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