What is 9/11?

On this day, it is a day of memory, mourning, and hurt, but at the same time a day of excitement and magic. That does not seem fair to call 9/11 that. I will explain why I am calling this particular day those four.

Well, 9/11 will always be a day of hurt and memory. After all, it is the day that totally shook our day. It is the day of September 11th, 2001: when terrorists came and attacked two of our cities: NYC and Washington DC. The Twin Towers, and The Pentagon. A lot of lives were lost that day: not just those in the planes- rescuers as well.

So, how can this particular day be exciting and magical as well? Well, everyone knows I am a musical theatre fanatic. Aladdin came to Charlotte on the 10th of September- so the 11th of September is my day of seeing Aladdin. At first, I thought it was odd that Club Blume would schedule Aladdin for that particular day. As time went on, I realized that Aladdin fit: to have a Disney musical comedy happen on the day of 9/11 would make a day of mourning exciting in the end. So, I am seeing Aladdin today.

1 thought on “What is 9/11?

  1. I was born almost 3 weeks after 9/11 happened. What I can say is, is that these attacks were one of the most evil attacks ever done on U.S. Soil. If you Google it you could even see the faces of evil in the smoke, literally. But a positive way to think about it is like this. The people that didn’t make that day, they’re in the best place ever, infinite times better than this place. And although this doesn’t make the tragedy any less tragic, they would want us to have joy as well and enjoy ourselves, and even have fun like you had seeing the Aladdin Musical. Plus, there were also many other positive things that have also happened after this tragedy. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t forget about the horrors that have happened nor take a moment of silence for the victims but I’am saying my ideas of ways to cope and at the same time, find positivity. By the way Meg, you do have 2 mistakes in this post. Firstly, the year says 2011 instead of 2001, and secondly, the Twin Towers and World Trade Center are the same thing. Just wanting to point that out. Anyways, hope you enjoyed your time at the show.

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