Musicals I Don’t Like

One of the most annoying things about being a musical fanatic is that some people think that all musicals fans have to like every musical. Here’s the thing: it is OKAY not to LIKE every musical. There are lots of musicals that exist, which means there is a huge chance you will find musicals you don’t like. That is what this post will focus on: it will talk about some of the musicals I don’t like.

Addams Family

  • I saw the musical October 2011 during the US Tour at Ovens Auditorium (Blumenthal Performing Arts). Let’s remember, this was seen two years before I became a musical fanatic. At the end of the musical, I remember it just being weird. I do not fully remember WHY I did not even like the musical-something tells me it had something to do with the songs.

Into the Woods

  • I did not even like enough songs to even appreciate the musical. It was an interesting concept though: to combine all of the different fairy tales into one: it did have a dark side to all of them especially in the 2nd half. I only saw the film of it. When I saw it, I only liked Agony and No One is Alone. Agony was hilarious, and No One is Alone is such a touching song.

Sweeney Todd

  • Here’s the thing. I NEVER saw this musical. So, many people might be thinking, how do I KNOW I do not like the musical. Well, one day my mom and I were downstairs and on television, the movie was on, and it just was not my cup of tea. I just do not like the concept of the musical at all: I already KNOW I will not like this musical. So I am grossed out by this musical: so not for me.

6 thoughts on “Musicals I Don’t Like

  1. I don’t like Into The Woods either. The movie had a cool cast and it was well-made, but the show itself is boring to me.
    Other musicals I particularly didn’t like include Falsettos, Elf, Beautiful, Cats, Cabaret, Avenue Q, An American In Paris, and How To Succeed In Business.
    There are a handful of other musicals that I wouldn’t pay to see again, but I wouldn’t say I disliked them as much as the above shows.

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  2. I’ve not listened to the Addams Family but I might give it a try sometime, mostly just because I really enjoy the 1964 television series. I think I’ve heard a few of the songs and none of them were especially intriguing to me. I didn’t like Into the Woods the first time I watched the movie–or, rather, I just didn’t love it–but after watching it a few times, I’ve come to enjoy it quite a bit. “Agony” and “No One is Alone” are two of my favorite songs from that musical, though. They’re really good. Sweeney Todd also took me a while to come to like but it’s definitely not a musical that everyone will enjoy. It’s very intense and gruesome so some people definitely won’t like it very much!


      • Yeah, I completely understand. It’s definitely a musical that’s just not going to be a good fit for everyone and that’s 100% okay! Like you said, it’s okay not to like a musical, even if you are a musical fan!


  3. I looked up what Sweeney Todd was. Welcome to the club, Meg. I wouldn’t want to see that ether if I were you. Also, you forgot one more: Hamilton (if you wanna count that). Also, I can give you one of the worst ideas for a musical that I can think of now that I think about it. So around Halloween of 2016, I went to see “Boo! A Madea Halloween”, and overall, it was one of the most boring movies I had ever watched. I didn’t have enough satisfaction as I did the other movie the year before, which was Goosebumps. The plot looked like it was lazily written and that they were trying too hard to make the $’s on Halloween. And I imagine that if this movie was a musical or any movies like this were musicals, it would probably so bad that it would be pretty hilarious how much a flop it would turn out.

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